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SRA Chapter 48

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.48: I Am In Love With That Young Lady

As the performance came to an end, Ye You led the band directly to play “Return in Victory”, the joy of victory and passionate tunes resounding through the performance hall, and the opponent’s military band had lost so badly that they had given up playing.

Marshal Cheng gave a satisfied smile, and the soldiers on their side were like as if they had won the battle, all of their eyes were excited and full of smiles.

Head Leader Wu let out a long breath, and the big rock hanging in his heart was finally settled down steadily and beautifully.

At this moment, both Old Master Du and Old Master Sun were sitting in the first row, and Old Master Ye was sitting in the second row. They had seen Ye You’s excellent performance. Old Master Du was naturally proud and gratified for Ye You. Old Master Sun didn’t feel much, it was just that he felt a little regret because the person on the stage was Ye You and not Ye Chen. Only Old Master Ye’s mood was extremely complicated. Ye You is his grandson, to be able to performed like this, he naturally wanted to feel proud. But when he thought of how he had looked down on Ye You so much before, he felt this kind of pride feeling made him very embarrassed.

After the performance, enthusiastic applause broke out in the hall, and the soldiers couldn’t help but use all their strength to applaud, because Ye You and the others won so beautifully.

“Sister-in-law is really amazing!” Lin Dong exclaimed excitedly: “Captain, I realize sister-in-law has the style like when you were commanding the battle.”

Du Yao just smiled. The excitement, joy and pride in his heart were all reflected in his eyes.

Du Hao looked at Ye You who stood up holding the Chinese Lute(Pipa) and walked forward to salute. He thought to himself, maybe he had really make an error of judgement and because of this he had missed some important decision.

The Musical band of the two country evacuated the stage in an orderly manner, and the two marshals stood up, except for the soldiers, everyone else also stood up.

Marshal Bunaber sorted out his expression and mood, and said with admiration: “Your country is worthy of being a magnificent country with three thousand years of civilization. The rich cultural heritage has already impressed the people of my country. Originally I thought that in music, my country would be better. Didn’t expect your country’s instruments and music to be so broad and profound, we are sincerely convinced that we lost.”

Marshal Bunaber was a person who can afford to lose, and he was not stingy in praising the winners. Although he did not expect that they would lose, since he has already lost, he should affirmed the advantages of others and recognize his own shortcomings.

Marshal Cheng was a little humble. Bunaber couldn’t see the emotions in his heart. He felt that this person looked ordinary, but was deeply hidden. He would have to be more cautious in the next confrontation exercises.

Marshal Cheng took Marshal Bunaber and left the Cultural Regiment, and took him to the already arranged residence. The soldiers also left one after another.

Ye You had thought that maybe he could have a chance to say a few words to Du Yao. Both of them had not met for more than a month, let alone talks. But to his disappointment, he did not find a chance to go out to meet Du Yao, because after sending Marshal Cheng and the others away, Head Leader Wu went back directly to the backstage and gave an exciting speech, mainly including praises, acknowledgement, and encouragement, and Ye You, as the focus object of praises, was naturally had to be present.

After Head Leader Wu finished speaking, he immediately urged Ye You to hurry up and go back to rest, because tomorrow’s dance performance was also very important, so he must keep his good spirit.

Ye You sat on the sofa in the small living room of the suite, closed his eyes and rest. Hearing the knock on the door, he thought it was Ji Wen and the others, so he said, “Come in.”

When the door was pushed open, Ye You opened his eyes and saw that the people who walked in were not Ji Wen and Zhao Yu, but Ye Chen. He was a little surprised, thinking that Ye Chen unexpectedly dared to come look for him at this time.

“What’s the matter?” Ye You asked expressionlessly.

“I’m here to apologize to you.” After a glanced at Ye You, Ye Chen lowered his gaze and said, “Whether you believe it or not, this time, I came to apologize to you with a sincere heart.”

“Did you figure it out, or are you scared?” Ye You asked, looking at him.

“Both.” Ye Chen said, “I figured it out, and I was also scared. I know that I am not as good as you, and it is even more impossible to be more outstanding than you. Previously I had offended you and I hope you don’t bother about it. I have reflected on my mistakes and apologized to you here. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have provoke you before.”

“Perhaps, you really feel that you can’t fight me now, because you are afraid that I will continue to deal with you, so you really come to apologize to me with sincerity.” From his eyes, Ye You saw a bit of sincerity and regret attitude: “But, how do I know if you suddenly feel that an opportunity has come because of something, and then want to frame me? It is difficult to achieve long-term prevention, and there are always times of negligence1Raw 只是千日做贼,没有千日防贼(Zhǐshì qiān rì zuò zéi, méiyǒu qiān rì fáng zéi); There’s only a thousand days to be a thief, and there is no thousand days to guard against a thief. The source of the proverb is the seventh chapter of Qing Li Baojia’s “China Now”. So, only when the future troubles are eliminated, only then I can feel at ease.”

“I know, although I hope you can let me go, but whether or not you want to let me go, the decision is in your hands and I cannot intervene. But no matter what decision you make, I also want to apologize to you for my previous behavior. From now on, I will not do anything unfavorable to you, nor will I say anything about you behind your back, nor will I provoke you again, except for the inevitable appearance in the Dance team, on normal days I will avoid you and try not to appear in your sight.”

“You said these, whether you can do it or not, is your business. And whether I want to continue to deal with you or not is my business. So my answer to you is only three words, depending on mood.”

Ye Chen nodded and said, “I see. Thank you for willing listening so much to what I said. I apologize to you again for the things I have done before. I’m really sorry.”

After watching Ye Chen leave, Ye You closed his eyes again to rest up his mind. Even if Ye Chen could really do it and never provoke him anymore, Ye You would still have many other ways to deal with him. He believed that Ye Chen was really scared of him now, but if he let him go now, there was really no guarantee whether or not that he would counter-attacking him again.

But he doesn’t have to get rid of Ye Chen right away, so it depends on his mood. As soon as he found out there was something wrong with Ye Chen, he will immediately think of method to let him disappear from the Cultural Regiment, too lazy to be dilly-dallying with him anymore.

And Ye Chen really didn’t want to provoke Ye You anymore. He felt that since Ye You was the son of destiny, went against him, he would would be against God, and there would be no good results. He himself has enough, at least much more than in his original world. This was also God’s favor for him. He should cherish it instead of thinking about fighting Ye You all the time then ended in a disastrous defeat. He just need minding his own(business), and that was enough.

Ye You slept peacefully at night. Early the next morning, after he was cleaned up, together with others, under the leadership of the Head Leader and Deputy Leader, they set off to the combat legion to performed a morale-boosting performances for the upcoming confrontational act.

The Military band of Aurico, because of their failure yesterday, in order to be able to save some face, today’s orchestra performance, they give it all they got and the momentum was very shocking.

After their performance was over, they retreated to the edge of the stage, all crowded there, waiting to watch Ye You and the other’s performance. They thought that Ye You and the others would also perform on stage with the Musical band, but when they saw drums of different sizes being carried up, they were puzzled.

Several dancers stood on the big drums on both sides of the stage, pulling the wide red cloth, and interweave them to block the big drums in the middle.

As the performance began, the drum beats from slow to fast, and gradually accelerated. The member that pulling the red cloth pulled harder, the other member also pulled it hard and immediately let go. The red cloths on both sides floated slightly in the air for a few times, and then slowly landed. Ye You who stood on top of the middle drum appeared in front of everyone.

Following the rhythm of the drum beat, Ye You jumped and flip on top the drum, dancing with a long red silk. Red silk, something that has no hardness, in Ye You’s hand, it was like being casted with a spell, and it can fluttered into a beautiful shape at will.

In order to make it easier for the red silk to wield into shape, Ye You did something on it, and added some small things, which were sewn on it, so this red silk would be as well-trained as a living.

Ye You’s dance moves shocked everyone, especially the soldiers from Aurico. They thought, how could anyone after somersault into the air as if they were weightless, then can dropped gracefully like that on top of the drumhead.

While they were shocked, they were also amazed by the makeup on Ye You’s face. They felt that it was exceptional appearance bestowed by heaven.

“Oh, God, I love that young lady!” Frank looked at Ye You obsessively, and exclaimed in admiration from the bottom of his heart: “She is so beautiful!”

“…Who?” Alger was enjoying the performance. After hearing Frank’s words, he slowly returned to his senses and asked, “Which girl are you talking about?”

“It’s the one who standing on those big drums dancing gracefully.” Frank answered, keeping his eyes on Ye You, “She is so beautiful.”

“Is it a girl?” Alger looked carefully, and then asked suspiciously: “Isn’t it a boy?”

“She is so beautiful and has such a slender figure. She must be a girl.” Suddenly, as if he had made a big determination, Frank said: “I want to propose to her, I want to bring her back to Aurico and live together!”

Alger was stunned. He was still thinking and discerning whether Ye You was a male or a female. This question really made him too curious.

“We must win this confrontation exercise!” Frank patted Alger hard on the shoulder and said, “I want to confess to her with the victorious medal of excellence!”

After Ye You and the others finished performed, all the soldiers applauded enthusiastically, with endless excitement.

After the performance, the special forces of the two countries set off and started a three-day confrontation exercise. The exercise process was all according to a real combat.

When Ye You was about to go to the lounge to remove his makeup and pack his things, the Deputy Leader suddenly walked towards him and waved at him from a distance: “Ye You, come here.”

Seeing that the Deputy Leader seemed to be very anxious, Ye You speeded up his steps and walked towards him: “Deputy Leader, what’s the matter? Is there something wrong?”

“It’s not something wrong, it was Marshal Bunaber who said that he wanted to meet you, come with me.” As the Deputy Leader walked quickly, he explained to Ye You: “Later you don’t be nervous, if Marshal Bunaber ask you something, and you know how to answer, just answer it directly. If you don’t know how to answer, the Head Leader will answer for you. Just treat this as going to meet an elder, relax a little bit.”

“I see.” Ye You replied.

After arriving, Ye You gave a military salute to Marshal Cheng and the other leaders: “Hello, Marshal, hello, sirs.”2It’s actually “元帅好,各位长官好。” (yuan shuai hao, ge wei zhang guan hao); 长官(zhang guan) is a term of address for senior officer.
Google just gave me: good Marshal, good, officer. I’m not sure how soldiers say hello to their commander or captain. So, the one above is what we got.

Marshal Cheng looked at Ye You and nodded with a smile. Ye You felt that this Marshal really looked like a kind elder.

“What’s your name?” Marshal Bunaber asked while looking at Ye You.

“My name is Ye You.” Ye You replied.

After the interpreter told Marshal Bunaber Ye You’s name, Marshal Bunaber repeated it with an awkward accent, and then said: “I will remember you, you, really surprised me, can performed with a musical instrument and also can dance, it’s been twice, cause me to feel really unexpected. I’ve heard that you are a genius of musical instrument performance, so besides the one you played yesterday, is there any other musical instruments you can play?”

“I can also play violin, piano and flute.” Ye You replied.

“Oh, you can also play the violin? That’s great. I like listening to the violin perfomance the most. If have a chance, I would like to hear you play it once and see if you can amazed and surprise me again.”

“If there is a chance, I would be happy to play for you once.” Ye You said politely.

“I’m also looking forward to it.” Marshal Bunaber turned to look at Marshal Cheng and asked: “I have a question that I am curious about. Is this a boy or a girl?”

Marshal Cheng was stunned, and the officers behind him were also stunned, and even the flow of air seemed to pause quietly.

He…3Author use 他(ta); he or him; (can used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant); (used before sb’s name for emphasis). Remember, 他(ta); he or for unisex and 她(ta); she,  has the same pronouncing. Tbh, I read a lot about ger‘s novel, but this is the first novel I know that have some of the character in it would ask about this question. I thought the whole world also has ger ne. _(:3」∠)_” Marshal Cheng glanced at Ye You, yet didn’t know how to answer. For the first time in his life, he was stumps with a question by someone. It was also the first time someone asked him this kind of question. Because if he directly told Marshal Bunaber that Ye You was neither a man nor a woman, but a ger, he doesn’t know whether Bunaber can understand the existence of this gender.

Ye You also stared at them blankly, waiting to hear how they would answer.

Seeing them looked embarrassed, Bunaber became even more puzzled. Is it a boy or a girl? Is this question very difficult to answer?

Marshal Cheng turned his head and said to the interpreter: “Come and explain to Marshal Bunaber.”

The interpreter was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expected that Marshal Cheng would give him ‘this kind’ of chance to elaborate freely. The most taboo thing as the translators for the senior officers like them was to elaborate freely.

“Yes.” The interpreter could only nod and answer, and then explained to Marshal Bunaber about the existence of this ger gender.

After hearing this, Marshal Bunaber said with a fascinating look: “I originally thought that this was just a myth in your country. So your country really does have a third gender?”

“In our country, the number of people with the third gender was very less before, but now it is even more less.” Marshal Cheng said.

Marshal Bunaber nodded, and then sizing up Ye You with a gaze that looked at a rare objects, thinking in his heart, it turned out that he was the kind of person who appeared in the mythology, no wonder he was so powerful. So it seemed, his criticized towards Chris yesterday seemed a bit too harsh.

The two marshals each had to go to the rear of their own armed forces to take control of the overall situation. After Marshal Bunaber spoke a few more words to Marshal Cheng, he led people away. When he left, he turned his head and looked at Ye You again. He thought Ye You might really have a little magic or something, it fits the identity of his legendary character.

After Marshal Bunaber left, Marshal Cheng said to Ye You: “Thanks for your hard work these past two days, the excellent performances on stage are all exchange with sweat and hard work. When the confrontation exercise is over, I will have your Head Leader reward you well.”

“Thank you Marshal, I will continue to work hard!” Ye You replied seriously.

Marshal Cheng turned around and called, “Old Du.”

“Yes, sir.” Old Master Du stepped forward.

“The Feng Shui of your Du family is so good, even I feel envious.” Marshal Cheng said as he looked at Old Master Du.

“Thanks to you, sir. Our family has indeed had a few happy events recently.” Old Master Du said with a smile.

“When have time take the children to come and sit at home, Du Yao often climbed up and down in my house when he was young. Now that he has grown up, how come he doesn’t even enter the door?”

“The main reason is that I am afraid that we will disturb your peaceful days, sir,” Old Man Du replied.

“What’s peaceful not peaceful? This person4Marshal Cheng refers to himself. is old and likes to talk and chat with children.” Marshal Cheng half-truth and half-false joking and said: “If you agreed to let me adopt Du Yao into my family before, I also don’t need to envy you now.”

“When sir has free time, I will take them to visit.” Old Master Du said with a smile.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t come, but let them come often.” Marshal Cheng said as he pointed to Ye You.

“Yes.” Old Master Du nodded with a smile.

Marshal Cheng looked at Ye You and said, “Go back with your Head Leader, and take a good rest after you go back. Although it is important to practice hard, it is also important to protect your body.”

“Yes.” Ye You replied.

After watching Marshal Cheng and the others leave, only then Ye You walked back with the Head Leader and Deputy Leader.

After returning to the Cultural Regiment, Ye You completely relaxed and got ready to rest for two days. However, he could only rest in a somewhat nervous mood, because even if he believed in Du Yao’s ability, he still couldn’t help feeling nervous.

Ye You asked Ji Wen and Zhao Yu to help him move the quilt back to the three-person dormitory. Although the Deputy Leader said that he could live in the suite forever, but Ye You felt that there was no particularly important performance to be prepared for the time being and it was too boring to live alone. The Deputy Leader said that the suite was reserved for him anyway, and he could live in when preparing for an important performance.

In these three days, not only Ye You was nervous, but the others in the Cultural Regiment were even more nervous than him. Some even started to keep saying God bless them to win all day long, and Ji Wen was one of them.

“Don’t know what the situation is now.” Ji Wen stood by the window, looking in the distance outside the window and said: “God bless our side must be the one to win ah!”

“……The direction is wrong.” Ye You couldn’t help saying.

“What?” Ji Wen turned around, looking at Ye You in confusion.

“I said the direction of the confrontation exercise is not that side.” Ye You replied.

“It’s not important. What’s important is that when I prayed a few times, maybe God will hear it.” After Ji Wen finished speaking, he froze for a while, looked at Ye You and said, “Why are you not as worried as me? Du Squadron also in the exercise ne.”

“It’s not that I’m not worried, I’m also very nervous.”

“I didn’t see it.” Ji Wen shook his head.

“I didn’t sleep well last night.” Ye You sighed and said, “So now I have to keep my strength and try not to move, so that when I hear the news of victory, I will have the strength to be happy ah.”

“I heard that the special team brought by Aurico this time is called Venomous Bee. It is a division full of scheming and they were fierce when struck out. It is said that in order to win, they will used whatever dirty methods. There is no feeling of shame or compassion at all. The special forces of many other countries have suffered in their hands. This time they come to our country for confrontational acting because they know that our country has won an overwhelming victory on battlefield in Southern Border, so they specially came here to test the strength of our army first.”

“You even know these?” Ye You said sincerely, “I really admire you greatly.”

“I made myself even more nervous.” Ji Wen clutched his chest and said, “God bless, our army must win ah.”

Ye You closed his eyes and thought for a while, then sat up, beckoned to Ji Wen, let him sit down next to him, and then said to him: “Ji Wen, why don’t I talk to Du Yao’s father when I go back home and see if he can get you into the Intelligence Department?”

Ji Wen thought that Ye You was joking with him, so he said, “I’m just going to be here. I’m a person that very shy with a strangers and I finally got familiar with you guys, I won’t go to other places to start over again.”

“I’m not kidding, I’m serious.” Ye You looked at Ji Wen earnestly and said: “Because we have a good relationship, I just told you this. Now you are neither good or bad in the Cultural Regiment, and you might have to leave as soon as your three years military period is over. You don’t have any outstanding performance records and also no meritorious service, you won’t get any good jobs after you move to a place. Instead of wasting time in the Cultural Regiment, you might as well go to somewhere that suits you, maybe you can achieve something and climb higher?”

Looking at Ye You’s seriousness, Ji Wen said after a moment of silence: “But I haven’t learned how to do intelligence work. I just like to observe others and inquire about news.”

“In fact, interest is the greatest talent. If you have talent, you can learn quickly.” Ye You thought, of course, except for people like me who are born with superpowers: “But this matter is about your own life, only you can make your own decision, I just give you a suggestion.”

“I will consider it carefully.” Ji Wen nodded and said, “I will tell you when I have considered it.”

“Good.” Ye You nodded.

  • 1
    Raw 只是千日做贼,没有千日防贼(Zhǐshì qiān rì zuò zéi, méiyǒu qiān rì fáng zéi); There’s only a thousand days to be a thief, and there is no thousand days to guard against a thief. The source of the proverb is the seventh chapter of Qing Li Baojia’s “China Now”
  • 2
    It’s actually “元帅好,各位长官好。” (yuan shuai hao, ge wei zhang guan hao); 长官(zhang guan) is a term of address for senior officer.
    Google just gave me: good Marshal, good, officer. I’m not sure how soldiers say hello to their commander or captain. So, the one above is what we got.
  • 3
    Author use 他(ta); he or him; (can used for either sex when the sex is unknown or unimportant); (used before sb’s name for emphasis). Remember, 他(ta); he or for unisex and 她(ta); she,  has the same pronouncing. Tbh, I read a lot about ger‘s novel, but this is the first novel I know that have some of the character in it would ask about this question. I thought the whole world also has ger ne. _(:3」∠)_
  • 4
    Marshal Cheng refers to himself.
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