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BTC Chapter 50


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 50: 微妙(subtle) 

After they drank several cups of tea and almost rested for quite a moment, Zheng Yuefeng came by gasping for a breath, he looked a bit wretched, his forehead was covered in sweat, his clothes was in disarray, he was obviously rushing over to come here.

        “Zheng Gongzi, did you meet a robber halfway?” Qi Yue swept him up and down a few times, as he opened his mouth to tease him.

After Zheng Yuefeng heard this, he looked down to his mess up appearance, his feel embarrassed thus he quickly reached out to tidied up himself. Actually he had no intention of going out today,this event was not a new thing to him,but suddenly Qi Yue sent someone to inform him that he had brought the Xu family with him, he was so happy that he ran all the way over here, not caring whether it was crowded or not.

        After he finished fixing his clothes, he turned to Father Xu,arch his hand and said, “Greetings, Uncle Xu, pardon this junior for being impolite!”

        ” It doesn’t matter, Zheng Gong zi, please do not mind!” Father Xu nodded at him and sighed in his heart.

The child is really a good boy, but ……

        After greeting the elders, Zheng Yuefeng turned his attention to the person he liked, his heart thumping non stop, “Hua Ge’er, you’re here ……”

        Xu Hua met his gaze, somehow, remembered the question He Ling asked himself two days ago also his own answer, inexplicably, he felt some shyness, so nodded to him haphazardly.

        “Zheng Gong zi, isn’t Miss Zheng coming along?” He Ling asked when he saw, there was no one else behind him.

“Huh? I, I forgot to tell her! ” Zheng Yue Feng really forgot about her, after he heard the message from Kang Yuan, he immediately rushed over here, he even forgot to bring Kang Yuan here.

Did he need to be in such a hurry? He Ling laughed secretly in his heart,thinking that Zheng Gong zi is really interesting.

“Then you guys, these young people go out and stroll around ba! I won’t be going.” Father Xu suddenly opened his mouth and said this.

“Father, since you are already here, why won’t you go with us?” Xu Hua took his hand.

“The road is crowded with people, moreover my body’s condition is not that good yet, even if I go, I easily get tired so I might as well wait here for you guys to come back.” Father Xu patted his hand.

This Zheng Gong zi’s affection toward his family Ger was not fake at all,since that is the case, it would be better to give them an opportunity to know each other more, if they were really fated…regarding the things in the future, wait and see until the time came ba! 

Qi Yue looked at him and seemed to understand what was in his mind then he said: “That was also okay, in my medical center,some of the staff could take care of Uncle Xu, when it’s already the time for dinner, we could just come back and pick him up.”

“What Doctor Qi said is right, do not worry about me!”  Father Xu smiled at him, waved his hand signalling him to go.

Although in his heart, Xu Hua was a little reluctant but when he thought about the condition in the street, it was exactly not suitable for his father to squeeze in, so Xu Hua finally agreed to this.

After saying goodbye to Uncle Xu,this group of young people left the clinic, Qi Yue still holding his Fu Lang close to him so that he would not be touched by others.

Zheng Yuefeng looked at him with envy, he also want to protect Xu Hua by hold him in his arms, but if he really did that, he would be treated as Dēng tú Zǐ.

[Dēng tú Zǐ (登徒子) :A famous lecherous character /pervert/ skirt-chaser]

Thinking about it, he held out his arm to the man beside him and said, “Tug on my sleeve, don’t get lost.”

Xu Hua saw the arm stretched out in front of him, then he was slightly stunned. He looked at the man’s face sideways, after a moment of hesitation, he slowly stretched out his hand to tug on his sleeve fabric, which was of excellent quality.

Seeing that he did not refuse, Zheng Yue Feng quietly sighed with relief, put the person behind himself, as he blocked, and walked forward against the flow of people.

    Protected by him, Xu Hua looked up at his back, a bit in a trance. It was the first time he was protected by a man like this, it was very strange, he couldn’t say how he felt,he just felt his words and thoughts appear to be rising.

“Xiang Gong!” He Ling inadvertently looked back, when he saw this scene,he was happy, “They look so good like this!”

    Qi Yue followed his line of sight and raised his eyebrows. Finally he made some progress and was not so stupid anymore. 

After walking for a while, He Ling’s nose caught a familiar sweet smell,when he turned his head to look, he saw a gap in the crowd, where the stall selling sesame dumplings had been set up last time. The vendor was doing good business today since there were quite a few people gathered around him.

“Do you want to eat that?” Qi Yue, who paid attention to his family Fu Lang at that time, naturally saw what he was focusing on.

He Ling turned his head back at his question and nodded shyly. It was okay when he didn’t see it, but now he saw it, he did have some cravings.

Qi Yue smiled as he stroked his head,and led the men over there. His Ah Ling had never asked for anything, but now that he had something he wanted to eat, how could he, as his husband, not satisfy him.


Zheng Yuefeng saw that they had changed directions and also looked at the food stall. As he thought of Xu Hua behind him, he immediately followed them there.

“Yo, it’s you two!” The street seller had a good memory and recognised them as soon as they got close, but of course, with a face like that, it was hard not to remember.

        Qi Yue gave him a smile as he nodded. When he saw that the other two had leaned over, he said, “Give me two!”

        “Okay, please wait a moment!” The stall was doing well business today, besides them, there were people waiting in front of them, having to wait for him to fry this pot out.

        This kind of sweet stuff is not generally loved by men.Zheng Yuefeng knew he was buying it for He Ling and Xu Hua, so he didn’t ask for more, just said, “My treat.”

As he said that, he reached out for his waist, but found nothing.His face changed immediately, as he looked down and saw that there was really nothing there. He was in such a hurry to get out that he had forgotten his money bag!

When Xu Hua saw his movement and expression, he understood what had happened, he couldn’t help but purse his lips and was happy, but he felt a bit bad so he tried to hold himself back. He fished out four wen of money from his sleeve, put the coins into the money box on the stall, “It’s better that I treat you guys!”

        Zheng Yue Feng wanted to find a hole in the ground, he was so embarrassed, how could he have made such a stupid mistake? Why hadn’t he thrown himself in the house?

        Seeing his embarrassed ears turning red, He Ling also felt amused, “He’s so funny!”

        “No complimenting other men!” Qi Yue squeezed his waist in displeasure.

He was just a fool!

        He Ling didn’t say anything more, except that his eyes were curved in a smile that showed he still found him interesting.

        The freshly fried sesame dumplings smelled amazing, but it was a bit hot, so He Ling blew on it for a long time, then raised it to Qi Yue’s mouth, as usual,gave him a bite before eating it himself.

        Xu Hua was a bit torn when he saw this. If he gave it to Zheng Yuefeng, they weren’t that close to each other but if he didn’t give it to him, wouldn’t it be a little bit bad?

He hesitated for a long time,since he hadn’t taken a bite yet, he hesitantly handed it to him and asked, “Would you like to eat it?”

        Zheng Yuefeng was simply flattered and surprised, as if he was afraid that the other party would regret it, he lowered his head and immediately took a bite, he didn’t really like sweet things and always found it greasy, but this sesame ball was the best thing he had ever eaten!


        As soon as he had finished biting into it, Xu Hua withdrew his hand with ‘a whoosh’, his face was a bit hot, he had intended to let him take it, but why did he just bite it? In order to hide his burning cheeks, he lowered his head and nibbled on the sticky sesame dumplings, but he didn’t taste anything at all.

        When Zheng Yuefeng saw that he had taken a bite from the place he had bitten and didn’t feel any dislike for it, he felt his heart warming up by this. This could also be called ‘indirect kiss’,right? what is this? Just depending on his imagination, it made him feel a little excited, so he immediately shook his head off and told himself to be serious, not to think like a lecher!

       Because he was eating with his head down and not paying attention, Xu Hua was knocked by the crowd of people passing by,he stumbled, Zheng Yuefeng subconsciously grabbed his wrist and steadied him, “Are you alright?”

        Xu Hua stood firmly on his feet, looked up to meet his concerned gaze then he shook his head gently.

        Zheng Yuefeng breathed a sigh of relief as he turned his head,continuing to lead him to follow Qi Yue and the others, holding his wrist tightly,not letting go.

Xu Hua opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but looking at the man who was trying his best to keep the crowds away for himself, he swallowed the words that he wanted to remind him to let go of his hand.

        He Ling, who had been quietly watching them, pursed his lips, secretly smiled at them. The atmosphere between the two was a little more subtle than before, does this mean that things are getting better between them?

        As he was thinking about it, he suddenly felt a hand touching his thigh,so he looked sideways at Qi Yue but the other man had one arm around his waist and one hand in front of him to block the crowd, so it couldn’t be him.

        He Ling wrinkled his brow and didn’t say anything, probably because there were too many people, so the person accidentally touched him.

        Just like that, he was going to comfort himself but that hand appeared again, this time on his buttock so He Ling was startled.There were so many people walking around, he couldn’t be sure which one it was!

        “What’s wrong?” He suddenly made such a big movement, Qi Yue immediately turned his head to ask.

        He Ling was a bit scared as he shrank into his arms, whispering, “Someone is touching me ……”

Immediately, Qi Yue’s face darkened. With a flick of his hand, he embraced the person up to his chest,and looked toward the faces of the people around him.

        In the middle of a crowd, he suddenly made such a move and bumped into some people, causing them to complain, but when they saw his scary face, they shut up.

        Both Zheng Yuefeng and Xu Hua, who were not too far away from him, were a little puzzled by his action, just as he was about to ask,suddenly Qi Yue raised his foot and kicked a slim man down. The passers-by around him shrieked and scattered to the side, leaving a small space around him.

        “You…how can you suddenly hit someone?” A woman cried out in alarm, lunging to the man’s side to check if he was all right.

Zheng Yuefeng dragged Xu Hua over, looked at the very ordinary fellow farmer and asked, “What did he do to provoke you?”

        Qi Yue’s face was ugly as he stared coldly at the man, not replying to his question, only feeling a fire in his chest, which had not yet dissipated!

        The man was kicked in the abdomen by him and felt like he had been hit by a sledgehammer. He sucked in cold air and broke out in a cold sweat.When he met his gaze, he shuddered and said in defence: “I… I touched him by accident!”

        “Oh? I haven’t even said why I hit you, and you understand?” When he thought of his little Fu Lang being molested by such a man right under his nose, Qi Yue’s anger could not be suppressed!

        With a gentle push, he sent He Ling to Xu Hua’s side, as he walked over with a sullen face, suddenly he stomped on his right wrist, only to make the other man scream in pain, “Did you touch him with this hand?”

        “Ah Xu! You, let go of him!” The woman beside the man also let out a cry of surprise, seeing her husband’s veins bursting with pain,her heart was in agony.

Zheng Yuefeng understands now,looking at the situation, this desperate man must have taken advantage of the crowd and made a move on He Ling ba! He was really looking for death, Qi Yue was not the kind of person that you could mess with!

        Xu Hua held He Ling’s shoulders. He took him to his side. This man was still with his own wife yet he dared to lust after someone else’s Fu Lang, he really deserved to be beaten!

        Seeing that Qi Yue was so angry, He Ling did not open his mouth to plead for mercy. Anyway, his husband had his own speculation, since he was not going to kill him, so let him vent his anger, if not, it would be bad for his health.

        To hear the sound of his own bones cracking with his own ears, the man completely collapsed, crying all over his face with snot and tears, howling particularly miserable, ” This master, I’m sorry …..Please forgive me! If you spare me, I will go back!”

        The woman also understood that her husband had taken advantage of the other party, but he was in such a miserable state that she could not blame him. The woman was so annoyed and anxious, she was afraid that if he used more force on the foot, his husband’s hand would be ruined.

        Qi Yue looked down on him as he pleaded in pain, his eyes not showing any emotion.

Since he had the guts to do it, he had to be prepared to bear the consequences!

Translator 📝:

I’m having a delay caused by the wifi at the place where I currently living is not working. The modern people almost couldn’t live in ease without internet which is suck.

I really like this chapter, many funny and sweet moments. Many laugh points too and hilarious inner thoughts. Finally I reached chapter 50, already half of the story.


Anonymous8 June 2021 at 17:52

Thanks for the update. Really liked this chapter. The main cp are so cute and I’m in love with the 2nd couple too. Will check out your other novel trans. Cheers��

LittleYen8 June 2021 at 22:34

Cheers! Thank you for ur support(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙❀~(*´︶`*)♡

Rebecca7 September 2021 at 09:39

Goodness i like this crispy bone crushing

LittleYen6 October 2021 at 03:42

You are a sadist too then 😂😂😂

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