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Chapter 45

For the remaining few days, Guo Ming became a member of the Wu family and followed the Wu family around to visit their relatives. Every time she was introduced as a Chinese medicine doctor, they would queue up for pulse diagnosis. Wu Yuanyuan apologized to Guo Ming for this. But Guo Ming was very happy instead, it made her feel good that she could contribute to make Yuanyuan’s family healthy!

However, due to Yuanyuan needing to go to work on the eighth day of the new year, they had to say goodbye to father and mother Wu on the seventh day of the lunar month and get on the return flight together. Before leaving, Mother Wu filled their suitcases with piles of food. It was as if they were going to a remote area and wouldn’t be able to buy anything.

Arriving in City A, Pang Deyou and Zhang Qiang, who had been notified in advance, had been waiting at the airport. When they reached home, Wu Yuanyuan took out a set of the prepared special products from City B. After a short rest, they followed Zhang Qiang and Pang Deyou to Zhang’s family New Year gathering.

It was obvious that Pang Deyou had been recognized as the son-in-law of the Zhang family, especially by Mama Zhang, who had all kinds of affection for Pang Deyou. So much so that Zhang Qiang wondered who really is the child of the Zhang family.

Maybe all mothers in the world are the same. Mother Zhang also prepared a table full of delicious food waiting for them. Guo Ming and Pang Deyou accompany Zhang Renyi to drink while mother Zhang helped place the various dishes for them. Everyone’s bowls were piled high up with food.

Zhang Renyi was also very satisfied with Pang Deyou now, “This child has a good wine character, therefore his normal character must also be very good.” Guo Ming guessed that it was Pang Deyou’s love of drinking that coincided with Old man Zhang that caused Zhang Renyi’s favorability towards Pang Deyou to soar.

During the dinner, Guo Ming also asked about Xia Jianguo’s condition. Zhang Renyi was full of joy when he mentioned it. Xia Jianguo has now been transferred to a sterile ward and his condition was stable and recovering quickly. If it was not for extensive burns on the surface of his body, he can now be transferred to the general ward. Xia’s family could at least be at ease during the New Year period. Father Xia still talks about Guo Ming from time to time, saying that the country should have more good doctors like Guo Ming.

“I heard Zhang Qiang say that you plan to open a medical clinic?” Zhang Renyi asked Guo Ming.

“Yeah, Uncle Zhang, I have the skills for some time. I have to start earning money to support myself.”

“Well, two days ago, when I was at Xia’s family for the New Year’s greetings, I also mentioned this by the way. Old Xia agreed with me and praised you all the time!”

The thing that Zhang Renyi mentioned to Old Xia yielded results shortly. The Xia family sent someone to give Guo Ming a key just after the first lunar month. It turned out that after seeing Guo Ming’s superb medical skills, the Xia family asked about Guo Ming’s background. Zhang Renyi naturally did not dare to conceal the facts and explained the origins of Guo Ming and Pang Deyou clearly. He Xiangguo also sent a detailed report on the two people involved in the operation. In fact, this kind of talent is specially managed by an institution, but what can others say if Old Xia wants to support her. So Xia’s family found a suitable place for Guo Ming in City A. Taking into account that Guo Ming had limited manpower after all, he helped her rent a small house for five years, which was enough to open a private clinic. After that, all the procedures required to open the clinic were completed and they were put in the clinic together. Just waiting for Guo Ming to choose the day to open the clinic.

When they were at Zeng’s house to continue treatment for Zeng Miaomiao, the Zeng’s family also heard Guo Ming speak about the opening of the clinic. They were very happy for her and congratulated her. Originally, the Zeng family called Guo Ming and said that they will come over to visit the New Year in the first month. But Guo Ming insisted that since she was the junior, she should come by instead. So when Guo Ming and Pang Deyou came to visit him, they both received thick red envelopes for the New Year.

Zeng Miaomiao’s condition was much better now and the meridians were almost restored. Guo Ming estimates that in half a month, Zeng Miaomiao would be able to start rehabilitation treatment on a large scale. The little girl was so happy that her legs were completely healed. If it weren’t for her ability to move, she would have liked to jump up with laughter.

The situation of the Xia family was also becoming increasingly stable. Xia Jianguo’s internal organs were recovering at a staggering speed under the treatment of drugs, so that now the Chinese Medicine Research Institute of City A will start studying and learning Guo Ming’s prescription as a key project. Since waking up, Xia Jianguo had not seen much of Guo Ming, as his recovery was much better now, Xia Jianguo can also chat with Guo Ming when she comes for follow-up treatment.

Like the rest of the Xia family, Xia Jianguo speaks concisely and without too much politeness. Even if it is a thank you, he only said it twice. More is to collect information in small chats, looking for chances where they can reciprocate. After hearing that Pang Deyou was assigned to the bureau but with nothing serious to do. The next day, he asked someone to assign Peng Deyou as an external instructor. In the words of Pang Deyou, it is “to be the head of the military instructor for the recruits of the army.” Thinking of the chance to spread the Pang family’s swordsmanship, Pang Deyou was naturally very happy. He was even happier when he heard about salary and subsidies.

Guo Ming also appreciates this aspect of the Xia family. Verbal courtesy can never be compared to sincere actions.

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