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INS Chapter 2

The True Saint (2)

Stella returned to her tent and took off her white military uniform.

The white colour, depicting hope, and given to the country’s best healers, was stained with dust and blood of the wounded.

I washed my undergarments in a tub, with water magic and wore a clean uniform already washed, from the subspace I had created with magic and put them on.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that it had been used so much, there were no bright spots left.

“Yeah, a few more change of clothes could have reduced the damage.”

Saints were expected to be pure and refrain for extravagance, and it was their duty to help all people without compensation.

Of course, it was all show to raise the morale of the Knights and people, but behind the scenes, a large sum of money was spent on the Knight’s families while the Saint received the rewards for her services.

This should have been the case, but Stella didn’t benefit from this at all.

‘I’m sure Baron Hayes and the Baroness are spending the money without knowing the hardships, but if I can get Brother Ray his medicine his medicine, it’s alright.’

Baron Hayes had a weak and sickly son, Raymond. Every time he caught a cold, he developed a fever that could be fatal.

At that time, Baron Hayes saw Stella perform her healing magic on another child.

The Baron immediately took Stella in, as his adopted daughter, who was in an orphanage.

But even Stella’s magic couldn’t cure Ray’s constitution, and all she could do was to keep him from getting worse.

When she was in the mansion, she repeatedly used her healing magic day in and day out until she passed out.

Now that she was away on a campaign, he needed a large sum of money for his medicines instead of her healing magic.

Aside from her spendthrift parents, she could put up with it if her kind brother could get better.

“I wonder what kind of gift should I ask when I get back.”

Of course, it wasn’t my parents who I was talking about. It was my fiancé, Lyle.

Once we are officially engaged, they could spend all the money they want with whatever dresses or sweets they were holding back on.

Lyle and her Brother Raymond were the only ones who would spoil Stella.

The people at the army had taken Stella’s healing for granted, and she hadn’t even heard a ‘thank you’ from them in a long time. Even though she did at first.

So Stella made up her mind once again to do her best for Lyle and Raymond, and left for a short dreamtime on her commode.

But her dream abruptly came to an end.

—A month later, when Stella was called to the headquarters and went to the tent, Lyle announced that he was accompanied by a beautiful woman.

“A new Saint has been identified, and the title has been transferred to her. Olivia, meet Stella Hayes, who has been working hard until you arrived.”

“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Olivia, daughter of the Marquess of Sears, and I’ve been newly granted the title of Saint.

I’ve come to you because my abilities have been recognized. Please leave this to me from now on.”

Olivia’s hair was a wavy golden colour, like the tips of the grains of rice.

And her porcelain skin, as if never seeing the tans of the sun, had never seen before bright sapphire-purple eyes like jewels.

Her uniform was the same pearl white, but at one glance it could be said that it was made by top-quality silk and tailor made designs.

A contrasting red jewel embedded on a long necklace, which hung from her neck, made the white uniform stand out even more.

My first impression of her was of a ‘princess’ instead of a ‘Saint.’

Stella confirmed in a trembling voice,

“Why now…?”

“There is a secret art of healing magic that can only be used by the blood relatives of the Sears. It took me a long time to learn it, but I finally awakened it the other day.”

This reminded me the Sears were known for their prestigious healers.

It was rare for healing magic to be passed down by genes, but the Sears had overcome that hurdle and had passed down multiple healers throughout their time.

Considering that everyone in the Sears is not a healer—their secret art is probably not an easy one.

“You’ve been through a lot, Olivia.”

“Yes. But thanks to you, I was able to obtain the title of saint and become engaged to Lyle-sama. If you think about it, it’s not much of a hardship.”


Stella was stunned, her voice hushed and her mouth agape. Instead of her voice, she turned her gaze to Lyle,

“What do you mean?”

“Olivia is right. We are planning to hold a marriage ceremony as soon as we return to the capital after this dungeon’s breakthrough. His Majesty the King has approved it.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with that Lyle-sama? Lyle-sama’s… feelings are…”

I had no choice but to do so at the King’s behest. It was not the engagement I really wanted—but Lyle’s cold eyes never wavered.

“I accept the Saint, the treasure of my country, to be my wife. This is the engagement I wanted too.”


I could hear him, but his words slipped through my ears. I wanted to ask him something, but my throat wouldn’t move.

“That’s what this is about. While the demon outbreak is calming down, we’ll announce it to the campers.

Starting tomorrow, Olivia will be a saint, and Stella Hayes will be a member of the first-aid team.

In consideration of your contribution as a former saint, I will allow you to wear white clothing during the handover period and use your personal tent until you step into the dungeon.”

With that, Lyle escorted Olivia out of the tent.

A little later, I heard Lyle introducing Olivia over the loudspeaker from outside.

The words were the same as what I had heard a few minutes ago, and I began to realize that I had not been told a lie.

Stella wandered out of the tent with wobbly steps.

On the temporary stage stood Lyle, Olivia, and the knight who had lost his arm a few days ago.

“I know you are anxious to entrust your life to my sudden appearance. I will prove to you that I am the chosen Saint.”

Olivia hovered her arm over the Knights shoulder and cast a spell.

A dazzling light flooded from her hand, and the light gradually took the form of an arm, and where the light subsided, the Knight’s arm returned.

After a few moments of silence, the Knights who had witnessed the miracle shouted with joy.

Stella could heal any injury. Even if an arm was severed, she could heal it back together.

But there was no magic to recreate a completely missing limb.

Olivia’s healing magic was truly spectacular—worthy of the title, Saint.

Lyle’s hand, which had stroked Stella’s head the other day, was holding Olivia’s shoulder.

The two people who gazed affectionately at each other, were picturesque.

“Oh… Lyle wanted to marry the Saint from the very beginning. There was no love involved.”

Her family, her healing magic, and her beauty. Nothing could be compared to Stella’s.

There was no reason for Stella to be loved by Lyle if there was Olivia.

“I tried my best…”

Stella’s muttering as she stood there, was drowned out by the cheers of everyone else.


KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels! Click here to join!


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