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☆ MV Chapter 8

Translator: Xiaoxi

The second day.

In the morning at eight, Zhou Chuan opened his eyes.

At nine he had a shower and washed his hair, and sat in front of the concave shaped mirror. He fiddled about with a comb as he carefully studied how he was going to part his bangs. He moved it a little, as if he was caught by a vengeful spirit he threw away the comb in anger.

At ten thirty, he sat on the lounge room sofa, then sneezed.

At ten forty-five, it seemed as though he wanted to get up and make a cup of coffee.

At exactly eleven, the doorbell rang, the man that was sitting on the sofa stood up in the blink of an eye while holding the cup of coffee. He paused to consider the next step before walking quickly to the controller that opened the big metal gate. It even opened up the path that made the front door easily within reach. He coldly regarded the brown Alaskan dog whose tail was wagging with its head sticking out. He couldn’t help but squeeze out like a loach.

After a while the dog returned, behind it there was even a person.

He opened the door wider without a sound, Zhou Chuan raised an eyebrow. It had been so many days and it could be considered the first time that he took a serious look at the person standing outside the door: the person was only a little taller than Zhou Chuan’s person, short hair, with a slim figure that would be hard to find in crowds as well as the rare pair of black eyes that were bright and clear, at that time she was carefully walking with the file pressed into her chest, on the top it said “[Book of the God Luohe] Publishing contract.”

This was the silly but hard hearted little forum moderator.

The person who coexisted with Zhou Chuan in an innocent friendship that had lasted three years.

Zhou Chuan thought for a moment, his lips twitching before asking hoarsely: “Where is the congee?”

Chu Li: “?”

With his head lowered he looked at the freshly made coffee, Zhou Chuan’s lips twitched again: “Never mind.”

Chu Li: “???”

Zhou Chuan: “Come in.”

He moved out of the way, maintaining his stern expression. His cold eyes watched Chu Li who bowed slightly as she entered the house; seemingly more upset. She removed her shoes and sat down obediently on the floor near the sofa. When this series of actions were completed, the contract that Chu Li hugged it desperately like it was an amazing treasure until Zhou Chuan told her to put it down.

Chu Li raised her head to look at the man in surprise, it was like she had not yet realised why she was sitting there. If it weren’t for Zhou Chuan staring intently at her, she would have whipped out her phone to ascertain whether the message from last night was a beautiful hallucination produced by her deep obsession.

Chu Li: “What did you say?”

Zhou Chuan: “I said, put down the contract, Achoo!”

Chu Li: “Laoshi your cold hasn’t gotten better yet right?”

Zhou Chuan: “Did you buy me medicine?”

Chu Li: “Ah?”

Zhou Chuan: “Then don’t ask.”

…This dull luck, it is just like the motivational speeches made to oneself in order to work hard in selling a book, the same person who wanted to fight for 200 thousand initial copies? Will it work, my friend?

Zhou Chuan head hurt when he realised he actually remembered the big cake that she drew for him, really weak minded. He put down the coffee cup gently, he sat down on the other sofa: “How am I going to sign it for you if you don’t put it donw?”

Chu Li blinked with a dreamy expression on her face, after a few moments Chu Li woke up, her black eyes bright: “You are really signing the contract for me?”

Zhou Chuan: “Yes.”

After signing carefully consider a matter of grace.

Chu Li: “Why?”

Because Laozi doesn’t have a fucking death wish to end in your hands.

This is about Laozi’s fame.

Zhou Chuan’s heart was dripping blood, his expression didn’t change as he started lying: “It’s because I felt that what you said yesterday was quite logical, my books aren’t a worry to sell, [The book of the God Luohe] is a book that I am very proud of. I am confident in my own strength and the selling capacity of the publishing company, after thinking about it I also felt that I shouldn’t have been so fierce about an initial print volume. Just as you said, when they sell well we can add more to the print volumes once or twice, if it doesn’t sell much no matter how little I still get my royalties.

(A/N: Refers to the ability of book distribution agencies to send to sales terminals such as bookstores, newsstands, Tmall bookstores, Taobao bookstores, etc. through online and offline book distributors. The better the distribution capacity, the wider the distribution coverage.)

Chu Li: “….”

Chu Li: “That’s right!”

Chu Li: “It’s great that you have thought it through!!”

Chu Li had the dreamy expression again, she was so moved that a You (formal) even slipped. When the contract that was almost warm in her arms was handed to him she watched him uncap the pen, just as it was about to drop—

Chu Li: “Laoshi, you left handed?”

Zhou Chuan paused, raised his head to see the eyes that stared intently at his left hand, no knowing what he thought of he smiled and laughed sarcastically for a while before putting the pen in his right hand. With beautiful handwriting he signed in the spot for the signature, in a quiet voice he said: “Left and right can both be used.”

If he didn’t have a cold, his voice would have sounded really good right?

After he finished signing the contract he removed the pen and gave the contract to Chu Li. Chu Li didn’t know if she should believe it, she actually really persuaded Zhou Chuan to sign on this part of the contract!

When Zhou Chuan closed the contract and handed it back to her she received it she could only think about thanking him, she even asked: “Laoshi, how should I thank you?”

Zhou Chuan stood up and stretched after hearing what she said he turned his head to look at her indifferently: “Forget it.”

He was only talking casually about the bowl of congee anyways, what a cold hearted little girl.

Not knowing due to a single bowl of congee caused her face to be pasted with ‘cold hearted’, Chu Li stood up and gave Zhou Chuan a small bow. Then she happily turned and left the place that she came to continuously for three days, when leaving she petted the big dog’s head behind her. She even gave his ears a rub when he raised his head, she looked at the familiar door. The man leaning on the sofa with his legs crossed and playing with his mobile phone watched the back view that rushed out of the metal gate. Chu Li secretly made a decision, the big cake has been drawn, she will definitely help Zhou Chuan sell this book well.

….On the other hand, Zhou Chuan didn’t know about her secret determination and therefore didn’t care. At this time he was still leaning on the sofa with his legs crossed. He used a food delivery app to order himself a bowl of pickled egg with lean meat congee.

While returning to the publishing house, Chu Li’s steps were like she was ready to fly.

When she was on the bus, the corner of her lips couldn’t help hooking up, she initially only had the intention to share the good news so she opened her phone and sent a message to the person who had been labelled as ‘Disappearing Person’:

[Monkey Invited Water Army: That dada signed it! I can finally tell you now, that dada was Zhou Chuan! Yep no mistake it’s that Zhou Chuan!! My monkey has visited the cottage three times, I finally used my fiery sincerity to make Zhou Chuan dada feel moved. He finally signed the contract that money cheating contract!!
Oh god!
I’m so happy I don’t know what to say, I’m sitting on the bus. I feel as though I have died for a moment before being revived. Just then there was a few moments that my knees nearly softened and I would have fallen on my knees crying: “Thanks you dad!!!!!]

(T/N: Visited Cottage explained: The original meaning of “三顾茅庐” refers to Liu Bei asking Zhuge Liang to help him three times. Now, it’s often used as a metaphor to describe when a person sincerely invites somebody to do something repeatedly. ~~Thanks Verii)


At this time the other person thought for a long time.

It was so long that Chu Li thought that he was still a lost person, suddenly the phone vibrated, Chu Li scrambled to grab her phone to have a look—

[Disappearing L Jun: Then I should really congratulate you then.]

[Disappearing L Jun: You actually took down Zhou Chuan.]

At this time Chu Li was still caught up in her big surprise and immense happiness, she completely didn’t feel that L Jun’s tone was slightly weird, she was only hahahahahhaahahing since she wanted L Jun to help her keep the secret of how she tamed the wild horse Zhou Chuan. She then promised that he should listen carefully because in the future she would give him Zhou Chuan’s autograph.

On the other side of the chat, the air was full of irritating milking white tobacco smoke.

The man’s hands left the phone’s keyboard before leaving the chat ap. He opened up his front camera, he saw a familiar face, at this time it couldn’t hide his cold smile.

Laozi has 100 thousand autographs, if you’re happy, you can stick them all over the headboard without repetitive patterns.

Zhou Chuan: “….”

……….ah, once he thought about his hard work that he was proud of being ruined, he needed to continue to be another stepping block for other writers at the peak of the golden pyramid until the next masterpiece. He was in a bad mood.

Even the tobacco smoke couldn’t dispel the bad mood.

He opened up multiple chatting apps to look at the friends lists, as he looked he seriously pondered: Who to bully so that I can become happy again?

After scrolling around his fingers lingered over the one named [Monkey Invited Water Army], with a swipe of his finger he blacklisted her.

Author has something to say: This should be the historically recorded as the first female lead to be blacklisted by the male lead.

Zhou Chuan: Who isn’t a little person here ah.

Translator Comments: Lol poor Chu Li doesn’t know what she has gotten into her….especially what Zhou Chuan will do to her. Heheh.

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  1. Avatar oni says:

    its chu li in this
    Chu Li blinked with a dreamy expression on her face, after a few moments Chu Li woke up, her black eyes bright: “You are really signing the contract for me?”

    Zhou Chuan: “Yes.”

    After signing carefully consider a matter of grace.

    Chu Lia: “Why?”

    Because Laozi doesn’t have a fucking death wish to end in your hands.

    This is about Laozi’s fame.

    1. xiaoxi xiaoxi says:

      Thanks I’ve fixed it 🙂

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