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KTBW Chapter 1

Chapter 1

When Guo Wuming woke up, the first thing she heard was the noise. When she opened her eyes, it was bright. The floor in front of her was shiny and slippery. She had no idea what type of stone it was made of. 


Not far from a low stage with a red carpet, a strangely-dressed woman held a black short stick in her hand and spoke quickly. The sound traveled far, but it was loud. It was not created from her internal energy, but something unknown to Wuming.


    Behind the woman stood several groups of people, who should be of foreign races. Their hair color and pupil color were different from ordinary people, and their outfits were equally strange. Some wore robes, and some wore armor made of unknown metal, shining brightly. There were also one or two women dressed in revealing clothes, with their arms, waist, and legs exposed, but their posture was not elegant.


    Selling slaves? Guo Wuming guessed in her heart, but still did not move. The golden needle has reached the fingertips. No matter what environment she was in, she remained vigilant, not to mention that now, she didn’t understand where she was.


    A new group of people came onto the stage , but the previous group obviously had not been sold, they only got off the stage and stood by the side. The people from the new group were split into two groups and stood on two sides of the stage. From somewhere unknown, the deafening sound of music played by unknown instruments came. They followed the music and drew their weapons. Although they did not touch each other, some of them fell to the ground. Some had weapons like swords, while others had shields or hammers. All of them were of unknown materials, colorful and shiny. A group of spectators stood around the stage, in the same strange attire, resembling farmers. The women still showed their arms and legs, cheering from time to time. They all held a square device in their hands and aimed it at the stage.


    Wuming was shocked as she had never seen such a weapon before, and felt that it was something not easy to deal with just by looking at it. But at this time, she still had yet to figure out the whole situation, so her first priority was to leave this place.


    As Wuming got up and was about to leave, a group of people suddenly swarmed towards her. They were all wearing robes. The men had caps, while the women hada bun. They were all dressed in a manner that was very different from their age. Guo Wuming thought to herself, the dressing habit here is very strange, just what is going on? They walked by, smiling at Wuming, and moved on. Someone rushed to the stage and took out a square object to aim at the stage. Some stood in groups of twos and some in threes, poking their cheeks with one hand or fist, or pointing, and shouting “Yeh!” Some stood still for a moment and then continued walking around the room.


    Wuming hesitated. Before she could decide whether to stay or leave, two girls wearing shorts with exposed arms and legs came over. Twisting and standing beside Wuming, they blushed as they leaned closer and asked, “Sister, can we take a picture with you?”


    Wuming didn’t know what “take a picture” meant, but it looked like these two were harmless. She retracted the golden needle between her fingers under her sleeve and nodded. The two girls stood on each side. One of them took out a square metal box, fiddled with it twice and raised it above their head. Then, she saw the three of them reflected on it like a mirror! The two girls opened their eyes, poking their fingers at their cheeks, and Wuming followed suit. After a “Yeh”, Comrade Guo Wuming’s first photo in modern time was recorded in such a funny form.


    The next hour was spent in this way. At first, she would look at the iron box and poke her cheeks every time someone said “let’s take a picture”. Later, she found that if she was expressionless or showed a trace of murderousness in her eyes, the resulting portrait on the iron box made those people happier. So she dealt with those people this way. Even when many people asked her for “WeChat ID” or “to scan”, she would look at them with cold eyes or a murderous stare. Instead of scaring them, it attracted more people.


From the discussion of people around her, Wuming discovered that the place where she was at was called “Cultural Hall”, and everyone was participating in “cosplay”. Those young people who wore robes came from different “Hanfu clubs.” Wuming guessed that this was probably an organization. Because more than a group of young people came to ask her where her robe was from, and invited her to join their organization.


    Wuming also understood that the square box should be a communication tool where you can talk to others through it. It’s just that the function of the portrait had not been fully understood.


    Wuming knew by now that she had come to a brand new place. This was very different from Tianrong State. Apart from being able to understand the language, and most of the text, she knew nothing else about this place.


    Wuming knew that she must get acquainted with this place as soon as possible. If her identity was to be discovered, she would definitely be noticed. She did not want to think about what trouble it would bring.


    She kept quiet and continued to observe the crowd. But the people started to disperse in an hour or so. It seemed that the time for renting the venues for the event had ended, and the “Cultural Center” staff needed to clear the venue.


    Wuming picked up the medical box and walked behind them slowly. For a moment she didn’t know where to go. She secretly ridiculed herself. Tian Rong’s most revered poison sage had ended up in this state. She wondered if her teacher would crawl out of his grave and laugh at her if he saw her like this.


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