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BTC Chapter 22

Back to the countryside
Chapter 21: Live Together

Feeling the change in his body, Qi Yue lowered his head and saw his somewhat pale face, reaching out to lift his face so he could look at himself, “Ah Ling, I’m here.”
        Meeting Qi Yue’s eyes gazing at him, He Ling came back to his senses, he closed his eyes and said back, “They sent me to Luo Laizi’s house!”
        “Who was that? Why they sent you there?” Qi Yue had not been in the village long enough to recognise all the people in the village, and Lin Sheng and the others would not have deliberately mentioned an asshole to him, so naturally he did not know.
        He Ling grabbed Qi Yue’s arm around him and said with downcast eyes, “That was a scoundrel from the village, they gave me to him …… to be his husband (Fu Lang) ……”
Qi Yue’s face instantly sank, the anger that rose in his heart was so strong that only he knew how strong it was.
He Ling bit his lips, his eyes began to redden, “If you hadn’t given me a bottle of knockout drops earlier, I would have …… been …… by now.”
        “Don’t say anymore! I know all about it!” Qi Yue put the man into his embrace, patting him gently on the back.He had understood the words that could not be said, no need for him to make things difficult for himself.
When He Ling was lying there last night, he actually thought that if Luo laizi woke up before he left and did something to him, he would not let himself live, he would give himself an end. Luckily, God had mercy on him, allowing him to be held in this person’s arms as he is now.
Qi Yue held the person in his arms tightly, unknown emotions flickering in the depths of his eyes, making one’s body go cold just by looking at them.
[浑身冰凉 hun shen bing liang: from head to toe all over ice cold]
 The two of them remained in this position for a long time in silence, until the emotions in their respective hearts had calmed down before they got up, intending to clean up the mess outside.
 The previous one, Fang had already cleaned up the mess with the people she knew well. All that was left in the courtyard were the two tables where the man were drinking.
Qi Yue changed out of her large-sleeved wedding dress and put on some convenient clothes, and the two of them began to tidy up the messy cups and plates. 
Originally Qi Yue was going to let He Ling rest, but the other man insisted, so he went along with him, it was good to move around a little, anyway, with him around, nothing could go wrong.
        When he had finished packing up his things and it was getting dark, He Ling had a bowl of chicken noodle soup in the morning and Qi Yue had been drinking and eating, so neither of them was hungry.
        Qi Yue took him to the backyard to feed Mu Yan, who had been so busy today that he hadn’t fed him until now, and he was afraid he was going to lose his temper!
        As soon as they arrived in the backyard, Mu Yan started kicking and beating the ground with his hooves and kept tossing his head and snorting, looking very annoyed!
        Qi Yue walked over and patted its head a few times to soothe it, poured the small jar of wine he was carrying into its water trough and said, “To make amends, I’ve brought good wine!”
Seeing it really lower its head and drink up, He Ling was amazed, “It really drink the wine!” 
When Qi Yue brought the wine and said he would bring it to Mu Yan, he didn’t believe him, thinking how could a horse drink? He didn’t expect that it would really drink! 
Qi Yue put his arm around his shoulder, “it loves to drink good wine, so if doesn’t give the wine from time to time, it’ll lose it temper and won’t let me ride it!” 
“How clever!” He Ling smoothed his sideburns, “The first time I saw it, I thought it had a spiritual nature*(灵性)!” 
[灵性 líng xìng ; spiritual nature / spirituality / intelligence (esp. in animals) ]
Mu Yan, who was drinking wine, felt his touch, it lifted his head and moved towards him, tried to rub his face but a strong smell of wine rushed into his nostrils so He Ling subconsciously blocked it with his hand.Then it rubbed itself twice directly against his hand.
Qi Yue looked at them with a smile and said, “Mu Yan is difficult to train and eccentric, he rarely lets people get close to him, yet he was willing to let you touch him on the mountain earlier.My A Ling, even the horse love you! “
        He was embarrassed by his praise, and did not look at him, but only at Mu Yan, who had lowered it head to drink again, “Last time it had thorns in it hooves, and I helped It, so it let me get close!”
        Qi Yue didn’t know about this, but given his stubborn nature, if Mu Yan was willing to let him come close to him under those circumstances was also a sign of intimacy towards him.If there was someone else he didn’t like, he wouldn’t let anyone come near him, even if he was shot with an arrow, not to mention a small thorn thorn.
        Thinking of this, Qi Yue’s heart was very happy, the fate between him and He Ling was really wonderful*(妙不可言) 
[妙不可言 miào bù kě yán : too wonderful for words ( is too good to be expressed in words or words) ]
“You didn’t sleep all night yesterday and you haven’t rested much during the day, so I’ll boil some water later and you can take a bath and rest early.” Seeing that He Ling’s face was still a bit tired, Qi Yue stroked his hair, his movements were filled with compassion. 
When He Ling heard his words, he blushed, and his eyes darted left and right, not daring to look at him. (Tl: This reaction is so cute❀(*´▽`*)❀) 
 Qi Yue was at first puzzled, but then he understood and took him in his arms, startling He Ling! 
“Blushing like this, what are you thinking about?” Qi Yue had a bad smile on his face and deliberately came up to his ear to speak. 
“No, I wasn’t thinking about anything!” He Ling shrank back his neck, trying to avoid the nostrils that sprayed on his neck.
When Qi Yue saw his flustered look, his bad intentions came up, he hugged the man tighter and ran his fingers back and forth along his waistline, “You really didn’t think about it? Speaking of which, today is still our wedding night*(洞房花烛夜)!”
[ 洞房花烛夜 :dòng fáng huā zhú yè: lit bridal room and ornamented candles night, it means wedding night]
        Feeling the strange hand around his waist, He Ling’s heart became even more nervous, “It’s still in the …… courtyard ……”
        The person in his arms had a small voice, still a little trembling, but the words did not mean to refuse, just reminded him to change the place, Qi Yue was pleased and kissed him on the forehead, “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you, wait until your body recovers!”
        The poor quality medicine that He’s family had gotten from somewhere was very damaging to one’s body, if they didn’t take good care of it, they were afraid that they would fall sick, He Ling’s body itself had poor roots, so he naturally had to pay more attention to it.
He Ling was relieved to hear him say that, but at the same time there was a small 🤏 disappointment in his heart that made him curse himself for not knowing his shame! 
        After the two of them had fed Mu Yan and the yellow cow, Qi Yue took him through the backyard carefully.
        The chicken pen was now empty, he was not good at raising poultry so he left it there for the time being, the vegetable patch had been turned into a medicinal garden, planted with common herbs.One of the four back rooms was used as a medicine room, one as a bath room and two were left empty, intended to be used as storage.
        Qi Yue pointed him to the well in the courtyard and said, “From now on, you can get water from here, no need to go to the well in the middle of the village!”
        He Ling took a closer look and saw that it was quite deep, and it would be much easier to use water since he had his own well.
“I got someone to build a stove in the backyard for boiling water for bathing too!” Qiyue guided him to look at the small shed next to the back covered room. It was too much trouble to bring water from the front yard, so he had simply built one here, “Go inside and get some change of clothes, I’ll boil some water for you!”
        “I’ll do it myself.” When he was at He’s house, he had to be scolded by Qian for wasting things every time he boiled water for a bath, and then he would only boil a little bit of scrubbing in winter and use cold water the rest of the time.
        “Be good, this is what I (为夫=wei fu) should do!” Qi Yue pinched his soft earlobe.
[After they got married, Qi Yue use ‘wei fu’ to call himself. It means ‘husband’ or as a husband, wei fu is use between husband and wife in ancient times, the husband call himself wei fu]
        He Ling’s face reddened and he didn’t refuse again.
        After a comfortable bath, He Ling felt much lighter. He used a cloth towel to wipe his wet hair and returned to their room, but found that Qi Yue was not there, and feeling weird in his heart. 
He went to the front door of his room and saw outside that there was candlelight in the stoveroom, so he went over there. 
Qi Yue was standing in front of the stove,(He Ling) not knowing what he was boiling.
        “Qi…… Husband* (相公) , are you hungry? Let me do it!” He Ling was a little uncomfortable having to change his mouth to call him such an intimate name, and his face would get hot every time he call him like that.
[ 相公 xiang gong mean husband, but it used by the wife to call his husband, usually used in ancient times]
        Hearing his voice, Qi Yue, who was busy at the stove, turned around and saw him standing in the doorway with his hair draped over his head, so he put down the wooden spoon in his hand and walked over to shake his hand, which was still warm, before he let go, “It’s cold at night, you go back inside, I’ll be ready here in a while!”
        “It’s alright!” He Ling shook his head, indicating that he wasn’t cold, “What are you doing? Let me help you do it.”
        “No, you go back inside and dry your hair first, I’ll do it myself!” Qi Yue smoothed his still slightly wet hair, fearing that he might catch another wind chill.
He Ling was a little hesitant, “But, cooking and washing clothes, it’s all what I should do!”
        “With me here, there is no such thing as should or shouldn’t!” Qi Yue knew that he had been doing the work in He’s house all year round, and it made him uneasy in his heart not to let him do it, and he also always felt that he owed himself a lot and felt a bit guilty. These thoughts he would help him erase it bit by bit, so that he could enjoy everything he gave him with peace of mind, “I’m cooking medicinal porridge, you don’t know anything about medicine, if you put the wrong things in it, not only will it taste bad, it will also affect the medicinal properties.”
        He Ling was a little speechless, there were only the two of them here, Qi Yue’s health was fine, it was self-evident who the medicinal porridge was cooked for. He lowered his eyelids, his nose a little sour, since we met, this man had helped him a lot, always thinking of him, and there was very little he could bring to him.
        When Qi Yue saw that he was silent, he knew what he was thinking, “Ah Ling, as far as I am concerned, I am lucky to be able to marry you as my Fu lang. 
If you treat me like a stranger, then that would really make my heart hurt and sad.”
He Ling’s shoulders trembled as he tilted his face up to look into the man’s deep black eyes. It was as if he had been able to see through everything in his mind, all the anxiety and guilt in his heart, and he seemed to understand it all, perhaps he had made him unhappy by being like this, as Qi Yue had said?
Qi Yue looked at him for a moment, then suddenly smiled and said, “If you really feel sorry for me (Wei Fu) , you can cook breakfast for me (wei Fu) tomorrow, the meat buns you brought me last time are especially delicious, I’ve been thinking about them these days!”
He suddenly changed his face, so that He Ling was not able to react, listened to him finish talking, could not help but follow him, also smiling, heart much lighter, “Good, tomorrow I will definitely make it for you!”
 The problem in He Ling’s heart, Qi Yue will naturally make it disappear, but can not be too hasty, he lowered his head and kissed the other party on the lips. “So obedient! “
 He Ling made another big red face, he touched his mouth and said, “I’m going back inside to wipe my hair!” 
Qi Yue leaned against the door frame and watched him flee back inside, smiling dotingly* (宠溺)and helplessly, “Why do you always run away?”
[宠溺 chǒng ni ;宠 ( 寵 ) read chǒng :  to pamper 
溺 read nì :to drown / to indulge / addicted to]
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