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SPM Chapter 27

Silly to the Point of Being Cute

Translator: Beany

Editor: Nava


A ferocious roar seemed to resonate throughout the entire world.

Only the dense mass of pythons could be seen coming from all directions.

Those winding and extended huge bodies rushed towards Ye Qian Ming at once.

The giant pythons were filled with cruel killing intent.

Ye Qian Ming glanced at them dully without a change in expression.


As if a wind had swept across, in the next second, there was a loud bang.

The sound of explosions continued for some time without stopping.

The pythons that had swarmed towards him earlier abruptly stopped, as if an invisible pair of hands had grabbed them and fixed them in the sky.

Blood rained from the sky. One by one, the pythons exploded.

In the blink of an eye, the sky was filled with blood-red fireworks.

Ten of these berserk pythons were sufficient to tear someone at the peak of Martial King to pieces and completely obliterate them.


Amidst the bloody shower, Ye Qian Ming was completely untouched by the filthy; he was like a cold and untouchable god, he gazed coldly at the scene before him.

He paused for a moment and under the bloody rain that fell from the sky, disappeared into the void.

Only the lingering smell of blood left in the air indicated that a bloody battle had just occurred.



Luo Qing Tong appeared within the dense forest.

After escaping the array, her body had suffered and she felt weary.

Just as she’d landed in a relatively safe place and prepared to put down the little shota in her hands, a bloody scent assaulted her.

Luo Qing Tong looked down abruptly and saw the shota’s pale face.

“You’re injured?”

Luo Qing Tong frowned.

Earlier on, she had been in a rush to escape with him and didn’t notice that the little lass in her arms had been injured.

She put him down and realised his injured shoulder was currently leaning against her waist.

If it wasn’t for him blocking, she would probably have been the one to suffer this injury.

Luo Qing Tong recalled the events from earlier and the python’s berserk mode when they had broken the array.

Could he have been injured at that time?

There was a hideous tear on the little shota’s shoulders, clearly extremely painful.

By now, his consciousness was already fading. If not for Luo Qing Tong’s discovery, he might have just died silently like this.

“Seriously… not even crying out after being injured to such a degree?”

Luo Qing Tong quickly put him down. With her keen senses, there was no way she wouldn’t have noticed if he had cried out or moaned in pain.

Then, she suddenly heard the unconscious boy murmuring.

“C…Can’t make any noise. It…It’ll… disturb immortal…sister…”

These words were unintentional.

Luo Qing Tong’s movements paused. Her gaze towards the youth grew complicated.

Was this why?

Afraid of disturbing her?

For Luo Qing Tong, saving this youth was merely in the passing.

At that time, saving him and escaping the pythons was the fastest.

But she never expected this fellow to be so innocent. His life that she’d saved was used to block an attack.

“Seriously too silly to the point of being cute.” Luo Qing Tong muttered in her heart.

How could there be such a thing?

No matter how those pythons changed their attacks, as long as there was a sliver of opportunity unlike the time when that man had sealed off all her escape routes, there would always be a chance for her to escape.

But him!

These pythons’ poison was deadly. Adding on to the medicine that had incited all those pythons earlier which were still in his body, they had merged to create an extremely potent poison. The mastermind behind this must have planned this!

If it weren’t for Luo Qing Tong, he would definitely be dead by now!

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