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SRA Chapter 61

Transmigrated Into A Wealthy White Moonlight

Arc 2.3 : Whitewash Plan

Lu Ning walked in front of Ye You and said with a smile: “Congratulations, the land has been auctioned at such a high price. Your Ye family’s company has received this funding, and the situation should ease for a while.”

“Thank you.” Ye You also said with a smile on his face: “I originally thought that with your Lu family’s current financial resources, that piece of land was probably going to be taken away by the Lu family, but now it seems that there are people beyond people, sky beyond sky(idiom)1Raw 人外有人天外有天(Rén wài yǒurén tiānwàiyǒutiān); lit. There are people beyond (this) person, and skies beyond (this) sky. Proverb; No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better., there are too many people that are incomparable to your Lu family. Among the last few bidding bidders, unexpectedly none of them are people arranged by your Lu family. What a pity. Your grandfather and your father will be disappointed when they learn about this news ba.”

Lu Ning’s smile stiffened, but he quickly returned to his normal expression and said, “Our Lu family is determined to win that piece of land. This time we didn’t have enough preparation and missed the opportunity, but in the end, that piece of land will definitely belong to our family. I will send you an invitation at that time, and you are welcome to come and play.”

“Okay, I hope you can send me the invitation soon, even if I am not there, the gift will definitely be there.” Ye You’s smile was obviously mocking, and his expression was clearly telling Lu Ning, that their Lu family will never get that piece of land.

“I heard that your company’s situation is very bad. Not only has the sales of the main stores dropped very sharply, but the withdraw products rate is also getting higher day by day. I hope that your family can get through the difficulties this time with the funds.” Lu Ning fought back with a triumphant smile, because it was the news that slandered the original owner Ye You as a homewrecker who destroyed other people’s marriage contracts, which aroused the anger of the masses and caused the Ye family’s business to be severely hit.

“I haven’t congratulated you on your pregnancy yet. I hope that in the next period of time, you will be able to have time to take care of the fetus. Don’t be too moody and irritable. You must give birth to the baby smoothly.” Ye You said as he looked at Lu Ning’s belly.

“That’s natural. Both the He family and the Lu family are looking forward to this child, especially He Xu’s parents. Day and night, they hope to be able to hug their grandson soon. I have become  the key protection target in He family’s house now, they are afraid that I will be tired if I take one more step.” The happy and sweet smile on Lu Ning’s face were not pretending at all.

“Again, congratulations to you, you must give birth to the child smoothly ah.” Ye You deliberately said in a such an odd way, and glanced at Lu Ning’s stomach with a bad intention2Raw 不怀好意(Bù huái hǎoyì); to harbor evil designs, to harbor malicious intention, bad intention. A little explanation, YY’s “bad intention” here are not means that he wanted the child to be gone, but bcoz he knew the origin of the child and he knew that it will bring a big trouble for LN, that’s way he look at LN’s stomach with “bad intention”. He also wanted LN to think that he was going to harm his unborn child, in that way LN will be more careful and smoothly giving birth to the child. look.

Ye You’s performance successfully made Lu Ning think that he was going to do something to the child in his stomach. Lu Ning subconsciously took a step back and protected his stomach with his hands. He looked at Ye You defensively and said “Thank you for your concern. With our Lu family and the He family protecting me, I will definitely give birth to this child. I hope you can find your own happiness sooner and give birth to a child smoothly.”

“Lu Ning.” He Xu strode over and helped Lu Ning, he said, “My parents  are urging, let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Lu Ning turned and walked out, and said: “Tonight you will also help me massage my legs. I am the weight of two people. I feel so tired just by standing.”

“Okay.” He Xu nodded and agreed, and then looked back at Ye You with guilt and regret.

Ye You sneered, then turned and walked towards Ye Long couple, ready to go home with them.

Next, Ye You will start to be very, very busy, because he was going to make a big change in the Ye family company. All Ye family stores will also be closed for a period of time and renovated, and the sales staff will also have to be re-trained. Even if Ye You doesn’t need to do these things personally, he must also supervise them in place, and there can be no mistakes, so a tired life was about to begin.

Ye You started to get busy, Ye Long and his wife would naturally not be idle. This time was a crucial moment for the Ye Family to do everything in their power to give it a go. The family of three was so busy that they had much less time to eat and sleep.

Ye You now only hopes that Du You will really take the initiative to contact him and be able to contact him early so that he can implement the most suitable plan. If Du Yao does not contact him for a long time, it will be difficult for Ye You to contact him.

A few days later, Ye You was drawing a design in his studio. The phone in his pocket rang suddenly. This phone was a private number that only a few people knew. Ye You thought it was one of the Ye Long couple who called him. It was connected without him looking at it.

“Hello.” Ye You held the phone in one hand, and continued to draw the design artwork with the other.

“Ye You? I am Du Yao.”

Ye You froze for a moment, put down the pen in his hand and said, “Hello Mr. Du.”

“I just happened to have time now. About the business you said a few days ago, maybe we can meet and talk for a bit.”

“Okay, where are you now, I’ll go there right away.”

“Tell me where you are now, and I will let the driver go and pick you up.”

“Okay.” Ye You told him his address. After hanging up the phone, he explained and confirmed the content of the next work with a few assistants, put on his coat and went downstairs to wait for the driver Du Yao has dispatched to picked him up.

Ye You thought he would had to wait for a while, but after he went downstairs and walked outside, the driver Du Yao sent to pick him up was already waiting outside. It seemed that Du Yao had guessed that he would be at the company earlier, and Ye You didn’t felt it was strange at all, just as he wasn’t surprised that Du Yao could know his private number.

The driver drove the car into a huge industrial park. The greening of the plants inside was very good. If one  first came in, it would make people mistakenly think that they have entered the botanical garden. Ye You thought, as expected, the big groups are different. He has already learned these days that the Du family’s  Prosperity Group was not only strong in the country that few people dare to offend, but it also has a considerable power abroad.

After Ye You got off the car, he followed Du Yao’s assistant and took Du Yao’s exclusive elevator to his office.

Ye You entered into an office that was at least the size of a basketball court, but he was not amazed or surprised, because in the original world, his father and brothers each had an office of this size.

“Hello, Mr. Du, thank you for willing to see me.” Ye You said, looking at Du Yao who was sitting on the sofa and reading the documents.

Du Yao closed the document and put it aside, then looked at Ye You and said, “Sit down.”

Ye You sat down on the sofa opposite Du Yao, and the assistant who brought Ye You in asked, “Mr. Ye would like something to drink?”

“Give me a glass of warm water, thank you.” Ye You replied.

“Okay, please wait a moment.” The assistant turned around to pour a glass of water for Ye You.

“Mr. Du’s family affairs, have you finished handling it?” Ye You asked as he looked at Du Yao.

“No.” Du Yao smiled and looked at Ye You and said, “The bad thing about a big family is that it takes more time to deal with people in your own family than with the people outside.”

“Then how can Mr. Du have time to see me?” Ye You said.

“I think talking about a small business with you will not delay the handling of my family affairs.” Du Yao said: “Now, tell me about your business.”

Du Yao originally wanted to wait until he was free to meet Ye You again, but he can’t help but think of him these days, especially when he sleep at night, he actually dreamed that he was holding the person in front of him who was falling asleep in his arms, the dreams were so real that he even doubted whether he had hallucinations.

Du Yao wanted to get in touch with Ye You further and figure out what caused him to have such an illusion.

“I think Mr. Du should have known about the situation of our Ye family’s company before calling me over. Because of the joint suppression of the Lu family and the He family, and also some very bad news about me was published recently, our company now are in a very critical situation. I have the confidence and ability to revive our company’s business, but I hope to get some help from Mr. Du. I can use 10% of the shares as compensation.”

“I think it’s necessary for me to tell you the truth. I have never been interested in this kind of petty business.”

“I know that in front of Du family’s Prosperity Group, our Ye family’s company is really not worth mentioning, but for me, knowing Mr. Du is equivalent to an additional opportunity. The key to the success of businessmen is to grab tightly just when the opportunity comes, right?”

If it were someone else, Ye You would definitely waited until he make some achievements and then talk about cooperation, this way the possibility of success would be greater. But facing this person who was likely to be Du Yao, Ye You wanted to take a gamble, betting that he would be willing to apply to pull himself out of the predicament. Ye You felt that the Du Yao in the previous life fell in love with him at first sight, if he really was Du Yao himself, then in this life he would definitely have feelings for him.

“That’s right, but it’s really the first time I have seen this way of discussing business.” Du Yao said as he looked at Ye You.

“I didn’t come to see you unprepared.” Ye You took out a USB flash drive from his pocket, bent over and put it in front of Du Yao, and said, “There are all my design drawings so far. There are also some plans. If Mr. Du is interested, you can take a look.”

“When we first met, you called my name directly. If I remember correctly, we have never met before. I rarely show up in China. Why do you know me?” Du Yao asked.

Ye You hesitated for a while and said, “…because you look very similar to a friend of mine, even the name is the same, it’s me who got the the wrong person.”

“What friend?” Du Yao felt very curious, there actually such a coincidence that someone looks exactly like him, and even has the same name.

“It’s… it’s my, my boyfriend.” Ye You decided to say these three words after hesitating.

“Boyfriend?” Du Yao said with some doubts: “Your ex-boyfriend, isn’t He Xu?”

“I won’t admit that he is my ex-boyfriend. Before him, I had a boyfriend who I really loved.” Ye You said.

“Where is he?” Du Yao was suddenly upset.


“Disappeared?” Du Yao looked at Ye You with suspicion.

“Yes, he disappeared.” Ye You said in an affirmative tone.

Du Yao was silent for a while and then said, “If I agree to your business, what do you want me to do for you?”

“It’s very simple. Now our family has sufficient funds, so there is no need for Mr. Du to invest any more money. As long as Mr. Du can help us control public opinion, that is, control those media, so that the Lu family and the He family have no chance to discredit me and suppress our company. I may also need to use some of Mr. Du’s connections. For other things, I will use my own ability to compete with the Lu family and He family’s companies.”

“What if I don’t agree to participate in your business?” Du Yao asked again.

“Then I have no choice but to find the directors of other companies to see if they are willing.” Ye You didn’t care on the surface, but in fact he was also a little nervous. If Du Yao rejected him, then his possibility as the previous life’s Du Yao was even smaller.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s eyes earnestly, and Ye You also looked at him without dodging. The two looked at each other like this. After a long silence, Du Yao finally said, “Okay, I agree to join your business.”

Ye You breathed a sigh of relief, but he still glanced at the USB flash drive and said, “Don’t you want to  look at my design drawings and plan first?”

“If I have time, I will take a look at it.” Du Yao said, “But I want you to know that the reason I’m agree not because I am interested in your business, but in you.”

“I hope I think too much and misunderstood the meaning of Mr. Du’s words, but I still have to make it clear, I don’t sell myself.” Ye You said seriously.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s expression and couldn’t help but smiled and said, “I won’t force you or threaten you, but maybe, there will be the day of mutual consent?”

“Then let’s wait until that day comes ba. Thank you for agreeing to cooperate with me, I hope you can help me complete the first most important thing as soon as possible, that is to let the media change their words, and then prove my innocence. Let everyone know that I am not a third party who destroyed other’s marriage, and I can provide the evidence myself.” In Ye You’s heart, he felt the possibility that the person in front of him was Du Yao from the previous life was greatly increased, so he  was less polite when making his request, his carefree side when in front of his lover gradually revealed.

“I will arrange for someone to assist you. If you have anything, just let him take care of it.” Du Yao paused for a while and said, “Or you can call me directly.”

“Again, thank you, Mr. Du.” Ye You stood up and stretched out his hand.

Du Yao also stood up, held Ye You’s hand and said, “I think you should know that I have ulterior motives, but you don’t have to worry too much. I don’t have the habit of forcing others, and you can make good use of my interest in you, let me do things for you. Even if my wish is not fulfilled in the end, you also will not lose anything.”

After Ye You was silent for a while, he said with a smirk: “If I hadn’t just heard some rumors two days ago, knowing that the Du family’s heir had been ruthlessly wipe out a few factions abroad, I almost wanted to believe your words. “

“Rumors cannot be fully believed. After getting along for a period of time together, you will find that those rumors are slanderous. I am actually a very gentle, kind and easy-going person. I will only counterattack when I have to. “Du Yao said sincerely as he looked at Ye You.

Ye You thought to himself, if it wasn’t because you were most likely Du Yao from the previous life, and I knew exactly what Du Yao was like, I would almost believe your nonsense again.

“I’m going back first, let’s talk when we have time.” Ye You pulled his hand back forcibly.

“Well, the person I arranged will go to you tomorrow.” Du Yao said.

“Thank you.” Ye You nodded, then turned and left.

Du Yao looked at Ye You’s back with a meaningful smile. A person who could even make him dream and even have a hallucinations, how could he let him go easily? He had opened the net and waited for Ye You to relaxed his vigilance before trapping him in the net to studied slowly and carefully.

After Ye You returned to the company, he continued his work. In addition to drawing fashion design pattern and jewelry design pattern, he also had to draw a design drawings for the refurbishment of various stores. He also checked the progress of completion from time to time. Every time he could sleep four to five hours a day was already pretty good.

Ye You originally thought that Du Yao would sent a person similar to an assistant to assist him, but this assistant also brought a whole team. After only one meeting with them, Ye You could see how high the team’s ability and efficiency, he relaxed a lot at once.

The so-called defensive heart was indispensable. If it change to someone else that send a team to help him, he must have guarded and prevent his own company becoming someone else’s company at any time, but the other person was likely to be his lover to a large extent, so his defensiveness was not so high. Besides, as the heirs of the Du family, how it was possible for him took a liking to their family’s small industry, and even bother to take away the company? What Ye You kept on praying now was to hope that the Du Yao in this world must be the Du Yao in the last world.

The team arranged by Du Yao not only took over some of Ye You’s work, but also helped Ye You planned and arranged a whitewashing plan, and then they could start the execution. This plan requires Ye You’s full cooperation with the performance.

Then Ye You pretended to fall off the stairs in his house, and fell into a coma after bumping his head. After being found, he was sent to the hospital for rescue.

After that, the major media reported successively, and speculated that Ye You might have chosen to commit suicide because he could not bear the pressure of public opinion and attacks from the public. Ye Long and his wife were very sad, and then disclosed all the text messages and phone recordings saved by the original owner, Ye You, to prove that Ye You was not a third party that destroyed the marriage and family of others.

Ye You felt very fortunate that the original owner has the habit of keeping all the text messages and recordings, and the Lu family thinks that they were already rich enough to cover the sky with only one hand3Raw 只手遮天(Zhī shǒu zhē tiān); Describes someone who relying on power, playing tricks, and deceiving the masses., and feel that even if Ye You keep those text messages, he also can’t make them public, because the media has been bought by their Lu family.  In this era, the Internet has only begun to develop in the past two years, and the continuous updating of mobile phones and computers has only begun now.

Among the evidence disclosed by the media, there were threatening text messages sent by the Lu family to Ye You asking him to break up with He Xu, and hundreds of text messages sent by He Xu to Ye You. The content of the text messages was He Xu telling Ye You how much he suffered being married Lu Ning. He begged Ye You not to sever contact with him, and promised that he would find a way to divorce Lu Ning, but Ye You replied many times that they were not fated to be together(idiom) and should not contact him in the future. Then he did not replied to He Xu anymore.

The media that had previously speak very badly about Ye You had all publicly apologized, saying that they hadn’t figured out the truth and reported indiscriminately that they nearly killed a life. They really had to bear the blame and will impose penalties on the relevant personnel.

Public opinion suddenly changed. People who watched the news report began to criticize the Lu family and the He family, they were aimed at He Xu and Lu Ning.

Lu Ning forcefully slammed the remote control at the TV set, and said angrily: “How could he commit suicide?! They just auctioned off their land some time ago, and they looked like they were going to regroup and do a lot of work. How could he suddenly want to suicide?! They must be acting! All must be fake!”

“Don’t be too excited, be careful of the child in your belly.” He Xu also didn’t know what was going on. Hearing the news of Ye You’s suicide, his mood was very complicated and sad, but now he can only comfort Lu Ning’s emotions first, after all, he was not alone now.

“What the hell is going on with those media?! Having collected so much money from my family, now they are suddenly helping the Ye family to speak, what the hell do they apologize for!!” Lu Ning roared angrily.

After Ye You’s suicide news, things suddenly became a big deal. Almost every channel’s news reported on the matter. There were even some talk shows and legal programs that invited guests to talk about this matter. Those guests and hosts, they were all inclined towards Ye You and attacked the Lu family and the He family.

Lu Ning was trembling with anger. He searched for his cell phone and dialed his dad’s number, but the line was always busy. Then he dialed his mother’s number, but it was still unable to get through. Finally, he could only tried to call his brother’s number. After dialing twice, it was finally connected.

“Big brother, it’s me, what is going on now? Haven’t those media been bought by Dad? Why did they all change their words to help Ye Family?!”

“How do you want me to calm down?! Such a big thing happened, our company will definitely be affected!”

“Then hurry up and find someone who can call the shots!”

“Let the media quickly change their eloquence is the most important…Hello, hello?” Lu Ning threw the phone to the ground, angrily stood up and said, “He actually hang up on me! I’m going to the company!”

“Calm down.” He Xu hugged Lu Ning tightly and said, “Your parents and your brother certainly don’t know how busy they are now. If you go there now, wouldn’t you cause trouble for them? Moreover, you are still pregnant with a child. It’s haven’t three months now, what if something happens if you are so emotional like that?”

After He Xu finished speaking, Lu Ning suddenly thought of the irony Ye You was saying about how he hoped he could smoothly give birth to the child that day. He felt that this must be Ye You’s conspiracy, and he deliberately made such a plot to make him angry and lost the child. Now, he must not let his conspiracy succeed. No matter what happens, he must give birth to the child smoothly. He doesn’t need to be so anxious, his parents will definitely take care of everything, how could the Ye family be able to beat their Lu family.

“I want to go back to my room to rest.” Lu Ning said with an ugly expression. Although he kept comforting himself in his heart, he still couldn’t figure out how the Ye family managed to make all the media change their minds.

“Okay, I’ll accompany you to rest together.” He Xu carefully helped Lu Ning back to the room.

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  • 1
    Raw 人外有人天外有天(Rén wài yǒurén tiānwàiyǒutiān); lit. There are people beyond (this) person, and skies beyond (this) sky. Proverb; No matter how good you think you are, there is always someone out there that is better.
  • 2
    Raw 不怀好意(Bù huái hǎoyì); to harbor evil designs, to harbor malicious intention, bad intention. A little explanation, YY’s “bad intention” here are not means that he wanted the child to be gone, but bcoz he knew the origin of the child and he knew that it will bring a big trouble for LN, that’s way he look at LN’s stomach with “bad intention”. He also wanted LN to think that he was going to harm his unborn child, in that way LN will be more careful and smoothly giving birth to the child.
  • 3
    Raw 只手遮天(Zhī shǒu zhē tiān); Describes someone who relying on power, playing tricks, and deceiving the masses.
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    What a piece of trash the Lu and He families are. Just found this novel yesterday! I am enjoying it so much! I love the MC and ML! Such a good pair!! Thank you for your hard work translating this novel!😘😘

    1. phoenixBell says:

      Welcome!❤️ I’m glad you like them too. New chapter is up now XD

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