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TDRA Chapter 70

When faced with such a solemn invitation from Gu Ning, Fang Fa chuckled a little: “Gu Ning, do you need to make it so serious. Even if you don’t ask me, of course, I’m still going to follow you.”

Thus, it was a natural and pleasant agreement.

Fang Fa suddenly asked again: “But what about Zhuang Chen? Do you have any ideas for recruiting her to your team as well? She’s a wind ability user and has great skills.”

Gu Ning pondered for a while before shaking her head somewhat hesitantly: “There is no such plan for now. I see that she seems to have an unusual relationship with the other team. Although I admire her, I can’t figure her out yet so I’m afraid there’ll be trouble.”

Fang Fa nodded and replied: “Your concern is right. Zhuang Chen’s identity is definitely not that simple, that group of people who hijacked the plane at that time is people whom Zhuang Chen used to know. It was a group of five and all of them are special abilities users, and very arrogant.” He added after a pause: “But Zhuang Chen is a good person.”

Gu Ning, of course, knew that he was talking about his legs being injured and having difficulty in moving, and those days of separation, they might have suffered a lot of danger. Zhuang Chen and Fang Fa was just an acquaintance who was heading in the same direction, but even if Zhuang Chen left him halfway, no one would say anything. Just that she didn’t leave Fang Fa behind, which shows how precious her personality was.

It was just that Zhuang Chen was close with Bai Lang, and although Bai Lang had never been in direct conflict with them, their relationship had always been rather delicate. Zhuang Chen had such a special background identity, which made Gu Ning a little more cautious with her.

Afterward, Gu Ning didn’t deliberately mention this matter to Zhuang Chen. Instead, it was Zhuang Chen who first asked Gu Ning about her plans: “Gu Ning, what are your plans for the future? You aren’t going to stay here forever, do you? I’m not being alarmist, this place is safe for now, but you should know that it won’t be safe forever. Special abilities users, after all, are just a minority, one in a thousand or even one in a million chance. If encounter a large wave of zombies besieges this place, it won’t work with just a few special abilities users.”

Zhuang Chen stated very frankly: “Your parent aren’t special ability users so they would need a more stable environment to live out their old age in peace. The capital has the strongest military force, and there are certainly the most special abilities users. If you come with us, I can guarantee that you and your parents will be safe to the greatest extent possible. Both on the road as well as when we get to the capital. I admire you, Gu Ning, so I would like you to come with me to the capital.”

She paused then continued: “I heard from Bai Lang that you’ve met a group of people here and they’ve taken in a lot of children…… It’s a bit cruel to say that, but the world is too dangerous for them right now, and you need to make sure you can survive first before you can protect others.”

Gu Ning nodded and replied: “I know.”

Zhuang Chen patted her shoulder and said: “We would still be here for another three or four days or so, thus, you can think about it during this period. If you really want to come with us, you can bring Fang Fa and your parents with you. And of course, other special abilities users are all welcome.”

Gu Ning smiled and replied: “Alright. I will give you an answer as soon as possible.”

Zhuang Chen also smile and spoke after casually flicking her hair behind her ear: “Alright then, I’ll hand Fang Fa back to you then.”

Gu Ning nodded again: “Mmm.”

Zhuang Chen bid goodbye to Fang Fa before strolling away.

“You’re not going to leave with her, are you?” Fang Fa asked as soon as he stepped off the bed.

Gu Ning smiled, not dismissing it away, as Zhuang Chen’s offer was very tempting but she also had something she couldn’t throw away.

On the other side, Bai Lang was asking Zhuang Chen a similar question: “I guess she won’t come with you.”

“She needs a bit of time to consider it.” Zhuang Chen paused: “I don’t think there’s much hope though.”

“She probably thinks she’s the Virgin Mary who needs to save the world.” Yin Sang suddenly sneered coldly.

Zhuang Chen glanced at her coldly and sneered after noticing that Yin Sang’s cut had already healed: “It seems that the wound healed so quickly that you’ve forgotten about the pain.”

Yin Sang immediately tried to rebut back, yet was cut off by a single glance from Bai Lang.

Zhuang Chen looked at Bai Lang then at Yin Sang, suddenly chuckled before saying with a smile: “Bai Lang, I’m seriously interested in seeing you and Gu Ning being together.”

Bai Lang was a little stunned.

Yin Sang, however, instantly became very gloomy.

Zhuang Chen laughed while nodding her head: “It would be very exciting.”

Bai Land replied mockingly: “Looks like you’re bored in Yi ShaoQing’s absence.”

Zhuang Chen actually nodded and answered thoughtfully: “It seems so, at least he’s not as boring as you guys.” After saying this, she stood up from her seat and strolled out with her long legs while ordering: “Have that water ability user under you to pass me two buckets of water. I need to take a shower.”

After a flurry of eager introductions.

The atmosphere in the hall was quietly subtle.

Zhang XiaoBai sat opposite of Fang Fa, smiling harmlessly as if nothing had happened, and asked: “Hey Fang Fa, what’s your relationship with Gu Ning? How do you know each other? How long have you known each other?”

Fang Fa didn’t think too much about it, and in the spirit of wanting to get on the good terms with them, he spilled out everything about the meeting with Gu Ning and so on.

“Oh~~ You’ve only known her during the apocalypse.” Zhang XiaoBai caught the point of the chat and said in an unexpectedly deep and long tone. After exchanging a few looks with the others, the atmosphere was becoming harmonious.

Cheng Ming was badly injured, and although Gu Ning had used her healing ability to heal him, he was still unconscious because of the blood loss. He was awake for a short while in the truck before passing out again.

Dinner was ready by three o’clock.

Huang MengYao was responsible for starting the fire and Zhong Xu for conjuring the water.

Zhong Xu was arguably the most miserable of all, and from the time he returned, he kept condensing water for daily uses. Since there were girls around, the soldiers all gave up on the idea of taking a shower in the courtyard as a group and all took turns carrying buckets of water into the showering room to bathe.

The men’s clothes that Gu Ning had raided from the supermarket were piled up in a heap, and the soldiers were excitedly picking out the clothes that suited them. It was somewhat unfortunate that it was summer when the apocalypse broke out, so most of the clothes in the mall were still summer clothes.

The soldiers scrubbed off all the black mud that had accumulated on their bodies, washed their faces, and felt that their noses were cleared after wearing their new clothes. The smelly clothes that they normally didn’t feel it was stinking, at this moment, all of them refused to wear them back. Finally, after thinking of a solution, they decided to wash the clothes and let Huang MengYao dry them directly with her fire ability.

The children finally found something to do and all of them volunteered to throw the soldiers’ dirty clothes in the basin and wash them together. They were washing it decently, not minding the dirt and stench, they were all so well-behaved that it was heart-breaking.

Later, when Zhuang Chen saw Huang MengYao was manipulating the fireball to roast dry the clothing, she found it to be amusing and joined in with her wind ability to blow dry at the hanging clothes. All the children’s faces turned red with joy, cheering and clapping loudly at the scene.

On the other side, Mother Gu was preparing dinner. Zhang Yang, who was originally in the cooking sector, was even better at cooking with a big spatula than Mother Gu and several other soldiers were there to do the remaining work while Mother Gu instructed them. The soldiers basically didn’t let Mother Gu do anything, so she could only move her mouth and the soldiers actively took care of it for her. Seeing this, Father Gu chimed cheerfully to Gu Ning: “I can’t believe it, your mother really has a bit of the style like a commander chief.”

Gu Ning had collected a whole supermarket’s worth of supplies, so to speak, she had everything. Therefore, she could immediately extract anything out of her space when someone requested it. A group of children followed behind her, exclaiming their amazement.

When there was a lack of stools or tables, Brother San immediately used his earth ability to build them, completely making the best use of everything.

The courtyard was so lively with adults and children that one was transported back to the time before the apocalypse happened. Everyone’s face was involuntarily smiling, enjoying this rare moment of peace and happiness in this post-apocalyptic time.

Gu Ning watched the innocent and happy smiles on the faces of those small children running in and out of the courtyard and said to Zhuang Chen who was beside her: “Although I can’t guarantee that I will be able to protect them as they grow up, I will still do my best.”

The smile on Zhuang Chen’s face gave a slight pause, then she sighed and replied with an undisguised regret: “It seems that this is your answer for me.”

Gu Ning smiled and said: “Mmm. That’s my reply to you.”

“Actually, I kind of can’t figure it out.” Zhuang Chen hesitated but still asked: “You were clearly once abandoned by that bus of people, so why are you now……”

“Because they’re not those people.” Gu Ning looked at Zhuang Chen, her eyes shining: “I do not doubt that if the same thing happened with these people, they would not hesitate to save me. My parent is still alive, and with so many friends, I’m doing well now.”

Zhuang Chen froze for a moment, then raised her eyebrows and asked: “So you just forgive those people?”

“Forgive?” Gu Ning suddenly stared at Zhuang Chen and smiled: “If you are unfortunate enough to meet those people halfway, then please take “good care” of them for my sake and make sure not to let them get away easily with it.”

Zhuang Chen was stunned for a moment before suddenly bursting into a hearty laugh.

Gu Ning also smiled faintly, gazing up into the sky.

She would never forget the despair she felt when the bus drove away, nor the pain she endured when the zombie virus struck.


Gu Ning’s smile became slightly cold.

Perhaps she might only try to forgive when those people gave her back their life.

(T/N: Hurray managed to rush out the chapter and posting it all today! So there won’t be any update on Sunday since this is such a short chapter. Haha XD. Yay! Reached 70 Chapters~ Yet we are still not even halfway through the novel… soon soon… Thank you all readers for reading this translation and all the supports you guys have given us. =) We will continue to work hard and translate this. Thank you everyone!)

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