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BTC Chapter 48

Zheng Residence

Back to the Countryside

Chapter 48: 郑府 (Zheng Official Residence/

Zheng Mansion) 

“Young master, someone is outside asking for an audience!”

        Zheng Yue Feng was sitting in the pavilion, throwing bait and food into the pond, causing a group of beautiful red carp to squeeze together and scramble for it. A boy servant stood outside the pavilion and bowed to report.

        “Who is it?” He didn’t even look back, twirling some more bait and throwing it out. He hadn’t been in the best of moods in recent days,he wanted to visit Xu Hua in GuShui Village but couldn’t find any good excuse, don’t bother to mention how depressed he was!

        “It’s a Ger that this little one don’t know!” The boy bowed again.

        “A Ger you don’t know?” Kang Yuan saw that his young master was looking sickly, so he replied for him, “Every day, there are girls and gers that come here to get close to the young master, so just send them away as usual.”

        “This little one thought so at first, but ……” the boy said hesitantly, “that little ger insisted on giving a message, said that he was from Gushui Village, didn’t the young master had been going there a lot recently, so this little one ……”

        When he heard the words “Gushui Village”, Zheng Yuefeng was intrigued, he snapped his head back and asked, “Is that ger’s appearance extraordinary?”

        The boy shook his head, “Just ordinary, quite pretty!”

In the whole of Gushui Village, there were only two gers that Zheng Yuefeng knew, if not He Ling, then could it be Xu Hua? Thinking of this possibility, he immediately stood up, shoved the bait dish into Kang Yuan’s hand, and left in a huff!

        Last time at his home, they had persuaded him to come to town for a visit, and he would actually really come here!

He hadn’t said where the Zheng family’s house was, so he must have been asking around for a long time, right? If he had known that he would come, he should have told him carefully, no, no, he should have sent someone to pick him up!

        Zheng Yuefeng arrived at the door of Zheng Mansion with excitement but when he saw who was waiting there, his face fell, “What are you doing here?”

        “Zheng Gongzi!” At the sight of him, He Zhen’s voice choked up.

        The Zhao family’s bullock cart usually left early in the morning to come to town, and they had already left by the time he left Qi Yue’s house. He had walked here on his own two legs, after a long day’s walk, it was already near time for dinner!

        He was so tired, his legs were so sore but he didn’t dare to delay, when he arrived in town, he immediately asked around for the location of Zheng’s house, it was only because the Zheng family was famous in town that he was able to find it!

“Stop, don’t cry!” Seeing that he was about to shed tears, Zheng Yuefeng hurriedly said, “If others see you, they will think that I, this magnificient young master of the Zheng family, am bullying you!”

        “Won’t cry, I won’t cry!” He Zhen hurriedly raised his hand to wipe away the tears that had not yet fallen from his eyes, “Zheng Gong zi, you are the only one who can help me now!”

        “The way you said it, you have your family, your parents and brothers, there is no need for me to help you!” Zheng Yue Feng’s head hurt, if he had known this person was the one that came, he wouldn’t have come out!

        Hearing him mention his family, He Zhen was even more upset, the tears he had just wiped away, filled his eyes again, “Zheng Gong zi, you don’t know that it is my father, mother and brother who are pushing me into the pit of fire!”

        Zheng Yue Feng laughed coldly in his heart, this shameless family is finally starting to fight internally!

        “They want to marry me off to a landlord who is nearly sixty years old as a concubine !” He Zhen’s tears still couldn’t hold back from rolling down, “Zheng Gong zi, for the sake of money, they don’t even care about my happiness!”

        “Oh, you’re getting married, then congratulations!” Zheng Yue Feng put on a smile and gave him a respectful hand.

        “Zheng Gong zi?” He Zhen couldn’t believe it, he actually said that, did he not understand? He was going to be married off as a little wife to an old man!

“It’s really difficult for you, He xiao ge’er, to come all this way to inform me, but unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have time to attend your wedding banquet!” Zheng Yue Feng took his fan from his waist and opened it, slowly fanning himself, as if he did not see the surprised expression on his face.”Then please take your time, I won’t see you off!”

        Seeing that the man had turned around and was about to go back, He Zhen couldn’t care less anymore, jumped over to him and hugged his leg, crying miserably, “Zheng Gongzi, please save me, only you can save me!”

        “I said, do you have any shame?” Zheng Yue Feng was unprepared, being hugged by him, still he couldn’t do anything to push him because he is a ger, he was really annoyed!

        “Young master!” Kang Yuan had just followed him, saw that his young master was being entangled, so he rushed over and grabbed his arm, trying to pull him away, while calling the dumbfounded watchman, “Hurry up, come and help!”

        The two servants were both boys so they did not dare to touch him somewhere else, they could only tug on his arms and pull him away, holding his arms, not daring to let go of him, lest he rush over again.

        Zheng Yuefeng stroked the hem of his shirt which was wrinkled by his grip,full of annoyance, “Your family wants you to marry to whom, that is your family’s business, what is the use of pestering me?”

        “Zheng Gong zi, marry me! As long as you’re willing to marry me, I’ll do whatever you want!” He Zhen was caught so he could no longer pounce on him, he could only beg him while crying!

“Ha, I’ve really never seen a more shameless ger than you!” Zheng Yuefeng laughed at him, this man was really shameless to a certain extent, “I am really sorry, young master, I already have someone,my heart belongs to, I will not marry anyone but him in my life, so you better just give up already!”

        Hearing him say that, He Zhen froze for a moment, then suddenly remembered what He Gui had said to him, “Is it Hua ge’er? You like Xu Hua, don’t you?Zheng Gong zi, if you are willing to marry me, you can marry him afterwards, I won’t mind!”

        “You know that too?” This time it was Zheng Yue Feng who was surprised. Was it true that all of Gu Shui Villagers knew about his love for Xu Hua, except for the person himself? he doesn’t want to care too much about that anymore, “Since you know, you should understand, I am devoted to him and will only marry him, there will be no one else, just like Qi Yue only wants He Ling, this young master also only wants Xu Hua!”

        “No way, no way!” He Zhen couldn’t accept it at all, why did they all get what he wanted so easily? He fought so hard but he never got it, “You can’t be like this, you can’t do this!”

        “Oh, my son can’t do what?”

        Before Zheng Yue Feng could mock him, a rather imposing female voice came from behind him, with a chill in his neck, he cautiously turned his head back and said with a smile, “Mother, why are you out?”

        Madam Zheng who was standing behind the door with her arm held by Zheng Yueyan, listened to his words, glanced at him lightly, lifted her skirt, crossed the threshold, walked to him and said, “I heard that my son had rushed out to meet a ger, so I was curious and came to take a look!”

        Zheng Yuefeng smiled awkwardly and rubbed his nose, not knowing what to say, but he could not explain that it was a misunderstanding.

Madam Zheng smiled lightly, averted her gaze from him, looking at He Zhen, who did not dare to speak, and said slowly, “When is it the turn of an outsider to dictate the young master of our Zheng family? !”

        He Zhen’s body trembled, his face turned pale. The other party’s tone was clearly gentle and not vicious, but he could not help but feel afraid.

        Seeing him turn white, not daring to look her in the eye, Madam Zheng hooked her lips in contempt and said to the maid following her, “Go and pick some of the gers from among the servants and bring them here.Our guests will be sent back to wherever he came from!”

        He Zhen jerked his head up then he began to struggle again, but he was dragged by the neck. He cried with his face full of tears, “Madam, Madam I was wrong, please don’t send me back, please!”

        “What is this little ger saying, sending a guest home is the proper way to treat a guest, don’t be polite to us!” Madam Zheng looked at him, smiling demurely and politely.

        He Zhen was really scared, he shouldn’t have come to provoke Zheng Yuefeng, with his wealth, how could he afford to provoke him!

        After finishing with him, Madam Zheng took Zheng Yuefeng back to the house, paying no attention to the people who were still crying and asking not to send him home. After that, she ordered her servants to close the gate!

        Zheng Yuefeng followed his mother back to the pavilion then he took his seat, his heart was restless, he was not sure how much of the conversation had been overheard, if he was asked, how could he explain?

“Yue Er!” After the maids brought tea and snacks, Madam Zheng finally opened her mouth.

        Zheng Yue Feng carefully glanced at her face and answered, “Your son is here!”

        Madam Zheng did not ask him another question immediately, but she lifted the tea jar, stroked away the tea with the lid and took a sip before saying, “When did you find someone you love that you would not marry another person besides this person?”

        What was to come, was to come! Zheng Yuefeng collapsed and closed his eyes, “It …… hasn’t been too long either.”

       She nodded her head,then she took another sip of tea for a long time before asking again, “This ger called Xu Hua, which family’s young master is he?”

        “No…… is not a young master!” Zheng Yuefeng swallowed his saliva, steadied himself, looked up into his mother’s eyes and said solemnly, “He’s just a very ordinary ger from Gushui village, he doesn’t have any distinguished family, and he’s not even pretty enough, but I just like him, I like him very much!”

        Madam Zheng looked at him for a long time without speaking, there was no obvious emotion in her eyes,but Zheng Yue Feng, with his back straight, did not avoid looking at her, even though he was nervous.

        “Country Ger ah ……,” Madam Zheng raised her hand on the table, her index finger tapping lightly on the top of the table.

Zheng Yuefeng only felt that every click was knocking on his heart as he was very flustered. He took a sip of water to relieve his mood and said, “Mother, although he is a country ger, but he has worked hard to live on his own, take care of his sick father, never leave him, and treat his friends with sincerity, is such a Ger not good?”

        “Since it’s so good ……” Mrs. Zheng reached out and pinched his tense face, saying, “When will you bring the person and marry him back?”

        “Huh?” Zheng Yue Feng was dumbfounded, wondering if there was something wrong with his ears?

        “Pfft hahaha ……” Zheng Yueyan, who had not said anything, could not hold her voice any longer and fell onto the table with her belly covered in laughter, “Aiyoo, hey, this expression of you, it’s really too stupid!”

        Madam Zheng also raised the corners of her mouth and laughed, she had never seen her son look so nervous like this, “Yueyan has told me all about your affair with that Hua Ge’er!”

        Zheng Yuefeng was so surprised, this little girl had secretly told mother about this, “Then mother, you don’t object?”

        “If you like someone like that Ger today, I will definitely show him and let him taste the ways of our family!” He had the nerve to come to the Zheng family’s door. Madam Zheng patted his hand, “But Yueyan has told me that this ger is a good child, since our Zheng family does not care about the status of a family, as long as he has good character, there is nothing that I will not agree to!”

The stone in Zheng Yuefeng’s heart was finally put down, so as long as his mother agreed, his father’s side would be fine too, “Thank you, mother!”

        “You have to work harder!” Mrs. Zheng teased, “Mother has heard Yueyan say that he doesn’t have that kind of interest in you yet!”

        Zheng Yuefeng glared at his sister, why did she tell mother about everything?

        Zheng Yueyan stuck her tongue out at him, her face full of smugness, she thought his brother was too stupid so she decided to help him first, to get thing down with mother first but this brother of his, didn’t even know how to say thank you, it was his fault that Xu Hua Ge Ge didn’t like him!

        “When you’re sure, tell mother! Mother will find a matchmaker to propose a marriage!” This son of hers, who has never had a fixed nature of character, who has flirted with this and that although he has never really liked anyone. He always said that he wants to marry the most beautiful person in the world, but now he has fallen for an ordinary country ger, all of this is fate!

        “I know, Mother!” Hearing her words, Zheng Yuefeng felt that he should try harder, Xu Hua, this person, he must marry him back.


Unknown4 June 2021 at 15:37

I was on the verge of feeling sorry for He Zheng but then I remembered that he and his family almost caused He Ling to be raped. I’ll save my sympathy for Young Master Zheng.

LittleYen4 June 2021 at 16:23

Do not worry for He Zhen, although he also suffer but he is the type could do revenge for his own..

See the surprise in the next several chapters…

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