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Chapter 57

Wang Yanan had very good physical fitness. Her strong explosive power and quick punches was something she was always very proud of. At this time, she still relied on her powerful explosive power and she was unceremonious in her moves from the beginning. She punched quickly and the fists were aimed at the area where the enemy would be disabled in one blow, such as the neck, throat, armpits, waist and eyes. Although the strength was reserved, after all, she only wants to show off and doesn’t want to create an accident, but I have to say that still every punch goes straight to these places. As long as there is a hit, the opponent will have difficulty continuing the fight.

It’s a pity that she calculated the way of punching, but miscalculated the opponent’s ability.

Guo Ming’s own martial arts was considered an exquisite type. She was not a power-type talent, so her martial arts techniques used skill and low strength to overcome her opponents strong strokes, not exactly Tai Chi, but uses small to overcome broad, mainly light and tricky, supplemented by hidden weapons, plus good at poisoning. In Tianrong, it can be said to be invincible there.

Therefore, for Guo Ming, all the tricks to defeat the enemy with one blow were all useless to her. In addition, Wang Yanan was not fast enough, so avoiding her attack was extremely simple.

After a few flashes, all of Wang Yanan’s attacks were either blocked or knocked out. As a result, she became impatient. In the past, she relied on the initial burst to control the enemy, so her explosive power was amazing but her endurance was average, as can be seen from the daily running. This forceful attack did not get the desired result. It was inevitable that she was impetuous and the punches became more fierce, but gradually losing effectiveness.

Seeing that her moves were already a bit messy, Guo Ming saw the right time, clasped her wrist and an anti-knuckle subdued her to the ground.

“I lost.” Wang Yanan said dejectedly, her voice full of anger.

“Your explosive power is very good. If you move faster, the effect will be stronger.” After saying that, Guo Ming turned and picked up the wooden board for practice, took five pieces together, let Wang Yanan hold it, and said: ” If the attack speed is fast enough, everything is omnipotent.” After that, she put her fingers together and pointed it toward the board, with a short stroke, the five-layer board broke on impact!

“Wow!” The exclamation not only came from Wang Yanan, but also from the people around who watched the excitement and were stunned by this scene.

You know, the exercise board was not as thin as a piece of paper, let alone five stacked together. If it is an ordinary person, I am afraid that all the fingers were fractured at this time. Guo Ming could break five layers in a single blow, this strength was really amazing.

If Wang Yanan was still unconvinced, after watching Guo Ming’s performance, she was totally convinced of the loss. She knew her skills were not as good as others, so after getting up from the ground, she immediately asked Guo Ming humbly about how to have a faster speed. The spectators around also came up to learn, so Guo Ming temporarily became the instructor and started her explanation.

In this way, one month passed quickly, and everyone cooperated very tacitly. After reconfirming the equipment and time, the mission started.

Guo Ming’s task this time was to maintain safety along the way when the dignitaries came to participate in the meeting. What they need to ensure is the safety of the dignitaries before they enter the conference room. As for after they entered, another group of people will take over responsibility.

The cars of the dignitaries would depart at 8 o’clock in the morning, the journey was about three kilometers long. There were five traffic lights along the way, the whole road was under martial law and all high-rise buildings were inspected and not allowed to open their windows.

After the departure, the front and rear were guarded by police cars, clearing the way. The left and right were escorted by a motorcycle team. Guo Ming and Pang Deyou were assigned to the motorcycle team. All the way to the venue, everyone lined up in the prearranged formation and escorted the dignitaries to the venue. Guo Ming’s position was at the back of the team.

When the political leaders were walking into the building]ng surrounded by bodyguards, Guo Ming suddenly felt something was wrong. There was a faint sound breaking through the air from behind, which should be an extremely fast projectile. In a swift move, a golden needle slipped between her fingers. She raised her hand and threw the golden needle towards the direction of the projectile.

However, the speed of the projectile was too fast. It should have come from a very far distance. It was too powerful and the golden needle could not change anything at all.

Oh No! The projectile was still rushing to the dignitaries at an extremely fast speed. Guo Ming was helpless. Had Pang Deyou brought his knife, it might have been able to resolve it. However, now, her own golden needles were useless and Pang Deyou does not have a big sword to defend himself, so she only hopes that the body armor on her body can be useful.

Thinking of this, Guo Ming stepped lightly on the ground, jumped into the air, threw the politicians down and heard a “puff”. A hole punched through the back of the body armor Guo Ming was wearing. Guo Ming heard a “crack” and felt a sharp pain on her back. It should be the huge impact of the projectile breaking her ribs. A mouthful of blood gushed out.

Before fainting, Guo Ming thought to herself: “I’m afraid that the broken bone may have protrude into the internal organs.”

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