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SPM Chapter 17

Translator: Little Bean

Editor: Nava

“Ah, god! That scared me!” Luo Qing Tong leapt through the air and touched her beating heart.

That man’s aura was too frightful!

She was nearly unable to escape.

When she recalled the things she’d done to him earlier, Luo Qing Tong had to pat her chest and breathe a sigh of relief.

The cowardly pig who’d been hiding in her sleeve all along, watched without daring to make a peep, was dumbfounded.

Fuck! This woman was really too daring.

“You were scared but you still act so sly and daring?” What sort of mentality was this?

It asked in disbelief.

“If I don’t take the necessary actions to escape, does that mean I should simply wait for death?” Luo Qing Tong answered impolitely.

That man was too powerful, so her methods naturally couldn’t be normal.


“It surprisingly feels pretty good?” She let out an evil laugh.

Such a strong and handsome man was just to her liking.

It was a pity he was too strong and too difficult for her to deal with.

These sort of men were the most easily provoked and so Luo QingTong had to quickly behave herself.


Before the little pig could express its opinion, Luo Qing Tong had already leapt forwards and appeared on the treetop of a thousand year old ancient tree.

This was far enough so that there wouldn’t be any problems.

“Alright, you can speak now. What the hell are you? Hmm?”

Luo Qing Tong gripped the little pig’s neck and moved it closer.

“A talking pig demon?” She raised a hand and flicked the little pig’s ear.

“Ah!” The little pig raised its hoof to cover its ear, its round eyes like a pair of green beans stared at her.

“You’re the pig demon! I’m an ancient pig spirit! Do you know what an ancient pig spirit is?!” It blew up.

Luo Qing Tong narrowed her eyes.

“An Ancient pig spirit? You?”

She sized the pink little pig up and down and truly didn’t know how much of its words she could believe.

If ancient beast spirits were like this, they might as well all commit suicide.

“Don’t look down on me. I’m like this only because I’ve been sealed. Hmph!” The little pig haughtily thrusted out its round timmy.

“You have no idea how powerful I used to be. I was known throughout the sea and land as the number one pig. Even the phoenix and dragon have to call me grandpa when they see me…”

“Pfft!” Luo Qing Tong couldn’t hold back her laughter.

Number one pig throughout the sea and land?

This was too funny.

The little pig saw her reaction and frantically grew upset.

“I really am an ancient pig spirit! Only an ancient beast spirit is capable of directly forming a contract with a human regardless of strength. Don’t tell me you don’t even know this common knowledge?”

Luo Qing Tong really didn’t know.

She had inexplicably arrived in this world and hadn’t even figured out where she was!

And this body clearly didn’t belong to her.

Wait a minute!

Thinking about this, Luo Qing Tong suddenly stood up and dropped from the tree to search for a water source. After some time, she washed the blood and grime off her face.

“Phew, luckily it’s still my own face.”

What Luo Qing Tong feared the most was body swapping. If her face changed, was she still Luo Qing Tong?

But now, she was relieved. This face was exactly the same as her original appearance.

After looking at her own face for so many years it was only natural she still liked it the most.

In the past, Luo Qing Tong was also considered a beauty capable of destroying cities. There was no need for her to change to a different face.

She was satisfied with her current situation.

She only didn’t know what was the identity of the body she had transmigrated into.

Pondering over this matter, Luo Qing Tong suddenly remembered the item she’d found on the silver-robed man earlier.

Perhaps, that could serve as a clue.

She immediately pulled it out.

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