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BTC Chapter 31

Back to the Countryside
Chapter 31: 恢复 (Recover) 

He Zhen sat in his room, looking at the bowl of dark color medicine in his hand, his heart a little nervous, this medicine was his last straw, if it didn’t work, he might have to live with this ghostly look for the rest of his life!
        He gritted his teeth and poured it all down in one gulp, the bitter taste spreading in his mouth and making him wrinkle his brow tightly.
        After drinking the medicine and placing the bowl on the table, he took a small breath, not knowing if it was because the medicine was so hot that he felt his whole stomach burn up!
        He Zhen stood up, tried to take the empty bowl to the stove room, but the violent and more burning sensation in his belly made him lunge on the table, resulted in the bowl of medicine was knocked to the floor and shattered into several pieces!
        He covered his abdomen tightly with his hands, a thin layer of sweat rising to his forehead as the burning sensation intensified little by little, gradually turning into searing pain, as if someone had put a fire in his stomach, burning his entire intestine to rot!
“Uh-huh!” He couldn’t help but let out a small cry of pain and curled his body up tighter.
        He thought the sensation would go away with time, but it didn’t, the searing pain spread throughout his body, he felt like he was being thrown into a fire, fierce flames burning away his flesh and blood without stopping!
        “Akh..!!!” He struggled and rolled to the ground, tossing and turning his body to put out the “fire” that was following him around, burning everything in his body.
        The pain of his ruptured blistered skin on the ground was ignored under the pain, He Zhen let out a miserable scream that startled everyone in the family who had already intended to sleep.
        “Zhen’er, what’s wrong?” Qian was the first to push open the door to the house, looking at the table and chairs that had been knocked about, along with He Zhen who kept rolling around on the floor, she was horrified!
        He Tian draped himself in clothes and entered the door, seeing the mess, he was also startled, “What’s wrong?”
A few of the juniors were standing in the doorway, it was frightening, by only hearing the screams, which sounded like flesh being cut!
        “Zhen’er, Zhen’er!” Qian wanted to help him, but his violent movements made her unable to get close, so she could only watch helplessly, “Don’t scare me! what’s wrong with you?”
        “The room smells like medicine, did he drink some medicine blindly?” He Tian had just come in when he smelt it.
        “Medicine? Medicine!” As soon as he said medicine, Qian remembered, the old doctor in town today seemed to have said that the medicine would be very painful after drinking it.
        Seeing that she had a suspicion, He Tian hurriedly asked, “Did you know? Is it the medicine you went to the town to buy today?”
        Qian looked at He Tian and felt a bit weak. She didn’t dared to tell him about the medicine she had bought today, thinking that she could hide it for one day, but now, how could she hide it? She could only nod and gave a careful account of her visit to the doctor.
“Three hundred wen for a set of medicine?!” He Tian’s eyes widened, “You bought those five pairs of medicine for one tael of silver?!”
        “I …… thought I could cure Zhen’er so that he could marry a good family!” Qian’s heart naturally felt that it was expensive, but if He Zhen married a rich man, then wouldn’t she get it back!
        “You ……” He Tian pointed at her, unable to say anything, although the reason is so reasonable, but everything is not so absolute, that’s a lot of silver and spend it so casually!
        “Ah!!!” He Zhen on the floor shrieked and knocked over a stool, looking particularly ghastly with his skin covered in rotten sores!
        His own ger had turned into this ghostly state, so He Tian didn’t know what to say, he finally had to fling his sleeves then leave the room.
        “Father and mother are getting really biased!” Zheng’s mouth was bristling with dissatisfied, she lowered her voice, said to the others, “A tael of silver is spent so casually like that!”
“One tael of silver?” Liu looked over, “Didn’t you hear what Mother said? One tael of silver bought five sets of medicine, he’s not done with this illness yet!”
        The two brothers, He Fu and He Gui, didn’t look too good either, if they had only spent this much, it would have been fine, but He Zhen would have to take medicine every day from now on, when would this end?
        “Why are you still standing there? Come and help!” Qian, who had been unable to get close to He Zhen, saw that they were all standing there, so she called out to them.
        They hurried over to him, pulling his hand, pulling his leg, but the painful He Zhen was so frightening strong that he was able to break free several times, he even scratched He Fu’s hands with his nail marks. By the time he was finally pinned down to the bed, all five of them were covered in sweat!
        “Second daughter-in-law, go and get a rope!” As long as he wasn’t pinned down, He Zhen would still roll around, so Qian gritted her teeth, she decided it was better to tie him up than to let him hurt himself. 
Zheng went to the courtyard to get the ropes ,it was used to tie He Zhen’s hands and feet firmly to the bedposts, in order to prevent him from biting his own tongue, Qian also stuffed a cloth towel in his mouth.
        “Mother, this medicine is so frightening to drink, does it work or not? You’re not being tricked,right?!” He Gui asked Qian as he looked at He Zhen, who was struggling even though he was tied up.
        Qian wasn’t sure either, but she said, “Don’t talk nonsense! we went to the famous medical clinic in town, so if they lie to people, they’ll be ruining their own brand!”
        Seeing how sure Qian was, He Gui couldn’t question it any further. He wish that the medicine was useless, so they wouldn’t have to spend the more money on it!
        “Three hundred wen for a set of medicine, that’s really expensive!” He Fu muttered. Their family don’t even spend 300 wen for a month on food and drink, and yet they bought a set of medicine that will be finished only in a few mouthful of drink!
“What? You’re going to tell me off too!” Qian glared at him, she was already distressed by the silver she had spent, and it was enough for He Tian to accuse her, but her son dared to talk to her too!
        “That’s not what I meant!” Seeing that she was angry, He Fu waved his hands repeatedly.
        “All right, I know what’s on your minds!” Qian didn’t really lose her temper, “You’re just not happy about spending so much money on Zhen’er, but you have to think about it, only when Zhen’er is cured then he will be able to find a good in-law, and we’ll be able to live a good life together!”
        Liu and Zheng looked at each other quietly, they knew exactly what He Zhen was like, and even Qi Yue, who was right in front of them, he couldn’t take him, let alone someone else who was a hundred thousand miles away!
        He Fu and He Gui also had their doubts, but now that he was still lying there, they couldn’t ask any more questions, even though he was not in his right mind (unconscious state) , there was no guarantee that he couldn’t hear them.
        In the end, Qian stayed in his room to look after him, while the others went back to their rooms. Her ger were asleep in the room now, when he woke up and saw that no one was in the room, he would likely to cry.
        When He Zhen woke up the next day, his body was a little sore, yesterday he had fallen asleep without realising it after the pain had stopped.
        He slowed down, still somewhat muddled in consciousness,he sat up slowly,after he had fallen asleep, Qian untied the rope that was holding him, he lowered his head, looked at his hands and his eyes widened!
        He didn’t even bother to put on his shoes, he jumped out of bed to looked at the basin, his skin had no new blisters , the scabs had formed on the rotten wounds, he was recovering!
He Zhen was about to weep with joy, even though he had endured an hour of life and death yesterday, as long as he was well, then it was all worth it!
        When Qian entered his room with a bowl of porridge, she saw him standing near the basin with his bare feet, “Why don’t you put on a shoe?”
        “Mother!” He Zhen lifted his head and walked up to her with a happy face, “Look at my face!”
        Qian took a look and also noticed that he was better, he put the bowl down and held his shoulders, “My Zhen’er, your face has recovered a lot, this medicine really works!”
        “In a few days, I’ll be back as good as new!” He was so happy that he no longer had to endure the itchy pain and the strange looks from people. But the next moment, he stopped smiling, “But Mother, I only have enough medicine for five days!”
When he mentioned this, Qian’s good mood was gone. The medicine was good, but it was all in exchange for spending silver like that, for her it was just like cutting into her own flesh.
 “Mother~~” He Zhen reached out to took her arm, “only after I am cured that I could get close to Qi Yue!” 
“You have to talk to your father about buying medicine now!” Qian couldn’t make the decision anymore. If she spent any more money on him, her father would have to take care of her!
 “Father knows?” He was surprised, he hadn’t known anything but the physical pain yesterday. 
“With all that commotion, not to mention your father, I’m afraid all the folks around heard it!” The sound of his screams would have been heard by half the village! 
He Zhen pursed his lips, originally he thought the same as Qian, he could hide it for a day, but he really underestimated the power of the medicine, he didn’t expect it to hurt so much! 
With all the trouble he had caused recently, his father was now upset when he saw him, and it would be difficult to ask him to buy medicine for himself. But no matter what, he couldn’t afford not to take the medicine!


  1. Thank you for your translation:)
    Although I wanna read fluff between our husbands its actually pretty nice to know that this is probably the start of the long and painful suffering of the He family ��. And yes that definitely brings me joy after all that they have done ��


    1. ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙ yup, they deserved it after what they had done to He Ling

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