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Chapter 43

As expected, the B-ultrasound results were positive. A fibroids was shown to be in Mother Wu’s uterus. Due to the size and shape, the doctor recommended surgical removal as soon as possible. Mother Wu, who took the result, followed Guo Ming and Wu Yuanyuan to the Chinese pharmacy instead. Guo Ming grabbed some medicine according to her prescription and bought a crock for boiling medicine. The three of them then went home.

Back home, Father Wu was already asleep. He had been sitting on the balcony smoking cigarettes and admiring the flowers and plants at home. It can be seen from Mother Wu’s teaching, Father Wu doesn’t smoke in the room but goes to the balcony when he needs to smoke.

Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming went to the kitchen to clean the crock pot and prepare to boil medicine. Mother Wu took the scanned result to tell Dad Wu what happened in the hospital today. Father Wu was pleasantly surprised. He originally thought that a young girl like Guo Ming would at best be helping those Chinese medicine doctors get medicine. He didn’t expect that she turned out to be a really skillful Chinese medicine doctor and better than most ordinary doctors.

After asking about the things that Mama Wu needs to avoid while taking the medicine, Daddy Wu took over the preparation of the food these days. Anyway, Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming didn’t eat much at home. There were a lot of special snacks in City B, so after they finished cooking medicine for Mama Wu every day, they would drive out to go shopping.

Wu Yuanyuan took Guo Ming and started with her elementary school first. In fact, she herself didn’t know why although there were so many other scenic spots in the city, she just wanted to show Guo Ming where she went to school. And since she was never a tangled person, she just did what she wanted to do.

Her elementary school was still standing in its original place, but a lot has changed since. The original small bungalows and large yards had become brand new teaching buildings and beautiful plastic playgrounds. The small shop next door had long since disappeared. On the other side, there used to be a small shop selling roast chicken, which also sold things like braised tofu. When she was a child, she liked to buy braised tofu in the morning and eat it with the steamed buns with vegetable and egg soup provided by the school for breakfast. It’s just that now this shop has become a train ticket agency instead. You can’t taste the delicious stewed tofu from her memory anymore.

Guo Ming beamed while listening to Wu Yuanyuan’s story about her childhood. The girl in front of her seemed to transform back to the little girl she was describing. She was describing how naughty she was in class and she was punished by the teacher by having to stand on her chair. As her academic performance was very good, at the end of the term, the teacher gave her the certificate of merit and gave the prize to another quiet boy. She said that later her teacher was changed to a younger one. This teacher liked her lively appearance, so she gradually stopped being detained in class and her parents would not be invited to the school anymore. After gaining self-confidence, her grades got better and better. She scored very well in the junior high school exams and brought fame for this elementary school. She was then admitted to the key class of the city’s best school.

When she was saying all this, Guo Ming couldn’t help but want to hold this person in her arms. She always felt that this girl is so adorable!

Later, she went to her junior high school with Wu Yuanyuan and heard her talk about playing computer games as she skipped class in the third year of junior high school. At that time, computers were just beginning to become popular, with huge and heavy monitors. The games played were nothing more than Red Alert, Resident Evil, Heartbeat Memories and so on. She and her classmates escaped self-study class and ran out to play Resident Evil, but were so scared by the screen that they never dared play the game again. Seeing her frowning and talking, Guo Ming couldn’t help laughing and began to rub her hair.

“What are you laughing at~~~ If it were you, you would be afraid too!”

“Yes, yes, I would be scared too. I didn’t laugh at you for being timid, I was laughing at you being so cute.” Guo Ming explained with a smile, then held Wu Yuanyuan’s face and gently dropped a kiss.

“…You~~~~~” Wu Yuanyuan said shyly and sweetly.

In the following two days, Guo Ming went from Wu Yuanyuan’s childhood school to her University. She also ate the things that Wu Yuanyuan liked to eat when she was in school. Although there were many changes near the elementary and middle schools, the classic old shops around the university were still there.

After all the walking, Guo Ming checked with Wu Yuanyuan whether she should buy some more new year goods or something for the house. To be honest, Guo Ming really hasn’t celebrated any New Year before. When she was young, she lived in seclusion with her master in the mountains and forests. By the time she was able to go out to perform special tasks, she didn’t know what “year festival” was anymore. Many times when performing tasks, these festivals were used to get the chance to catch all the targets in one go. So in retrospect, the strongest festive atmosphere Guo Ming felt anywhere was on the beams of other people’s houses.

Wu Yuanyuan didn’t know so much, she just heard Guo Ming say that she lived in seclusion with her master since she was a child. After the master passed away, she went out alone to open a medical clinic to make a living. She was by herself all along, not even a maid, so she must have definitely spent all the New Year alone. So these two people, one was thinking of making the best of the first New Year of her life, the other one was thinking how to let the other party experience the warmth of home during the first time of the New Year. They both completely forget that there are two kind-hearted elderly people at home that also want to let Guo Ming have the most memorable New Year. As a result, this year Wu Yuanyuan’s house has so many gifts for the New Year that they can open a small shop!

It was already the twenty-seventh day of the Chinese New Year. Father Wu and Mother Wu looked at the food and accessories that could not fit in the locker and refrigerator and had to drive the car to share some of it with relatives and friends. Wu Yuanyuan and Guo Ming, who were slightly embarrassed, enjoyed a short two-person private world at home.

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