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BAC Chapter 2

Broken Engagements And Curses (2)

As a result, the role of the Saint was fulfilled. The forgotten god only wanted the warmth of humanity.

That’s why they were getting a human every five years, but with the evil gods on their side, the humans could not survive.

Every time he died, he was sad and devastated, but he couldn’t let go of the humans.

And in the form of a girl, she was in love with Daryl-sama. I want you to be with me, I want you to love me… The thoughts overlapped and turned into a curse.

She knew that she was tormenting Daryl-sama, but she continued to curse.

“Now I’m going to hell.”

I had no choice but to destroy the god who was now a monster, I had to kill him.

If I had thought about it, there might have been another option, but it was too late. Time cannot be rewound, and it was too late to regret.

I was fifteen years old, it was winter. Daryl-sama, who was freed from his curse, was also freed from that mansion. And then, Daryl-sama and I became engaged to each other.

Since there was much of a difference in status for me to remain a commoner, I was adopted by a Count. And we also attended the same school together.

I was happy. It was not a pure feeling of love that we had for each other, but a distorted, dark obsession, but we were still happy.

It was probably the happiest time of my life.

Our relationship began to fall apart when a war broke out with a neighbouring country. In the fierce battle, I was sent to the front line not as a saint but as a weapon. It was the king’s order.

Disobey and you die. Likewise, Daryl-sama had been sent to the battlefield by the king’s order.

After the curse was lifted, he was able to show his true talents, which he had not been able to display, and contributed to the war as a uniquely talented military strategist.

After two years, the war was over. Daryl-sama’s command was precise and optimal. Thanks to his efforts, our country was victorious.

“You’re a strange man, father, appointing me as the next king.”

“That’s how much you’ve contributed to this war.”

“To be honest, I felt I was happier when I was in that building. I didn’t want you to have to go through all this pain.”

“I don’t mind. I have to use what I can, no matter who I am.”

The third prince, Daryl-sama, was recognized for his achievements in the recent war and became the next king.

And the door to hell opened for me.

A commoner and a bloodstained woman was not an appropriate companion for the king.

Criticism was raised in the assembly and among the people, and I was dragged down from the fiancée’s position.

The Count’s adoption was dissolved, and I no longer had a reason to live.

I wanted to be by his side, to support him, and I cried every day because my thoughts were so tangled up that I couldn’t untangle them.

“You’re an idiot. You’re a complete idiot.”

“I know, Edward.”

“I wasn’t sure about telling you… but you would find out soon enough. That coward prince’s new fiancée, the next queen, is a woman in the form of a god.”

One day, when Edward came to visit me, he said that as soon as he saw me. Then he continued with his words.

“Four years ago, we killed a god. The next queen will look exactly like a girl, or she would have looked like one if she had grown up a little.

In addition, I heard that she is revered as a Saint. It’s absolutely horrible.”

As I had completely closed myself off from the outside world, this news was like a shot to the heart.

“Man is no match for God, is he?”

I don’t know why, but at this moment, I felt as if my desolate heart had been freed. I don’t know why.

I had given up, that was all.

“I’m leaving this country. There is a country of magic on the next continent. My research will be much better there. What about you, will you come with me?”

Yeah, I’m going. I muttered. I heard the gears of my life changing.

“Alicia! The next request is to make you able to read forbidden books. I heard there’s a curse that will kill anyone who reads it.”

“Let me borrow it.”

When I received the book from Edward, I could see that it had been subjected to a powerful spell. As I unravelled the tangled threads, it became a mere book.

“As expected. Alicia, the curse-evading mage.”

He said teasingly, so I poked him with my elbow. Then he exaggerated the pain.

A year had passed since then, and I had followed Edward to a country on a neighbouring continent.

We rented a house in the suburbs and worked on our research in a small way while taking commissions as sorcerers. We were both research idiots who loved magic.

“Oh, that’s the bell. You have a visitor. I’ll get it.”

“No, I’ll go. You go rest.”

“You’re so sweet. I’m going to take advantage of you.”

“I’ll always be nice.”

I stayed in the lab while he headed for the door. After a while, I heard Edward shouting angrily as if he was arguing.

Worried, I grabbed my self-defense spear and approached the front door, where I heard a conversation.

“What’s going on now?”

“I just want to see her, that’s all.”

The moment I heard the voice, my hand relaxed and the spear I was holding fell to the floor. Edward turned towards the sound and I saw the visitor who had been hiding. It was Daryl-sama.


“Alicia! Do you remember me? I’m Daryl.”

“‘How could I forget? What’s wrong with the country?”

“Cut the chatter. You couldn’t protect Alicia, Prince.”

Edward spat sarcastically as he glared at him. Daryl-sama, on the other hand, was smiling serenely.

“I destroyed the entire country. With my own hands.”

“What are you talking about…?”

“I don’t want a country that has made Alicia unhappy. I wonder if my father’s head is on the gates now.”

“Run, Alicia! This guy’s insane.”

My voice trailed off unnaturally as Edward turned to me and shouted. A head rolled to the floor. Daryl-sama had a sword in his hand.

The cut end was stained red.

“Let’s go back, to the past. Let’s start over. This time, Alicia will be happy.”

“Daryl-sama, it’s just ahead.”

When the servant indicated the basement, he moved back quickly. He seemed to be afraid of something. I slowly made my way down the stairs.

Apparently, the third prince was in a dark place where the sunlight did not reach. I was told that he had been cursed and had come to the mansion in my village to live out the rest of his short life in peace.

I was chosen to talk to him because we were the same age and I was a curse-evading mage.


I felt the presence of a person through the barred door and spoke to him. Then the presence slowly approached the door.

“Alicia! I’ve been waiting for you. Let’s be happy this time.”

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