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MSGVB Chapter 54.2

Big Brother Tang + Face Slapping (Part 2)

Translator: Hua

Chapter 54: Big Brother Tang + Face Slapping ( Part 2 )

Before Yan Zhengbo could understand the situation, just then, the door of a private room at the end of the corridor was opened.

“I wonder what took so long to pick up people, it turns out you are talking here.”

A man with broad shoulders and long legs walked out.

This man was wearing a casual sweatshirt and black trousers, which was simple and elegant. As he approached them, half of his face hidden in the darkness gradually appearing, looking a bit like Assistant Xiao Tang.

But he was taller.

He wasn’t as tall as Shen Yijin, at least 185 centimeters or more.

He looked handsome, but the smile at the corner of his lip made him appear somewhat wicked.

“Brother, why did you come out?” Xiao Tang automatically walked to his brother.

Tang Li touched his little brother’s head: “With all the commotion outside, I had to come out to see what’s going on.”

As he spoke, his eyes had already swept around on everyone present.

Tang Li was born with a pair of fox eyes, arrogance and shrewd. The tails of his eyes were slightly upward, making him appear even more cunning when he smiled.

He slowly glanced around the scene. He first greeted Shen Yijin: “President Shen, how have you been? You said that you don’t miss me, but the first person I want to see when I return to the country is you, and…. This is my sister-in-law, right?”

The last glance fell on Jing Xun, who was next to Shen Yijin. He saw Jing Xun’s face, and then choked in amazement. He couldn’t help but mutter to himself: “No wonder…President Shen has changed a lot. Not only did you get off the list1leaving single life, but also get married. That’s how it turned out ah.”


As soon as this word came out, everyone’s reaction was mixed.

The most surprising one should be Yan Zhengbo and Shi Tailin… What is this person talking about? What about getting married? ? Who is President Shen …… getting married to? ?

But there was no time for them to respond and continue thinking. Tang Li had already walked up to Jing Xun and initiated a self-introduction.

“Hello sister-in-law, I’m Tang Tang’s elder brother and Shen Yijin’s senior. You can call me Big brother Tang, or you can call me senior like Ah Jin.”

Jing Xun: “……”

It didn’t matter what he called him. The main point is…what the hell is sister-in-law…

Jing Xun silently complained in his heart, but he still greeted the other party and got acquainted. Yan Zhengbo and Shi Tailian who were left hanging on the other side took another cool breath.

So what exactly does sister-in-law mean? ?

The gaze they looked at Jing Xun was like seeing a ghost in the daytime.

Shen Yijin suddenly said: “Don’t call him sister-in-law”

Yan & Shi: “…..”

I knew it! How could it be a sister-in-law!

Tang Li was not convinced: “Could it be that you want me to call him little brother instead?”

Shen Yijin narrowed his eyebrows slightly, obviously even more dissatisfied with the term “little brother”. 

However, he always knew the priority. Now wasn’t the time to tangle about what to call. He said: “Senior, go back and sit down. When I deal with the things here, I’ll go over.””

“Oh.” Tang Li reacted. He put his hands in his pockets and showed his arrogance. He also looked condescendingly at Yan Zhengbo and others opposite: “So what’s the matter, who are these two?”

“I am…” Yan Zhengbo opened his mouth, he looked at Jing Xun with uncertainty. The surprise in his heart reached the summit.

Although President Shen denied the title of “sister-in-law”, listening to the defensiveness in that tone…obviously things weren’t simple.

He didn’t know exactly what the relationship between Yan Jingxun and Shen Yijin was. Yan Zhengbo felt really unsure at the moment.

In addition, President Shen had just ordered them to leave. He couldn’t use any more petty tricks.

If he wanted to stick around and strive for the last chance, he had to give it a go. He simply turned his head and showed a flattering smile2Idiom: 做小伏低[zuò xiǎo fú dī]: Lowered oneself for the sake of interest.: “I’m Jing Xun’s brother, this matter is a long story. President Shen, since we all know each other, do you want to sit down and talk ……”


Before Yan Zhengbo had finished speaking, he was immediately interrupted by Jing Xun: “No, there is nothing to talk about.”

No one thought that he would suddenly make a sound. The gaze of Yan Zhengbo and others fell on him for an instant, but Jing Xun ignored it.

He just caressed Shen Yijin’s slender fingers and seriously said to him: “If Heng Yan’s project is indeed a high-quality one, it isn’t impossible to cooperate. But if the project itself is not good, sir, you don’t have to consider cooperating with them for me.”

Jing Xun’s words couldn’t be more clear.

But when conversing with Shen Yijin, there was no courteousness in his tone.

It couldn’t be called “command” or “issuing order”. Jing Xun’s tone to Shen Yijin was like two people of the same rank and status, doing the most ordinary communication.

But despite this, it also made Yan Zhengbo and Shi Tailin astonished.

Because of Yan Jingxun’s tone when he said this.

And because of the words he said!

It is simply turning the elbow out3Chinese idiom which means selfishness. Helping outsiders instead of your own family.

On the contrary, Tang Li next to him couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Hahaha, Ah Jin, your wife is really courageous, and very bias toward you.”

Yan & Shi: “???”

Shen Yijin heard Tang Li’s words, but he didn’t comment nor refute it.

He just looked at Jing Xun intently: “Is this all right?”

When talking to Jing Xun, President Shen always seemed so patient and prepared. His tone was a bit softer than when he treated others.

Jing Xun said, “En, my family situation is rather complicated, and this Mr. Yan Zhengbo, technically speaking, is not considered my brother.”

Yan Zhengbo, who was publicly dismissed from familial relationship, immediately burned with anger: “Yan Jingxun, do you dare to say this again in front of Dad?!”

But his irritable sight was again blocked by Shen Yijin. He(syj) turned to stare at Jing Xun, and then asked meticulously: “Then when we get married, do we need to invite your father and this Mr. Yan?”


Wait a minute, President Shen’s words…

The amount of information is simply too much!

Yan Zhengbo’s eyes widened in fright, and what Shen Yijin said just now flashed through his mind…what marriage? ! !

Are they really going to get married? ? ?

“I didn’t mention them to you which means there’s no need to invite.”

While Yan Zhengbo recalled President Shen’s words over and over again, he felt that an even bigger thunderbolt situation had occurred——

Jing Xun made up his mind. Seeing Shen Yijin’s eyes full of concern, he felt that this kind of thing must be explained clearly. He hadn’t said it before, because he never thought he would have any intersection with father Yan again.

But it didn’t matter. He will clear things up today.

…..Yan Zhengbo was going to use his identity to trick Shen Yijin. If he didn’t make it clear now, did he still want them to take advantage of him and then cling onto Shen Yijin?

And regarding Yan Jingxun’s life experience, for the original owner, a single-parent family and the inferiority complex of having no father around since childhood might make him reluctant to mention it in public, but Jing Xun didn’t mind at all.

It was father Yan who was in the wrong. He had done nothing wrong, so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

“My parents have been divorced for many years. My biological father has not given us any alimony after the divorce for so many years, so… apart from blood relation, we should have nothing to do with each other.”

When he said this, Jing Xun’s tone was very calm: “What’s more, this ‘brother’ was born with another woman without telling my mother before marriage. I don’t know the specific situation, but it’s certain that my father has been in contact with that woman since he got married to my mother, and even later gave birth to another daughter. Also, in order to sweep me and my mother out, they didn’t pay a cent, and they deliberately competed with my mother for my custody…”

“Enough!” Yan Zhengbo, who was exposed in public, couldn’t listen anymore. However, Shen Yijin was still here, so he didn’t dare to flare up. He could only roar and stare at Jing Xun: “Yan Jingxun, What are you talking about, do you know that the ugliness of the family cannot be publicized…”

“The family scandal cannot be disclosed ……” Jing Xun shrugged: “But we are not a family either.”

“In this case, it’s okay.” Tang Li, who had been watching the excitement from the sideline, said: “Some people are really thick-skinned. How can they have the nerve to find a brother who has long broken off the relationship to build a bridge for their business?”

“Yeah.” Xiao Tang also said, “Xunxun is too miserable, and this company…Heng Yan Real Estate, right? What kind of character is this company’s boss? He doesn’t even raise his own son. Boss, we can’t cooperate with this kind of person, right?”

“You guys…!” Yan Zhengbo, who had been ridiculed, could no longer bear it. He was scrupulous with Shen Yijin, but that didn’t mean he would tolerate the assistant taunting him and his family!

He took a step forward, and just as he was about to argue with the two brothers of the Tang family, he was caught by Shi Tailin on the side.

The main thing is…this Mr. Tang…is called Tang Li…

Shi Tailin also thought this name was familiar.

He seemed to have the same name as that famous international architect…

Although the Yan family was only a small developer, they engaged in real estate, and were more or less familiar with some well-known architects.

Shi Tailin was even more attentive to relevant information at home and abroad. Coincidentally, the famous architect Tang Li who had won international awards in the past two years belonged to the Tang family in Dragon City.


The Tang family was also a wealthy family that they couldn’t afford to provoke either.

Shi Tailin advised Yan Zhengbo to calm down.

On the other hand, Shen Yijin had already said: “If this is the case, then I understand.”

“President Shen…” Shi Tailin wiped the sweat dripping from his face. He wanted to say something but couldn’t find any more excuses because what Yan Jingxun said was true.

He regretted it now ah. They shouldn’t have waited here! ….Blame his uncle for not believing him. if he inquired a little more about his cousin’s relationship with President Shen, and prepared in advance, it would not have turned out this way……

Now it’s all good4well uh he’s being sarcastic..

The Yan Family matter had been spread out and known, how could they cooperate in the future!

Shen Yijin: “I remember Heng Yan’s plan is not a high-quality project. Heng Yan also showed off their cleverness and did some tricks in profiting. After Shen’s capital injection, there will be no benefit, but we might also face possible losses. It wasn’t worth any consideration.”

Shi Tailin: “…..”

The plan delivered to Shen’s did have some manipulation in the place of profitability. In fact, it was just playing a bit of word games in the contract. At first glance, Shen’s share was very high, but after real cooperation, there would be no such high share. 

He had always known this, and he didn’t approve of it in his heart. It was just that his uncle had the final say. He could only pray that President Shen failed to see it….

Unexpectedly, President Shen not only noticed it, even after so long had passed, he still remembered!

Shi Tailin felt embarrassed, and the expression of Yan Zhengbo next to him wasn’t much better.

Shen Yijin had already ignored them. No matter how much they explained, he would still remain unmoved.

He just said to Jing Xun beside him: “The alimony that your father has always owed and the divorced property that was not evenly distributed, should I let the lawyer handle it?”

Jing Xun: “Okay.”

He didn’t care about that small amount of money, but since Shen Yijin mentioned that matter, it wasn’t good to brush it off. Recovering some of it back was also good.

“No, President Shen, there are misunderstandings in this…..”

Seeing that things were getting worse and worse, Yan Zhengbo had to completely give up his dignity and try to redeem himself. 

But just then, the lobby manager who went to verify the information also returned. He also brought two people with him. They respectfully and resolutely said to Shi Tailin: “Sorry, sir, this is the VIP private room area. Only black card customers who consume more than 500,000 in total can come here to dine. The mobile phone number you provided before does not meet the requirements of our store. If you still need to dine, you can go to the lobby or the ordinary private room on the other side.”

“…Fuck, you mean I can’t afford to spend half a million here?” Yan Zhengbo, whose mentality had completely collapsed, began to yell.

“Sir, that’s not what I mean.” The manager still replied politely: “This is our store policy. Please don’t make things difficult for us.”

“The store policy is like this, then why was no one stopped me when I came over just now?!”

Yan Zhengbo didn’t dare to openly challenge Shen Yijin, he had to vent his anger on the manager: “Fuck, isn’t it because the environment is better and the things sold are more expensive? How high do you think your store is? I want to expose you!”

“Manager Liu.”

When Yan Zhengbo was busy shouting, Shen Yijin said again. His voice wasn’t high-pitched, and his tone was hoarse and low-pitched as always, but it made Yan Zhengbo quiet down instantly.

Shen Yijin slightly lifted his chin at the lobby manager.

The other party immediately understood, and then motioned the two security guards who came with him to “escort” the two guests who had gone in the wrong place out.

Yan Zhengbo was still cursing over there, unwilling to leave like this. But Shen Yijin and his party had already walked to the private room deep in the corridor while he was blocked by the security guard.

When he turned around, Jing Xun asked incomprehensibly, “Do you come here often, sir?”

“I don’t come often.” Shen Yijin replied.

As he said, he turned his gaze back to Jing Xun, but seeing the young man staring at him without blinking, he couldn’t help hooking up his thin lips, raising his hand to fix the youth’s slightly messy hair, and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Jing Xun: “I just feel that the shop assistants here all know sir….”


Understanding the youth’s meaning, Shen Yijin didn’t pause, and explained directly to him: “Xiao Xun, this place is also owned by our family.”

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  • 1
    leaving single life
  • 2
    Idiom: 做小伏低[zuò xiǎo fú dī]: Lowered oneself for the sake of interest.
  • 3
    Chinese idiom which means selfishness. Helping outsiders instead of your own family.
  • 4
    well uh he’s being sarcastic.
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