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FFPL Chapter 33.1

Although Bai Luoluo had a mild temperament and seemed rather harmless to both humans and animals, he had lived for more than 20 years in reality. He has not been harassed before.

Not only has he not experienced sexual harassment, Bai Luoluo also helped boys and girls who were harassed several times. Most of them had one thing in common, that is, they are petite and good-looking, so they became targets of perverts. Bai Luoluo was 1.8 meters tall and wasn’t thin. If anyone dared to harass him, they would probably end up being sent to the public security bureau.

But now, Bai Luoluo obviously had no chance of calling the police. Bai Nianjin gazed at him tenderly, his eyes were tender. He called Bai Luoluo: “Teacher.”

Bai Luoluo swallowed his saliva and looked away. He said, “Calm down, Nianjin…”

Bai Nianjin said: “Teacher, I can’t calm down when I see you.”

As he spoke, his breath became heavy. Bai Luoluo knew in an instant what this reaction meant, and he said grimly: “Nianjin, I only see you as my child.”

Bai Nianjin said: “Teacher, I don’t want to be your child, I want to be your lover.”

Bai Luoluo looked at Bai Nianjin with a heartbroken expression. He said, “Nianjin, think about it, you just misunderstood your feelings for me. How can you sleep with a man?” Before he could speak, Bai Nianjin brought his hand over a certain part.

Bai Luoluo: “…” Well, it really happened.

Bai Nianjin showed an expression of what do you still have to say?

Bai Luoluo almost cried, he found that the worst thing wasn’t Bai Nianjin who was hard. The worst thing was that Bai Nianjin was bigger than himself.

Bai Nianjin said, “Teacher, what else do you want to say?”

Bai Luoluo said, “I- I don’t want this!” He stood up after speaking and took a few steps back.

Bai Nianjin saw Bai Luoluo’s frightened expression, and the smile on his face faded. He said, “Teacher, where are you going?”

Bai Luoluo said nothing.

Bai Nianjin tilted his head slightly to reveal a rather innocent expression. He raised his hand to take off his coat, and then began to roll up his sleeves. He was wearing a shirt underneath. After his sleeves were rolled up, it revealed a white and slender arm. “Teacher, come here.”

Bai Luoluo stepped back uncertainly.

His action seemed to irritate Bai Nianjin. His face grew cold, and he slowly began to walk towards Bai Luoluo. He said, “Teacher, don’t be afraid of me.”

Bai Luoluo was frightened and turned around to run.

However, before he could run two steps, Bai Nianjin fell to the ground. There was a thick cashmere carpet on the ground, so Bai Luoluo didn’t feel much pain, but Bai Nianjin’s action of throwing him down caused him a lot of shock, and his whole body froze.

Bai Nianjin appeared behind Bai Luoluo, buried his head into the crook of Bai Luoluo’s neck, and said in a very aggrieved tone: “Teacher, don’t you like me?”

Bai Luoluo cried out, thinking: Brother, if I like you, you’re going to fuck me. How dare I?

Seeing that Bai Luoluo was motionless, Bai Nianjin let him go. Bai Luoluo felt relieved. He thought he had escaped a catastrophe, but didn’t expect the whole person’s vision to be turned upside down. He was carried on Bai Nianjin’s shoulders.

Bai Luoluo was an adult male a little over 1.7 meters, weighing more than 100 catties, but Bai Nianjin carried him like a sack of rice, and went to the second floor with ease.

Bai Luoluo cried and said to the system: “What should I do? What will he do to me?”

The system said: “Go with a peace of mind, I will always be behind you.”

Bai Luoluo was crying desperately in his heart, thinking that there is a stinky system behind every miserable employee.

Bai Nianjin carried Bai Luoluo to the second floor.

The structure of the second floor was actually very familiar to Bai Luoluo, but the most familiar thing is the large beds of various colors. Black, red, white, blue. Bai Luoluo seemed to have talked to the system about whether the bastard Bai Nianjin chose the color of his bed depending on his mood.

At this time, Bai Luoluo struggled with his life and finally was thrown directly onto the bed by Bai Nianjin.

Today’s bed was white, Bai Luoluo thought. White means pure love and full of purity, but Bai Luoluo doesn’t like white, because white is easily dirtied and difficult to wash, especially after eating hot pot…

“Teacher?” Bai Nianjin was a little helpless. He had long discovered that Bai Luoluo’s mind liked to wander, but he didn’t expect him to do so now. He said, “Teacher, if you don’t speak anymore, I will take off your clothes.”

Bai Luoluo said: “Huh?”

Bai Nianjin said, “What are you thinking about?”

Bai Luoluo: “It’s hard to wash the sheets, right?”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

The atmosphere was very awkward. It should have been full of charm and ambiguity but because Bai Luoluo’s linen was difficult to wash, it completely ruined the mood.

But Bai Luoluo still wore an innocent expression. Bai Nianjin sighed, and simply picked Bai Luoluo up and went to the next room. That bed was black, so he didn’t have to worry about it not being cleaned.

Bai Luoluo was placed gently on the bed. He stroked the black sheets and said quietly, “Nianjin, do you remember the down jacket I bought you that year?”

Bai Nianjin looked at him with a melancholic expression. The two years he spent with Bai Luoluo were the happiest time in his life. Although he arrived at the Bai’s house and had everything, he never felt that it belonged to him.

Bai Luoluo said: “It’s also black.”

Bai Nianjin said: “I know, but then I lost it somehow. I like that one the most…”

Bai Luoluo said in embarrassment, “I actually washed it for you. I didn’t feel embarrassed to tell you so I took it and threw it away…” He didn’t know what he was thinking when he threw the down jacket into the washing machine. It was completely deformed. Such clothes can’t keep warm so Bai Luoluo threw it into the trash can after thinking about it and brought Bai Nianjin to buy another one.

Bai Nianjin: “…”

After this talk, Bai Luoluo also opened his heart to Bai Nianjin. He sighed and said that the pair of white sneakers that Bai Nianjin particularly liked was actually dyed by his red pajamas, but it was really an accident. Nianjin’s habit of sleeptalking at night was also something he accidentally told his teacher. He didn’t know that his teacher would spread it to his other students, and then it would be known throughout his grade…

Bai Nianjin’s face was blue and purple, as colourful as his sheets. In the end, he couldn’t help it anymore. He forced a sentence from between his teeth: “Teacher, stop talking.”

Bai Luoluo: “No, I have done a lot of things behind your back. I want to tell you, I actually didn’t treat you as good as you thought.”

Bai Nianjin: “…”

Bai Luoluo’s expression was full of the vicissitudes of life: “I know you like me, but the melon forcibly harvested is not sweet-mmf.” His lips were kissed forcefully.

After the kiss, Bai Nianjin said, “Then why didn’t the teacher find a girlfriend in the past ten years?”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

Bai Nianjin said: “I thought it was teacher’s health, but teacher is in good health. If you’re well, why not find a girlfriend?”

Bai Luoluo blinked, humming for a while, and said, “Actually, it’s because… I have a first love.”

Bai Nianjin said, “Oh?”

Bai Luoluo said: “I have always liked her, but then…”

Bai Nianjin said lightly: “Continue.”

Bai Luoluo said: “It’s not appropriate… we’re apart… but her voice and smile have always been remembered in my heart.”

Bai Nianjin said: “It’s a good compilation.” Even the words “smile and voice” came out, and he was a Chinese teacher.

Bai Luoluo was also wronged, he also wanted to find a girlfriend, but if he found a girlfriend in this world, what if he goes back? He can’t leave her to be a widow suffering in this world.

Bai Luoluo said: “Anyway, I like to live by myself, what’s the matter! This can’t be the reason you’re doing this. Have you studied law? Do you know that you will be sentenced for several years?”

Bai Nianjin said quietly: “It is not illegal to rape a man.”

Bai Luoluo: “Oh.” This world’s legal system is too backward!!! If this was back in his world, Bai Nianjin, this baby, will have to be locked up.

Bai Nianjin said: “So?”

Bai Luoluo couldn’t find any reason, so he sneered, “But I’m still a child, what about pedophilia? That should be against the law?”

Upon seeing this, Bai Nianjin said dotingly: “You are always a child in my heart.”

Bai Luoluo: “…”

Bai Nianjin said: “Baby, come give me a kiss.”

Bai Luoluo showed an expression of disgust.

Bai Nianjin continued to talk while taking off Bai Luoluo’s clothes. He was a little aggrieved: “Teacher, we haven’t done it for two months.” He was very worried about Bai Luoluo’s body, so even though his desire was very strong, he still endured and did not force Bai Luoluo. But today he couldn’t help it— his teacher was too cute. It’s so cute that he can’t wait to eat him up or lick his whole body. The former is unlikely, but the latter is very feasible.

Although Bai Luoluo managed to disrupt the atmosphere, Bai Nianjin did not intend to let him go today.

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