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He is the moon

“Why did you have a girlfriend?! What did your mother say?”

“I woke up as a mother-in-law”

“How did you met?”

He cautiously replied: “I met on the Internet.”

“It’s actually online dating!”

“Is online dating a high risk? I am worried my child is deceived”

“Believe in the eyes of our cub”

Yan Xue Xiao frowned slightly while looking at the screen.

When he finished speaking in front of the computer, he suddenly caught a glimpse of Yan Xue Xiao’s microphone.

He asked when the other party was online, and whether he heard his words, his breath was steady like a glass bead falling on the floor, and he tried his best to restrain the sound of his breathing

At this moment, he heard a low voice in the earphones: “Correct it—”

“It’s a boyfriend.”

The sound is very nice, it is as cold as the silent moonlight on the sea, and his brain is blank, as if being gently pulled into the deep sea​​‌‌.

The live broadcast room was quiet for only a moment.

“Ahhhhh, boyfriend!”

“Originally, I regret that the good girl is gone, but the voice is so good, I declare that it is my daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law shows up quickly.”

“Sounds good”

“I have a question, cub, is the online dating partner a man?”

Shen Chi had never thought that his virtual girlfriend would be a man, and it took a long time for his brain to recover from a dazed state.

His line of sight slowly slipped from the computer to the phone, looking at the half-written text on the screen, holding the phone tightly.

He suddenly felt ridiculous, thinking that he was special in her mind, but the gentle girl who would say goodnight to him, would live broadcast him every day, and draw a small trophy for him, existed and accompanied him. It’s just an illusion, he tells the other party which sentence is true and which sentence is false, perhaps, all are false.

He dropped his head and deleted all the text, and then sent a sentence.

【Shen Chi】Everyone likes to cheat me

He remembered that he was afraid of being sent away after the defendant said to his mom she took the wrong child. He lay in bed at night and dared not to close his eyes. He was afraid that he would come to a strange border city when he closed his eyes. He already remembered how that time was spent in the past

The woman smiled and said to take him abroad, he sat on the seat holding the suitcase, and the woman disappeared from his sight, and he realized—

He was abandoned.

He doesn’t want to be abandoned. He went back to the door and nobody opened it for him. It rained heavily outside, soaking all the clothes on his body. They looked at him with pity, and only his grandmother would open the door for him.

Later, grandma also left.

He lowered his eyes and silently deleted Yan Xue Xiao’s WeChat account. Originally, he wanted to complain to the customer service of the heartbeat shop, but after thinking about it, he did not open it.


Yan Xue Xiao glanced at the message on the screen and pressed his lips. He thought it was just a virtual love. It turned out that the other side regarded him as a virtual girlfriend. He typed a long conversation, but a message flashed across the screen.

“Please send friend verification first, and the other party can only chat after verification”

He emotionally closed his cell phone, looked at the time of his watch, and walked from the dormitory to the coffee shop.

Raven walked into the coffee shop and saw Yan on the bar wiping the cup, and said in surprise: “Have you run out of money?”

“I want to save money.”

Yan Xue Xiao’s voice was full of joy and anger.

“I heard that you are raising a child?” For the first time, Raven noticed that the mood of youth seems to be too the same on weekdays. He cautiously said, “Raising a child is very expensive. How is your child?”

Yan Xue Xiao’s hand wiping the cup stopped, looking at the phone that has not been moving and said lightly: “It’s fine.”


In Zhuang Zhou’s mind, Shen Chi is very punctual. The so-called punctual means from to early and late, entering the classroom just one second before the bell rings.

But he was late today.

Last night, he didn’t seem to sleep well. The blue and black under his eyes were heavier than usual. He had a cold expression and Zhuang Zhou wanted to talk to him after he sat down.

Shi Liang asked him in a whisper, “What happened?”

Zhuang Zhou lowered his voice: “He seems to be broken-hearted. He checked his mobile phone all day before, and I haven’t sent a message today.”

“What should we do?” Shi Liang was worried.

Zhuang Zhou has never been in love. He opened an emotional blogger’s Weibo, and after careful study, he said: “The best way to treat a broken relationship is to start a new relationship.”

Hearing Zhuang Zhou’s words, Shi Liang turned on the phone. There was a girl in a white dress on the phone. He handed it in the direction of Shen Chi: “She’s called Lin Zui, she is the girl Hong received from the country.”

Zhuang Zhou know sister Hong, and glanced at the phone curiously. Even if the photo is blurred, she can still see her appeal. He said, “It’s so pure.”

His voice dropped, and he came over coldly. What happened to the word Bai Qingchun? He immediately shut up after the emotional blog said that he was in a state of being lost in love.

Shen Chi used to think that the class time passed very quickly, and one day passed by when he was lying on the table with headphones on, but today’s time is extraordinarily long.

Shi Liang received his mobile phone and walked back to his seat. He thought of what he said, “By the way, I saw your mother was hospitalized in the hospital yesterday. Have you ever been able to ask what kind of illness it is? ‌Do you want to go to her?”

Shen Chi didn’t raise his head either.

“It matters if you go.” Shi Liang observed Shen Chi’s expression, and said timidly, “In my impression it should be a serious illness.”

She Chi put his headphones and lay on the table, but he walked towards the rental house after class, suddenly paused, and walked to the fruit shop in front of the school.

“Buy fruit?” The boss greeted enthusiastically, “I want oranges. The border town oranges are in season, and they cost ten yuan and three yuan.”

“How about a fruit basket?”

“The fruit basket is going to be expensive.” The boss told him that he was a student, and euphemistically persuaded him, “There are all kinds of fruits, and a basket costs one hundred and forty.”

After hearing the price, he paused and said, “Get me one.”

“That’s good.” The boss handed him the fruit basket placed in the innermost layer, “Is it expensive to buy this as a gift? The fruit in our store is fresh, and the person you would give to must be very happy to taste it.”

Shen Chi didn’t answer, and he paid for the fruit basket and walked to the hospital.

County Hospital’s ‌ ‌‌, only when he walked to the entrance of the hospital, he discovered that he didn’t know which ward mother Ji was in.

When he was about to turn around and leave, he caught a glimpse of father Ji helping mother Ji out of the ward, his footsteps stopped and followed.

mother Ji and father Ji are not fast, he can easily follow behind them, the fruit basket in his hand stretches forward slightly, but he never touches the two in front of him.

His lips opened. Just when he was about to speak, mother Ji and father Ji stopped in front of a department. They were so close that they could hear their voices.

“I can go in alone.” Mother Ji said

“The doctor said that you are an elderly woman, and your family should take care of you carefully, and it says in the education book that the fetus has his own knowledge and let him know his father.” Father Ji carefully touched it. He touched mother Ji’s belly, “Whether it’s a male or a female, it’s a baby from birth.”

“Okay.” Mother Ji shook her head.

His hands trembles holding the fruit basket

Mother Ji turned her head as if she had sensed it, and Shen Chi turned and left. Without letting the two discover him, he trembled and placed the fruit basket at the door of the ward.

He walked out of the hospital alone.

Yan Xue Xiao returned to the dormitory from the coffee shop.

He should be happy to use live broadcast, buy east, send express, and spend more time to read books, but his eyes narrow in the quiet live broadcast room.


Walking out of the hospital with less strength, he stood in the shadow, and his thin body looked thinner.

He leaned against the dusty wall with an expression on his face, and he was still there even if the school uniform was stained with dirty wall dust.

No ‌would come for him

He did not know how he could be liked, nobody taught him how to be likeable so in the end no one would want him.

He originally thought he was numb, but his chest was still panting up, like a drowned man sinking into the dark seabed.

The bottom of the sea is extremely dark. Upon hearing any sound, the heartbeat seems to stop beating, as if isolated from the world.

He thought it would be fine.

He stood for a long time, suddenly a strange number appeared on the phone, the silence disappeared, and a low voice rang in his ear.

“Who is your virtual girlfriend? It was you who added my number incorrectly. I didn’t say it because I was afraid that you were sad, and—” the phone paused, and the voice said calmly, “500 yuan is worth my One month’s time.”

He heard Yan Xue Xiao’s words ‌‌ like a lie. He squeezed his cell phone. The other party should think he is very nasty. He deleted his friend as soon as he said that, and he didn’t even give him a chance to explain.

He half-cast his eyes: “Are you accusing me?”

“My mother also once wanted me. She is pregnant, and they will have a new child. They are more obedient than me and more sensible than me. I’m sorry to let you try and get along with me like this.”

After a long pause

He heard a sentence clearly: “They do not want you, I want you.”

There is no light on the dark bottom of the sea. The wreck of the shipwreck is immersed in the sea and rusts quietly. He slowly raises his head, and he can see that there is a gentle moon at the end of the desert.


Translator’s Note: This is so bitter sweet. I don’t know what to feel anymore.

KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


  1. Avatar bakateme says:

    Shen Chi ????? My heart aches but its also so full. Thank you for the chapter!

  2. Who said that this is light-hearted and fluff is scam(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    Why did i’m here crying after reading this(ノT_T)ノ ^┻━┻

    1. Nacchi Nacchi says:

      People telling it to be a fluff is just a click bait technique to pass on the same level of pain to the next reader.

    2. Avatar IamNobody says:

      I’m still waiting waiting for the promised fluff too.

  3. Avatar Angelica Roslin says:

    I’m literally crying right now ?

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    I feel like i’m being snipe right through the heart😭😭😭

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