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The boy and the flower Ch:1


The night was cool, the stars were twinkling and the intoxicating moon stood still in the dark, navy-blue sky.


Theodore was in his room, sitting by the window nook looking at the plump buds on the plant that was about to bloom.


His hazel lotus petal-like eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation. Then, the door to the room was pushed open, and a tall man in a suit with a well-proportioned body strode in.


He had thick eyebrows, a straight nose, thin slightly pale lips, and gorgeous sky blue eyes. His pale blonde hair was messily unkept, but that added charm to his ravishing features.


Theodore looked at him and his eyes turned even gentler: “Ryan! You are back! I was waiting for you.” He threw himself into the other’s embrace. Ryan smiled and held Theodore in his arms: “Mn…Tomorrow’s your day, so I had to make preparations for it.”


Theodore chuckled: “Come I’ll show it to you” Ryan smiled in answer and held Theodore’s hand while guiding him out of the room. They descended the stairs as they talked.


Theodore: “The flight had landed…he said he would surely be there tomorrow.” He foolishly smiled, his eyes bending into crescents. Ryan couldn’t help but chuckle at this cute sight, his eyes were filled with intense doting: “Mn, I’ve asked my assistant to guide him, he’ll surely be there don’t worry.”


They reached the bottom of the staircase and Ryan slightly bent down to kiss Theodore’s forehead as he continued: “And I’m sure he’ll like it too.”


Theodore smiled even more and interlocked their fingers together as he led the way from here.


He soon brought Ryan to a huge door. It was exquisitely carved with beautiful floral designs. He pressed the door’s handle, it sunk in, and a keypad lock appeared. He typed ‘2412’ and the door slowly opened.



He stepped inside and clapped his hands twice, and the warm-toned recessed lights turned on. The Beige Saxony carpet on the wooden floor gave a warm-homely feeling. In the middle of the room was a raised platform with glass shaped like a hexagon on the top, protecting an ornament inside.


When Ryan got a closer look at it he was mesmerized, in the center lay a pair of cufflinks. It was delicately crafted with gold. It represented a twisted stalk of leaves that had a flower at the top, and that flower was embellished with a diamond in its center.


His breath stagnated for some time. He couldn’t help but whisper: “They are beautiful.” He was almost able to feel the frail tint of sorrow which was covered with eternal happiness and longing. Those were the creator’s emotions…they were Theodore’s emotions…


He has seen Theodore sit and draw for years…for many years to come up with this design, he knew the amount of effort Theodore put in for this design. This design was the result of Theodore’s blood sweat and tears.


He pulled Theodore into his arms and embraced him: “He will love them.” He whispered. Theodore felt comfortable in the warm and gentle embrace and hummed in response. His eyes were moist, he raised his head and looked at Ryan: “Want to know why that plant means so much?”


Ryan smiled, he brought Theodore out of the room, locked it, and went up to their room: “Let me freshen up.”


Theodore nodded as sat on the bed and waited for him while answering calls from his PA.


Soon Ryan stepped out of the bath in his pajamas, he looked at Theodore who was already done with his work and was waiting for him. He climbed onto the bed and rested on the headboard holding Theodore in his arms.


Ryan was silent, he wanted Theodore to speak up himself. Theodore laid in his embrace: “Let me tell you a story…”


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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