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BTC Chapter 41


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 41: 教训

When he reached the door, Qi Yue’s heart sank, the door was wide open and the brass lock had been smashed down!
He didn’t dare delay for a moment, so he rushed straight in.

In the courtyard there was an overturned water basin on the ground, the door to the main room was also half open, but there was obviously no one inside.

        Mu Yan had gone to the backyard, so he didn’t waste time here, with a black face, he turned toward the backyard!

        When he saw the scene in the courtyard, Qi Yue’s heart skipped a beat, Xu Hua was sitting on the ground embracing He Ling, in front of them, a man fell in rough clothes, unable to see his face, his eyes were terrifying when he thought of what might have happened, “Ah Ling!”

        He could not help but shed a tear after he relaxed, he was just about to look at Xu Hua’s hand when a reassuring voice came from behind him, so he turned back and said joyfully, “Xiang Gong!”

        He Ling’s face was still streaked with tears, his white shirt was stained with blood, Qi Yue’s pupils shrank, then he rushed over in a panic, dropping the medicine box to the ground casually and holding him up to check, “Where are you hurt?!”

        When He Ling saw his frightened expression, his heart softened, busily shaking his head, “I’m not hurt, it’s ……”

“And you still say no!!!” Qi Yue raised his voice at him for the first time, being so close, he already saw the blood marks on the other’s neck.

        He Ling was shocked by this reaction, but knowing that he was worried, he immediately said, “I’m not that hurt Xiang Gong, it’s just a little skin, but Hua ge’er’s wound is more serious, he bled a lot of blood!”

        Qi Yue had already pinched his chin to look at his injury, it was not that serious, so he was relieved.
When he heard him mention Xu Hua, he remembered that he was still here. He looked back, saw him holding his right hand with his uninjured hand, which had a deep cut!

        “Who did this to you?!”

        Before he had time to say anything, a figure rushed over and grabbed Xu Hua’s injured hand, asking angrily, this was none other than Zheng Yue Feng who had followed him over.

        Xu Hua who was grabbed by him, gave a stifled grunt of pain, the other party immediately released the force.
He wondered in his heart, it was him who was injured, why was this person so angry?

        “Does it hurt?” Looking at the wound that was still oozing blood, Zheng Yue Feng was a bit distressed, such a big cut, it must be painful!

        Xu Hua didn’t know this gong zi very well, so he didn’t say much, he just shook his head.

        Lin Sheng had already squatted down beside the fallen man, reached out to turn him face up, “He Fu?”

“He’s the one who hurt people?”
Zheng Yue Feng immediately glared over, looking at an ordinary country bumpkin peasant who had the guts to do such a thing!

      Qi Yue looked at the man who had passed out then put his attention back to He Ling.

        He Ling met his gaze, without hesitation, he said, “After I woke up and washed my face, I went out to pour water, then I saw him in the courtyard…”

        He detailed everything that had happened, Xu Hua occasionally added something he had missed, therefore they got the general idea of what had happened.

        “Looks like someone, got greedy.” Qi Yue stared at He Fu, something tumbling in his eyes.

        “Why are you such a fool? Going to grab a knife with empty hand!” Zheng Yue Feng’s focus was clearly different. Holding it up just like that, it would be strange if it didn’t cut through.

        Xu Hua was puzzled, why did he have to be lectured by this man? He wrinkled his eyebrows, “The knife is so close to Ling’s neck, if I don’t take it off, it wouldn’t be good if he happened to lose his grip, right?”

        Zheng Yue feng had no way to argue with him, in an emergency like that, he also wouldn’t think twice about it!

“Big Brother Lin!”Qi Yue looked up at Lin Sheng without any emotion in his eyes, “Trouble you to please go and ask the village chief to come here!”

        Lin Sheng understood that he was not going to let He Fu off easily, so he nodded then he got up to go. It was time to teach these people a lesson, so they could remember it!

        Qi Yue took out a bottle of powder from the medicine box, dipped some into the belly of his finger, gently wiped it on He Ling’s wound, before throwing the bottle over to Zheng Yue Feng then he took out the thin cloth for the bandage, “You help Hua Ge’er put the medicine on ba!”

        Of course Zheng Yue feng was happy to do so, although he had never done this before, he just needs to be a little careful then it would be fine!

        Qi Yue stood up, walked over to He Fu, looked at him for a moment, then lifted one foot and fiercely stepped on it…

        “Ka Cha!” (onom of breaking sound)
The sound of breaking bones made the three people there stare on him!

        Qi Yue had broken He Fu’s right arm, not only that, he even twisted it with his foot a few times violently without changing his expression. Zheng Yue feng sucked in a cold breath, he saw that even though he was unconscious, He Fu’s body twitched with his movements, his beads of sweat also appeared on his forehead, how painful must it be? His anger at this man for hurting Xu Hua had gone, he even felt a little sympathy!

        Xu Hua’s eyes widened, Qi Yue was always gentle and good-natured, but how his action earlier was so cruel!?

“Xiang, Xiang Gong?” He Ling was also a bit dumbfounded. He Fu’s hand, it was broken, right?

        “Ah Ling, don’t be afraid!” Qi Yue looked up and gave him a gentle smile, still looking like a gentleman, as if he was not the one who had stepped on someone else’s bones. Since He Fu had injured his Fu Lang with this hand,then there was no need to keep it.

        He knelt down, took a vermilion pill out of his sleeve, opened He Fu’s mouth and stuffed it in.

        Although he was curious about what Qi Yue had given him, Zheng Yue feng held back from asking, it was definitely not something good, his instincts told him so!

        After doing so, Qi Yue returned to He Ling’s side, picked the man up, held him in his arms, turned his head to the other two and said, “He won’t wake up for a while, let’s go have a cup of tea!”

        When he heard Lin Sheng tell him what had happened in detail, the village chief couldn’t believe that the elder brother of He family, He Fu, had gone to Qi Yue’s house to steal something! Not only, he didn’t succeed in stealing something, he even hurt someone with a knife?

He felt a blackness in his eyes, he held onto the table for a long time before he could recover. Since he had become the village chief, such a terrible thing had never happened in Gu shui village!
If word of this got out, their village’s reputation would be ruined!

        “Are Ling Ge’er and Hua Ge’er alright?” The village chief took several deep breaths before he spoke.

For this rare moment, Lin Sheng was clever, he didn’t tell the whole truth, he said, “I was in a hurry to report to you, so I didn’t really know, except that when I went there, Hua Ge’er’s hand was bleeding, it couldn’t be stopped. Ling Ge’er had not only hurt his neck, but was also in shock, he was crying and gasping for breath in Brother Qi’s arms, his face even turned white!”

        Hearing these words, the village chief was so angry that he could hardly catch his breath, after Feng Zheng stroked his chest, smoothed it down, and he felt much better, then he waved his hand and said to his son, “Go to He Family’s house and ask them to go to Qi Yue’s house, I’ll go with Lin to see what’s going on!”

        “Okay, I’ll go now!” At his father’s words, Feng Zheng answered and went out.

The village chief also followed Lin Sheng out the door. If the He family didn’t stop this time, then Qi Yue would definitely not spare He Fu!

The village chief was well aware of their repeated visits to the doorstep of people’s homes,it just that Qi Yue had a good temper and didn’t take it personally. But they turned their nose to the face*, they even stole from the house!

[蹬鼻子上脸 :lit. to climb all over sb / fig. to take advantage of sb’s weakness]

The village chief walked with Lin Sheng through the village with a dark face, going to the direction of Qi Yue’s house. The people who saw this were all thinking to themselves, is these another good show?

When they arrived at Qi Yue’s house, they saw the open door at first glance, lifted their feet to enter. They went straight over the hall after hearing the talking voices from there.

Qi Yue was sitting on a stool with He Ling in his embrace, by a cup of tea in his hand, feeding him to drink, his neck wrapped in a thin cloth, his white shirt still stained with a lot of blood.

Xu Hua was sitting on the other side, the wound on his hand was also bandaged, some blood was still oozing from the cloth, probably due to excessive blood loss, his face was a bit pale, beside him sat a gentleman who was new to him.

        As soon as the village chief entered, several people stood up, Qi Yue hugged He Ling without letting go, his face lost its usual smile, “Village chief!”

        He nodded to him, the village chief turned his attention to He Ling, his face was full of anxiety, his hands were tugging tightly on Qi Yue’s sleeve. The village chief sighed, this child must be really frightened!

He Ling didn’t even dare to raise his head for fear that the village chief would see what was going on, his wound didn’t even need to be wrapped, he wasn’t that scared anymore, but his husband wanted him to look like he was not yet recovered from a fright.How could he pretend ,he was naturally timid in his heart.

“Village Chief!” Xu Hua also called out, he had lost a lot of blood just now, therefore his face was really white, there was no need to pretend.

        “Hua Ge’er, you’d better sit down, what should we do if you get dizzy?”
Zheng Yue Feng pressed the man into a chair to let him sit down.
He had no sense of self-consciousness even when he was injured!

        The village chief didn’t care about this unknown outsider, he asked, “Where is He Fu?”

        “In the backyard!” The expression on Qi Yue’s face became a little furious again, “I hope the village Chief will give us justice!”

        Anyone would be definitely angry at such terrible thing, so the village chief understood him very well. After all, the culprit was still a relative, it was really too shameless!

“My son ne?! Where is my son?!”

        Before the village chief could say any words of relief, Qian’s noisy voice came from outside the door. Annoyed by this in his heart, he strode out and shouted, “How dare you still have a face to make a fuss?”

        After she saw him, Qian’s neck shrank, she didn’t dare to shout again, “I’m afraid that Qi Yue has hurt our A Fu ma!”

        “Hurt He Fu? Why don’t you ask what kind of injuries He Fu has inflicted on others first?” He’s been found in trespassing in someone else’s house.
Even if he was hurt, he had asked for it!

        He Tian glared at Qian, after that he said with a smile, “Village Chief, don’t be angry! A woman doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s just disorderly concerned!”

        He Zhen and He Gui, the younger generation, did not dare to say much even though they were standing on the side. They didn’t know the details of the situation.Feng Zheng only said that He Fu had been caught stealing on Qi Yue’s house, so he brought them here!

        When they heard this, they were surprised, as one can well imagine, it was okay for the stealing part but being caught red-handed for doing so, how stupid that must have been!

        “Humph,you guys better think about how you’re going to make amends now!” The village chief really had a headache at the sight of them, so he didn’t want to say anything more.

        “Didn’t he ended up stealing nothing right? !” Qian muttered in a discontented whisper, that Qi Yue was really stingy, it wasn’t like anything was missing, why did he have to go to the village chief?


Unknown26 May 2021 at 15:52

This is why her children are like that! Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

LittleYen31 May 2021 at 17:45

This He Family is indeed so mess up(-“”-;)

Rentintin24 July 2021 at 05:18

Wow the mother is soooooo shameless wth hahahah . . She should be the one suffering lol

LittleYen6 October 2021 at 03:44

Yes, she should be… Really..

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