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IFMSW Chapter 31

Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (9)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Proofreader: Black.Cat

Chapter 31: Blood Moon Werewolf Killing (9)

Jin Tianyi stared at Chu Huai quietly. As if he was aware of something, a complicated emotion suddenly flowed into his eyes.

Chu Huai was not a ghost, so he could only be a god or a commoner.

Because Chu Huai didn’t reveal his ability before, Jin Tianyi had always thought that Chu Huai was a commoner, but now…

The air around him seemed to slow down, it was gloomy and depressing.

Chu Huai finally walked toward the middle-aged woman and lifted the boy up steadily with both of his hands.

The boy’s clothes were bright and neat, the woolen fabric was of a very good quality. The boy’s eyes were closed tightly, his eyelashes long and notable; he opened and closed his mouth from time to time. The little hair was slightly brushed up against the little boy’s face, it was as if he was taking a sweet nap after lunch. But, everyone knew that he would never be able to wake up again.

Chu Huai put away the smile that he had usually carried in the past. He had a very clear and careless temper, his figure was tall and beautiful, with an indifferent expression, just like a distant mountain. In everyone’s view, this appearance was misty yet covered with picturesque charm.

Under the blood moon, God held the little angel and bent over slightly.

The woman took her dying child with trembling hands. She seemed to suddenly feel a change in the atmosphere, and the woman raised her head to look at Chu Huai, her eyes filled with hope.

She gripped the child’s clothes tightly, her fingers beginning to cramp, twisting into a weird posture.

“I have a way to make him live.” Chu Huai said calmly.

His voice pierced through the dark night.

The woman was crying with joy. At this moment, she didn’t know how to express her words at all.

Song Chen’s eyes drooped slightly, a different color flickering in her eyes.

Jin Tianyi pursed his lips, he walked over and stood behind Chu Huai silently.

His fragile back couldn’t be exposed to others.

Chu Huai…Was he a god?

Jin Tianyi lowered his eyes, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

What if Chu Huai revealed his own identity after saving people? This was the Chu Huai he knew, who yearned for life, but never violated his own principles.

With him here, if he couldn’t protect a god, then it meant that he didn’t believe in god.

“I also have a way to make him leave this world.” Chu Huai added.

The woman finally regained her ability to speak, her voice was already hoarse, but she still wailed: “I beg you! Please save him!”

There was a firm belief in her eyes.

For some reason, she almost placed all hope on the delicate person in front of her.

Chu Huai felt heavy in his heart when he was met with such an expression: “It’s not me who can save him, it’s you. You don’t need to beg me, I can just give you a choice.”

“Are you willing to use your own death…” He paused, and smiled awkwardly, “In exchange for the child’s life?”

The woman’s expression froze for a second, then she nodded her head rapidly, tears streaming down from her eyes.

“As long as he can leave this place alive, it doesn’t matter if I die! I beg you! Please save him!” She wrapped her arms around the child tightly, then she ran over to hug Chu Huai’s leg.

Chu Huai squatted down, pushing the other knee towards the ground, and whispered a few words into the woman’s ear.

The woman’s eyes were already filled with sadness, yet her face was brimming over with a bitter smile.

Right now, the woman was no different from dust. However, when she saw the child’s face, it was as if the dust had been suddenly revived, she immediately made a decision: “I’m willing to die.”

Chu Huai’s expression became complicated: “Aren’t you afraid that I might lie to you?”

“You are a good person, I can tell.” The woman said without hesitation.

“Besides, since he died, I can’t live anymore. He is my everything, even more, important than my life. There is no use in living without him, so even if there is only a chance, I will still try.”

Chu Huai was silent.

“I have another request.” The woman raised her head and stared at Chu Huai. Her eyes were shining brightly.

She reported the time and the location to Chu Huai.

“I want you to return An An to his parents. I feel sorry for them.” After the woman finished speaking, she lowered her head in shame.

Chu Huai didn’t say anything, he only nodded and took the child from her.

“I identify Zhang Quanfang as a ghost.” As she said this, tears slid down along her lustreless face and dropped onto her rough hands.

Song Chen’s expression stagnated. Who was Zhang Quanfang? She frowned. It was obvious that things had gone beyond her expectations.

The blood-red words appeared in the woman’s mind—The participant Zhang Quanfang has identified Zhang Quanfang as a ghost and automatically fell into the ghost camp.

The woman was delighted, with tears welling up in her eyes.

This was true, the person in front of her didn’t lie! Her son could live!

The woman stretched out her trembling hand to touch her son’s face with her callused fingertips. She was so cautious as if she was afraid that her old and hard skin would scratch the child’s delicate one.

Another line of blood-red words appeared—Does the participant Zhang Quanfang want to identify Zhang Quanfang for the second time?

The woman did not hesitate at all: “I identify Zhang Quanfang as a ghost for the second time.”

The blood-red words appeared—Identification error; soon will be annihilated by a ghost.

The panic in the woman’s eyes hadn’t arrived yet when the blood-red words appeared again—The god’s presence has been sensed, and the sacrifice condition has been triggered.

Her son could be saved! This method was really useful!

The woman choked with tears.

There was also a sudden tingling pain in Chu Huai’s mind. The blood-red words appeared—The world needs you to show concern for the common people, please listen to their heartfelt wish.

“I want my son to leave this world.” The woman finally said.

Her smile was more comfortable than ever.

A strange scene happened.

Blood-red mist enveloped them all, making it hard to see clearly what was going on.

Chu Huai could feel the suddenly chilling yin air.

There was a tremendous resentment and evil desire in the blood-red mist that appeared in front of them.

The real ghost finally appeared.

The little doubts that had accumulated in Chu Huai’s heart were eventually strung together and now it was easily solved.

The mission goal of The Crazy Blood Moon City was…to identify the ghost that was hidden among them.

This was the real way to survive, not a tragic offer as a sacrifice.

Sacrifice was just the most important one among the ways to survive.

They were all wrong.

From the beginning, their directive had been wrong.

Chu Huai suddenly remembered the introduction of The Crazy Blood Moon City—blood moon, the crazy person.

During the blood moon period, it was not ghosts who went crazy slaughtering, but…people!

So the answer had already come out and demonstrated the reason why it was wrong when they identified a person once and they automatically fell into the ghost camp.

Because even though those people had fallen into the ghost camp, they were still…people!

From the beginning to the end, this was just a killing game.

They had been played by the world.

The world wanted them to massacre each other.

Or else the ghost camp would not have two different abilities, such as summoning and locking.

Ghosts killed ghosts, and ghosts killed people?

No. In the end, it was all people killing people.

Those who harbored evil intentions were ghosts.

When the blood-red mist vanished, the woman was already laying on the ground in a weird posture, her eyes full of disbelief.

The ghost had appeared and taken away her life. She had lost her last breath, and the sacrifice process had also been completed.

The woman’s eyes were wide open. Chu Huai followed her gaze and he saw…Song Chen.

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