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The next second after hearing the sound, Shen Chi seemed to be amplified by his senses, and everything around him was extremely clear, whether it was the cold breath of pine wood or the diffuse fluorescence of the night outside the window.

The moment he slowly turned around, the world suddenly stood still, and all the voices disappeared.

The young man was a head taller than him, and the shadow he cast covered him from top ‌ to the bottom. He was shrouded in the shadow, and he felt nervous when he didn’t come, and quickly lowered his head.

Suddenly , a hand was dropped on top of his head, and he gently rubbed his head. He raised his head subconsciously, just to face a pair of narrow and dark eyes. The young man asked in a low voice: “Ignoring people?”

Shen Chi’s heart beats, and before she can deny it, Yan Xue Xiao slowly explains: “It’s too late to come from New Jersey.”

The uneasy feeling of meeting for the first time seemed to disappear without a trace from this sentence. He took out the tickets from the tournament organizer from the inner layer of the backpack: “‌There are two tickets to the World Championship, do you want to see it together?”

He plucked up the courage to add another sentence: “If you have nothing to do.”

Yan Xue Xiao said softly “en”.


In the lecture hall of Princeton, Byron was giving a report on behalf of the School of Philosophy. His voice was peculiarly arrogant, and there were many characters in the chair with textbooks.

“It’s really a shame that Yan gave up this opportunity.” A Jewish girl said with regret, “He suddenly asked for leave and left, otherwise it was him who would report.”

“It should be a very important thing.” Adam replied, but he wanted to take Yan’s temperament, ‌to him it might just be an ordinary report.

Yan Xue Xiao and Shen Chi sat in the PGC World Tournament seat . They sat in the fifth row, looking up at the big screen in the exhibition hall, and could see it without looking up.

Sixteen teams will play the final day of the game tonight. Even if the game has not yet started, the auditorium is full of people with different skin colors, their faces filled with excitement.

The game has not yet started. Shen Chi lowered his head and ate the strawberry cake, because Yan Xue Xiao asked him to wear a medical wristband on his right hand. His wrist was firmly restricted, so he could only use his left hand to unskillfully hold the spoon.

He didn’t finish the cake until the moment before the game started. He introduced Yan Xue Xiao: “The participating teams are all first-class teams from all regions. South Korea ranks first in points, followed by a European team, and thirdly. The team of the country, the style of each region is different—”

The people beside him listened quietly, but before his last sentence was finished, Yan Xue Xiao suddenly leaned over and covered him, and his body froze suddenly.

The young man’s slender fingers gently touched the trace of residual cream on his cheek. The location where he was touched was hot. He heard his heart beating, and his ears were turning red.

He turned his head quickly, but fortunately, the game started at this time, and his attention was distracted by the game.

Shen Chi focused on watching the game. As a traditional FPS country, Europe and the United States are typically characterized by fierce guns. If they encounter people on the transfer, teams from other countries have scruples, but the European and American teams often stop guns.

The South Korean team is just the opposite. The most famous is Korean-style operation, which has only one purpose of operation, as far as possible to ensure that it has the strength to enter the finals.

Both styles of play are to maximize their own advantages, with no advantages or disadvantages. However, from the results, the South Korean team won the world championship for five consecutive times, which is not unrelated to the operation strategy.

When watching the game, the youth’s eyes were filled with imperceptible envy, and Yan Xue Xiao walked out of his seat during the intermission.

“I showed Professor Ding Shen Chi’s film. His current hand injury can be cured as long as he avoids fatigue, but Professor Ding is not sure if he can play the game.” Guan Shan on the other side of the phone sighed. “Is it so important to play?”

“It is very important to him.” Yan Xue Xiao calmly .

“I haven’t seen you treat someone like this.” Guan Shan reminded him as if thinking of something: “New Jersey private needs parents’ asset certificates and transcripts for two years in high school, and if the language is not up to standard, it takes a year of language school, which is always very troublesome, and he still has his own relatives and friends. Will it be too selfish for him to follow you to strange places?”

Yan Xue Xiao lowered his eyelashes and hung up the phone. When he came back, he bought a glass of soda that the teenager liked to drink.

In the second half of the game, Shen Chi didn’t realize Yan Xue Xiao’s departure. He took the soda and drank it, but his eyes never left the screen ‌.

The on-site commentator was a foreigner, and the mixed professional vocabulary was too unintelligible, but he could see that the two teams in China made frequent mistakes under pressure, the initial vigor disappeared, and the youth’s voice could not hear emotions. ‌ : “Lost.”

In the domestic live broadcast of the World Game, Fang Shengquan’s partner, Fang Shengquan, turned to the camera: “The two domestic teams may not be well adapted to the rhythm of the World Championship, although they can’t do it at halftime. Great, but there is still a chance to comeback in the second half.”

Another commentator agrees ‌: “The race will drain the circle, and you can occupy the fate circle in advance. As an aboriginal in the security zone, you still have a great advantage.”

However, soon after the voice of the commentator ‌ fell, the two Chinese teams disappeared one after another, which meant that they missed the top three.

The game ended. The two domestic teams failed to enter the top three. Shen Chi didn’t even raise his eyelids. He was not surprised by this result, but he saw that one of the players took off his headphones and his eyes were red.

The young man’s vision was stagnant. When he walked out of the stadium, he lowered his head: “Everyone puts no less effort than others. It would be sad not to win the championship, right? The trophy looks light, and it’s heavy when you get it in your hand.”

Yan Xue Xiao next to him stopped. “You will still take it.”

Shen Chi bowed his head and didn’t say anything, the doctor said ‌ he might be able to recover. He was too aware of the intensity of the game, and every hand injury was fatal in the arena.

“Does it still hurt?” Yan Xue Xiao asked, looking at his hand.

The teenager lowered his eyes ‌: “It doesn’t hurt if you play while it is closed. The doctor ‌said I can no longer play games. ‌I don’t know what ‌ I can do without playing games. You just need to think about winning or losing when sitting in front of the computer.

“It doesn’t seem like something will happen if I’m away from the game.” His voice was dull, “It’s been less than a year since the college entrance examination. Is it difficult to go to Yan University?”

He heard Yan Xue Xiao say : “Yan University is my alma mater.”

Yan University is the best university in the country. He suddenly realized that Yan Xue Xiao was not joking about studying at Princeton for graduate school.

The night wind is cold, blowing on the boy’s pale face. He always thought that the distance of 14,000 miles was far away, and it took 13 hours to fly, but he had travelled farther away from the border town to the United States .

“You can do everything you want, so–” Yan Xue Xiao paused, “I believe you ‌ can take the test ‌.

Hearing the last sentence, the young man raised his head. He never thought about taking the test at Yan University. No one around him thought he could take the test at Yan University. Maybe the other party just mentioned it, but he stood there. In the cold night breeze, it seemed like light that cut through the darkness.

The words Yan University came to him for the first time. He wanted to take the entrance examination of Yan University in his third year. Even though his thoughts were unrealistic, he wanted to stand beside Yan Xue Xiao and get closer.

A little closer.

He heard his heart pounding in his chest, as if it was about to burst out of his chest.He pressed his emotions and said goodbye: “I booked a little ticket and went to the airport.”

“‌I will send you.” The youth faintly ‌replied.

When they arrived at the airport, Shen Chi pulled out a carefully packaged trophy from his backpack and said nonchalantly: “Here you are, it’s useless to hold anyway.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s eyes fell from the empty backpack to the trophy. There was only a water cup, old earphones, and charging cable in the backpack.

Obviously, he has nothing, but he wants to give him the most important thing, so Yan Xue Xiao looked away after a long time.

“Thank you.” The young man stared at him, saying these words one by one, “A very precious gift.”

His face blushed, and his backpack was taken away when he was about to talk. As if seeing his confusion, Yan Xue Xiao calmly said, “I will help you hold it.”

He didn’t care about it, and continued to move forward. Yan Xue Xiao left for a short while in the middle. He walked towards the waiting hall, his pace was slower , and he wanted to try his best to extend the time.

Perhaps the parting came too abruptly. He stopped, pretending to be calm and asked: “Will you come to see the border town?”

The air was unusually quiet. He didn’t wait for an answer. When he turned around, he fell into the warm chest of the young man. He subconsciously grabbed the shirt of the young man’s waist, and the cold pine breath came to his face.

It seems that he wants to hug. The young man hugged him hard and grabbed his narrow waist. The cold voice came from the top of his head: “Yes.”


Translator’s Note: Yan University can also be referred to as Yanda or Yancheng University but I chose to use Yan University from now on. That is also where Ji Shu(Shen fam’s biological son) would take the entrance exam to. Happy Reading Everyone don’t forget to join the discord and grab the role for this novel so you would be notified on the updates.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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