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TDRA Chapter 18

In Danger (Part 2)

If the current atmosphere wasn’t so dire right now, Brother San would practically be laughing.

However, when he looked at Gu Ning in the eyes, Brother San couldn’t laugh. He stared at Gu Ning, there was not a hint of a joke in those eyes and his eyes flickered a little unpredictably then he said to the little flathead: “Zhang Yang, pass her your gun.”

“Huh?!” The little flathead froze for a moment and looked at Brother San in surprise.

Brother San repeated impatiently: “Give her your gun.”

Only then did the little flathead Zhang Yang reluctantly handed over the gun to Gu Ning and said nervously: “Be careful, don’t let it go off.”

Gu Ning took the gun and it felt slightly heavy in her hand.

“The one you have is a semi-automatic pistol, pull the trigger once and it will shoot one bullet. Pull the handle before shooting, then aim and fire.” Brother San explained succinctly while demonstrating the action in his hand.  Gu Ning stared intently at his hand holding the gun, then tried to imitate it herself and saw that Brother San’s eyes slightly lit up. Her gun-holding posture was not much different from his and he was surprised and appreciated while commenting: “Quite a fast learner.”

Yet soon, he added: “You’ll have three bullets to try. If you can’t blow a zombie’s head off within three bullets, then return the gun to Zhang Yang.”

In between their words, an unknown number of zombies were vigorously banging the truck, but it couldn’t be a small amount as the truck was shaken by the impact.

Just as he finished his sentences, there was another loud thud overhead.

“F***! Where are these f***ing zombies coming out from!” Brother San cursed. The words had barely left his mouth! All that could be heard was another loud bang inside the carriage.

None of the people in the carriage had time to react.

What followed was a mournful, dry, hoarse howl from the roof of the truck! Then there was the sound of something heavy crashing to the ground from a great height.

Brother San’s mouth was ajar and in shock as he looked at Gu Ning who was pointing the gun at the roof of the truck. The was a hole in the roof of the truck and Gu Ning’s hand was slightly numbed from the after impact from the gun, but she didn’t look at him and spoke: “This gun is mine now.” Brother San stared at the hole and then at Gu Ning dumbfounded.

The little flathead stared open-mouthed and his eyes were full of shock at Gu Ning who held the gun expressionlessly.

The others in the carriage shared the same reaction as him.

Cheng Ming looked at Gu Ning, a burst of light erupting from his eyes, gripping the long knife tightly in his hand, his heartfelt a surge of emotion for some reason.

Huang MengYao also stared at Gu Ning and a strange glow radiating from her eyes.

Jia DaoZhang seemed to be the calmest out of them, he looked at Gu Ning, his slender eyes shifting unspeakably, and finally, his gaze twinkled slightly as if he had made up his mind somehow.

Gu Ning had no time to pay attention to their reactions, she was focusing on the movement on the roof of the truck as if she managed to view through the iron roof and saw the outside. She could “see” a zombie lying on the top of the truck and scratching desperately on the roof with its hand. Three seconds later, Gu Ning pulled the trigger again against the roof.——

“Bang!” A sound!

Another hole had been added on the roof of the truck.

The zombie that was crouching on the truck roof didn’t even have the time to react, its head was knocked back by the impact of the bullet and fell backward to the ground. A bullet went through its head and made a bloody hole, but instead of leaking blood, greyish black putrid mucus leaked out.——

“Someone needs to get into the front and drive.” Gu Ning fired a few more shots in quick succession to knock all the zombies off the roof of the truck, the rusty feeling of holding the gun slowly turning into proficiency.

Brother San frowned: “We don’t know how many zombies are out there if we go out in a hurry…”

Before he could finish his sentence, the truck suddenly shook violently and almost tipped over! Gu Ning with her fast reflexes quickly held onto the railing on the wall of the truck and stood firmly. The others all fell over, even Brother San fell to the ground unsteadily.

Gu Ning replied coldly to Brother San: “This truck won’t last much longer, if we don’t get out, we will definitely die.”

Brother San clenched his teeth and looked at Gu Ning and spoke: “Then what do you say?” As soon as he said this, all the people in the carriage turned their gazes to Gu Ning, Zhang Yang, and a few search and rescue team members even looked at Brother San in astonishment.  Brother San was highly respected among them and had always been fearless in many dangerous situations, but at this time, he turned to Gu Ning and asked for a plan which shocked them.

“I’ll need two men who can drive and are bold, and at least three men who are good at shooting to get on top of the truck with me.”

“Then it’s me and Zhou Li.” Brother San said.

Gu Ning glanced at Zhou Li, the man who had pushed her previously, and he subconsciously shrank when he saw her glancing over.

Gu Ning shook her head: “He can’t. You can’t either Brother San, you have to go up onto the roof with me.”

While Zhou Li was visibly relieved, Brother San frowned instead.

“Brother San… Can I do it?” At this point, the little flathead Zhang Yang suddenly spoke up.

Gu Ning glanced at him in surprise and a little unexpected.

Everyone knew how difficult it would be to get from the carriage to the front of the truck at this time. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it would be a line between life and death. However, to her surprise, Zhang Yang, who had never shown much bravery and had been very nervous ever since she got into the truck and was afraid that she would turn into a zombie, would unexpectedly come forward.

Brother San also gave him a surprised look, then glanced over to Gu Ning.

Zhang Yang also looked at Gu Ning nervously.

Gu Ning glanced at Zhang Yang and nodded before adding: “Need another.” Two people, just to be prepared.

Brother San’s gaze circled the carriage, and the people from the search and rescue team who were swept by his gaze had averted all their eyes unnaturally.

“I’ll go with him.” Finally, Cheng Ming stood out and said, but his eyes were fixed on Gu Ning.

Brother San gave Cheng Ming an appreciative look.

Gu Ning nodded and replied: “Good.”

Gu Ning turned to Brother San again and spoke: “Brother San, we’ll need two more men with good marksmanship.”

This round, Brother Sand didn’t give anyone else a chance to choose and directly named two names, one referred to as Chen Chao and the other Luo Long.

Brother Sand replied: “These two are not considered good marksmen, but they are the only ones who we have now.”

Gu Ning nodded and swept her gaze around the carriage before addressing: “Jia DaoZhang, we’ll open this door later, me, Brother San, Chen Chao, and Luo Long will go out first. Wait for our signal. Once the signal comes, let Zhang Yang and Cheng Ming head out. So while waiting for the signal, all of you must make sure that not a single zombie climbs up. When they’re out, you’ll lock the door and don’t ever let any zombies climb in.”

Jia DaoZhang when facing danger, his expression changed slightly but he still nodded solemnly and replied: “Don’t worry.”

Gu Ning looked at Zhang Yang and Cheng Ming and said solemnly: “We will cover both of you all the way to the front of the truck. It’s up to you whether you can break it out or not.”

Zhang Yang and Cheng Ming felt a weight of responsibility rested on their shoulders at the same time, and both nodded their heads as their expression got a bit braver as if to face death with cool headedness.

Brother San already understood very well in his mind why Gu Ning had made such arrangement, so he said: “Then I’ll be the first one to go up, Chen Chao and Luo Long will follow, and when we’re all on the roof of the truck, we’ll cover you to climb up.”

The first one to go out was undoubtedly the most exposed to danger, while the last one was naturally the safest because of the cover from the first three.

Before the excursion, everyone’s magazines were filled with bullets and two more thirty-round magazines were brought along.

Brother San looked at the iron door with bated breath and said to Gu Ning: “Later cover me to get up there.”

Gu Ning was slightly stunned and somewhat surprised, she didn’t expect him to trust her so much, and then she solemnly nodded her head.

Brother San also gave her a nod and for the first time, his face showed a slight smile at Gu Ning as he spoke: “See you at the top of the truck.”

Gu Ning returned the smile: “See you at the top.”

Then reached down and unlocked the latch, and vigorously pushed the right door out! All that could be heard was a few thumps! The iron door Gu Ning pushed open directly knocked over the three zombies that were blocking the truck door!

“Go!” Gu Ning shouted at Brother San.

Brother San had been prepared for this, and without the slightest hesitation, he rolled out in a flash, latched onto the left door where he could grab and climbed up! Gu Ning doesn’t even have the time to notice the hoard of zombies in the further distance that were swarming over, the pistol in her hand was aiming at those zombies up front that were trying to grab Brother San’s legs!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Successive shots rang out, accompanied by hisses from zombies! And those fallen ones.

Brother San’s movements were incredibly fast, and he was also very good at climbing, so within two or three steps he had climbed onto the roof of the truck and then yelled to the bottom: “Chen Chao Luo Long, get on!”

“Luo, Luo Long, you go first!” Chen Chao, however, suddenly turned around and went behind Luo long and was about to push him to the front instead.

“F*** you!” Luo Long cursed but didn’t delay much longer, he throw his gun behind his back and rolled out. He was actually pretty good at it, plus with Brother San up there to cover him, he was on the roof of the truck in a flash.

This time Chen Chao subconsciously looked at Gu Ning again.

Gu Ning, on the contrary, ignored him and the gun in her hand kept firing at the zombies which tried to approach the truck and then said coldly: “If you refuse to get up there again, I’ll throw you down.”

Chen Chao took a glance at the zombies outside surrounding the truck and was about to step out when a zombie broke through the gunfire of Gu Ning and the people above and pounced onto the truck door. A pair of greyish blue hands scratching up the truck! Chen Chao was so frightened that he backed up so violently that his whole body fell to the ground!

Gu Ning hurriedly aimed a shot at that zombie and blasted the head as it fell to the ground.

Chen Chao was picked up by Jia DaoZhang and pushed him outside while yelling: “If you don’t get up there, I’ll push you down and feed you to the zombies!”

Chen Chao was scared out of his wits and shouted: “I’ll go! I’ll go!”

Then only did he climbed onto the iron door, trembling in fear and peeking out.

Compared to Brother San and Luo long’s skills, he was obviously lacking in more than just a little, and after a long while of grabbing, he still couldn’t get a grip on anything.

In a haste, Luo Long yelled from the top of the truck: “F***! Grab that bulge!”

Gu Ning was also in a rush, the more time they wasted, their ammunition was limited and every second of delay would be even more dangerous.

Chen Chao transcended in fear then felt as though he couldn’t see anything with his eyes and was unable to grab onto the bulge, time tickling away and suddenly!

“Bang!” A gunshot sounded.

Chen Chao plunged violently from the truck door and fell underneath it, a bloody hole was opened in his forehead——

Gu Ning’s finger on the trigger lurched, looking at Chen Chao’s corpse in dismay, his eyes were wide opened and disbelief still lingering in them before he was instantly swamped by the zombies crowding over.

Gu Ning suddenly felt chills all over her body, this was the first time she had seen a living person killed in front of her. Unlike being bitten to death by a zombie, this kind of death actually made Gu Ning felt a shiver of coldness spreading from the bottom of her heart.

At this point, she had no time for further emotions, so she placed the gun behind her back, then flipped over and went out.

Immediately someone filled her position and fired at the zombies outside to cover her.

Gu Ning straight away caught a glimpse of the bulge that Chen Chao had failed to search for and reached out, grabbed it then pushed herself to climb upwards.

The hiss of excitement and hunger from the countless zombies rang in her ears making her felt a shiver down her spine. She could imagine that if she fell from here, she would end up like Chen Chao, instantly being swamped and torn into pieces and eaten by the horde of zombies. Yet this trembling made her grip onto the bulge even harder, she couldn’t even feel the pain from the wound on her right hand. Then she grabbed Luo Long’s outstretched hand, and just when he was about to pull her up, a cold, clammy hand grabbed her ankle! And then yanked her ankle downwards with great force!

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