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Chapter 74

 Seeing Guo Ming, Wu Yuanyuan happily began to greet her: “Ming Ming~~You are here~!!!”


    Guo Ming looked at his girlfriend with a smile, full of affection.


    “My classmate came over to work in this city and brought me some things. It’s good that you were here. Let’s move to the car.”




    “Liu Yi, I’m sorry, I have something on tonight, so I don’t have time to invite you to dinner. Thank you so much for the many things my parents had bothered you to bring over! I will definitely invite you to dinner when you come here again next time.!” Wu Yuanyuan said it with a sincere face. Guo Ming knew better what she meant.


    “It’s okay, it’s okay, why are you being so formal to me. Besides, I should have invited you to dinner! Please go ahead with your things today. I will be staying here for a few days and I will invite you when you are available. By then, please don’t say no!” Liu Yi’s smile was even more sincere, so much so that Wu Yuanyuan couldn’t refuse on the spot.


    They continued to exchange a few more polite words and Liu Yi left. Guo Ming followed Wu Yuanyuan with the box and walked to the parking lot. While walking, she heard Wu Yuanyuan complain: “What are my parents thinking? Why did they for no reason ask someone to bring things over to me? I don’t know how to reject this person, they Just give people a chance without thinking about how I feel.”


    “This person?”


    “I saw him again at the classmate reunion two days ago, his name is Liu Yi. Now he owns some businesses, so he could be considered a rich man. He sat behind me when he was in school, but there was not much intersection. This time round, for some reason, he took good care of me during the reunion. Before I left, he even rushed overnight to produce the souvenir for the classmate reunion and sent me to the airport the next day.”


    “He must have some ulterior motives towards you.”


    “That’s what I thought too! The problem is that he is very cautious in doing things and there is no unreasonable behavior, so much so that I don’t know how to reject him. But I am not a fool, how could I not know what he meant? By right, when a former classmate comes to City A, no matter if they bring me something or not, it’s only polite to invite them to have a meal and gather. But towards him, I don’t dare to do so.” Wu Yuanyuan pouted her lips, grumbling and complaining all the way. Guo Ming was getting angry. On the one hand, she felt that Liu Yi was really too bold and dared to advance toward her girlfriend. On the other hand, she felt that Wu Yuanyuan’s complaining manner was so cute and she couldn’t help but kiss her in the parking lot. She held her small puckered mouth in her mouth and sucked it carefully.


    Suppressing her thoughts, she calmly walked to the car and put the box away. Guo Ming raised her eyes and asked Wu Yuanyuan: “Do you want me to take care of him?”


    “We are a harmonious society, we can’t do things that violate the law and discipline.” Wu Yuanyuan snorted: “It’s okay, he doesn’t act excessively. I guess it will be fine to reject him a few more times. Don’t worry, baby!”


    The word “baby” from Wu Yuanyuan made Guo Ming’s heart feel like having a bowl of hot soup in the cold winter. It felt so good from the inside and all the way outside. So even though she didn’t welcome Liu Yi’s present, she listened to Wu Yuanyuan’s words and let him go. Don’t think he could cause much troubles to them.


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ————


    She went to the hospital again on the next day. Everyone was already in place very early. The clinic was all cleaned up and they performed their duties accordingly. They were extremely harmonious. After ensuring that everything was alright, Guo Ming asked Jiaqi to go to the back of the clinic so that she could help her with the acupuncture.


    Jiaqi was very grateful. In fact, she didn’t feel much pain anymore. When she came here today and after cleaning up the place, she went to the back and made herself another medicine and drank it. She felt warm from the inside out.


    “You must start acupuncture and moxibustion before and after every menstruation cycle. If you persist for half a year, you can improve the problem of Cold Womb.” Guo Ming said, while also telling Jiaqi about the acupuncture points and the main points of acupuncture.


    Jia Qi took it seriously and tried hard to remember what had been taught. While studying hard, she was also grateful. She felt that she was fortunate enough to know Dr. Guo. It was a blessing from heaven. After thinking about it, she looked at Guo Ming’s handsome profile and came up with a sense of wonder. It was not until Guo Ming patted her and said that she was ready to get up. Then she came back to her senses, but she was already blushing.


    ————————————————– ————————————————– ————


    When she went home last night, they rolled around the bed most of the night, so Wu Yuanyuan didn’t even bother to call her parents. Since nothing happened today, she called home.


    “Dad, I have received what you asked Liu Yi to send over! Thank you Mom and Dad!”


    “Thank you! Your mother made some food for you and Mingming. Don’t you two learn from others to lose weight, because good health is important, don’t you know!”


    “I know, dad, mom still cooks it herself. It’s too much trouble and it’s not easy to bring over!”


    “Thanks to that Xiao Liu, he vacuumed all the stuffed meat that your mother made, then froze them and put them in the ice box for you. How about it, didn’t it melt?”


    “No, no, as you haven’t sent anything over the previous years, so why bother people to bring me things this year.”


    “I didn’t think about bringing you stuff at all. Xiao Liu called me last week and said that he was going to come over to do business near your place in a week,and asked if we would like to do something. We didn’t manage to turn him down even after a long time. It was then your mother decided to make you something to eat. Girl, is that Xiao Liu courting you.”


    “Hey, no no, don’t get it wrong.”


    “Please~ Your father has been there before, don’t you think I understand this?”


    “Anyway, I don’t have any feelings for him. If he asks you again, you should also think of a way to refuse. I don’t want to owe him any favour.”


    “You don’t like him? We think this kid is pretty good and he looks very enthusiastic. But we don’t care about it, you make the decision for yourself!”


    “Okay Dad, I see, I am in control! Anyway, don’t bother others!”


    “Fine, we won’t bother him again. Don’t be idle yourself, quickly find someone and bring him back to let us see! If there is someone to take care of you, we can be rest assured!”


    “Oh. I know!” Hanging up the phone, Wu Yuanyuan thought silently: “Didn’t I take her back to let you see. What else is there to see?”

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