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BTC Chapter 2


Back To the Countryside

Chapter 2: Meeting (遇見) 


Editor : Jakie


Two of the three people were veterans to this kind of work, and they were naturally very efficient. They only needed an hour to finish cleaning it up. The rest of it were some small things for Qi Yue to tidy up by himself.




“Thanks to Big brother Lin and Sister-in-law for your help today, I’ll make some tea for both of you!”


There was nothing much Qi Yue could do to help.He didn’t know how to do these things. The couple indeed helped him a lot.




“Hai…these are just small things, no need to make tea. The elder and children at home are still waiting, so we will return first!” Lin Sheng refused his good intention. Today was too late and they should go back.




Speaking of this, naturally it’s not good for Qi Yue to force them to stay anymore, so he sent the two out of the door.




He closed the door, turned around and took off all the firewood, rice, oil, salt, pots and pans from the carriage, put them one by one in the kitchen. Seeing that the place being filled, finally he had feeling of really living here.




When the door was knocked, Qi Yue felt strange, wondering if it was Lin Sheng have anything to say to him? He left the stove room and opened the door.




It was a six or seven-year-old kid standing outside the door. Seeing the door being opened, he raised his face to look at him, “Hello Uncle Qi, my name is Lin Xiao Hu, and my father is Lin Sheng!”




The way the kid introduced himself looked like an adult’s way of talking so Qi Yue felt it was a bit funny, “Does your father have something to tell me?”




“My father asked me to deliver something to you!”, the child brought a basket to him with his both hands.




Qi Yue reached out to take it as he opened the coarse cloth covering the basket to see that it was a few multigrain cakes and a bowl of stir fried cabbage and radish. Was this delivering him dinner? He curled his lips and smiled.




“Xiao Hu, wait a moment!”, Qi Yue touched the child’s head and turned to enter the stove room.




He took out the pancakes and stew from the basket, put in several pears that he bought in the town today. He brought the basket back to the door and handed it to Lin Xiao hu and said,”Go back, thank your parents for me!”




Xiao hu nodded, took the basket and ran away.




Qi Yue turned his head back, looked at the quietly standing Mu Yan, bright smile on his face, ‘Getting along with honest people feels really good!’




On the second day, Qi Yue took several bags of tea leaves to the village chief’s home. As a newcomer, he has to pay a visit no matter what, in the future if there is anything, it will be better not to be so passive.




When he came out from the village chief’s house, Qi Yue thought about looking for a carpenter in the village, to plow the two acres of paddy fields and three acres of dry fields he owned, but he didn’t know where the carpenter lived. .




Just as he was going to return to the village chief’s home to ask, there was a man from far away carrying a bundle of firewood on his back coming to his side. That person bowed his head, his stature was not tall, and he looked like a half-adult.




Qi Yue hurriedly came to him and asked, “This little brother, may I ask where the carpenter’s house…”




His voice stuck in the throat when the man raised his head. The face he saw really surprised him, and he did not expect to see such a beautiful face in a small village.




The corners of his eyes and eyebrows were slightly raised, and when he looked at you, he always seemed to give off a kind of amorous feeling which makes you want to indulge in his eyes. The nose was small and beautiful, and the lips were vermillion red.




The most peculiar thing was that Ger mark in the center of his eyebrows which actually resembled a blooming red plum. It made his whole face extraordinarily alluring.




When the two saw each other, they were stunned, but that ger quickly reacted. He bowed his head hurriedly, and reached out to adjust the fragment of his hair on the cheek, as if he was covering his face.




Qi Yue also returned to his senses. He was a little puzzled when he saw his actions. With such a beautiful face, he should be confident and assertive. Why did the other party seem to have such low self-esteem? But this had nothing to do with him and naturally it won’t be a troublesome.




He arched his hands and said: “I’m sorry, I was… just now, a little bold!”




The Ger turned sideways, as if avoiding his gaze. Hearing what he said, he shook his head and said softly: “It’s okay, you are looking for the carpenter. His family lives in the west end of the village. There are a lot of wooden utensils piled in front of the door. It is very easy to recognize!”




Having said this, the ger didn’t wait for him to ask anymore. He lifted the bundle of firewood on his back, and walked away quickly, bypassing him.




Qi Yue turned his head as he watched his fading back and raised an eyebrow. There were indeed a lot of interesting people in this village!




The carpenter’s house was not difficult to find, not only did it have some half-finished wooden tools at the door, but it was one of the few brick houses in the village, only not as big as the Wang family’s yard that Qi Yue had bought.




The carpenter’s surname was Sun. Three generations of the family were carpenters. Naturally, the craftsmanship was good. In addition to the wooden plow, Qi Yue also ordered a rocking chair and a medicine cabinet.




“A medicine cabinet? What are you doing with this thing? Is Young Qi a doctor?” When the carpenter heard his request, he inexplicably stopped grating the wood in his hand.




“I’m not a doctor, but I know a little about medicine, I can take a look at wind-cold and fever, but I can’t do much more than that!”




Qi Yue smiled, “I want to grow some ordinary herbs by myself. At home, there must be a place to put it.”




“That’s also very incredible!” Carpenter Sun exclaimed as he continued the action in his hands: “There is only one doctor in this Gu Shui village. He also only treats minor illnesses. The doctor is getting older now. To have you as one more, it is a good thing. It is better than needing to run to town if you have a minor illness or fever!”




Qiyue humble himself and said ‘Thank you for the praise’ and asked him when it would be ready. There was no need to hurry it up,anything else beside the plough had to be done first, after all, planting season was not waiting for anyone.




Carpenter Sun assured him that he was used to ploughing so he could finish it in two days at most.




After doing everything he needed to do, Qi Yue said goodbye to Carpenter Sun and return to his home, it was almost noon.




He washed the bones he bought yesterday and stewed them in a pot. He was not very good at other household chores, but he was very good at cooking. He had once cooked medicinal dishes that many people could not get enough of.




While the soup was simmering, Qi Yue went to the backyard and carefully tidied up the vegetable patch. He planned to put the herbs in it later.




When he returned to the kitchen, the bone soup already exuded a very rich flavor. He lifted the lid of the pot to look at it. Smiling, he was very satisfied. He then took out the flour and began to make the noodles. He intended to make bone soup noodles to eat.




Qi Yue never treated himself badly when it came to food. The meal Lin Sheng sent to him yesterday, he could occasionally eat it once in a while. However, if this happened every day, he would be absolutely unwilling.




After rolling and cutting the noodles, Qi Yue started another stove and boiled the water. When the water was boiling, he put the noodles in. In the same time, he cut some of the green onions.




After the noodles were done, he took a bowl to serve. He added bone broth and sprinkled some chopped green onions on the top. The bowl of noodles looked very appetizing!

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