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Wolf Cub


Twelve coins ……


  Just about made it to one hundred coins, which meant he could withdraw all the money in his account.


  The teenager stood frozen in place for a while before he came back to his senses, sat down in his seat, opened the accounts page and clicked on withdraw money again.


  –100 RMB has been issued to the bound bank card, please check in time!


  Shen Chi held his phone and walked out of the Internet cafe, smelling the smell of shredded pork in sauce, he inhaled his nose and said to the boss at the stall, “Give me a portion.”


  ”A large portion.”


  After paying, the red-haired teenager took the shredded pork in sauce rolled in a pancake, his eyes narrowed to a curve, and lowered his head to eat contentedly.




  The next day, Ji Dad and Ji Mom came back from the countryside with big bags of things, round cabbage, green peppers, and a big basket full of potatoes with mud.


  Shen Chi slept with his hair sticking out, he looked at himself in the mirror and reached out with a cold face to ruffle his hair, but there were still a few hairs unconvincingly sticking up.


  He stared at it for a while and left the bathroom somewhat discouraged, and was called by  mother Ji when he went out: “Xiao Chi.”


  His back stiffened inconspicuously.


  ”We brought you some clothes.” Ji’s mother spoke softly and looked expectantly at Shen Chi, “Will you try it on to see if it fits?”


  ”I’ll try it on.”


  Ji Dad also handed the bag to him.


  Shen Chi looked at the bag in his hand, but finally turned around and went into the bedroom.


  He opened the paper bag, it was a white striped sweater.


  The label on the shirt had not been torn, his eyes paused at the words written on the chemical fiber fabric, changed out of his own clothes and put on the sweatshirt.


  The sleeve length and the length of the garment were both appropriate.


  He suddenly rolled up his sleeves and raised his hands to observe his arms.


  Probably because he hadn’t worn cheap clothes, his skin was too sensitive, and the inside of his wrist broke out in a tiny red rash.


  Shen Chi changed back into his own clothes, put the sweater back into the bag and walked out of the room.


  He handed the bag back to Ji Dad, who’s eyes crossed with disappointment.


  ”It doesn’t fit?” Ji’s mother asked.


  He didn’t answer.


  ”It’s okay, we’ll take you to the street to buy some other day.” mother Ji comforted, “You came to the border city, we haven’t bought you new clothes.”


  Shen Chi looked at the pair of eyes similar to his own, for some reason, did not say the refusal that came to his lips.


  The young man said “hmm” very softly and left.


  The only two people left in the living room were Ji father and Ji mother.


  ”I’ll return it tomorrow.” The paper bag containing the clothes was put away by Ji mother, who blamed herself and said, “How could it not fit when it was bought according to the size.”


  ”It’s too cheap, right?”


  Ji Dad looked at the paper bag and asked, “Do you think he wants to go back to the Shen family?”


  He didn’t know how to treat this suddenly recovered child, what they could give was already the best they could give.


  ”Xiao Chi has only been in the border city for a few days, didn’t you say that it’s normal to not adapt.” Ji’s mother said with relief.


  ”But what if he doesn’t adapt after a long time?”


  Ji Dad’s tone was full of disappointment: “Senior year started almost a week ago, he has not gone to school, stayed in the Internet cafe every day, missed the college entrance exams, after the morning and night like us to sell breakfast?”



  mother Ji listened to the words silently.


  Shen Chi arrived late at the Internet cafe, walked to his usual position and sit down. Yesterday’s burn was a lot better, at least it will not affect the operation again.


  He opened the live stream.


  Today Ruan Yan is off, he boarded the game alone and clicked on the desert map match.


  ”Late, good morning!”


  ”Desert map? I feel that the desert map is fast-paced and not suitable for Late.”


  ”Yesterday’s desert game was much worse than the island game. The island has a lot of cover and can be hidden, but it requires high marksmanship.”


  Shen Chi, pretending he didn’t see the comments, still chose the desert map, and opened his parachute in M City to jump down.


  M City is not a place rich in supplies, but the place is not large, the collection efficiency is high, he landed and picked up a gun, climbed to the roof of the building, he aimed at a distant figure, right probe ready to shoot.


  ”The high point!”


  ”Am I the only one who noticed that it was a 98K gun?”


  ”Good luck, it is known that long-range single shot damage is extremely difficult to do, unless the opponent has three head, theoretically it can’t be taken away in one shot”


  Theoretically, the margin of error is so low but a few people will stand still for you to hit.


  But in the next second, the kill information was displayed on the screen.


  ”Late killed Sibor with 98K”.


  The 98K, known as the Kar98k, is a bolt sniper and requires manual reloading after each round, so Shen Chi reloaded the gun before aiming at the next person.


  ”This kill was awesome!”


 ” Suddenly I realized that Late doesn’t have a favorite gun, he always uses whichever one he picks up.”


  ”Because he’s good with all of them, right?


  ”I agree”


  At first, the audience was subconsciously nervous about Shen Chi, but as more and more kills were displayed, they could not help but relax.


  ”There’s another person in front of me.”


  ”Please line up for the delivery.”


  That’s why yesterday was a superb game, Late’s level today is comparable to the first day.


  Shen Chi’s attention was focused on the game and readjusted his gun to fire.


  *Late used a Kar98K.


  ”Late used Kar98K to kill you”


  Baicha was killed for the first time since he started the game. He looked at the message displayed on the screen in dismay and didn’t speak for a long time.


  He had just played with Late yesterday, and he knew very well that Late’s marksmanship could only be described as good, with a high number of misses and no ability to hit moving targets at long range, let alone with the 98K.


  The answer is obvious.


  His live is still open, he did not name names, pressed the gas and said, “There is no need to hang.”


  Baicha quit the game.


  He left, but the live room exploded.


  ”The name “Late?” is familiar.”


 ” The main player we played with yesterday, Ruan Yan’s friend, is quite average, but today’s kill count is almost 20, so anyone with eyes can see that it’s not normal.”


  ”The boss is off the air so early today, is he really angry?”


  ”I’m sure, he’s annoyed with people hanging up.”1(tl: The hanging up here must mean using cheating softwares)



  Shen Chi did not know what was happening in the other broadcast rooms, he did not even recognize Baicha, but if he did, he would not have been merciful.


  He ended the game, rubbing his wrists that were trembling due to prolonged tightness, and when he raised his head again, the screen was covered with stinging insults.


  The teenager looked at the screen without expression, but his hand trembled.


  ”Are you proud of winning with a hang-up?”


  ”The first time I saw you, you were able to get 20 kills a game today, so I’m laughing.”


  ”Hanging pussy of the kitten video broadcast”


  The teenager half lowered his eyes, his throat was dry.


  *USA Library


  Yan Xue Xiao wrote a day’s paper in the library, and his hands were full of thick piles of information.


  He took off his thin, gold-rimmed glasses and opened his phone to check for unread messages, but opened it–


  The message was not received.


  Yan Xue Xiao closed his phone with uncertain emotions.


  He just wanted to make sure his hand was healed.


   With this idea in mind, he put on his headphones and opened the live broadcast with his computer.


  ”Why aren’t you shameful when you are live streaming?”


  ”If he wasn’t hung up, why was his game level inconsistent?”


  ”What’s so serious about this, understand the anchor orphan, it’s not easy to grow up”.


  Yan Xue Xiao frowned lightly.


  At this time, the live screen suddenly changed, recording the screen and hand with the camera respectively, completely restoring the game process.


  The people in the screen lurked on the roof of the building, concealing themselves, waiting extremely patiently and silently harvesting heads.












  One more than last time.


  The right hand of Shen Chi, covered by a loose sleeve, was faintly trembling, obviously a sign of disengagement, but then the sleeve was gathered deeper, completely covering the right hand.


  He didn’t think to explain, but chose to hit once with all his strength.


  He thought to himself, “It seems to be a not too smart wolf cub, even licking his wounds he is vigilant not to be discovered.


  The live broadcast was quiet for a while, and it took a while before someone spoke tentatively to break the silence.


  ”Did we …… misunderstand him?”


  ”The same gun was used, even the position of the ambush was exactly the same, all of them were one shot to the head”


  ”The arc of pressure and the movement of the mouse are in line with each other.”


  ”Seems really good.”


  Yan Xue Xiao looked at the last sentence, raised his eyebrows, and gently pursed his lips and smiled.


  The person sitting next to him looked frozen, it’s not that he had never seen Yan Xue Xiao smile before, but it was mostly a smile that didn’t reach the bottom of his eyes, with a sense of distance if anything, this smile – it was the first time he had seen it.




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    (tl: The hanging up here must mean using cheating softwares)
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar Sofea says:

    I’m glad shen chi slapped them in the face. Take that!! And yue xiao is slowly falling for our baby 💕

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