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BTC Chapter 9

Medical Treatment

Back to the countryside

Chapter 9: Medical Treatment

Back to the countryside

Chapter 9: Medical Treatment


When the gate of Qi Yue’s house was knocked again, he was a little surprised. Usually he didn’t get along with many people in the village, and only with Lin Sheng’s family, they would visit each other. Now both husband and wife are here. Is it possible uncle Lin or aunt Lin were the one who came?


He and Linsheng looked at each other, then got up and walked out of the room. Linsheng glanced once at his wife before following him out. 


Qi Yue didn’t expect the person he saw when he opened the door, but he didn’t feel surprised that he would be here.


“Big brother Qi…” as soon as He Zhen saw his man, his eyes were red, looks like as if he wanted to cry but also not. 


“I say ah, He Zhen, just say it if you have something to say, this behavior, if it is seen by others,they might say that my brother Qi bullied you!” Lin Sheng, who was one step behind Qi Yue, felt his brain hurt when he saw him like that.


“No…No, I’m in a hurry” He Zhen hurriedly waved his hand to explain, but he was a little annoyed in his heart. He wanted to make Qi Yue pity him, but being said like that by Lin Sheng then it would look like he is deliberately doing it. 

Honestly, why is this person not staying in his own home, what is he doing in someone else’s home!? 

“I have something to ask Brother Qi for help.”


“Looking for Qi Yue’s help? It’s only been several days since he came to the village, what could he help? Speak out for us to hear, Who knows, I might be able to help you ne! ” Lin Sheng stands there, hugging his own arms and doesn’t give Qi Yue a chance to speak. This He Zhen’s feeling towards Qi Yue is very obvious. Who would know then whether he is only searching for an excuse to approach him!


He Zhen was about to break his teeth. He scolded him in his heart for meddling in his business, but still had a pitiful expression on his face. 

“It’s my poor cousin He Ling. He has been weak since he was a child, and now he has a fever. Doctor Li went to the town again. Knowing that big brother Qi knew some medical skills, we wanted him to take a look.”


 “Hah?” Lin Sheng put down his arm, and the expression on his face changed. “Fainted?”


He Zhen mocks, ‘ He still said that they are not a pair, Look at how worried he was!’


At first Qi Yue was all smiling, standing aside and watching the two of them communicate,later he slightly restrained the smiling expression on his lip side, “Please wait a moment, I’ll get something!”


“What’s the matter?” As soon as Qi Yue returned to his room, Wu Yulan left the hall. Thinking that it was Lin Sheng who had just made a big noise so she came out to take a look.


Lin Sheng told her about he Ling, then said to he Zhen, “I’ll go with my wife later and see if there is something I can help.”


If he followed Qi Yue himself, someone might make irresponsible remarks*(说三道四).By taking his wife go with him, let’s see who dare to say something. 


[说三道四: make thoughtless remarks (idiom) / to criticize / gossip]


     He Zhen didn’t want him to follow, “This…I’m afraid that it will bother…”


    “It’s okay, it’s better that we follow, lest someone sees you walking alone with Brother Qi, and then spread any rumors*(风言风语)! ” Lin Sheng directly interrupted his refusal.


[ 风言风语: slanderous gossip or Unfounded, unkind, and sarcastic remarks / The other refers to secretly discussing secret legends]


    He already said that, Naturally, He Zhen couldn’t say anything, otherwise, didn’t he just make it clear that he wanted ‘something to be spread’! This Lin Sheng repeatedly ruined his opportunities. 


When the group of people arrived at He Zhen’s house, Qian and his two sons were waiting in the yard. Seeing Lin Sheng and Wu Yulan also followed, the expression on Qian’s face became a little unsightly, “Oh, isn’t this Lin Sheng, our Ling Ge er just got sick, then you rushed over. It’s really affectionate! “


     In the last few words, Qian’s tone is very subtle, obviously ridiculing him.


“Isn’t it right? We all the same folks in the village,Affection is naturally important, just now I was drinking tea at Brother Qi’s house, when we heard that Ling Ge’er passed out, we were very worried too!”Wu Yulan stopped Lin Sheng who was about to speak, and she spoke first.This remark also told her that Lin Sheng and He Ling are indeed affectionate, but it’s an ‘affectionate’ between the villagers.Don’t just put* (tag) your hat* (hat also mean ‘label’/bad name) on there, because you hear any wind*(风声) ! 


[风声: sound of the wind/Rumors)]


Qian naturally understood what Wu Yulan said.But in her heart she felt that she was pretending to be garlic*, but Qi Yue was still standing here, so she couldn’t let herself be rude in front of him. That’s why she didnt rebuke her but instead smiled at Qi Yue, “Boy Qi,

I’m going to bother you this time! “


[ *装蒜: to act stupid / to play dumb / to pretend to not know]


“It’s not a bother, May I dare to ask… Where is the patient?”Qi Yue now wants to see how He Ling is doing, but he has no intention to to feign civility*(虛與委蛇) with her. 


    “Yes, yes, you have to take a look first! Zhen’er, take Boy Qi over!” Qian’s wink at He Zhen.


He Zhen nodded slightly. He stretched out his hand to Qi Yue and gestured, “Brother Qi, you come with me!”


    “Let’s go and check it out!” Lin Sheng didn’t even give Qian the opportunity to speak, and dragged his wife to follow.


 “This Lin Sheng, we wants Zhen’er and Qi Yue to get along alone, what is he doing by following them!” Qian increasingly does not like Lin Sheng who is always disturbing her arrangement. 


    “Mother, this Qi Yue looks like a little white face*Is he really reliable?” Seeing them all enter the house, He Fu moved to Qian’s side. He thinks that this surname-Qi looks like a ger, although he is taller than himself, but he does not look like a man at all. “Besides, he spent so much money during the period when he entered the village. Does he still have money?”


[ 小白脸: Little white face refers to men who only rely on women to provide financial support, or men who are raised by their subjects, which has a derogatory meaning; the other refers to men with very beautiful appearance and fair complexion, which are not derogatory, as opposed to rough and mighty men.Focus on emphasizing the beauty of men’s looks, Sometimes it is also an insult for handsome guys.]


   “Of course it’s reliable! Look at his behavior, he doesn’t look like a muddy leg*(泥腿子), he must be promising!” Qian thinks that the young masters in the town, not necessarily better than him!


[泥腿子:refer to only relying on one’s little cleverness to professionally engage in the affairs of a certain industry. Often used as a derogatory term for farmers. It also refers to the unreasonable and domineering people in the countryside.]


     “That’s right, big brother, you see…he is wearing silk cloth, also the courtyard of the blue brick house, a carriage and a cow. How much money are all these? You don’t have a point in your hand, and you dare to be so stupid?”

He Gui had the same idea as Qian, even if someone like Qi Yue had no money in his hands, he still had a way to get money.


   He Fu was just unsure of himself and wanted to ask, seeing his mother and younger brother were so sure, he felt relieved. If He Zhen can really marry him, then their family can also buy cattle, buy horses, and build a brick house! Then Qi Yue doesn’t know how to read, that means he can teach his children. Thinking back, his son also might become a scholar. What a great honor!


     Qi Yue was not aware of the fact that someone was after his own money. He was following He Zhen into He Ling’s room. To say that it was a room, but it was actually a utility room with a lot of things piled up in a mess. The papers on the windows were also rotten, there was no windshield function, except for a broken wooden bed, there was not even a stool in the room.


    He Ling lying on the bed that looks like about to fall apart at any time, there is a thin patch-filled mattress under him, also a quilt that is also patched next to him but did not cover him either.

He seemed to be left there casually, they didn’t help to set right his body and his posture looked uncomfortable


    “Huh, you usually wear glamorous* (光鲜: bright and neat) clothes. I didn’t expect your family to be so poor!” Seeing where He Ling lived, Lin Sheng couldn’t help but ridicule.


    “Home… There is not enough room at home, so my cousin said that he wants to live here!” He Zhen shrank his shoulders in fear, then his eyes red. Why didn’t he think to put him in another room earlier? He can not leave a bad impression on Qi Yue because of this matter. 


Seeing he looks like that, Lin Sheng curled his lips and didn’t say any more. If he really cried later, and said that he was bullying him, it would be impossible to argue*.(百口莫辩) Then that’s it. 


[ 百口莫辩 : 

beyond dispute / inexcusable]


    Qi Yue stood by the bed and looked at him a few times. He turned his head to Wu Yulan and said, “Trouble sister-in-law, to help me,move him”


The other party is a ger, so it was not appropriate to touch him casually in front of so many people. In fact, the most suitable person is He Zhen, who is also a ger, but he doesn’t think the other party will do it carefully.


    Wu Yulan had already stepped forward. She knew He Ling’s posture was uncomfortable as soon as she sees it. She immediately stretched out her hand to move him, also pulled the quilt on one side to cover him. Fortunately, He Ling was small and thin, so it didn’t take much effort for Wu Yulan as a woman to move him. 


At this time, Qi Yue turned around and looked at He Zhen. The other person’s eyes brightened when he met him, 

“Trouble this He Xiao Ge er (little He GeEr) bring a basin of cold water here.” 


He Zhen was disappointed, hearing that he only said this. Although he wanted to stay with the other party, he couldn’t refuse his request. He reluctantly turned around and walked out of the room.


There was no seat in the room, and Qi Yue didn’t care. As soon as he lifted his hem of skirt, he sat down on the edge of the bed and put his hand on he Ling’s wrist.


Lin Sheng saw that he just sat there motionless. He didn’t speak for a long time. He has this impatient personality and does not hold it for a long time. He said, “What’s wrong with him ?”


As soon as he spoke, Wu Yu Lan glared at him and motioned him not to speak. Lin Sheng touched his nose in embarrassment. 


    Fortunately, Qi Yue also withdrew his hand at this time. He looked at the two of them and said, ” It’s not a serious illness. It’s just the occasional cold and high fever. It’s just that he has a very poor foundation, work hard ,day and night, also didn’t get any nourishment. Then he passed out!”


“Nourishment? It’s already nice for him to have enough food to eat in such a home! “Lin sheng’s significant meaning as he glared outside the door. 


    In fact, the people in the village knew that He Ling was in bad health.The villagers knows almost everything, after all, the village was so big (tl: Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, the author is being sarcastic here lol) and the doctor was only Old man Li, and it was impossible to hide it.


He Ling hasn’t got married yet. This is also one of the reasons. Even though he is good-looking and capable, he will accidentally die of illness if he passed the door. How unlucky! Even if he doesn’t die, who knows whether his body is good or not, no one is willing to take the risk!


    “Cough cough cough…” The person on the bed made a series of coughing sounds, attracting the attention of all three people.


Qi Yue was the closest to him. Seeing that he was coughing hard, he subconsciously put his hand on his chest, and slowly helped him go smoothly and comfortably. 


Lin Sheng didn’t feel anything, but Wu Yulan’s eyes changed. She dont know what she is thinking about. 


He Ling coughed for a while, as if feeling someone was comforting him, struggling to stretch out his hand, grabbing the warmth of caressing his chest,firmly holding it in his hand, and muttering: “Daddy…Daddy…”


Qi Yue didn’t expect to be caught, but he didn’t intend to break away. The feeling of being held by those sweaty hands was not annoying.




Translator’s 📔: Lin Sheng is such well detailed side character. It’s rare to have a good and interesting side character.

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