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BTC Chapter 4

He Ling

Back to the countryside

Chapter 4: He Ling

Qi Yue looked around and felt that there must be some story in it. This had nothing to do with him and he was not interested in participating in it, so he gave them a salute hand,”I just came back from the town, a little bit tired. I won’t be talking with every aunt here anymore, so I am leaving first!”


Those women didn’t pester him and told him to go back and rest quickly. There would be another time for chatting.


Qi Yue stepped on his horse, nodded at them again before he patted Mu Yan, he then walked away and headed home.


In passing by the village’s well, he saw a small thin figure trying hard to lift the rope to fetch water on the well. This gorgeous face was exactly the ger, he stopped to ask for directions previously.


He watched as the other man raised the bucket from the well, filled his own bucket with water, then placed the two buckets of water on his shoulders and stood up straight with some swaying. The moment he looked up, he met his eyes.


Qi Yue smiled at him, tightened the reins to stop and said, “Do you need help?”


That ger stared at him blankly, not knowing whether it was because he met him which was unexpected or because he wanted to help that was unexpected for him. He hurriedly lowered his head again, yet didn’t answer his words, holding on to the pole, with some uncertainty and quickly left.


Qi Yue chuckled a little. He clamped the belly of the horse and let the horse continue to walk, with some interest in his eyes, “Within one day, he escaped twice!”


After two days, Qi Yue went to Carpenter Sun to retrieve the plough he had made, then he went to find Lin Sheng, ready to ask him for advice on how to farm the land. The other party readily agreed and took him to the land the next day.


Lin Sheng took him to the paddy field. Other villagers had already started planting seedlings at this time. Qi Yue came late so his land hadn’t been plowed yet.


Lin Sheng asked him to finish the two acres of paddy fields before going to work on the dry land. It would be fine if it was delayed for two days. As an inexperienced novice, Qi Yue naturally listened to him.



The land of the two families was not very far away. If something happens, Qi Yue could directly go find him. It was not difficult to simply plow the land. Putting the plow on the ox and guiding it walking around. Even he could do it.


While plowing the land, Qi Yue glanced at the ground next to him. Someone was bending over to plant seedlings. The seedlings planted in front of him look in order. The person who worked on it was very fast, he was immersed in planting the seedlings. He looked really familiar to Qi Yue.


The corners of Qi Yue’s lips twitched. He felt that he and this ger quite destined to meet, but Gu shui Village originally was not big so it was not a surprise to meet him twice in three days.


This time the other party only focused on his work and didn’t notice him. Qi Yue didn’t bother him, either he left any sound out, afraid that the other was frightened and fled from the place.


Thinking about the scene, it was quite funny so the smile on his face deepened.


But it was also strange that every time I saw this ger, he seemed to be doing work. Generally, the rough work of chopping wood and carrying baskets of water were usually done by men. Although ger was also a man. Their body was weaker than a man’s. Basically, Ger did something light, the same as a woman.


Thinking of this, Qi Yue felt that he was thinking too much, maybe because the other party has no men in the family, maybe the father in the family was not in good health, as for the husband, he should not be married ba?


It seemed that he thought a lot before he realized it. Qi Yue found it funny. When would he think so much about things that have nothing to do with him? Could it be that he was influenced by the villagers and became interested in other families?


He smiled and shook his head, then stopped thinking about it, and refocused on the cultivated land.


By midday, Qi Yue’s two acres of land had almost been ploughed, Lin Sheng came over and called out to him at this time, “Qi Yue, my wife bring the lunch here. You have your share, so hurry up and follow me! ”


He stopped the plough and looked up at Lin Sheng, who was standing at the edge of the ground, and said:”Okay ah! When I came, I also brought the braised pork. Let’s eat together! ”


“Hahahaha, that’s good. I’ve got you to thank for this! ” Lin Sheng stood there and laughed cheerfully twice, looking as if he had taken advantage of the situation.




“He Ling! You have only planted these much of seedlings for a long time?! Look at your brothers and the others! Have you been lazy? I don’t think you should eat your lunch after all! ”


When Qi Yue was walking towards Lin Sheng, the sound of an angry scream came from the other side. Both of them looked over, then saw a woman standing on the edge of the ground with her hand on her waist (插着腰), screaming at the ger in the ground.


The Ger who was scolded had a several fate of meeting with Qi Yue, and the one who scolding, Qi Yue met her before too, it was the madam from He Tian’s family about two days ago, who said she want to introduce his family ger to him.


Qi Yue was a little surprised when these two people mixed together like this. No matter how you look at it, they don’t seem to have any relation at all.


Listen to the woman’s scolding, the ger named He Ling yet kept his head down, continued working and did not refute.


But Lin Sheng this warm hearted person , couldn’t stand it. He shout, “I said, this auntie, can He Ling who is a ger, compare with a man? Moreover, your two sons eat a lot and eat well, Strong, like a head of ox. Just one look on He Ling, his body condition is not good. Don’t go too far!”


” Yo, what’s the matter? Lin Sheng, are you in love with Ling Ge Er? Shall I, this auntie go and talk to your wife? Get him to be your little wife.” That He Tian’s family, seeing him out, immediately sneered back with a sharp voice.


“You ……” Lin Sheng opened his mouth to retort, but he saw He Ling in the ground lifting his head and shaking it at him, so he had to swallow his words, his face red with anger.


He Tian Family’s saw that he could not say anything so she smiled smugly.After that, her eyes glanced at him and saw Qi Yue in the ground, and she instantly changed her face, “Aiya, Qi boy is also here?”


There was a smile on Qi Yue’ face, but he didn’t answer her words.


She didn’t think there was something wrong, she said with a smile on her face: “Last time I told you to see my family’s Ger. he happened to be here today, zhen Ge Er! Come here Quickly!”


He Tian’s family, who only minded her own business, turned her head and shouted. After a while, a ger ran over. His appearance is quite delicate. On the center of his eyebrows, there is a diamond-shaped Ger’s mark.


He Tian Family’ grabbed his hand and said a few words in his ear, then the Ger looked at Qi Yue with a shy expression on his face.


“Boy Qi (Qi Xiao zi: little boy Qi) this is our family ger. He is called He Zhen. He looks good and has a good figure. He is very capable with his heart and hands! Seeing He Tian’s tone and demeanor, as if , to be able to marry their family’ger is Qi Yue’s fortune.


From start to finish, Qi Yue smiled without speaking, like a young gentleman, who seemed to agree with her very much.


But if you look closely, you will find that his eyes look like a spectator watching a play, and he doesn’t feel that everything of “to look upon” has anything to do with him.


“Auntie, Honestly your Zhen Ge Er is too good, my brother Qi can’t climb too high, You better find someone who is greater. We still have to eat ne, excuse us to leave first! ” Lin Sheng grabbed Qi Yue’s arm and pulled the person away.


The angry He Tian Family’s madam directly scolded him for being immature and for messing up with other people’s opportunity1*2良緣 could mean ‘good karma’ also ‘the opportune connection with the marriage partner’!



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    良緣 could mean ‘good karma’ also ‘the opportune connection with the marriage partner’
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