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IFMSW Chapter 2

Ghost Marriage (1)

Translator: Ariess

Editor: AlevXx

Chapter 2: Ghost Marriage (1)

Chu Huai was entirely clinging to that person. Once again his body started to sway as if he was on the bus.

The man’s seat was on his left-hand side, Chu Huai put his right hand on the man’s shoulder while his left hand was hugging his waist.

The man’s muscles were tight and he had a tough body, there was also a clear scent emitting from him.

Chu Huai’s face was deeply buried in the man’s chest. He was completely awake now, and when he was about to back off from the man, there was a voice that caught his attention.

“Boss, I don’t know how to describe this newcomer character” he deliberately lowered his voice, and his voice seemed to be a little hoarse as if he often smoked.

Chu Huai directly changed his mind and obediently closed his eyes to listen.

Luo Ziyang pointed at Chu Huai and said, “She looks really honest”

The woman in front of him had silky black hair with delicate skin, a slender neck, and an extremely beautiful melon seed face shape, plus long and thick eyelashes. The woman closed her eyes and slept peacefully, nevertheless, she appeared to be a weak beauty.

“Boss, you actually allow her to hold you, usually you are not like this so you like this type? Then I won’t make her mine”

As Luo Ziyang said, regret flashed across his turbulent face.

Jin Tianyi thought about the ‘male’ gender in Chu Huai’s information but he decided not to say anything.

Chu Huai’s fingers shooked slightly.

Was this guy gay? Otherwise, why was he interested in him?

Thinking about this, Chu Huai narrowed his eyes and looked down at his white skirt with exposed slender legs, his eyes turned instantly dark.

This…it couldn’t be, right?

Only the soul went to the horror world, right?

But now he turned into a man in a woman’s clothes?!

Wasn’t this sacrifice too incredible?!

Then he might as well die…

Imagined about the hair on the back of his neck and beside his ears, Chu Huai felt depressed for a moment. He really wanted to lift his dress to see if his little brother was still there.

“However, seeing her long legs and arms like this, if I calculated correctly, when we stand together she might be taller than me, maybe 1.8 meters…”

Upon hearing the man’s word, Chu Huai was comforted for a moment, only right now did he felt this stupid voice was particularly pleasant.

It didn’t seem to be unacceptable in woman’s clothes…

After all, his current physical condition was in a mess, if he turned into a man and become weak, they will not show any mercy toward the same kind. But men have a natural desire to protect the weak with the opposite gender. Therefore, women could make men feel sympathy toward them.

And so…

About his real gender, let just talk about it later.

As Chu Huai thought about this issue, he was surprised to find out that the yin energy accumulated in his body had been suppressed, and he did not go crazy like before.

What’s more, his organs and bones also gained a little strength.

Could it be because of this man…?

Luo Ziyang: “Boss, It’s almost time for the bus to stop, I already took a look, there are a total of 4 newcomers plus the one in your arm”

Jin Tianyi responded softly. The person lying in his arms seemed to be awake. He thought that Chu Huai was about to get up, so he sat up straight in order to let the other party pull back his hand, but to Jin Tianyi’s surprise, Chu Huai suddenly looked up straight at him.

The person in front of him had clear black eyes and that pair of pupils were extraordinarily bright like obsidian.

Chu Huai didn’t expect Jin Tianyi to be so good-looking and couldn’t help but froze for a second. The man had a tough feature with sharp eyebrows which was incredibly handsome.

He turned back to his senses and revealed his blushing face, then…Chu Huai consciously tightened the man’s waist, rubbing his face against his chest, like a coquettish little kitten.

“You…” Jin Tianyi wanted to say something but hesitated, his whole body stiffened.

He originally thought that it was the instance rule which forced Chu Huai to wear women’s clothes. But now, it didn’t look like it at all since Chu Huai himself seemed to be used to it?

Chu Huai buried his head deeper in the man chest: “I’m scared”

His voice was pleasantly soft with a slight tremor at the end, which was pitiful. Luo Ziyang swallowed on one side, his adam apple tumbling up and down.

At this moment Chu Huai also confirmed his previous guess that this man really could restrain the ghost in his body.

He hugged the man tightly and the yin energy that had been scattered inside him began to disappear deeper into his body as if it would be swallowed later.

Chu Huai couldn’t help being curious about this person’s identity. Could it be like what Old Yue had said, the person that had yang energy?

People with yang energy never invade the ghost and they were born different from others so that was why they could restrain evil spirits.

He seemed to be so lucky. He had just come across someone like this when entering this horror world?

Looked like he had to find a way to count on this person ahead later.

Chu Huai’s hand restlessly touched Jin Tianyi’s spine. The other party’s eyes deepened, he put his hand on Chu Huai’s back with ease and hugged him back.

He had a slender hand with unique knuckles. After a while, the sight was really pleasing to the eyes.

Chu Huai’s body stiffened slightly, then he became obedient, his ears turned red, and even showed a shy smile. Luo Ziyang turned his head away while crying silently in his heart.

Why wouldn’t that young lady randomly took a seat beside him when entering the instance?

“What is your name?” Jin Tianyi asked habitually.

Chu Huai paused and said in a low voice: “Chu Jiao, Chu the soft while Jiao the weak”

Jin Tianyi: “…”

“Everyone calls me Jiaojiao,” So you can call me that too.


Chu Huai: “What about you?”

“Jin Tianyi.”

Suddenly, the bus stopped, Chu Huai tilted his head to look outside. Throughout the window was pitch black and they couldn’t see anything, it gave people a sense of despair and dullness.

He was shocked by this sudden scene. Unexpectedly there was a pain in his mind, and after the pain disappeared, a bloody word appeared:

   [Instance release—]

   [Name: Chu Huai]

   [Number of times that had been participating in the instance: None]

   [Mission: The Cao Family had a dead son. three days later, you will be participating in the ghost marriage held in the Cao Family’s Righteous Manor as their distant relatives]

   [The release is completed]

“The mission is out,” Luo Ziyang said.

At this moment all the newcomers on the bus wake up with different expressions.

Jin Tianyi gave Luo Ziyang a look and the other party immediately understood the meaning so he went over to summarize the situation to the newcomers with a little patience.

Luo Ziyang explained until his mouth turned dry, finally, the bus door opened and he was the first one to jump off.

“Get off the car,” Jin Tianyi also led Chu Huai out of the car.

Chu Huai stood in front of the Cao Family’s Righteous Manor that had just appeared and he felt rather ridiculous.

He…actually could stand.

It wasn’t a problem for him to sat in a wheelchair like before, but it was just that when he suddenly could stand, it made him felt not used to his legs for a time being.

Since he was in women’s clothes in the horror world then his ability to act may also be the balance result of the horror world. Of course, it wasn’t Jin Tianyi’s influence either.

Whether it was the former or the latter, it was him who was willing to do it anyway.

Moreover, it seemed that Jin Tianyi also had a good impression of him. Instead of rejecting him, he even played along and took his hand…

Since Jin Tianyi was so open, then it would be easier to handle.

The young lady Chu, who depended on the other person, immediately grabbed Jin Tianyi’s hand in a friendly manner.

The Righteous Manor was extremely enormous. It was painted with white color while the roof was shady, and on the ground was placed with a wall brick bluestone. There was a horse head on both sides of the wall to prevent fire. The whole manor should be designed by a group of architects.

In several hundred li11 li=500 meter from the area, the Cao Family was the richest.

There are a total of six people participating in the instance, if Chu Huai was counted as a woman…then there would be exactly three men and three women.

Jin Tianyi went up to knock on the door. After a while, the door finally opened from the inside. The servant saw Jin Tianyi and the other, he said familiarly: “Please come in, the guest area is already prepared, in this day madam still talk about the past event”

The newcomers turned their eyes to Luo Ziyang one after another, seemingly a little flustered. Because Luo Ziyang had exposed his identity as an old participant before, he had already become their backbone.

“What are you looking at me for?” Luo Ziyang frowned, “Go in!”

The newcomer’s attitude made him felt irritable. To put it bluntly, most of these blank-faced newcomers couldn’t survive for long, and the entire group may be annihilated.

He stared sadly at Jin Tianyi, who was standing beside the beauty. This thankless job had always fallen on him.

The servant led everyone in, several newcomers were glancing around vaguely.

Chu Huai pulled Jin Tianyi’s sleeve and asked in a low voice, “Why didn’t the servant look strange upon seeing us wearing modern clothes?”

“And we are not the distant relatives of the Cao Family at all.”

Jin Tianyi said: “The world will automatically rationalize all bugs to maintain the outcome of the instance”

The servant first took everyone to the Mourning Hall. There were two black coffins placed in the hall. The one on the left was slightly larger and well-made. It should be Cao Rong, Madam Cao’s son, and the one on the right side should belong to a woman.

According to the custom, black coffins were generally for people who had died because of illness or injustice.

When the newcomers saw the coffin, their faces turned pale for a moment, and their eyes kept drifting out. A blow of wind made the white cloths hang on the door swayed slowly and the hall suddenly turned gloomy.

After lighting an incense stick, Chu Huai didn’t rush away. He took advantage of the servant talking to the crowd, quietly circling the two coffins.

He abruptly stopped his footstep and his eyes sank.

There seemed to be a lot of talismans stuck under the small coffin, and the corner of the yellow taslim was exposed, which happened to be seen by him.

If both coffins were attached to it, there was nothing noteworthy of, however…

Chu Huai turned around to checked calmly, confirming that only this coffin was attached.

The important part was why did they attach the yellow taslim…?

What are they afraid of…?

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    1 li=500 meter
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  1. Avatar says:

    Oh my gods, I’m laughing and laughing, CH is just really so shameless!? And JT is just letting him!?! Couse nice legs or something ????

    Translator-San, thanks for the hard work! I’m just so-so, but if you wish, I’d edit for you? This chapter is better than the 1st one, but sometimes fresh eyes can be handy.

    1. Avatar ariess says:

      Sorry, for the late reply since I haven’t check on the comment in these few days. That would be amazing if I can get your help >_<
      So can you contact me through discord? 😉 we will talk about it, my id: Ariess #1602

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