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SRA Chapter 24

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.24 : Fast Asleep and Not Wake Up

Ye You pushed the door and went in. Inside were a guard and a care worker. When they saw him coming in, they stood up at the same time.

“You are…?” the guard looked at Ye You and asked.

“I belong to the Cultural Regiment, and my name is Ye You.” Ye You was thinking of how to explain to them why he came to see Du Yao. The two of them looked at each other and left by themselves.

“We can only allow you to stay here for ten minutes.” The guard stood at the door and said, before closing the door from outside.

Ye You thought to himself, it seemed that the person who answered the phone had already explained that he would come. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then walked to the bed. He looked at Du Yao who was lying on the hospital bed and felt very distressed.

Although Du Yao’s face was clean and there were no scars, he closed his eyes as if he was asleep.

Ye You sat down by the bed, he raised his hand, but did not dare to touch him because he didn’t know which place he was the injured.

“Can you hear me?” Ye You whispered, “I’m really angry, do you know? I shouldn’t had let you say anything about getting engaged after returning from the mission.”

Ye You regretted it very much, but he did not expect that Du Yao had set up a huge fg1Flag; set up huge flag. I think it’s like a jinx. Bcoz Du Yao said after came back from mission they will engage.

After looking at Du Yao for a while, Ye You said in a deliberate tone, “Wake up soon, okay, I don’t want you to stay asleep and don’t want to wait too long. I want you to wake up quickly, and then we will get engaged immediately. There’s no need for engagement banquet, wait for when we get married we just have a wedding banquet. Regardless if you can’t walk in the future, as long as you can wake up, I will marry you. If you don’t wake up, then I, I will go find someone else and you will regret it.”

Ye You bend down one his foot at the bedside, lean over to kissed Du Yao’s face gently, and said in his ear, “If you feel bad for me, don’t make me worry for too long. I know you have a very powerful perseverance, you have survived on the battlefield of the Southern Territory. Even if you are seriously injured this time, it is nothing to you. I will wait for you, but don’t let me wait too long, I’m begging you, please.”

“You said that you will give me happiness and protect me from being bullied. If you dare to only say but do nothing, I will punish you, punish you in a way that will definitely make you regret it.”

“I want to take time off to take care of you, but if you don’t wake up, your family will definitely not agree. We are not engaged, and the Cultural Regiment will not approve of my leave. I know, you have always been trying very hard. You have stronger abilities than others, and you have worked harder than others. That’s why at such a young age, you can achieve the achievements that most people can’t achieve in a lifetime. But while making these efforts, you must be exhausted. If you feel tired, you can sleep well for a while, but don’t sleep for too long. I will be worried and afraid.”

Ye You lightly kissed Du Yao on the cheek again, then stood up, a few seconds later, the guard pushed the door and went in, said, “The time is up, the doctors will be here soon. Go back first.”

“Where had he injured at?” Ye You asked.

“Every inch of his body,” the guard replied.

“Is it traumatic, or he hurt the tendons and bones?”

“The trauma is not serious.”

Ye You closed his eyes, enduring heartache and asked, “Okay, when can I see him again next time?”

“If there is a suitable time, someone will call you.” The guard said.

Ye You nodded, and after watching Du Yao for a while, he turned and left.

After Ye You returned to the Cultural Regiment, it was as if nothing had happened, and he would just do whatever he should. He has already seen Du Yao, and it was enough to know that he was still alive and has the hope of waking up. Even if Du Yao destined to sleep for several years or longer, as long as he was still alive, he will definitely wait for him. With this determination, he was no longer apprehensive or anxious.

In fact, when he has decided and agreed to be engaged to Du Yao, he was already prepared to felt worried all the time, but since he has made the decision, he will never regret it.

Ye You was practicing violin in the practice room. He has to do something so that the time can passed faster. Once he was free, he would felt that the time when Du Yao has not awakened was very long.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Ye You put down his violin and turned to looked at Ye Chen who was closing the door, and then leaned on the door to looked at him(YY).

“You didn’t go to the hospital to see Du Squadron? Anyway, you are friends. You should go and see him. Do you want me to tell Du Hao and ask him arrange it for you?” Ye Chen saw Ye You has calm down and became a little dissatisfied, he wanted to see Ye You worried and anxious, at least it should not be as calm as he was now.

“You are still have the time to go away now.” Ye You said blankly.

“Actually, I really don’t understand. Why are you so hostile to me? I asked you for help before, it was indeed a bit selfish, but I really didn’t think of harming you, and I still wanted to wait for when I married Du Hao, we will definitely repay you and use the Du family relationship to help you find a better partner. After all, we are also cousins. I don’t know how far you and Du Squadron have developed, but he is no longer can wake up, if you…”

Before Ye Chen finished, Ye You suddenly turned to looked at him. Ye Chen was startled by the look in his eyes, and his sudden panic made him stunned, forgetting what he was going to say.

“I have told you so many times. The previous thing has ended. After that, we have nothing to do with each other. I asked you not to provoke me anymore, you just won’t listen.” Ye You walked in slowly towards Ye Chen, ruthlessly he stared at him and said: “In this case, I will accept your declaration of war, no matter what happens afterwards, I hope you will not regret it, because you are asking for it.”

Ye Chen had a creepy feeling because of Ye You’s eyes, and he felt an unprecedented sense of fear in his heart.

Ye You grabbed Ye Chen’s arm and pulled it down. Then before Ye Chen has the time to scream, he(YY) stuck his two fingers in his(YC) neck so that he(YC) could not make a sound. Ye You took his arms and pushing it up, he helped him put his arm back again. 2I think here Ye You dislocate YC’s shoulder? In hope you are not confused by so many ‘he,  he, and he’,  I feel the need to insert their name in too. Bcoz even I become confused 😅

When Ye You was in his original world, there were some people who didn’t know his identity. Because he was too good-looking, they wanted to take advantage of him. That was how he dealt with them. He dislocated3Raw 卸 (xie); to unload,to unhitch, to remove or strip, to get rid of. I have to say… YY is 66666 laaa! 👏👏👏 their arms and pushed them back, and then pressed fiercely at a few acupoints, torturing them repeatedly, allowing them to cry and howl, but there was no way to check the injuries.

Ye You opened the door and walked out. Ye Chen sat on the ground holding his arm, his painful tears were coming out, and he didn’t come to for a long time.

Ye Chen didn’t expect that Ye You had such a great strength. He easily dislocated his arm. His hand was so painful. Just now, he clearly felt the sensation of his bones falling off, and he feel a very incomparable fear and pain, made him even more alarmed. This time Ye You made a move on him, and he must go to the Deputy Leader to report him.

Ye You had anticipated that Ye Chen would definitely go to file a complaint and was prepared to deal with it. So when he came to the Deputy Leader’s office, Deputy Leader asked if he had done anything to Ye Chen, Ye You looked confused. The Deputy Leader immediately seemed to believe that Ye Chen was exaggerating. As long as Ye You want, his acting skills can deceived anyone, unless the facts were before everyone’s eyes, but no third person saw Ye You make a move on Ye Chen.

“When did I made a move on you?” Ye You looked at Ye Chen and asked with a puzzled face, “Let me see where you are hurt.”

“You, you were dislocating my arm just now, and my hand is still hurting now, you still don’t want to admit it?” Ye Chen stared at Ye You vigorously.

“Then did you go to the Medical team to see a Military doctor for dislocation, what the military doctor said?” Ye You asked calmly.

“I,” Ye Chen didn’t go to the Medical team, but went to Liu Hui first, and then immediately joined Liu Hui to file a complaints to the Deputy Leader. He slowly move the arm he had been holding on, and found that the pain was gone, and he moved freely as if he was completely fine.

“Since you said the matter so seriously, why don’t you go to the Medical team to find a Military doctor for treatment first, but run to complain first?” Deputy Leader frowned at Ye Chen and asked.

“You said that I dislocated your arm, so please tell me, when and where, why did I dislocate your arm?”

“Just now, when you were in the practice room, if you dare to do it, you must dare to admit,” Ye Chen said angrily.

“I have been practicing in the practice room just now. You suddenly came to show off your engagement with Du Hao. I think you interrupted my practice and ask you to leave. You refused to leave, I had no choice but to go back to the dorm. You said I did it to you. What is the reason? Previously, Du Hao spread rumors everywhere to damage my reputation, I didn’t make a move. Your mother beat me outside the gate of the Cultural Regiment and was seen by so many people, I didn’t fight back. Why did I, after a few months have passed and you even come under your own initiative, to make a move on you?”

Ye Chen was speechless when he was asked by Ye You. He was too impatient. He thought that he had grasped Ye You’s weakness4把柄 (ba bing); handle (fig.) information that can be used against sb this time and he must not let go of this opportunity. He didn’t make any preparations and ran away without thinking too much and come to file a complaint.

“Whether someone saw it or someone heard it, or you have an injury on your body, you need to have the same proof. By just just open your mouth and say that I make a move on you, make it like I really did it to you. What about if I said you were make a move on me in the practicing room?”

“Ye Chen, do you have any evidence to prove that Ye You acted on you? Or, I will ask the Military doctor to see if your arm are dislocated. If not, you need to be ready to accept the second demerit processing. It is not a trivial matter to frame a comrades. It is a report of criticism.”

Ye Chen’s face turned pale in an instant. He has already been recorded once. If he was recorded a second time, then his career in the Cultural Regiment was likely to be just a recruit and then no more. To him,  this was an extraordinary shame and humiliation, not only will his family members lose their faces, but Du Hao’s family will definitely look down on him because of this.

“I’m sorry, I went to Ye You just now and said something unpleasant. Ye You pushed me when he left the practice room. I didn’t stand still and hit the wall, hurting my hand. I was so angry that Ye You had pushed me, so I said those things. I’m sorry, I know I was wrong, please forgive me.” Ye Chen bent over, resisting the grievance, and apologized with tears.

“I really don’t understand. We are obviously cousins. Why do you want to frame me again and again. First, you ask me to admit meeting Du Hao for you. You know that I take the blame for you, but you never stop Du Hao from spreading rumors and humiliating me. Then let your mother to pester me outside the door of the Cultural Regiment, and making a move on me. Just now because you kept blocking the door, I just pushed you slightly, you also said that I acted on you to dislocate your arm. What did I do to make you hate me so much and want to frame me again and again?”

Ye Chen’s eyes widened, he just can watched Ye You falsely frame him, but he couldn’t say anything to refute it.

“In the future, never again, please rest assured, starting from today, I will be far away from you, please forgive me.” Ye Chen thought in his heart, next time he must not be so impulsive, he must catch the exact evidence, and make Ye You couldn’t stand up at all.

It’s rainy days in my country lately and so many places began to flood. I saw a video that the flood area was so bad that the fishes are swimming freely in their living room! Hopefully the flood will go down soon! 🙏🙏🙏

Thank God the area near my house are safe but not the data connection tho. 😅

Hope you like this chapter. YC is really asking for it! *shake head*

See you next chapter! 😘

  • 1
    Flag; set up huge flag. I think it’s like a jinx. Bcoz Du Yao said after came back from mission they will engage
  • 2
    I think here Ye You dislocate YC’s shoulder? In hope you are not confused by so many ‘he,  he, and he’,  I feel the need to insert their name in too. Bcoz even I become confused 😅
  • 3
    Raw 卸 (xie); to unload,to unhitch, to remove or strip, to get rid of. I have to say… YY is 66666 laaa! 👏👏👏
  • 4
    把柄 (ba bing); handle (fig.) information that can be used against sb
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