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BTC Chapter 82


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 82 :醋意 

[Jealousy (in love rivalry)]


After a dreamless night’s rest, the four of them who still had to hurry up on their journey, all got up. Shen Juming went downstairs first, he asked the shop manager for some easy-to-carry pancakes and marinated raw meat so it would be convenient for them to cook and eat it on the way.


“Also, pack me some soup ingredients which are good for nourishing the body!”

After all, He Ling was pregnant and it would not be good for him to eat only those things. They brought a small cooker with them , so when the time came, they could heat it up for him to drink.


After telling them what they needed to prepare, Shen Juming ordered breakfast for them. At this time, Yun Su wrapped in a thick fox fur robe also went downstairs and sat down beside him.


“Did you sleep well last night?” Shen Juming saw that he looked sickly so he asked, “Not feeling well?”


“No!” Yun Su shook his head and yawned a little,”I just didn’t sleep well!”


Shen Juming put his mind at ease for the time being, took a cup and poured some tea for him, “Drink some tea first to sober up. I’ve ordered the breakfast, just wait for a moment, it will be served after this.”


“Shen Gongzi? Su Ge’er?”


Yun Su had just received the cup in his hand when someone called out to them from the direction of the stairs, turning his head to look, he saw Lin Yuxue and the other two coming this way. He irresistibly looked into them as he slightly knitted his brows.


“Miss Lin (Lin Gū niang)?” Looking at the person who had come close, Shen Juming stand up and arched his hand to greet them, “What are you doing in here?”


“Shifu asked me to go out and handle some matters together with my Shi Xiong and Shi Jie!” Lin Yuxue greeted him as she cupped her hands and said, “Are you guys coming here together with Qi Gongzi?”


Shen Juming was stunned, ‘how did she know about this?’, “You’ve already met him?”


“I ran into him last night when I just arrived here!” She smiled shyly as she said this, “We agreed to travel back together today!”


“Chi!” Yun Su, who had been sitting still all along, let out a light sneering snort. This woman’s feeling for his Shi Xiong was simply the heart of Sima Zhao (figurative for open secret or obvious to everyone) but it was a pity that his Shi Xiong completely didn’t have that kind of intention, so how could he agree to travel together with her? Definitely, It must be decided by herself presumptuously.


Lin Yuxue took a quick look at him without saying anything. Since before Yun Su already particularly did not like her. At first she thought the other party was also in love with (adore) Qi Yue, but later she unintentionally found out that the one he liked was Shen Juming, so she didn’t care much about him anymore. (so she didn’t take it to heart anymore.)


By just looking at his face, he immediately knew he was having another tantrum. Shen Juming shook his head helplessly. Perhaps both of them were spoiled and favoured by the Master (Sect leader, for Yun Su is his grandpa and for Lin Yuxue is her Shifu). The two of them had never gotten along very well, especially after he knew she was having some feelings for (interested in) his Shi Xiong. He was even more so, making an uproar all the time that he would never let her get what she wanted. He definitely didn’t want to call her Shi Sao (Martial Senior Brother’s wife or Sister-in-law)!


“Qi Gongzi hasn’t come down yet?” Since she didn’t see Qi Yue, Lin Yuxue couldn’t help but open her mouth to ask. She had been excited for the entire night that she hadn’t slept much since she saw him yesterday!


He Ling slept more because he was pregnant, so Qi Yue usually waited for him to wake up and helped him wash up before they went out together. At the time Shen Juming knocked on their room’s door when he came down, they were already up so he guess they were almost done, “Probably still washing up.”


“Can we sit together then? Since we will go together after this anyway!” Although she was asking, the expression on her face was anything but that, she even had started to arrange the seating for her Shi Xiong and Shi Jie.


What else could Shen Juming say? He could only extend his hand and said, “Do as your wish! (Go ahead!)”


Yun Su fiercely rolled his eyes; Do they think here is their Hidden Detached Palace (Yin Lígōng)? Doing everything as they like!


[Oh my.. Yun Su baby is so cute, after that ‘Chi’ and now this… lol 😂🤣]


The table they had chosen was a small round one, there were six chairs in total. After Lin Yuxue and her group sat down, there was only one empty seat left, which she placed beside herself. On the other side was Shen Juming.


He took one look at the unoccupied space and beckoned the waiter to add another chair to the table.


Lin Yuxue was surprised, she had thought that only these three Shi Xiong Di (male apprentices of the same master = martial senior brother and junior martial little brother) were together this time, “Is there another disciple from the valley accompanying you guys?”


Shen Juming only smiled and didn’t say much. The rest, let the other party see for herself ba!


It was as if it had been timed, just as breakfast was set on the table, Qi Yue’s figure appeared on the stairs.


Lin Yuxue who had been focusing her attention on that place, smiled broadly and raised her hand to call him but suddenly her expression froze, since the other party did not come down alone. In the crook of his arm, he was holding a delicate and beautiful ger!


When he saw that look on her face, Yun Su’s mood suddenly became better.


If she is willing to stay, then let her stay, bei! This may not be a bad idea and it’s good for her to open her eyes and see how much both of them are deeply in love with each other!


Qi Yue walked over holding He Ling with his arms, when he saw the person sitting there, he twitched his eyebrows slightly, but didn’t say anything. He helped his Fu Lang to sit down on the empty seat and said, “Sorry, I’m late.”


After He Ling took his seat, he saw the unfamiliar girl sitting next to him kept staring at him, so he nodded lightly to her. He also didn’t know who the other party was and did not know how to address her, so he didn’t say anything.


Now that everyone was present, naturally they could begin to eat now. They still had a long journey waiting for them so the sooner they finished eating, the sooner they could set out. Qi Yue put an egg roll on the small plate of the person next to him. He then began to serve him the porridge.


Lin Yuxue’s face was stiff as she watched the person her heart was pleased with, meticulously taking care of a ger who had appeared from nowhere. Her hands seemed to be using too much force and almost breaking the chopsticks she was holding. As if squeezing it out of the space between her teeth, she said, “Won’t you introduce me to this one (person)?”


As if he had just remembered, Qi Yue gave the expression of suddenly understanding something and replied, “It was an oversight on my part, this is my Fu Lang. His name is He Ling!”


“When did you get married?!” Lin Yuxue’s eyes instantly widened, as she was annoyed and said it in a shrill voice. After realizing that she had misbehaved a little, she straightened her face again, “Qi Gongzi is joking right?”


[ I could understand Lin Yuxue’s disappointment over this,meeting such a handsome, mysterious, elegant and great guy as Qi Yue then suddenly already married… Hahaha…Pardon my excitement…]


“How could I joke about such a thing? I and A Ling have been married for almost half a year!” As Qi Yue said this, he pulled the person to his side.


Her voice was so loud, do not disturb (by making a noise) Ah Ling! Earlier, I should have asked Shen Juming to sit over there!


Unexpectedly, it had been six months? Lin Yuxue didn’t want to believe that the man she had been longing for so long was actually already married to someone else. She simply had become a joke!


Because he was sitting next to her, He Ling could see clearly how her mood changed several times. He understood it in his heart. He had mentioned it before too, yet he didn’t expect that he would meet his husband’s admirer so soon.


Lin Yuxue slightly pulled herself together to keep herself calm down a little and asked, “I wonder which sect’s disciple He Xiao Ge’er is from?”


“My Fu Lang is not someone from Jiang Hu!” Qi Yue originally thought that the other party would simply fling her sleeves away and leave. He did not expect that she would be much calmer than what he had predicted.


“Then from which (famous) distinguished family is he from?” Lin Yuxue wanted to see what kind of family background and status could make the man marry him!


“I am also not from a well-known family either. I was born in Gu Shui village and have grown up in the village since I was a child. I am just an ordinary person!” This time, didn’t wait for Qi Yue to speak, He Ling then answered her question first.


“Gu Shui Village?” Lin Yuxue repeated the name that she had never even heard of, disdain rising in her heart (thinking that he is not worthy of him). So he was just an insignificant figure (a nobody), “Then he’s a country ger!”


Yun Su slapped the table and was finally unable to hold back his temper, “What’s wrong with being a country ger? Even if Xiong Fu lang was born in the countryside, his appearance and manner are better than some (certain) people!”


Seeing Yun Su speak for him, He Ling turned his head and smiled at him. His hand grasped Qi Yue who had already changed his expression and patted him on the hand as he continued to say to Lin Yuxue, “You’re right, I’m indeed just an ordinary country ger. I’ve never seen the world and I know very little. Fortunately, I got married to Xiang Gong, he is knowledgeable, has a lot of experience, and very capable in everything. He has loved me and pampered me even more since we were married. He’s a very wonderful husband!”


Even though he was belittling himself in his words, Lin Yuxue wasn’t happy at all. He was simply showing off to her, showing off that such a good man belonged to him!


Seeing the little Fu Lang to be all smiling and making the other party speechless, Qi Yue was happy and at the same time relieved in his heart, he moved over and kissed him on the corner of his curved lips,”Ah Ling is also a very good Fu Lang!”


He Ling rarely did not blame him for being too intimate with him in public. He even gave him a small kiss on the cheek, boldly but also at the same time his cheeks were slightly red. He was still a little shy in his heart.


As she widened her eyes (figuratively, it could also mean looking on helplessly) and watched them to be very much in love with each other, Lin Yuxue was about to bite her teeth broken into pieces! He was just a little ordinary country ger, how could he have taken Qi Yue’s heart? Where is she inferior to the other party?


“Today’s meal is extraordinarily delicious!” Yun Su was pleased with himself as he took a bite of a steamed dumpling (xiǎo lóngbāo). He chewed it cheerfully. That annoyed face goes well with the rice. Xiong Fu Lang is so powerful!


After having the breakfast, some people ate it happily, while others were full of anger and did not eat a single bite. After they finished the meal, everyone went out of the door, their own carriages were waiting at the entrance and ready to leave at any time.


To their surprise, Lin Yuxue still decided to go with them anyway. They didn’t pay much attention to this. If they were happy to follow, so let them be! They wouldn’t see much of each other in the carriage anyway.


She watched as Qi Yue carefully helped He Ling into the carriage, with a cold snort, she turned her head and got into the carriage herself. It would look too bad on her part if she decided to leave on their own. Moreover, she was also not quite willing to do so!


Sitting on the carriage, He Ling lightly pinched Qi Yue’s thigh and said discontentedly, “Attracting bees and butterflies!”1[招蜂引蝶 /attract bees and butterflies—(of a woman) flirtatious; coquettish / fig. to attract the opposite sex]              



“Wrongly accused ah!!(I am innocent)” Qi Yue raised both of his hands but he smiled so happily, “I didn’t invite. I met her only a few times. It’s she who came to me on her own!”


“Then it’s also your face that caused it!”

He Ling stretched out his hand and pinched his cheek, “In the end, just how many other girls and gers are thinking about you?”


Qi Yue wrapped his arms around him and smiled as he buried his head in the crook of his neck, rubbing it twice, his voice full of laughter, “Are you jealous?”


“What do you think?” He Ling slapped his hand that was stroking back and forth between his waist and struggled to get free from his embrace, “She expressed her feelings for you so blatantly, can’t I be jealous?”


“Yes, of course you can!” Qi Yue took the man into his embrace again, this time holding him tightly and didn’t let him struggle free from him, “But she’s just an outsider and not worth mentioning. It’s not worth it to ruin your mood for her!”


“Hmph, she’s still following behind us right now!” He was already married but she still won’t give up, it proved how deep she felt for him, “It’s really such a deep love for you!”


The little Fu Lang’s angry look was so cute that Qi Yue couldn’t help but laugh out loud. As the other party punched him on the chest in embarrassment, he moved closer to his ear and whispered, “If Fu Lang doesn’t like her, how about Wei Fu (this husband) go and kill her?”


Ever since he had opened the door of his (inner) heart to him, he had become less and less concerned about saying such things to him, for he had firmly believed that his A Ling would not leave him because of this. Therefore, in front of the other party, he did even more as he pleased.


“No, don’t! You didn’t need to come to that extent!” He looked like he was saying it as a joke, however He Ling knew clearly in his heart that if he really nodded his head,

This joke was no longer just a joke!


“Fine, then I won’t kill her!” Qi Yue hugged him as he leaned back against the soft pillow behind them together, sniffing the faint fragrance of his hair, “Then Fu Lang don’t be angry with me anymore!”


“I will still want to get angry!” On the mouth, although He Ling said so, the corners of his mouth had already hooked up! He said he was angry, but in fact, he just wanted to act coquettishly with him. Just as Xiang Gong had said, he need not take those unimportant outsiders to heart at all.



  • 1
    [招蜂引蝶 /attract bees and butterflies—(of a woman) flirtatious; coquettish / fig. to attract the opposite sex]              
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