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TDRA Chapter 50

Jinyong 13th Street, Hong Jie (Part 1)
(This chapter is dedicated to Paj, supposed to release a few more chapters for you but it has gotten delayed… I apologize for the delay but thank you for your kind support previously, hope you will enjoy this chapter. =) )

Brother San was shocked at the news, then he narrowed his eyes and said: “This is really like giving a pillow when one’s dozing off. We aren’t able to find any reason to destroy him, but he has come to us instead. Gu Ning, let’s go. Let’s go kill them and eat the chicken!”

Huang MengYao, Xie YuHong and the four soldiers who had stayed behind continued to stay back guarding.

Everyone else carried their guns and headed to the backfield.

When they went down to the lobby on the ground floor, they happened to meet Bai Lang and their group who had just returned from the outside.

It seemed that they did not return to the colony when they parted previously but had chosen to continue hunting for crystal cores.

Judging from the smiles on their faces, they should have reaped a good harvest.

The moment they brushed past them, Gu Ning saw Yan Yu’s resentful eyes staring straight at her, and Gu Ning’s eyes flickered slightly as her murderous intention grew in her heart.

Xiang Xu whispered: “A few of them are showing fluctuations in their psychic energy, they should have developed it recently.”

Jia DaoZhang asked slyly: “Is there any mutated elements?”

Xiang Xu shook her head and replied: “I’m unable to know that.”

The group went straight out of the teachers’ building and into the backfield.

The backfield was also very crowded at this time, with many onlookers gathered.

From a distance, they saw Wang JiZhong standing on a high platform in the backfield, speaking impassionedly about something. The man next to him had a sharp eye and saw Brother San’s group of people and quickly alerted Wang JiZhong, signalling him to look this way. Wang JiZhong stared at Brother San as they strolled over.

The onlookers who had been gathered around, all made way to let Brother San’s group pass.

A man on the stage was grabbing the hair of the woman and pinned her to the ground on her knees. The woman’s red hair was messy, her mouth and nose were bleeding, her face was covered in blood yet she was still cursing all foul languages. When she saw Gu Ning and the others, she immediately stopped cursing and subconsciously took a step forward, before being kicked over.

Li HongJuan cursed at the man who kicked her after she screamed in agony: “I’ll f*ck your mother!”

Brother San shouted coldly: “Wang JiZhong, what is the meaning of this? We had agreed, if you lay a move against Gu Ning’s men, then don’t blame me for tearing up the pact!”

Wang JiZhong sneered: “What do I mean? This b*tch came to my place and stole a chicken! I said before, I’ll kill anyone who dares to touch my chickens! What b*llshit agreement!”

Li HongJuan got up from the ground and shouted to Gu Ning: “Gu Ning, don’t listen to this old b*stard! I didn’t steal his chicken! The chickens are running around all over the place, so I don’t know who keeps them! They just caught me on purpose to get you into trouble!” Surprisingly, she directly unveiled Wang JiZhong’s little trick.

Li HongJuan was in a mess, but she was not afraid of Wang JiZhong, and was still sending regards to his ancestors.

Gu Ning didn’t say anything unnecessary and just aimed the gun in her hand directly at Wang JiZhong.

However, at the same time that Gu Ning’s gun was aimed at Wang JiZhong, Li HongJuan had a knife mounted on her neck.

Wang JiZhong opened his arms and taunted Gu Ning; “Come on, shoot, aim properly. Let’s see if I die first or this old woman dies first!”

Li HongJuan cursed: “F*ck you, you son of a b*tch! You’re the f*cking old woman! You’re even older than me and still calling me an old woman, I sh*t you! Gu Ning! If I die here today, you must kill this son of a b*tch to bury him with me!” Even with the knife at her neck, Li HongJuan was not afraid at all and cursed as much as she could.

Zhang XiaoBai’s mouth opened wide in extreme shock, he asked in awe: “Gu Ning, this neighbour of yours is so feisty! Almost like an idol for me!”

Jia DaoZhang nodded approvingly and marvelled: “Courageous and imposing aura!”

Brother San was all shocked and speechless.

For some reason, in the past, Gu Ning was very uncomfortable with Li HongJuan’s foul language at every turn, yet right now she had to admit that she admired her.

It’s pretty obvious that Li HongJuan didn’t just start cursing now. The expression of the onlookers was very strange as they watched Wang JiZhong as if he was the clown. They were forced to forget how powerful he was and trying to stifle their laughter in front of him.

Wang JiZhong’s face turned bluish and purplish before he was unable to bear Li HongJuan’s harsh curses and yelled: “Gag this damn b*tch for me!”

“Your mother is then the damn b*tch! Your grandmother is a damn b*tch! Your ancestors are all damn b*tches!” You——uh——“

Li HongJuan’s mouth was gagged with a cloth ball that no one know where it came from and she was still cursing bitterly in an umbrageous manner.

“Wang JiZhong, are you trying to break our pact?” Brother San asked.

Wang JiZhong gritted his teeth and replied: “When she killed my nephew, why didn’t you say that you broke off the pact first?!”

Brother San narrowed his eyes and said coldly and solemnly: “Your nephew has been wreaking havoc in the colony under your power, and has even tainted several girls, killing a few innocent people too. Even if Gu Ning doesn’t kill him, I will still find an opportunity to eliminate him.”

“Then I’m going to kill her!” Wang JiZhong scornfully pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Gu Ning’s head, going to pull the trigger!

Everything was happening too fast! Xiang Xu’s pupils suddenly tightened, and then her spiritual energy was originally covered in a net-like shape instantly condensed into a thin needle-like shape and stabbed fiercely towards Wang JiZhong’s eyebrow!

Just as Wang JiZhong’s finger touched the trigger, before he could exert strength on it, there was a sudden sharp pain in his head! It was as if a needle had been stuck directly into his brain. Wang JiZhong let out a miserable scream, took a few steps backwards and fell to the ground! The pistol in his hand also fell to the ground.
The moment Wang JiZhong fell to the ground, Xiang Xu’s face turned instantly pale and weakly closed her eyes as her tiny body swayed for a moment before falling backwards.

Xiang Yi immediately caught Xiang Xu before she fell to the ground: “XuXu, what’s wrong with you?”

Xiang Xu weakly opened her eyes and shook her head slightly before glancing over to Gu Ning.

The moment Gu Ning met Xiang Xu’s gaze she knew it was Xiang Xu who had done it. She gave Xiang Xu a nod before aiming her gun directly at Wang JiZhong’s men on stage who hadn’t reacted yet.

“Let me do it!” Brother San shouted, then stretched out his hands, five earth spikes appeared out of the thin air instantly, suspended in front of his chest. Then with a push of his hands, those five earth spikes flew out at the same time and shot straight towards the men on that high platform!

Those men were startled at such a strange scene, although they didn’t know what it was, they had a bad instinct and subconsciously dodged it! The two men who reacted quickly managed to dodge it, but the other three men did not, and were nailed directly in the stomach by those spikes. The spikes were so strong that half the length of the spikes sank into the flesh, and those men who were hit fell to the ground screaming in agony.

The remaining ten or so men knew it was making a bad turn and had their guns drawn out, just then! Suddenly, the wind picked up! A few gusts of wind suddenly swept across the stage with great speed! Several screams were heard, and the sound of guns dropping on the ground at the same time. The men covered their wrists which had been cut by some sharp object and looked as pale as if they had seen a ghost, with warm blood pouring down from their fingers like a stream.

“Well done!” Jia DaoZhang praised Cheng Ming.

Gu Ning was also a little surprised at the strength of the Wind psychic power.

Cheng Ming’s face was also covered with excitement, he didn’t expect that he could achieve such an effect with his first use of Wind psychic powers, he couldn’t help but glance over at Gu Ning. Seeing Gu Ning also looked at him with some surprised and appreciative expression, his face suddenly blossomed into a bright smile. This was his most relaxed and heartfelt smile in the post-apocalyptic world. His skin was fair and with a baby-faced, the smile curved his eyes, making him look like a smiling Samoyed.

Jia DaoZhang looked at Gu Ning and then at Cheng Ming before he silently sighed in his heart.

The onlookers were already stunned by the sudden end of the fight, while Brother San’s group was unscathed, Wang JiZhong’s men were all injured. Those men’s gazes on Brother San were as if they had seen a ghost and lost the will to fight back.

Gu Ning signalled Brother San with a wink.

It was time to clean up the scene.

Brother San went over to check Wang JiZhong’s condition and found that he no longer had any heartbeat nor breathing, and was already dead.

Gu Ning glanced at Xiang Xu who was quietly crouched on Xiang Yi’s back looking like she was deflated, her gaze was somewhat appalled.

Although it seemed like using this move was extremely costly to Xiang Xu’s special ability, to be able to kill someone so silently had to be considered an extremely terrifying thing. It was so terrifying because they won’t even know how they died, and with just a look, they were dead.

“Are you alright?” Gu Ning asked worriedly as she looked at Xiang Xu, whose face was very pale.

Xiang Xu’s eyes opened a slit and replied weakly: “It’s just that the psychic energy seems to have been drained all of a sudden.”

Gu Ning took out a transparent crystal core from her pocket: “Eat it.”

Xiang Xu was a little surprised then rejected: “Don’t waste it, I should be fine after a little sleep.”

“You look very unwell.” Gu Ning said as she directly shoved the transparent crystal core into Xiang Xu’s small mouth.

The transparent crystal core immediately melted into a stream of water and entered Xiang Xu’s body, and she instantly felt that the depleted psychic energy in her body was being replenished rapidly.

Her face also looked much better.

Gu Ning turned to Xiang Yi and ordered: “Take her back to rest first. Leave this place to us.”

Xiang Yi pursed his lips, seemingly having some difficulty in speaking, but still grunted like a mosquito: “Thank you.” The transparent crystal core could have been saved, but she insisted to give it to Xiang Xu without hesitation just because Xiang Xu looks unwell. Just for this generosity, she deserved thanks.

Gu Ning just smiled and reached out to pat Xiang Xu’s head, her voice unexpectedly seeming a little gentle: “Go on.”

With that, Xiang Yi carried Xiang Xu down the slope.

Xiang Xu’s hand wrapped around Xiang Yi’s neck, although she still felt a little weak, her voice was happy: “Brother, look, my choice was correct, right? She’s really a good person.”

Xiang Yi skimmed his mouth out of habit but unexpectedly did not retort.

Xiang Xu continued with a whisper: “We promised Mum and Dad that we couldn’t go and see them too early, and it’s only now that I feel confident that we can do it.”

Xiang Yi was silent for a moment, then replied: “Hmm.”

Brother San didn’t kill them all, after confirming Wang JiZhong was dead, he just threatened those people that if he saw any of them doing something bad in the future, there wouldn’t be a second chance. After seeing what Brother San and his men could do, those underlings were scared out of their wits and agreed to run away with their hands covered, for if they didn’t stop the bleeding quickly, they would eventually bleed to death even if Brother San didn’t kill them right now.

“Auntie HongJuan, are you alright?” Gu Ning squatted down and checked the wounds on Li HongJuan’s face, the corners of her mouth and nose had been beaten still bleeding, and her body was also bruised and battered. She had obviously suffered a lot.

However, she just smiled and combed her messy hair saying: “As long as I’m not dead, that’s fine”

Zhang XiaoBai squatted on the ground and looked at Li HongJuan admiring: “Auntie HongJuan, you are really my idol.”

Li HongJuan was not embarrassed at all and boasted: “Cough cough, back when your auntie I was in the 13th street of Jinyong, this son of a b*tch was still hanging around somewhere else. If I hadn’t *washed my hands in the golden basin back then and hadn’t fought for years, I wouldn’t be in such a mess today and let you kids see this joke.”

(T/N: 金盆洗手jīn pén xǐ shǒu translated as to wash one’s hands in a golden basin means to abandon the life of an outlaw.)

She looked like she was in her early forties, usually looks very well maintained, her face didn’t have many wrinkles. Before the apocalypse, she would pay a lot of attention to dressing up, and had been called a vixen by many long-winded women behind her back. Right now she was sitting unimaginatively on the floor at this moment, looking like such a mess, yet the smile on her face carried an unspeakable grace.

It was just like previously when she had the knife mounted on her neck and she still dared to break into a tirade. Gu Ning was even somewhat convinced at this point that Li HongJuan had really been a remarkable person when she was younger.

Brother San, who had been standing by the side without speaking, snapped over when he heard about Jinyong 13th Street, and after staring at Li HongJuan for a long while before he asked: “You wouldn’t…… be Hong Jie, would you?”

Li HongJuan froze when she heard the title that no one had called her for more than ten years then stared at Brother San for a while and answered: “You recognise me?”

“You’re really Hong Jie?” Brother San instantly pushed Zhang XiaoBai away and squatted in front of Li HongJuan, asking her in surprise: “You don’t recognize me?! It’s me! Me! Xie AiGuo! Xie AiGuo from the 13th Street in Jinyong back then!”

Li HongJuan was taken aback by Brother San, after hearing the name she felt it sounded familiar. After thinking about it for a while, she recalled Brother San, and was also surprised and delighted: “Xie AiGuo? How the f*ck did you grow up like that?!”

Everyone, including Gu Ning, was stunned by these two people who had suddenly come to a scene of meeting with old friends.

(T/N: Hong Jie curses are great hahahaha. Wooooooots chapter 50! Finally! Thank you all for reading! Love ya all for the continuous support and comment too!)

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