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SRA Chapter 38

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.38: Torment of Longing

Du Yao drove the car to a very remote place, where there were no people, only green hills and clear water, the scenery was very good.

“Where is this place and what are we doing here?” Ye You looked at the scenery outside the car window, still wondering what medicine Du Yao was selling in the gourd1Raw 葫芦里卖得什么药(Hu lu li mai de shen me yao); What have he got in his sleeve.

Du Yao stopped the car and got out, then entered the back seat, hugged Ye You and kissed him.

Ye You kissed him back instinctively, until he was kissed deeper and deeper, Ye You could only put his head up, put his arms around his neck and bear with it.

The two of them kissed until they were in ecstasy, and Ye You’s brain was even more dizzy. When he felt the chill on his legs, he was shocked to realized that Du Yao had taken off his pants.

“You want to do that in a place like this?” Ye You asked while holding Du Yao’s hand, looking at him.

“Do you remember those few moves Great Grandfather asked me to do?” Du Yao asked.


“In the future when you want to confirm whether or not my leg injury is recovered, wouldn’t it be easier to confirm it with this method?” Du Yao lifted Ye You’s body.

“Wait a minute!” Ye You looked around in panic: “What if someone comes?”

“The road leads to place is only that one just now. If no one was on the road just now, then no one will show up for at least half an hour.” Du Yao kissed Ye You’s mouth, making him unable to even protest.


On top of the tree at the side, some birds would occasionally landed on it, but they were all scared away by the sound in the car and the shaking of the car.

Ye You was still recalling the movements Du Yao had said when his brain became more and more chaotic. He thought, obviously when Du Yao did those movements by himself, it seemed very ordinary and simple. When those movements was used in this kind of thing, why would it produced such a strange and exciting effect? He will not be able to looked at these movements directly anymore because it was too dirty.

Moreover, Ye You never expected that he would experienced such things in such era, and it was not only once or twice. Ye You originally planned to stay for two days before going back, but Du Yao was unwilling to go back, and then delayed for another two or three days, driving him to different remote places every day.

Sometimes they would move from the car to the outside. Ye You was really embarrassed to do this kind of thing outside. Du Yao always sweet-talks him to take him out.

After staying for four to five days, they went back directly to Ye family’s house. Ye You still had many things to discussed with Ye Song, so after returning to Ye family’s house, Du Yao would inevitably be left out cold again.


“These are all made according to the method you said. If it is mass-produced, let alone other things, with just this taste, we definitely will not have to worry about the sales.” Ye Song put several kind of tin cans, glass bottles, and there were also some convenient cooked foods in foil vacuum packaging, and some high-purity candies, all were opened on the table.

Ye You tasted a bit of each kind using a pair chopsticks, and then nodded in satisfaction. If mass production can have such a taste, it was indeed very good. Even people like him with a particularly picky mouth find it delicious, but the production method and material ratio were all given by him, so he was not surprised by this result.

With these canned meats and convenient ready-made meals in the future, Ye You doesn’t have to worry about getting hungry, whether he was in the Cultural Regiment, performing in the Combat Legion, or with the army.

It was Ye Jiande who paid for the production and sales of these things, Ye Song contributed his efforts, and Ye You developed various production methods and marketing pattern. Then Ye You get 60% of the profit, and Ye Song get 40%.

Fifteen days vacation passed in the blink of an eye. After several months, Du Yao finally returned to the team, and although Ye You’s vacation time was not very long, but when returned to the Cultural Regiment, he also felt an inexplicable sense of belonging. After all, it was the place where he can fully show his talents.

Ye You went to report his returned after a period of vacation, he returned to the dormitory and distributed the various canned of ready-made food and high-calorie candies brought from home to Ji Wen and Zhao Yu

Ji Wen opened two cans, originally he only want to taste one bite, but after one bite he couldn’t stop at all, he ate one bite after one, and kept repeating, ‘if only there is a bowl of rice right now‘.

“Is there new matter happening these day I’m not in the team?” Ye You took out the things he had brought and put them away. He was with a married status now, when the rehearsal in the group was not so intense, he can always go back and stay at home but Du Yao can’t. He doesn’t want to go back every day to stay in the room alone, so some times he would still lived in the dormitory.

“Well, there is one thing, I think you should know about it, you also can mentally prepared. A few days ago during a special performance by the Dance team, Ye Chen was showing off very much and was extremely appreciated by the leaders who watched the performance. These few days when walking he also bring out the wind2 Actually I’m very confused at first with this phrase 走路都带风了(zou lu dou dai feng le); lit. means walking also bring wind.  I look for more information in countless sites, and found the meaning; happy and full of energy when one’s walking. More info ▷, and the smile on his face has yet to disappeared. If you were there at the time, I suppose all of this would have nothing to do with him. And there seemed to be something going on in the Dance team recently. You better not let your guard down.” After speaking, Ji Wen put the last bite of meat into his mouth with a spoon, and tasted it seriously.

“Anyway, I didn’t plan to let them go. The more they do, the better it is, and I can saved more effort to stimulate them.” Ye You said.

“The situation of the Dance team now, the Deputy Team Leader Zhao Yuan will definitely tell you. As far as I know, she has been angry with Liu Hui over the years, and now her hope to squeeze Liu Hui down from the position of the Team Leader are depends on you.”

“I think Deputy Team Leader Zhao is pretty good. Since we have Liu Hui as a common opponent, then I don’t mind cooperating with her and helping her realize her ideas and plans. In this way, I also will be more relaxed and free in the Dance team afterwards.”

Ji Wen nodded and said: “I believe that with your strength, you will never lose to Ye Chen, but you should be careful of them making some small tricks to frame you.”

After Ye You packed his things, he sent gifts to both the Vocal Band’s Team Leader and the Harmony Band’s Team Leader. Returning from the wedding vacation and sent a small gift to his direct Team Leaders to expressed his gratitude, was an unwritten custom in the army. In the army, they were not allowed to sent gifts to Leaders frequently, let alone sending expensive gifts. It was only the thoughts that count.

After going to the Harmony Band and Vocal Band, Ye You took a gift to the Dance team’s practice area. After finding Zhao Yuan in the big dancing studio, he gave the gift to her.

“Thank you.” Zhao Yuan smiled and accepted the gift, then looked at Ye You and said: “After getting married, you look a lot more radiant, and it is even better than before. As expected, the most nourishing things for people are happiness3 In Chinese text, happiness was written in two words 幸福(xing fu). these two words.”

“I would like to ask you to take care of me in the future.” Ye You said with a smile.

“I am specially responsible for your practice arrangements. Taking care of you is necessary, as long as you don’t find me as a bother.” Zhao Yuan said as she opened up the gift Ye You gave her and saw that it was the perfume she like the most inside, she immediately said in surprise: “How do you know I like this perfume? Is it a coincidence?”

“Last time I smelled Teacher Zhao had sprayed this perfume, I just saw it when I was shopping, thinking that you might like it, so I bought it.” Ye You said.

“I’m not just like it, I simply like it very much!” Zhao Yuan said with a little excitement: “Last time I only can bought a bottle after much difficulty, and normally I wasn’t willing to use it often. I never expected you can smelled it out. Thank you.”

“It’s good that you like it.” Ye You said with a smile.

The members of the Dance team who was standing or sitting next to them were chatting quietly while paying attention to Ye You and Zhao Yuan. They saw that Zhao Yuan really liked the gifts Ye You gave, and it was not a deliberate acting to be excited. It was a joy from the heart, and then they couldn’t help but glance at Liu Hui, who was talking to Ye Chen, because Ye You only gave Zhao Yuan a gift, yet he did not send Liu Hui one. This was already considered not giving Liu Hui face.

While Liu Hui was talking to Ye Chen, she was actually paying attention to Ye You’s side. Of course, she didn’t care about the things Ye You gave. Even those members of the Dance team who came back from Ye You’s wedding have been discussing it for several days and sighed at how amazing Ye You’s dowry was, she was still full of disdain for Ye You. But Ye You ignored her and only gave Zhao Yuan gifts, which still made her felt angry.

It was an unwritten custom in the army that soldiers who returning from marriage vacation only sent gifts to their direct leaders. And Ye You was now equivalent to publicly not admitting that she was the direct leader of the Dance team. This was the main reason why she felt angry.

In fact, if Liu Hui was like Sun Ting, who would still pretending to be gentle and generous no matter how disgusted she was with him secretly, then Ye You will also accompany her to act. But Liu Hui was targeting him both overtly and secretly, so he didn’t bother to act. The gift he gave out will only get ridiculed, he didn’t have a habit of letting himself being ill-treated.

Zhao Yuan told the members of the Dance team she was coaching, that after resting they should carry out an independent practice, and then she went to the tea room with Ye You to discussed the next arrangements and plans.

After entering the single tea room, Zhao Yuan closed the door. The relaxed smile on her face disappeared, and was replaced with a slightly serious expression.

Ye You made the tea and waited for Zhao Yuan to explained about the situation to him.

“Liu Hui had invited a well-known choreographer from the National Dance Academy. Moreover, they got the approval from the Head Leader and during the special performance of the Dance team,  they performed a large-scale group dance performance.” Zhao Yuan looked at Ye You and said, “Because it was performed in a wide venue outside, therefore it will definitely be the group dances that is more dominant. Solo dances and Communal dances with a small number of people can hardly achieve the visual impact of the viewer. Now almost all of the Dance team members participates in large-scale Group Dance performances and Ye Chen is the lead dancer. In the last performance, he was in the limelight and had received a great compliment. Liu Hui and him have been pleased with themselves for several days. In the following two special performances by the Dance team, they also look very confident. Now they are discussing the need to alter the dance a little bit, and strive for each show to be different, but also very exciting.”

Ye You first poured a cup of tea for Zhao Yuan, then poured himself a cup, and then asked: “The members of the Dance team, except for me, have all of them participated in the Group Dance performance?”

“In addition to you, there are six members who did not participate.” Zhao Yuan replied: “These few who did not participate are also members that Liu Hui doesn’t like usually. She used the ‘failed in assessment’ as a reason for not letting them participate in large-scale Group Dance.”

“It’s enough,” Ye You took a sip of tea, put down the teacup and said, “In addition to myself, there are seven people in total, which is totally enough. I will apply for the performance with the Head Leader and Deputy Leader, and then I will choreograph it myself. After the rehearsal is complete, we can invite the Deputy Leader for a review.”

“You… really think that the dance performances with the few of you can compete against the large-scale Group Dance of so many people? The one Liu Hui found this time is a very powerful choreographer teacher.” Zhao Yuan said: “Of course, I am not doubting your dancing ability. If you are performing on the stage in our Regiment, I believe that you will have a big win, but consider the choreography and performance venue factors…”

“Don’t worry.” Ye You smiled and said, “Since I dare to apply for a performance, naturally I am sure to be able to compete against them. You only need to find a way to let the few of them do their best to cooperate with me in practice and leave everything else to me.”

Zhao Yuan pondered silently for a while and said: “Okay, then let’s just try it. Even if it doesn’t pass, it won’t be worse off than now. As for the others,  I will be responsible for supervising their practice. They have been dissatisfied with Liu Hui for long time already, I think even without me to motivated them too much, they also will do their best.”

After the arrangements was done, the two began to taste the tea seriously, and then talked about some trivial things. Zhao Yuan really liked the perfume that Ye You gave her, so the two chatted about perfume again.

After returning to the dormitory, Ye You first wrote the application report, and then sent it to the Deputy Leader. All the reasons for persuading the Deputy Leader to approved his performance were written in the report. After the Deputy Leader read it, he didn’t say much. He asked him to prepared first and wait for the review before the Dance team’s special performance next month. Anyway, it does not absolutely have to be performed during the Special Dances Performance. As long as they were ready, there were still many other performance opportunities.

Then Ye You started to prepared. First of all, he had to finished arranging the dance choreography in the shortest time. Then he wanted to prepared the costumes himself. It should be said that he drew the designs of the costume himself, and then asked someone handed over to Ye Song and asked him to arranged their family’s garment workers to make them in the shortest possible time.

Since Ye You decided taking on the full Triathlon, as long as he has free time, he would think about the arrangements music composition and dance choreography. His inspiration was like a treasure chest, rich and abundant. Now he only needed to filled in and connected the inspiration fragments he usually gets, and a complete set of dance moves were soon completed. Anyway, during the rehearsal process, he will alter and perfected the moves again.

In the evening, Ye You, Ji Wen and Zhao Yu took the washbasin, put on the toiletries, and went to the bathroom to wash.

Inside the female soldier’s bathroom and the ger’s bathroom were divided into two side by a whole wall, but the outside washbasin was only separated by a tall wooden railing. There were too many female soldiers and the number of ger was very small.  Sometimes, when the washbasin in the female soldiers’ side can’t be squeezed in anymore, they would go to the ger‘s washbasin to brush their teeth and wash their face.

As soon as the three of them walked to the side of the washbasin, they heard the others discussing about last time’s Group Dance performance, because most of the female soldiers were from the Dance team.

“Speaking of which, in the last performance, Ye Chen, as the lead dancer, his performance was really remarkable.”

“I think being outstanding is the next best thing. The most amazing thing is that he can keep up with the practice only a few days after returning to the team.  Furthermore, he has become the lead dancer. Which is really incredible.”

“Yeah, Ye Chen, your basic skills are really good, how did you outstandingly accomplished all the dance moves in such a short time? Share your experience with us.”

Ye Chen just finished brushing his teeth and was about to wash his face, when someone asked him, he smiled and replied: “In fact, I didn’t even think that I could keep up with the practice. When I first returned to the team, I was very anxious. I thought I was going to miss this Group Dance performance. It may be because of my anxiety and that I wanted to do well, so my hidden capability was stimulated.”

Ye Chen was enjoying too much of their surprised and admiration, so of course he would not tell them. In fact, before he took his wedding vacation, Liu Hui had already let him practice secretly for a while, just because she was worried that he can’t keep up with the practice when he returned to the team after his wedding vacation. So, he actually take longer time to practice than others.

“Anyway, we are inferior to you. No matter how anxious we are, it is impossible for us to be like you and explode with a potential like that.”

“Yes, on the premise of the explosive potential is to have that hidden capability.”

“I really envy you, why am I not as talented as you?”

After Ye You and them done brushing their teeth and washed their faces, they went to the bathroom to take a bath.

Ye Chen had washed his face already, he deliberately move slowly, and listening to their admiration while packing things, until there was really nothing left to take before he went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Ye You opened the door of the single room and walked out, standing by the door as he wiping his hair with a dry towel and waiting for Ji Wen and Zhao Yu.

Ye Chen also walked out. After seeing Ye You, he wiped his hair while saying, “Ye You, it’s really a shame that you didn’t catch up with the selection and practice of the Group Dance performance.”

They were not in the Du family’s house now, Ye You was too lazy to play an act with him, he doesn’t even want to talk to him, treating as if he didn’t heard him, and completely ignored his existence.

And Ye Chen may have become accustomed to Ye You’s attitude of ignoring him, he self-talkingly said: “If you return to the team ten days earlier, you might be able to become one of the leading dancers. With your ability, even you can’t be the lead dancer within a few days, but keeping up with the progress of the practice, passing the selection is definitely not a problem. Although, because of the time you would feel regret, but it is okay. You can practice with us from now on. Maybe you can performed for the next performance?”

These words said by Ye Chen sounded fine on the surface, as if he really felt sorry for Ye You and it was also for Ye You’s sake, so have him hurry up to keep up with the practice now. Others might not be able to heard it, but Ye You can heard the true meaning of his words. The words ‘maybe you can also become one of the lead dancers’, that was Ye Chen suggesting that Ye You was inferior to him, because Ye Chen was the lead dancer, while Ye You just might be one of the lead dancers. Another point was that Ye Chen obviously knows that Liu Hui can’t stand Ye You, and it was impossible for Ye You to participate in the Group Dance performance that she organized, so he said this words was just to show his kindness and good intentions in front of others.

After Ji Wen and Zhao Yu came out of the single room, they were too lazy to dry their hair, so they said to Ye You: “Let’s go, it’s too noisy here, don’t know where these strange noises was coming from.”

Ye Chen looked at Ye You’s back and felt very pleased with himself. Previously, because Ye You was better than him everywhere, his self-confidence has received a big blow, and he even thought that his ability was not better than Ye You’s. But this time’s performance let him regained his confidence, he felt that his ability definitely wasn’t inferior to Ye You, it was just that he still needed some better planning.

Ye You thought he would be busy as soon as he returned to the Cultural Regiment, and definitely didn’t have the extra time and energy to miss Du Yao, because he was not only had to choreograph and practice, but still had to coached the few others to practice. Everyday ended with exhaustion and when returned to the dormitory he would only wanted to sleep.

On the first day, he actually did not thought about Du Yao, nor did he thought much on the second day, but from the third day on, his longing could not be controlled. He was obviously very tired, but when he was lying on the bed, he still miss him so much that he can’t fall asleep. At this time, Ye You was very upset that the technology in this era was not well developed, otherwise it would be nice to have a mobile phone and talked a bit before going to bed every night. Now he can’t even listen to his voice, don’t know what he was doing right now, whether he was thinking of him too or not.

Du Yao, too, as soon as he returned to the team, he took the soldiers for a field training. At this moment, he was lying on the grass, keep on high alert. If he was successfully being attacked, the field training would end up with the failure of the War Lions Squadron. Since Du Yao took the lead, there has been no record of failure in training, exercises, or actual combat. Although he was seriously injured and recuperated for a few months before returning to the team, it was absolutely impossible for him to failed in such a small practice.

Du Yao didn’t take this level of unequal practice into consideration at all, but the members of the Fierce Lion and Thunder Lion Squadron, who were on the sneak attackers’ side, did not think so. They were full of energy, and they just wanted to win the game from the War Lions Squadron. Although this possibility was very small, if it succeeds, it would be an ecstasy for them.

Among those who have this idea, it was Du Hao who has the strongest notion. Even in a dream he wanted to beat Du Yao once, even if it was just a very ordinary training, but he believes that as long as he has a good start, his surpassing Du Yao in the future will be faster.

The sneak attack party moved forward cautiously, trying hard not to beat the grass and startled the snakes4Raw 打草惊蛇(dǎ cǎo jīng shé); inadvertently alert an enemyto punish sb as a warning to others (idiom).. Under Du Hao’s leadership, they thought they were at the rear of the War Lions Squadron, but they didn’t know that they had already been caught by Du Yao’s trap. The War Lions Squadron opened wide their Lion’s mouth and waiting for them(DH’s team) putting themselves into their mouths.

After the two squadrons of the sneak attack party knew that they had been trapped, it was too late. At first, there was muffled sound, screaming, and then firecracker-like gunfire sounded. Lime bullets were also very painful when they were shot on the body. As long as they were hit, there would definitely a bruised when they went back. Some soldiers felt very unwilling, they were shot already but still want to make a move. Then what was waiting for him was a violent beating.

The sky has light up slightly, and the field training was over. The two squadrons of the sneak attack party were completely wiped out, and none of them survive. After reaching the concentration area, the soldiers of the sneak attack party either sit or lie down, resting while hanging their head dispiritedly. They had thought that they would failed, but they never expected to lose so badly. Many people were “beaten to death” before they could reacted.

Du Hao’s mouth were bruised and his whole body was in pain, and he was sitting on the edge of a big tree, feeling dejected. He didn’t understand the specific reasons for their failure.

Only the winning party has the qualifications to eat breakfast. After breakfast, it will takes several hours to walked back on foot. Although the rations were so unpalatable that they can only be swallowed raw, they were better than an empty stomachs.

Du Yao sat on the ground, and from his military rucksack, he took out the canned beef that Ye You had him brought. He opened the iron lid and smelled it. The smell was very fragrant. He grabbed a piece and put it in his mouth. It taste very similar to the braised beef that Ye You had cooked for him. Although it was not as delicious as Ye You’s cooking, but it was also not bad, it even taste better than his own family chef’s cooking.

Lin Dong who was half lying on his rucksack next to him, sniffed and crawled to Du Yao’s side with his hands and feet at the fastest speed, stared at the canned beef in Du Yao’s hand like a wolf, swallowed and asked: “Captain, have you ever heard of a legend that people who eat alone will be struck by lightning.”

Du Yao looked at him, unperturbed, then put a piece of meat into his mouth again and said, “I heard about this legend, but I have never been struck by lightning. I really want to try what it feels like to be struck by lightning.”

Lin Dong kept swallowing while smelling the fragrance smell. He didn’t know where his courage was coming from, and quickly reached out to Du Yao, trying to robbed the canned meat. But he was overpowered by Du Yao, and couldn’t move when he was pressed on the ground.

Lin Dong struggling for few times with no success. Thinking that at this time, he could only rely on the power of the group, he shouted: “Brothers, Captain has meat here, everyone come and share the meat!”

The soldiers who had smelled the fragrance scent a long time ago all gathered around, staring at Du Yao like a hungry wolves. They had many people, but they don’t have the courage like Lin Dong, who dare to robbed the meat from Du Yao’s hands, they can only attacked with their gaze.

Du Yao were still eating the meat calmly under a dozens of pairs of hungry wolf-like eyes, it wasn’t until the whole can of meat was eaten that he took out another can of meat from his rucksack, and conveniently threw it in the distance. The soldiers were all rushed to snatched it.

“Save some, leave me a bite!” Lin Dong yelled anxiously, thinking that with so many people, if he didn’t hurried over and grabbed it, he can’t even have the left over scraps. He could only beg for mercy: “Captain , I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, next time I will never dare to snatch the meat from your mouth again, just let me go.”

Du Yao pressed his rucksack on Lin Dong’s body, and then leaned on the rucksack to rest for a while.

“Captain, I really know that I was wrong, you let me go this time, Captain…” Lin Dong was almost out of breath being pressed like that.

Now that he was relaxed, as long as Du Yao closed his eyes, he would think of Ye You, wanting to kiss his face and lips, wanting to hug his soft body, and wanted to lie on the bed with him, smell the scent of him as he fall asleep.

Of course Du Yao’s longing for Ye You was certainly no less than Ye You’s. Even if he only has a little free time, he would think about Ye You. Just remembering the memories of Ye You lying in his arms made him felt very happy, but the more he remembered, the more he miss him, and the more hr miss him, the more he wanted to remember. Love is really something that can make people happy, but can also tormented them.

After the dawn, they were more or less enough resting. Du Yao stood up and ordered to returned. Everyone immediately got up and put on their rucksacks. Only Lin Dong was still lying on the ground and pretending to be dead. He was dead of heartbroken because he could not eat the meat.

The two soldiers walked over and squatted down, pretending to test Lin Dong’s breath, feigned seriousness and said to Du Yao: “Report to the Captain, the Deputy Captain has no breath.”

“You two stay and bury him on the spot, the others keeps up.” After finished speaking, Du Yao set off quickly, and the soldiers immediately followed.

Lin Dong immediately bounced off the ground, carrying his rucksack, and quickly followed Du Yao. After keeping up, he still hasn’t give up and asked if Du Yao still have any canned meat, or if there was any canned meat in the dormitory. If they don’t have it in the dormitory, where can he buy it? Anyway, he won’t give up without eating it.

In this era, there was no such high-tech equipment, so it was impossible to used a surveillance or other things to observe the process of training and exercises. Therefore, during each training and exercise, several observers will be following, hiding to watch the whole process, and then recorded it.

Winning in this training was a matter of no joy and superiority to the soldiers of the War Lions Squadron, but to the soldiers of the other two squadrons, it was quite embarrassing because they had lose thoroughly.

After reading the observer’s recorded report, the Chief Captain5Okay, here’s the things, 大队长(da dui zhang); captain队长(dui zhang) also means captain, but just 大队(da dui) has become brigade. And the 长(zhang) only means long. It might means brigade captain or Chief Captain. Then I come across and found that this 大队长also means battalion chief, district chief, grouleader, gruppenkommandeur. When I saw these various meaning of this words, my head nearly explode. Just for these words I spend almost 2 hours (。ŏ_ŏ) severely criticized the other two squadrons. Du Hao and Gu Hang had became the focus of criticism, and losing face entirely. Du Hao did not only look ugly, he was even more uncomfortable because their failure this time, he had to bear the main responsibility.

After the Chief Captain dismissed them, Du Yao unloaded his rucksack and weapons and handed them over to a soldier as he walked to the Chief Captain and complained: “Chief6Raw 大队(da dui); brigade can refer to the following military organizations: Battalion-level units ( Battalion ) another name. Group ( Group ), an aviation unit in the Air Force , Army Aviation and Naval Aviation , is equivalent to the regiment-level unit of the Army. But none of them can explain why DY call him 大队(da dui). So I replace them with chief or chief captain (ס_ס;;), can you not call us for this kind of play-house training in the future? It’s a waste of our training time, just let the two squadrons play by themselves.”

Du Hao who passed by behind Du Yao, became even more angry when he heard him say this, but he couldn’t argue with Du Yao, so he could only strode back to the dormitory furiously.

“You kid, don’t complain to me!” The Chief Captain looked at Du Yao and said, “I just thought that you had been recuperating for a few months before returning to the team, so I let you adjust a bit, and you can also stretch your muscles and bones.”

“Thank you, Chief Captain, but this kind of adaptation method, let’s just avoid it in the future.” Du Yao had a ‘it was redundant‘s expression.

“Piss off!” Chief Captain raised his foot to give a flying kick, but Du Yao easily avoided it.

After returning to the dormitory, Du Hao slammed the door shut, then beat the sandbag vigorously and quickly as if he was crazy. The anger, frustration, and annoyance in his heart were all concentrated on his fist, wanting to vent. From childhood, Du Yao was always better than him in whatever he did. He tried so hard to surpassed him, but never succeeded once.

When Du Yao was seriously injured and sent back in a coma, he thought he had finally got rid of Du Yao’s suppression, but the ecstasy in his heart disappeared when Du Yao can stand up again. He felt that Ye You was to blamed for all of this. If Ye You hadn’t found the Genius Doctor to help Du Yao healed his leg, he wouldn’t have to experienced every of this now.

.…….DY’s stamina tho……. *facepalm*

Do you remember what ST said to YY at the hospital?  “不是一家人不进一家门!” I really want to throw it back to her face bcoz both of YC and DH’s character are really similar, they basically was like  ‘yeah, let’s threw the pot to others for my own incompetent.’ !!! 눈_눈

  • 1
    Raw 葫芦里卖得什么药(Hu lu li mai de shen me yao); What have he got in his sleeve
  • 2
     Actually I’m very confused at first with this phrase 走路都带风了(zou lu dou dai feng le); lit. means walking also bring wind.  I look for more information in countless sites, and found the meaning; happy and full of energy when one’s walking. More info ▷
  • 3
     In Chinese text, happiness was written in two words 幸福(xing fu).
  • 4
    Raw 打草惊蛇(dǎ cǎo jīng shé); inadvertently alert an enemyto punish sb as a warning to others (idiom).
  • 5
    Okay, here’s the things, 大队长(da dui zhang); captain队长(dui zhang) also means captain, but just 大队(da dui) has become brigade. And the 长(zhang) only means long. It might means brigade captain or Chief Captain. Then I come across and found that this 大队长also means battalion chief, district chief, grouleader, gruppenkommandeur. When I saw these various meaning of this words, my head nearly explode. Just for these words I spend almost 2 hours (。ŏ_ŏ)
  • 6
    Raw 大队(da dui); brigade can refer to the following military organizations: Battalion-level units ( Battalion ) another name. Group ( Group ), an aviation unit in the Air Force , Army Aviation and Naval Aviation , is equivalent to the regiment-level unit of the Army. But none of them can explain why DY call him 大队(da dui). So I replace them with chief or chief captain (ס_ס;;)
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