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MSGVB Chapter 20.1

Good night.

Translator: Hua

Shen Yijin’s palms were very dry, his knuckles were slender, and his finger bones were prominent.


It could be said that this was a pair of hands that looked invincible and perfect from all angles.


And it was very warm.


After Jing Xun was held in the corridor of the hospital, his mind was a little empty.


He remembered every step he took, but he didn’t know how he was taken downstairs, out of the hospital building, and into the car.


He only knew that one of his hands was wrapped in a large and broad palm.


He was being led by the hand all the way here…


Not only Jing Xun found it incredible, even the driver and assistant Jin sitting in the front row also felt the same….. it was the first time they saw this scene.


Under the gaze of the driver and the assistant, the car drove smoothly out of the hospital parking lot, turning around to the house that Shen Yijin previously mentioned, near the University of Science and Technology.


The car drove directly into the underground parking lot. After Shen Yijin ordered the driver and assistant to go back and rest, he naturally took Jing Xun out of the car.


Of course, they couldn’t hold hands when getting out of the car, otherwise it would be too awkward.  


After getting out of the car, they didn’t hold hands anymore.


It seemed….there was indeed no reason to go hand in hand.


Jing Xun rubbed his hot fingertips, obediently followed Shen Yijin upstairs.


The whole community is a low-floor apartment type, with one staircase in one household, and each household was a large flat of three to four hundred square meters.


It was the kind of super high-end residential area that was clearly located in the most golden area of ​​the city, but only a small number of people could move in. To have this kind of quiet environment in the bustling city……what a super high-end residential area. 


The elevator stopped on the sixth floor.


As soon as they got out of the elevator, the sound-controlled lights outside naturally lit up, and the luxurious and shiny marble floor and baroque style decorations in the corridor instantly came into view.


Of course, this was only a part of the elevator, which belonged to the public area of ​​the community.


Opening another magnificent security door, and inside is home.


Shen Yijin took the first step, put his finger on the door, unlocked it with the fingerprint code, and took the lead in opening the door.


He said: “Today is too late, I will record your fingerprints tomorrow. The password is 940326, can you remember it?”


“Yes.” Jing Xun said obediently, “It’s Mr.’s birthday.”




The door lock automatically identified the fingerprint and unlocked the door. It made an electronic sound that the door had been opened, but Shen Yijin’s movement paused.


Jing Xun stood behind him and waited quietly for him to open the door. He couldn’t see Shen Yijin’s face so he didn’t know what had happened. He thought that he had misunderstood it? What else does the password mean?


At this moment, the door was opened by Shen Yijin, and he replied, “En.” And very gentlemanly asked Jing Xun to advance.


Jing Xun couldn’t help but look at the villain big brother’s face, but he saw that the other party’s expression did not change, and his eyes were even less sharp than usual. This made his peach blossom eyes more prominent, so that people could not help but sympathize with him. If it wasn’t for the big brother’s unsmiling face and chilling gaze, his eyes would probably exude another kind of amorousness and passion.


The moment Jing Xun entered the house, the all-smart home appliance system was activated instantly, and the air conditioner at the entrance was automatically turned on and adjusted to a pleasant room temperature. The hall was brightened by a yellowish light, and an electronic sound was heard from not far away: “Master, welcome back home.”


Clean, refreshing, and a hint of floral fragrance.


This was Jing Xun’s first thought after entering the door.


This is Mr. Shen’s home… Jing Xun started to feel a little nervous.


Apart from the complete infrastructure, the furnishings here were very concise and there was no trace of human touch. It was obvious that for Shen Yijin, this place was just a temporary foothold.


But when Mr. Longlegs closed the door and changed his shoes, Jing Xun’s heartbeat speeded up uncontrollably.


Because Shen Yijin, who was hanging his coat in the hallway… was very handsome.


He rushed back all the way, wearing the most formal suit and a regular tie, which made him appear mature and abstinent.


But now that he took off the coat, the good figure and long legs were fully emphasized, the feeling of abstinence was still there, but it became a bit more sexy.


Shen Yijin said, “Sit down.”


Jing Xun: “Ah? yes.”


Shen Yijin looked at him suddenly, “Or does Xiao Xun want to have a rest?”


Jing Xun: “…Ah?”


Is it time to rest?


Jing Xun looked up and saw that Shen Yijin was looking at him while unbuttoning the cufflinks on his shirt.


A man’s appearance was inherently a great advantage. Now when he returned home, he was a little more relaxed than usual, his actions were both casual and elegant.


It was just a simple gesture of unbuttoning, but it reminded him of the Shen Yijin who took off the clothes that night…


Jing Xun stood there without daring to move.


He wasn’t sure about the word rest in Shen Yijin’s mouth. Would he arrange a separate room for him alone, or two people rest together?


What did the couples who were in a normal relationship do the first time they slept in their partner’s house?

What about those on the premise of getting married, but not yet engaged?

What about those who had known each other for only a few days?

What if the partner was a big villain who seemed to be very cold with an unfathomable thought?


Obviously, no one can answer him.

Even if you ask for advice online, it is estimated that the omnipotent netizens cannot answer.


…He was so nervous to the point of suffocating.


“The master bedroom is on the right hand side at the end of the corridor. There is a cloakroom and a separate bathroom.” Shen Yijin said at this moment.


He lifted his chin slightly and looked at Jing Xun’s gleaming eyes, “Xiao Xun will sleep there, okay?”


Jing Xun:……!


Big brother asked him to sleep in the master bedroom… That means…


Generally speaking, the master slept in the master bedroom. The house was so big that the other party could arrange any secondary bedroom for him, but when he came up, he wanted him to stay in the master bedroom. It meant…


 Sleeping together? ?


Once he inferred this conclusion, Jing Xun’s hands and feet were numb.


But he obediently followed the direction Shen Yijin was pointing, through a long corridor, passing two secondary bedrooms and a bathroom, and finally came to the so-called master bedroom.


There were indeed some traces of Shen Yijin living here.


He opened the door, and the sensor smart light also lit up. The soft yet bright warm light was enough for Jing Xun to see everything inside.


It was as clean and tidy as the model room outside, but there were some more personal items in this room—a box of steam blindfolds on the bedside table, and a silence headphone from a famous brand.


In addition, there were a few clothes hanging in the cloakroom inside, including pajamas and regular clothes, but most of them were formal wear. Looking at the size, they were undoubtedly worn by Shen Yijin.


Inside the bathroom, there were more items. All of them were men’s toiletries, which were neatly placed on the shelves, but the surroundings were still clean and spotless, not even a single strand of hair was found.


Shen Yijin didn’t follow him into this bedroom.


He just told him from behind that there were brand new toiletries in the bathroom, which he could use as he pleases.


Jing Xun couldn’t understand what the other party meant, but looked up at the time, it was early in the morning, and he was still busy with his brother’s transfer tomorrow. He didn’t have time to continue to figure out what the big brother meant.


Alas, let’s take a step at a time.


Digging out the wash items from the shelf, Jing Xun took a shower first.


Shen Yijin seemed to like high-tech things very much. The whole house was equipped with smart lights and smart air-conditioning. Even the shower was a smart item. There were four or five shower modes, several different aromatic experiences. You could also listen to music and watch movies.


Jing Xun experienced these functions for a while, and finished the bath.


After he came out, he realized a problem: Although the toiletries were all here, it seemed…There was no change of clothes for him?


It was easy to sweat a lot in summer. What’s more, after spending a day in the hospital, there was a smell of disinfectant on his clothes, which was really not suitable for wearing again.


Listening to the movement outside the bathroom, it seemed that the big brother still did not follow in, so Jing Xun simply wrapped himself in a towel and leapt back to the cloakroom again.


He wanted to see if there were any new pajamas or something. But the most embarrassing thing was that there was no such thing.


Jing Xun had no choice but to turn his gaze to Shen Yijin’s clothes.


At the end, Shen Yijin who was sitting in the living room heard the youth calling him, he looked up and saw……a delicate head sticking out from the corner of the corridor.


The youth’s hair was still wet. His black hair, like black ink, was softly attached to his face, making his face look like a jade crown, with red lips and white teeth.


Shen Yijin’s pupils shrank slightly.

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  1. Avatar Loni says:

    Silence headphones… are those perhaps for when his condition flares up? I kinda doubt he likes to listen to music enough to buy them but who knows amirite xD
    Thank you~

  2. Avatar Sekstifire says:

    *Deep breath* So basically, you’re telling me that Shen Yijin, a ruthless villain in charge of a famous up-and-coming tech company, is the type of person who would use his birthday as a password.

  3. Avatar Kimmy says:

    Thanks for the update! ?

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