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BTC Chapter 38

Double Happiness

Back to the Countryside

Chapter 38: 有喜

有喜 actually have two meaning;

1. There is happiness or  To be happy

2. To be with child (pregnant)

One day before Lin Xiaohu was going to school, the Lin family invited Qi Yue and He Ling to have dinner, kind of a little celebration.


When He Ling gave him the embroidered cloth bag, the little one was so happy that he couldn’t let go of the tiger lying on it, leaving aside the four treasures Qi Yue had given him.


“Your uncle Fu Lang took such great pains to embroider it for you, so you must take good care of it!” Wu Yulan looked at him with his eyes almost smiling out, and petted his head dotingly.


“Of course, I won’t let anyone touch it!” Lin Xiaohu held the cloth bag tightly in his arms.


The adults were amused by the way he hid his things and said he was an entertainment for the family!


While eating, He Ling noticed that Wu Yulan did not look very well and did not eat a lot of food, so he asked with some concern, “Is sister-in-law Yulan not feeling well?”


Wu Yulan shook her head and said, “Nothing, it’s probably because the weather is slowly getting warmer lately, so my appetite is not very good, so I don’t eat much!”


” It’s true that her appetite has decreased a lot recently, and her face doesn’t look too good either!” Lin Sheng frowned heartily. He gave her another chopstick of food in her bowl.


“Why don’t I give sister-in-law, a pulse?” Qi Yue looked at her complexion, put down his chopsticks.



“Yes, Qi xiao zi is a doctor, let him take a look at you!” Fang’s loved deeply her daughter-in-law, who was always running the house so well, and was so busy with everything!


Wu Yulan didn’t think there was anything wrong with her either, but in order not to worry the family, she put her hand out.


Qi Yue’s fingers were on her wrist, but a moment later he curled his lips into a smile.


“Brother Qi, what’s wrong with you?” Why was he smiling? Lin Sheng was wondering, what was there to be happy about in examining an ill person!


Qi Yue gave him an arch of his hand and said, “Congratulations, Big Brother!”


Lin Sheng was completely at a loss, he didn’t understand what kind of happiness that need to be congratulate for, “Brother Qi, don’t keep me guessing over it! what’s wrong with my wife?”


“Qi xiao zi?” But Fang seemed to understand, as she stared at Qi Yue, her face already beginning to glow with joy.


Qi Yue smiled while also nodding his head, saying, “Sister-in-law is pregnant!”


“Yulan!” Fang happily got up, walked to her side, holding her shoulders and patting her lightly. It was her fault for not even noticing such an obvious reaction.


Wu Yulan was a bit stunned, she had always felt weak and unable to eat recently, but she had only thought it was because the weather was getting hotter as summer was approaching, so she had never thought about pregnancy at all.


Lin Sheng opened his mouth in disbelief that he was going to be a father again!


“Am I going to be a brother?” Lin Xiaohu asked, his face upward.


Lin Shan, who was sitting next to him, giddily pinched his face and said, “Yes, your mother is going to give you a younger brother or sister!”


He Ling smiled as he was watching the entire family get very excited and not knowing what to do. He was happy for Wu Yulan in his heart. Nevertheless,the family has grown in size by the coming of new member is definitely a great joy!


But Qi Yue looked at He Ling’s face, his eyes gradually became deeper, they had been married for some time, and Ah Ling’s body had recovered well, so shouldn’t it be time to make up for their bridal chamber?


The Lin family had a double celebration, Lin Xiaohu was going to school and Wu Yulan was pregnant, so everyone was very happy!


Lin Shan even poured out his long-held wine and the three men exchanged glasses and drank, with the corners of Lin Sheng’s mouth grinning from ear to ear!


It was not until the moon was up that Lin Sheng collapsed on the table that he was stopped by Fang, who could not stand the sight of him.


No matter how happy you are, you can’t joke about your health!


Qi Yue still had a smile on his face and did not seem to be drunk, so He Ling relaxed a little.


It was so late that Fang urged them to go home and rest, they themselves would clean up after this, without having them to worry about it.


He Ling couldn’t persuade her, so he went out with Qi Yue. It was pitch dark outside without any sound, the moonlight wasn’t very bright either, so it was hard to see the road.


He reached out to help Qi Yue, fearing that he would fall if his mind was confused after drinking.


Qi Yue pulled him into his arms, wrapped him inside his embrace, the scent of wine permeated his surroundings, “Is Fu Lang afraid of the dark?”


He Ling was startled by him, then he relaxed his body, shook his head and said, “With my husband (xiang gong) around, I’m not afraid.”


“Hn, As your husband, I (wei fu) will protect you.” Qi Yue did not let go of his hand, walked home with his arm around him, his every step steady, showing no signs of falling.


His family husband did seem to be a good drinker, he hadn’t taken any anti drunk pills this time, but he was still sober, whereas Big brother Lin Sheng had fallen down drunk, he was really happy with sister-in-law’s pregnancy ba, so he drank so much!


Their house was very close to Lin Sheng’s, and it was only a short walk away. He Ling fished the keys out of his body to open the door with Qi Yue still hug him tightly, wouldn’t let go.


He Ling went along with him, having lived together for quite so long, he was used to the other’s occasional clinginess.


When he entered the door, just after closing it behind him, he was pushed against the door by Qi Yue, his face buried in the nook of his neck, gently rubbing it, “Ah Ling ……”


Surely he was drunk? He Ling gently patted the back of his shoulder, “I’m here!”


Qi Yue’s lips pressed against his shoulder and neck, opening his mouth and biting gently, “Ah Ling ……”


“I’m here! ” He Ling answered him again, his heart was somewhat between embarrassing and laughing, he must be drunk, “Let’s go rest, okay?”


Qi Yue lifted his head and looked down at him, his eyes seemed to be glowing in the darkness. He Ling opened his mouth, want to persuade him once more, but he was violently blocked by the lip of the man in front of him!


The fiery tongue probing his own mouth, mingle together with the strong taste of wine, smoked He Ling, who also seemed a little drunk, his mouth slightly open as he allowed the man in front of him to do his bidding.


Qi Yue held his little Fu lang deadly pressed against the door, leaving him with nowhere to escape but his own embrace as he gently licked across the root of the other man’s tongue, causing his body to shudder and his hands to climb even tighter around the back of his shoulders so as not to lose his footing!


He Ling felt like his whole body had been thrown into the boiling water, so hot that it was about to melt away ……


It was only after a long time that Qi Yue stepped back a little, he looked at He Ling panting softly in his arms, gently stroking the hair on his cheeks, and said softly, “Ah Ling, I want to be a father too.”


“What?” He Ling’s thoughts were still a little confused, not understanding the deeper meaning of his words.


Qi Yue, however, did not speak again as he bent down and picked his Fu lang up in his embrace, turning around and going back to his room.


It was not until he was gently placed on the bed that He Ling found his thoughts, his whole body stiffened and he sat there nervously.


Qi Yue lit the candle on the table and returned to the bed, seeing the tense man, he moved over, “Is A Ling not willing?”


“No…… not!” He Ling’s voice shook a little, how could he be reluctant, this man was his husband, he was just embarrassed and at a complete loss.


Qi Yue lifted his hand and pressed his shoulder, pushing the man gently down on the bed and looking into his eyes from above, “Ah Ling, you are mine.”


He Ling’s hand tightly clutched the bed sheet beneath him, looking at the man’s aggressive eyes, his eyelashes shivered, trembled, and he slowly closed his eyes as Qi Yue looking down at his lower body…….



A ‘creak’ sound, the sound of opening the door, waking up He Ling, who was still asleep, and he opened his eyes with a slight twist of his brow.


Qi Yue came in with a tray, when he saw that he had woken up, he put the tray on the table, went to the bed, sat down beside him, reached out and smoothed his long, unruly hair. “Are you feeling uncomfortable?”


He Ling moved his body, but there was nothing uncomfortable except for his waist, which was a little sore and weak, after he woke up a little then he realized he was still naked, so he blushed, shrank under the covers.


He smiled, lowered his head and gave him a kiss on his hot cheek, “I’ve seen everything that wei fu need to see!”


He Ling’s face turned even redder and he shrank his head into the quilt as well, leaving him with only a cloud of dark hair.


“Don’t hold it in!” Qi Yue pulled back the blanket to expose his face and stopped teasing him, “I’ve cooked some porridge, want to eat some?”


He Ling, who had slept for a long time, was indeed a little hungry, he wanted to sit up and then he paused, “Clothes ……”


Qi Yue put his hand under the blanket, touched his waist precisely, and said playfully.”Is there anything that Fu Lang cannot show me?”


He Ling stiffened his body,, not daring to move.


Qi Yue’s hand moved, gently kneading his sore and tender waist, as a doctor, he knew exactly where to make him feel better. “It was wei fu who went too far last night, please Fu Lang don’t blame me!”


He Ling, who had gradually relaxed under his kneading,after hearing what he said, shook his head and blushed, “I don’t blame you.”


Qi Yue smiled again and kissed him on the cheek, his heart ache for him even more.


Only after rubbing here pressing there for a long time, until there was no more obvious discomfort in He Ling’s waist, did Qi Yue withdraw his hand and find him some clothes from the wardrobe to help him and put them on, in the meantime , eating countless times of tender tofu!


After a brief wash, He Ling sat down at the table, where Qi Yue had made him steamed eggs with minced meat and shredded chicken congee, which he ate with great appetite as his belly was now empty and he was hungry.


Qi Yue sat beside him and watched him eat, his eyes soft as water, now this person, both heart and body, belonged to him completely, no one could take it away.


He Ling was so uncomfortable by his stare so he put down hid spoon of porridge and said, “Xiang Gong don’t have to stay here with me, just go and do your own work!”


“Keeping my Fu lang company is what I need to do!” Qi Yue raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Is Ah Ling driving me away?”


“No.” He Ling naturally wouldn’t answer yes as he picked up his spoon again, “Don’t you keep staring at me!”


Qi Yue lifted his hand and gently stroked the marks he had left on his neck last night, “Fu lang is so good looking, how can I resist not looking?”


His touch tickled He Ling a little, and he shrank back from his neck, not knowing how to respond to his words, so he stuffed a mouthful of soft, fragrant steamed egg into his mouth and paid no more attention to him.


“Wei fu is just a vulgar person who is enchanted by my Fu lang’s beauty!”

Qi Yue seemed to be energised, his fingers probing further down his neck.


He Ling was so annoyed and shy by his touch that he finished the bowl in three or two mouthful, as he was about to take the dishes out to wash up and leave this cheeky man.


But Qi Yue wrapped his arms back around the man and smiled wickedly as he came up to his ear, “Since Husband is full, isn’t it time to feed, feed your wei fu?”


“You ……” As soon as He Ling raised his head, he was blocked by his lips.


Qi Yue kissed him and picked the man up, retracing his steps back to the bed he had just left shortly after.


The author has something to say: this is the car to the nursery~



Tl Notes:

This chapter is so smooth~~

( ͡°⁄ ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ʖ⁄ ⁄ ͡°) (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)




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Qi Yue plans to eat for a while. Lol



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Fu fu He likes to eat tofu too

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