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KTBW Chapter 3.2

Chapter 3.2

Zhang Qiang smiled and said: “Uncle Liang, it’s okay, I ran into this thief and didn’t expect him to fight back. I blocked his kick with my arm and here I am.”


    “Uncle Liang, don’t tell my dad!”


    “How could you not tell Old Zhang about this! He will be worried about you! Furthermore, If he finds this out in the future, he will surely come to my house and wreak havoc!”


    “Uncle Liang, my father still doesn’t know I had given you two bottles of his favorite wine from his collections. Let’s say, if he were to find out about that…”




    “Don’t tell him, and your skills are the best. I just need to stay hidden for a month at a friend’s house, and then go home after healing, no one will ever know!”


    “Sigh…OK! Come on, get yourself ready for some screws. Your injuries are too serious this time, you will need at least three months to heal!”




    Oblivious to everybody, the tall girl with a long ponytail was looking at the X-ray film on the lamp stand with great interest. Without turning her head, she whispered, “Miss Wu, in your medical clinic here, even an apprentice can treat patients here?” 


    Though the voice was not loud, it was enough to be heard by everyone present.


    Zhang Qiang was the first to jump up. She raised her eyebrows and said to Guo Ming, “Where did you come from? Who let you in? What are you saying? Are you mute!”


    Wu Yuanyuan was so embarrassed that she pulled Zhang Qiang’s uninjured hand and whispered, “This is my friend. She is also a… Chinese physician.”


    Zhang Qiang opened her mouth and was about to say something when Dean Liang stopped her.


    Dean Liang looked at Guo Ming and asked, “Little girl, why do you say that?”


    Guo Ming felt that this person was considerably polite enough, so she decided to answer him. She pointed to the X-ray film and asked him: “In this picture, it shows that the radius and ulna are broken neatly. It’s a simple injury? Why does it sound so difficult to heal? Why do you need screws? Are you a carpenter?”


    “Hey! What are you talking about!”


    Dean Liang waved his hand to Zhang Qiang and continued to ask: “No screws? How do you secure the broken bone? If it is not secure, what would happen if the interface does not heal well?”


    There was finally a little expression on Guo Ming’s face. She was a little surprised at the other person’s ignorance, she replied, “Use a needle.”


    “Use a needle?”


    Everyone expressed their doubts except for Dean Liang, who was more interested and surprised.


    “Using hollow gold needles to pierce and Internal Qi energy to treat the injured bone. Coupled with the supplement of decoction, it will soon heal and grow strong.”


    “Golden Needle and Internal Qi?”


    “You must have read too many novels, right?”


    Dean Liang and Zhang Qiang said at the same time.


    “Dear Qiang, please sit down for a while, let me talk to this young girl.” Dean Liang sent Zhang Qiang aside, and he moved a chair over and asked Guo Ming to sit down. When Wu Yuanyuan saw it, she hurriedly took another chair and sat beside Guo Ming. To be honest, she was afraid that Guo Ming would say something shocking.


   “Golden needles with Internal Qi? Young girl, where did you hear about it?”


    Guo Ming was surprised that he had not heard about such common treatment before. It seems that the doctors in this medical clinic were not very skilled.


    “To be honest, I have lived for more than sixty years, that is, when I was a child, I heard about Golden needles with Internal Qi, but I didn’t expect you to know it. And it seems that you may know more than me.”


    “Oh, where did you hear it from?”


    “My father’s good friend, who was also a well-known Chinese medicine doctor, he had an ancestor who was not only good at medicine, but was also accomplished in martial arts. I once heard my father say that his good friend was also skilled with golden needles and qi, so he was called a specialist in bone injuries!”


    “It turns out that the medical skills here have really declined very much. The so-called golden needle with qi is a basic skill for us when we started learning medicine. This is really…” Guo Ming said, her tone inevitably sad. After all, they are all doctors, and their job was to treat diseases and save people. Guo Ming felt regretful that this technique had been lost.


    “I wonder if I would have the opportunity to witness the superb skills of this Golden Needle with Internal Qi’ in my life?” Dean Liang looked at Guo Ming with beaming eyes. To be honest, if someone told him that a young girl in her twenties had such skills, Dean Liang would think that they must be crazy. But looking at Guo Ming, though she may look young, she displayed an unusual amount of experience and confidence. Dean Liang did not know why, but he believed that there was something special about this young girl. He firmly believed that the young girl was not bragging and she may have more skills than just the golden needles.


    Guo Ming turned his head and looked at Zhang Qiang, but said to Dean Liang, “What’s so difficult about it?”


    Zhang Qiang reluctantly sat on the chair and watched Dabin and Dean Liang remove the splint on her arm. The ponytail girl pinched her injured arm with her left hand, and out of nowhere, a long golden needle appeared on her right hand. Zhang Qiang gritted her teeth and watched her insert the slender needle into her arm… What? It didn’t hurt at all!


    Three golden needles were inserted into her arm from three different directions, almost fully submerged in it, but Zhang Qiang didn’t feel pain at all. She stared at this dumbfounded. It was only after taking the new X-rays pictures and saw that her two broken bones were firmly fixed by three golden needles, and the sections overlapped well, that she felt grateful towards the long ponytail girl in front of her.


    Dean Liang was shocked. From the way the young girl took the golden needles, he could see that the little girl was deeply skilled. He tried very hard but was not able to see how she took out the golden needle from the side pocket of her pants. Basically every time her hand shook the side of the pocket, the golden needle would appear. And the golden needle, which was originally not a hard object, could firmly hold the broken bone. Although he can’t see the so-called qi, it is obvious that the golden needle has undergone some special changes before it becomes hard and resilient.


    Now Dean Liang was not only curious about this young girl, but also admired her!


    After helping Zhang Qiang fix the splint again, Dean Liang smiled and asked Guo Ming: “Young girl, you said that decoction can help it heal better. What kind of medicine is needed? Give me a prescription, and I will prepare it.”


    With that said, he was a little expectant and handed Guo Ming a stack of paper and a soft-tip brush. He watched her take it naturally, and then sat down at the table. Her handwriting was very charming  and neat.


    Dean Liang secretly smiled. Sure enough, as expected. This girl must have come from a family with a strict tradition, and she must have learnt many useful skills from her ancestors! He needed to befriend her!


    Yuanyuan stretched her head and looked at her for a long time, out of fear that Guo Ming may write something shocking that would reveal her true identity. As it is, after reading it for a long time, she recognized all the traditional characters, and she could also see that it was well written, but she didn’t know what those medicines were. She watched Guo Ming hand the piece of paper to Dean Liang, and saw Dean Liang became wide-eyed, and said in surprise, “I didn’t know that these medicines can be combined and mixed like this.


Then, watching Dean Liang happily chanting “what an eye-opener”, he smiled and stretched out his right hand to Guo Ming and said, “Young girl, my name is Liang Jili, I too was born in a family of Chinese medicine practitioners, but I must say, your ability is so much higher than me. I would like to befriend you, please allow me to ask you for advice in the future.”


     Guo Ming was a little surprised. Judging from the way people behaved towards him, he was highly respectable. Even at this senior age, for the sake of improving his medical skills, he is willing to seek advice from someone so much younger.  It shows that he was someone dedicated to the medical profession.


     Guo Ming stood up, straightened herself, and extended her right hand. She shook hands with him and said: “My name is Guo Ming, please forgive me if I have offended you in any way.”

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