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At the end of July, cicadas were everywhere in the border town. Shen Chi put on his headphones and sat in front of the computer, watching the introduction of the game ‌ version. After the exam, he didn’t think about the results.

Suddenly the door of the rental house snapped, he took off his headphones and opened the door, Zhuang Zhou’s face caught in his eyes: “What’s the matter?”

“You were admitted to the county championship!”

Compared with the plain-looking Shen Chi, Zhuang Zhou was so excited that he couldn’t breathe calmly. He watched Shen Chi come over day and night. Shen Chi was happier when he got the top pick in the exam than he was on the second line last year.


The boy’s tone was calm.

“Why are you not surprised?” Zhuang Zhou asked suspiciously. Shen Chi started watching the game as soon as the college entrance examination was over. He guessed that he didn’t know the score today.

“Who can’t hear the big horn?” The teenager sat back in his chair and put on his headphones and asked, “How did you do in the exam?”

Zhuang Zhou heard the words and walked out the window. From the window, he could see Teacher Wang riding a tattered bicycle. The front of the car was hung with a large horn borrowed from the street office, and the same message was scrolled through the horn: “No.3 middle school, Shen Chi scored 678 points in the college entrance examination and won the county championship.”

His eyes twitched, no wonder Shen Chi had a helpless expression on his face, he was about to walk out of the room, and the boy suddenly asked, “How did you do in the exam?”

“Yan Shen is one point higher than last year’s third line. Shi Liang and I should have no problem with the second line. There are also many undergraduates in the same class. Pass the far door.”

“You can live together.”

Shen Chi put on his headphones.

Zhuang Zhou understands Shen Chi’s temperament. This tone is happier. Although Shen Chi didn’t react, he suddenly felt a strange feeling when he looked at the young man facing the screen.

The first time he saw Shen Chi‌, the teenager was also playing games with headphones, and he skipped class to play games in Internet cafes.

In the old Internet cafe, he never thought that they would be admitted to the university, have the opportunity to walk out of the remote border town, and take a look at the outside world together.


Mother Ji gave birth to a son without any risk. She returned home from the hospital and was named Ji An.

Aunt Ji hugged Ji An and said, “He has a high forehead, and he looks promising.”

Father Ji made milk powder for Ji An: “I don’t expect him to be more successful. He can take a college exam and find a proper job, unlike when we get up early and go into the dark.”

“An An is not like Shen Chi.” Aunt Ji coaxed Ji An in her arms, and she suddenly thought of something and said, “I remember today is the announcement of the college entrance examination results? I don’t know if Shen Chi has gone to the exam. ”

Mother Ji was shocked, because she was pregnant with Ji An, she forgot to note the college entrance examination in the hospital. She hasn’t asked Shen Chi how he did in the exam.

“He doesn’t care about studying.”

In the face of having a son, Father Ji’s tone is no longer harsh, and he didn’t care about Shen Chi’s college entrance examination scores. He carefully fed Ji An milk powder, and after all, Shen Chi was not raised by them .

At the beginning, he was fortunate that the Shen family was willing to return the children to them. After contact with him, he found out that the children not wanted by the Shens were thrown to them. If Shen Chi was a good boy, how could he be sent to the border town?

He heard that he was still in contact with people in the society, and he had no expectations for this self-indulgent child. He never thought of getting Shen Chi back, and he didn’t want Ji An to follow bad examples.

At this time, the door was knocked, and Father Ji opened the door, all acquaintances came to the door with courtesy, and the small living room seemed even more crowded.

“I’ve come here, what kind of gifts should I bring?” Aunt Ji smiled and accepted the gift, lowering Ji An, “Look at An’an with a small nose and small eyes. It was carved out of the same model as his father.”

However, what she didn’t expect was that everyone didn’t even look at Ji An. Instead, they looked to the room and seemed to be looking for someone. One person asked, “Is Shen Chi away?”

“Shen Chi?” I don’t know why Aunt Ji suddenly mentioned this name, “He got into trouble? We said that this can have nothing to do with us, We can not even see his shadow. ”

She said this to Shen Chi’s face, not to mention that she could not see him, even if she saw him, she kept her face cold, he did not put her as an elder in his eyes, the whole society of young people, one day If she saw him in the detention center it would not be surprising.

A highly respected person with crutches entered the door surrounded by everyone: “Shen Chi scores 678 points in the college entrance examination. This is a major event to be included in the county annals. I have come to discuss how to manage the promotion feast.”

Father Ji couldn’t be more aware of Shen Chi. He only had games in his eyes. He didn’t believe that he could score 678 on the test in just one year.

However, Zhuo used to be a noble family in the border town, and his tone couldn’t help but bring silk to please him: “Zhuo, are you … mistaken?”

“If the school has posted it, what can be wrong?” Zhuo said dissatisfied, “The border town hasn’t been out for many years. The banquet is going to be a big deal today. You don’t have to pay for it. What about the child? ?”

Father Ji hasn’t spoken to Shen Chi for a long time. He doesn’t know how to explain their situation. There are always people in the hospital boasting that they will raise children. He thought it was Ji Shu but he didn’t expect to say Shen Chi.

While he was embarrassed, Aunt Ji agreed: “September 3 is Xiao Chi’s birthday. I think the promotion banquet will be held on that day, and I will inform him that he must arrive on time.”

When the crowd dispersed, father Ji still stayed dumbfounded. He never imagined that one day he would be envied because of Shen Chi. His heart was so complicated that he couldn’t help but speak to Aunt Ji: “Xiao Chi is withdrawn, just in case he don’t go. what to do?”

“You call him, don’t say he is admitted to Yan University, even if he becomes a high official, you are his father, and if he does not recognize that you are going to be pricked in the backbone.”

When Dad Ji heard the last sentence, he breathed a sigh of relief. No matter how he was, he was also Shen Chi’s father. He just used the promotion banquet to make up for the relationship between father and son. Ji An might still count on Shen Chi in the future.

Aunt Ji has been calculating how many red envelopes she can receive: “There must be many people going, I will help you, and the red envelopes will be mine.”

Mother Ji sitting on the bed said: “I always feel bad.”

“What’s wrong?” Aunt Ji shook her head dissatisfied, “You can sit in confinement with peace of mind, and don’t worry about other things.”

On September 3rd, Shen Chi’s promotion banquet was full opposite the school, but Shen Chi did not come. Seeing more and more discussions during the dinner, Aunt Ji had to get up and say : “I called Xiao Chi yesterday. This child has not loved to socialize since he was a child, and I don’t know if he will come.”

At this time, the teenager with white headphones on his neck came over, and Aunt Ji suddenly relaxed: “He is coming.”

As long as Shen Chi came, it was easy to handle. Even if she was silent and didn’t talk, she only needed to sit in a chair. She took Shen Chi to join the table.

The banquet has not yet begun. The teacher Wang, who has been riding his bicycle for a day, drank and flushed: “I used to go to the provincial capital for a meeting. The teachers in No.1 Middle School laughed at me. Remember why? No.3 Middle School can’t even get out of an undergraduate course.”

“But I’m going to the provincial capital today to raise my eyebrows.” Wang, Shi, drank a glass of wine, “My students got better than everyone in No. 1 Middle School.”

“There are 73 undergraduates in our school this year.” Teacher Wang compared a number with his hand.

“Let me think that there is still hope in the border city. The children in the border city are no worse than others. I hope you can walk out of the border city with your heads upright.” TeacherWang looked at Shen Chi eagerly and said, “Don’t disappoint everyone’s expectations of you. ”

Shen Chi hasn’t had a drink for a long time, but looking at Teacher Wang’s red eyes, he still poured himself a glass of wine and drank it.

After he finished drinking, Aunt Ji pulled father Ji to his feet and said, “It’s not easy for Xiao Chi’s father to provide for Xiao Chi.Every day, he has to prepare for the stall, and he is too tired to bend his waist.”

A bad feeling flashed across Father Ji’s face, and Aunt Ji wanted to say more. The teenager stood up during the dinner: “Some people never know what it means to be enough.”

Aunt Ji felt that Shen Chi had changed for the first time. The young man she remembered was taciturn, but what Shen Chi said now seems to be sharp: “Is it because I want to remind you again.”

“What is the relationship between him and me? he confiscated my child support fee, and even I gave back 13,000, but what did I get? He turned over my suitcase and suspected that I was hiding money. He gave birth to another child and ignored my college entrance examination. ”

Aunt Ji was about to defend, and the teenager drank the wine in the cup: “I am not interested in arguing with you, just to tell you that I and the Ji family have no relationship.”

He put down the wine glass and left. Aunt Ji saw the crowd at the banquet. Aunt Ji bit her head and said, “The child is young and ignorant.”

However, a thin, small middle-aged man stood up: “I am a father, I can testify, I am not afraid of your jokes, I have been in prison more than once.”

“I’m a prisoner of reform through labor who knows to be nice to children, but what did Shen Chi’s parents do?” Yan Jianguo asked, raising his voice. “A minor child who was hungry and anemic fainted in a rental house. His so-called father and mother are nowhere to be found.”

Aunt Ji didn’t dare to refute Yan Jianguo. Mama Zhuang also got up from her seat: I am also a parent. Xiao Chi just came to our house to eat, and his wrist was so thin that my nose was sore. No one came out and said that it was his child.”

“But I know that Xiao Chi is a sensible child. Although I don’t like to talk, no matter how many times I say I don’t, he helps tidy up after eating. If others treat him well, he will return it. Where does it seem to be spoiled?”

Zhuang’s mother said, her eyes were red: “Now Xiao Chi is admitted to Yan University, and his parents showed up. This is to bully other people’s children and keep silent.”

Father Ji was said to be a good man all his life. He was scolded at the spine for the first time. His face was flushed. He wanted to find a place to sew and drill down. He regretted following Aunt Ji’s words to hold a promotion banquet.

He remembered what Mother Ji had said before, if he knew that Shen Chi could be admitted to Yan University and their department, he wouldn’t be as horribly stiff, maybe he wouldn’t have to have Ji An.

He grabbed Aunt Ji who was about to open her mouth, and drank with a headache: “Just say a few words, it’s not embarrassing enough.”

While Shen Chi walked back to the rental house alone, he will take the train to Yancheng tomorrow. This may be his last day in the border city.

The young man walked to the door of the rental house. The door was full of birthday gifts. His hand to open the door stopped. He thought that he would be looking forward to leaving the border town. He didn’t expect to be disappointed.

He opened the door, and opened the eighteen-year-old coming-of-age gifts one by one, all of which were signed.

Zhuang Zhou gave him Bluetooth headsets, sentimental Shi Liang gave him his memoirs, Yan Shen gave him a fountain pen, Teacher Wang gave him “Celebrity Success Story”… even Yan Jianguo also gave him a brand new mouse.

The last gift was opened. It was an inconspicuous box. When the box was opened, it was an emerald brooch.

There was no name.

Translator’s Note: Face slapping! Aunt Ji is so annoying please give him a break. Happy Reading Everyone!
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  1. 🛫JETJET🛬 says:

    I don’t wanna talk about father ji and aunt ji, there’s a suspicious box right there!!!!!!!

    Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, emerald brooccccchhhh baby

    Thanks for the hardwork❤️

  2. Sofea says:


    And the emerald brooch 😍😍😍

  3. IamNobody says:

    mother Ji…I’m truly disappointed of you. Why did you give up on your son ? Your the most promising among his relatives yet you only keep saying that you feel bad about him, you never did anything to express that you actually care. Before your pregnancy you could have given him some foods or snacks. You coud’ve ask a classmate or visit his house.

    1. Jaime says:

      Its still her fault, but in all honesty after he left the house she knew that their relationship was done. If she kept coaxing him only for her husband and the aunt to try and ring him for money it would be worse. She did the second best thing she could. Which was simply leave him alone, not insult him and stop acting as if he was their new broken and useless toy. She had another child, and it would simply just hurt him more to see her pregnant. In all honesty this worked out the best for him

  4. hakdogsalami says:

    It’s so emotional… Thanks to the parents who defended shen chi 😭😭😭

  5. Sabby says:

    Yan Jianguo was the person I least expected to like in this novel, and yet he has turned out to be a decent guy who cares about his son and his son’s friend. He may be a thief and has done a lot of bad things in his life, but at least he actually cares about his kid, unlike the entire Ji family. This face slapping felt so good.

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