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BTC Chapter 55

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 55: 回来 (Come Back) 

Translator : LittleYen

The hot weather in summer always makes people feel depressed,He Zhen is even more so, especially when he hears that Zheng Yuefeng and Xu Hua have been engaged to each other for more than a month, he is about to wring the silk handkerchief in his hand into pieces. 
        He had previously thought that he (ZYF) had a mother who was so difficult to deal with, so a ger like Xu Hua would be out of her league. She (ZYF’s mom) would be able to take care of him (XH) with the snap of her fingers.
        He had never imagined that the result would be completely different from what he had thought. Why should both of them be able to marry the ideal husband? while he had to force himself to smile at a dreg old man every day?
        “Di di (little brother) doesn’t look well, is he hot?” Liu sat on the stool with her son in her arms, seemingly concerned, but in fact she couldn’t even hide ‘rejoice in other people’s misfortune’ in her eyes.
He Zhen looked up at her,he was annoyed when he saw the silver hairpin in her hair. It was from a small box of jewellery sent by the Ma family. Qian had given Liu this and for Zheng was a bracelet. The rest of the hairpin was for him to show to the Ma family, to keep everything for herself.
“Isn’t it? It’s very hot, but my sister-in-law is all day alone now.I’m afraid she’s still cold, isn’t she?” He sneered at the same time, he gave a sideways glance in the direction of He Ling’s room (used to be) , where He Fu was now locked up.
Liu’s mouth opened to scold him as he stepped on a sore spot, but Zheng held her down and shook his head at her.
The other party is now the Fu Lang of Ma landlord, so it would not be a good idea to argue.
Qian hurriedly smiled and rounded up the situation, taking his hand and saying, “My Zhen Ge’er,it’s not easy for you to come back, what do you want to eat in the morning, mother will make it for you personally!”
“No need, I can’t swallow your food, my maid will make it for me.” He Zhen indifferently pulled his hand out and used the silk handkerchief to wipe his hand. 
“How can you talk like that?” He Tian slapped the table and glared at him in annoyance.
He Zhen , completely not as timid as before, handed the handkerchief he had wiped his hands to the little maid standing beside him and said meaningfully, “Why do you think I can’t swallow?”
When he asked this rhetorical question, He Tian lost his temper, he grunted and looked away, no more asking difficult questions!
At that time, they were afraid that He Zhen would not agree, make trouble and make everyone look bad. On the day the Ma family came to pick him up, they drugged his breakfast,then in front of his incredulous gaze, changed his clothes into wedding dress before sending him into the Ma family’s sedan chair.
He Zhen looked at their guilty faces with a cold look in the bottom of his eyes, no one would ever understand how much hatred he felt in his heart when he could not move yet had to let an old man do whatever he wanted to him so he would make every one of them regret it.
“I’m tired! I’ll go and rest for a while.” He suppressed the thousands of thoughts in his mind, reached out his hand for his maid to take it, let her help him get up, walking proudly out of the hall. 
“Father, in his heart he is holding a grudge against us!” Seeing that the people had gone, He Gui moved to the stool next to He Tian and said, “I’m afraid it will be hard to get benefits from him in the future.”
He Tian did not say anything as he put on a sullen face. The ger who was afraid when he frowned before now has really hardened his wings, he even dares to talk back to him!
“Family Head, Zhen’er is not even close to me anymore!” Qian’s mood was also very bad, at least she had given birth to him and raised him, since he was a child she had not even allowed him to do any work, but because of the marriage, he even disowned his mother.
Liu, just now, had been edged out by him.
She had a lot of anger in her stomach, but now that he was gone, she had no more scruples, “He is now a landlord’s fu lang, he doesn’t care about poor relatives like us? Hmmp, He really thinks he’s a phoenix, but he’s only a small one (concubine only) .”
He Fu is now in such a state that she has to take care of his ordinary daily routine (such as eat, drink, shit, pee, and sleep) just like her own father, beside that, she has to take care of her three-year-old son too.There was nothing to look forward to in life. That main culprit, He Zhen, is still using this to stab her with. 
“Actually, we don’t have to worry!”
He Gui saw the group of faces were a bit ugly, so he said: “No matter how good his life is now, he is still just a ger, he still needs the support of his mother’s family, especially in such a complicated house, If he’s wronged, who can he talk to? If it’s not us, his blood relatives, so we can coax him, he won’t be sulking with us all the time!”
“What my husband says makes sense!” Zheng felt that her man was wise.”We’ll just put up with it! Let’s go along with him, look at his outfit today, if we coax him happy,probably he’ll buy us one too! Don’t make it difficult!”
He Gui nodded and advised Liu, “Especially you, sister-in-law, I know you hate him in your heart, but just bear with him, even if you can’t compliment him, don’t offend him!”
Liu’s face still didn’t look good, but she didn’t say anything more, she wouldn’t embarrass him for the sake of money.
He Zhen sat in front of the newly added bronze mirror, combing his untidy hair as he listened to the maid report back to him word for word what she had heard outside the hall without any obvious emotion on his face, “That’s what they said?”
The maid carefully looked at his face, this master of hers had never been very good-tempered, hitting people at will was a common occurrence, so she was a little afraid that, “It was this lowly servant who heard it with my own ears.”
He put down the comb, looked at his face in the bronze mirror, which was already tainted with a seductive appearance, he gently curled the corners of his mouth.In spite of feeling ashamed,he did all kinds of effort to please, only in exchange for money.They want to take it just because they say a few nice words?There is no such convenient bargain in this world!
When the maid saw him smile like that, she shrank back while she hung her head, not daring to look at him.
He Zhen beckoned her to lean over to whisper a few words into her ear. After she withdrew, he was smiling with pleasure.He could not wait to see the expressions on the faces of those people, it must have been wonderful. 
Zheng Yuefeng poured a cup of tea and handed it to Xu Hua, but he turned his face away as if he couldn’t see it. Zheng Yue Feng withdrew his hand back embarrassingly as he grimaced. He was extremely dejected. 
He Ling looked at this one and that one, and asked, “Are you guys arguing?”
“I don’t think it’s a fight!” Qi Yue took a light bite of his pastry and looked at the state of the two people, “It’s just some moron being disliked.”
“Humph!” Xu Hua let out a cold snort,then he gave the so-called ‘moron’ a fierce glare.
“Hua Ge’er, I just couldn’t hold back for a moment!” Zheng Yuefeng tugged on his sleeve sheepishly. Yesterday, he had accompanied the other party to fetch water, because of the hot weather, his cheeks were flushed, looked particularly beautiful, so he went over and kissed him. Because of that, the other party was still angry with him until now. 
“You still dare to say that! ” Xu Hua broke away from his hand, his face full of resentment. “It’s embarrassing to be seen by so many people!”
In the summer, the family used a lot of water. Many people went to the well to fetch water, so this man kissed him in front of so many people.Even now, he still remembers many people’s ridiculous eyes when they gaze at them. How embarrassing it was too!
Zheng Yuefeng had always been thick-skinned, he didn’t think it mattered at all, “Everyone knows that you are my future Fu Lang so what does it matter if they see it…?”
Under Xu Hua’s glare, his voice became smaller and smaller,until finally he shut up and looked at him, feeling wronged. 
        He Ling held his chin with both hands while looking at them with a smile.The way they were getting along, Zheng Yuefeng was more like a little wife, it was really funny!
Seeing that he was happy, Qi Yue decided to help someone who had pleased him and spoke up, changing the subject, “Your marriage is scheduled for the beginning of spring?”
“That’s right!” The mention of this matter made Zheng Yue Feng’s face straighten, “Mother wants more time to prepare, after all, our family has a wide connection and there are so many people who must be invited, so there is more to prepare.”
The Zheng family’s status in the town was such that Zheng Yuefeng’s wedding could not be simplified,so it took a lot of effort just to decide on the list of guests, let alone anything else.
        Xu Hua’s mood was inexplicably low, and his eyes lost their sparkle as he thought of something.
“Hua Ge’er, what’s wrong with you?” He Ling put his hand over his, a little worried.
Zheng Yue Feng sighed and stroked his back, “Uncle Xu said that after we are married, he wants to stay in Gushui Village and does not agree to live with Hua Ge’er in the Zheng family.”
Xu Hua’s eyes reddened and his voice choked up, “I’ve been living with my father for so many years,moreover he’s not well, how can I feel comfortable leaving him here alone? !” (Tl: o(iДi)oಥ‿ಥ) 
Father Xu had lived in Gushui village for most of his life, it was certainly uncomfortable for him to leave and live in a big house like the Zheng family’s. It was reasonable for him to be reluctant to go.
“Don’t worry, don’t you still have me and my Xiang Gong? We’ll take care of him for you!” He Ling understood the sadness in his heart, they had a strong bond with each other so they would be very sad to live apart in the future.
Xu Hua knew that if he said that, he would definitely do it,he was grateful for that, but it was not as good as him accompanying his father all the time. He must be lonely living alone at home.
“Hua Ge’er later on, we can come back to visit Uncle Xu more often!” Zheng Yuefeng held his hand and looked seriously into his eyes, “We can stay in town for a few days and in the village for a few days, we can also pick up Uncle Xu once in a while, he doesn’t want to stay for a long time, so it’s okay to go and have fun for a few days, right? I won’t always keep you apart, your father is also my father!”
He was so sincere, Xu Hua was touched to hear that this man was always like this, always thinking of him.What kind of married ger would often run to his father’s house? But he was willing to spoil himself.
“Tomorrow I’ll find some craftsmen to rebuild the house, also with green bricks and big tiles, so that Uncle Xu can live comfortably, okay?” Zheng Yue Feng wiped away his falling tears and moved gently to hold his face.
Xu Hua nodded as he cried, reaching out to wrap his arms around his neck and burying his face in his shoulder, his voice muffled, “Zheng Yuefeng, don’t be so nice to me.”
This was the first time Xu Hua had taken the initiative to hug him,so Zheng Yue Feng hurriedly wrapped his arms back around the person, stroking the back of his head. He smile like a cat that had stolen a fish, “You are my Fu Lang, I should be so nice to you!”
        “Young Master Zheng is wrong, not yet a Fu Lang.” Qi Yue gathered his own little Fu Lang who was also red-eyed along with Xu Hua. Therefore he spoke up in a very annoying way to correct him.
When he heard his voice, Xu Hua remembered that there were two other people next to them so he hurriedly let go of his hand, blushed and looked down, pretending to wipe his tears with his sleeve.
His arms were empty in a flash.Zheng Yuefeng hadn’t even had enough hugs! He looked at the main culprit with a face full of hidden bitterness. “Sooner or later, what does it matter if you call so earlier?”
“Maybe he won’t want to marry you after a few days!” Qi Yue took a sip of tea then he fed He Ling a sip as well, pretending not to see the accusing look from across the table.
“Don’t talk nonsense!” While he (QY) was interrupting his (ZYF) good moment, but now he was over there lovey dovey with He Ling. Zheng Yue Feng was annoyed, “Our relationship is very good, right Hua Ge’er?”
“By the way, I have something to tell you guys!”Xu Hua did not want to answer this embarrassing question, so he was busy changing the topic while he indeed wanted to tell them, “When we came here today, we saw a carriage parked in front of the He family, I guess it was He Zhen who came back to visit his relatives, so you should be careful that he might comes to the door to look for trouble again!”
He Ling doesn’t care much about that family anymore, even if he comes looking for them, he won’t pay much attention to them, “It’s fine, you don’t have to worry! He can’t do anything.”
“Ah Ling is right, no need to worry!” He took another sip of his tea, curled his lips, now the people he hated even more were the He family who had pushed him into the pit of fire (living hell) ! It was those people who needed to worry.

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