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BTC Chapter 11


Back to the Countryside

Chapter 11: Confession

“Dong Dong Dong”

Three times, the main door was being knocked again.


Qi Yue raised his eyes to take a look and thought that He Zhen had come back to say something. He slowly put his purse into his sleeve, then opened the door and said, “He Xiao Ge Er, I’m very busy today. It’s better than you…”


He Ling stood outside the door, holding a basket in his hand. Hearing what he said, he stepped back uneasily,

“I…am I disturbing you?”


The expression on Qi Yue’s face became a little more gentle, and his voice was a little softer. “Of course not, but do you want to ask me for help?”


He Ling shook his head, hesitated for a while, then returned the basket, “I’m here to return the basket, and… Thank you for treating* me!”(诊病*: it mean diagnose the disease/ the medical consultation)


He also became more aware of the specific situation that day from He Zhen’s and his family’s idle chat.

He had been to Linsheng’s house just now, when he came out he saw He Zhen at the door of Qi Yue’s house, he didn’t dare to come over, he could only wait to see him go far away then came to knock on the door.


“As the same villager, that’s what I should do!” Qi Yue reached out and took the basket, and saw that it was covered with a piece of cloth. Then he opened it. There was a layer of oil paper inside, and there were some pretty steamed buns. They were made of white flour and were very delicate. “This is…?


“He Ling’s cheek is red, which makes the whole face gorgeous and extraordinary. Very alluring! He doesn’t have any silver. His only personal saving is the lucky money*(压岁钱) given by his grandmother when he was a child. He secretly hid some money that he Zhen and others didn’t take away. He has kept it untill now.


[ 压岁钱* : money given to children as new year present]


Yesterday, he asked an aunt who knew his mother to bring him some flour and pork when she entered the city. Today, he avoided the He family and made some meat buns.

Lin Sheng’s family had already been sent by him just now, because they were all from the village, and they paid attention to reality. He made a big, white and fat steamed bun with a bit more fat. It was incredibly fragrant after a bite!


For Qi Yue, he is more particular. He doesn’t lack any oil and water, so he uses lean meat mostly. Each bun is small and delicate, and one can be eaten in two bites.


“Sorry, that’s all I can give you!” He Ling’s two hands were tightly pressed together. The other party had eaten more exquisite and expensive food, but he could only give these as a gift of thanks.


Looking at the other’s face blushing in embarrassment, Qi Yue smiles very gently. He reaches out his hand and takes out a steamed bun from the basket and eats it in two mouthfuls.

“It’s delicious!”


Seeing that he ate one in front of him, he certainly didn’t dislike it. He Ling relaxed and softened a lot. Looking at him, the slightly picky eyes seemed to contain special affection.


“He Ling!”

He didn’t know whether he was bewitched, Qi Yue said incredible words to him, “How about I marry you?”


He Ling stared,eyes widened, he could not believe what he heard, “Ai?”


For his words, Qi Yue was also surprised, but he didn’t regret it. At this moment,this kind of thought really filled his mind! He put down the basket in his hand, took two steps forward, grabbed the weak hand of the person in front of him and held it in his own hand, “I’ll marry you as a husband, okay?”


If you marry him back, he won’t be left in the dark room just like that when he is sick, he doesn’t have to let go of his helpless hand to avoid suspicion and let him cry in his sleep.


He wants to dress him with the most suitable clothes, eat the most delicate food and sleep in the softest bed. He wants to give him enough confidence, instead of being careful by only giving away some gifts, as he is now.He would also wonder, how could he have an obsession with someone who he has only seen several times or talked only a few words?


Suddenly there was the thought of seclusion*(歸隱), fell in love with this village, meet this person, and moved his heart that he had never moved before. he (He Ling) is not yet married and he (Qi Yue) is also unmarried man (bachelor).

[ 歸隱*: to go back to one’s native place and live in seclusion]


He thinks that it was fate, it was destiny!


He Ling was stunned by him holding his hand. He didn’t know how to react. The first time he might have heard him wrong, what about the second time? But how could it be himself? He is so good, he could even marry the rich lady!


Seeing his dumb look, Qi Yue raised his other hand and stroked his cheek…


He Ling seems to be suddenly awakened, step back to avoid his hand, want to take out the hand he is holding, but Qi Yue clasped his hand and did not let him go.He Ling is a little impatient, increased his strength and struggled, “Let go… let me go, you will be seen!”


“What harm is there in being seen?” Qi Yue didn’t care at all, the other party’s little strength naturally couldn’t break away from him.


Listen to what he said, He Ling was even more anxious. The people in the village who had some good deeds could spread all kinds of unpleasant words, and it would definitely ruin Qi Yue’s reputation! He… he is also a little at a loss, don’t know how to face him!He Ling’s hands were a little red because of trying to break free, and his eyes were anxiously covered with water mist.


Qi Yue looked a little distressed, so he slowly reduced his strength, watched him pull out his hand and retreat, At last, he took a look at him helplessly, and fled in panic!


“I’ll give you time to escape temporarily, but you can’t make me wait too long!” Qi Yue stared at his panicked back, his eyes gradually deepening, like a wild beast staring at its prey.


He Ling walked back home in a panic. As soon as he pushed the door, he ran into Qian and He Zhen sitting in the yard. He was shocked in his heart and stopped, “Big aunt, cousin.”


Qian’s face originally smiled. Seeing him, she pulled it down, “What are you doing in a hurry?! It’s almost noon, why don’t you cook ?!”


“I…. I’m sorry!” He Ling didn’t dare to lift his head, for fear that the other side would see something from his red face.


“All right, all right, hurry up!” Qian was also impatient to see him and waved him away.


He Ling didn’t dare to stay here any longer. He turned around and went to the kitchen. He could be distracted by doing something now.


“Zhen’er, since this kid Qi has accepted your purse, he must have thoughts of you in his heart. Then, if you get close to him later, this matter will be done!”


“Well, I know, I ‘ll see him again tomorrow.”


The conversation between the two people in the yard came to his ears, and He Ling stopped, and then speeded up into the stove room.


He took some firewood from the corner, squatted in front of the stove, and stuffed the firewood into the stove one by one, but his heart was in a mess.


Qi Yue didn’t know the meaning of giving a purse, so he accepted it? Or does he know but still accept it? If he didn’t know,then he accepted it. Even if it’s not clear enough, if he knew then…


He Ling’s movement of putting the firewoods in, slowed down, if he knew, what did he mean by what he had said earlier to himself? Perhaps, he himself thinks too much. Those words, He just said so without having much intention? But Qi Yue, he didn’t look like that kind of frivolous person… Then himself, did he want him to have a purpose, or otherwise?


The firewood in his hand fell to the ground, and he held his hot cheek, his heart became more and more flustered. At that moment, he hoped that what Qi Yue said was true? He wants to marry him (Qi yue)? !


He Ling hugged both of his knees and buried his face in it. He thinks he is going to burn up. How could he have such a shameful thought? !


Qi Yue drove the carriage, and saw Lin Sheng walking back and forward in front of his house from a long distance, as if waiting for him for a while, he shook the reins and let Mu Yan trot two steps to the front, “Big Brother Lin? ”


Lin Sheng greeted him when he saw him, looked at his set of clothing covered in dust, and said: “Have you gone to town?”

[ 風塵僕僕*(fēng chén pú pú): lit. covered in dust (idiom) / fig. travel-worn ]


“Well, there is almost no food at home!” Qi Yue jumped out of the carriage and stepped forward and unlocked the door. “Looking for me, is there any problem?”


“Go in and talk about it!” Lin Sheng’s expression was not very good, and he didn’t say anything. First, he helped him pull the carriage in.When a guest is here, Qi Yue is not in a hurry to unload things. He simply washes his hands, cooks a pot of tea and asks him to sit down in the main room.


Lin Sheng poured a cup of tea in, with a serious expression on his face. Staring at him, “Do you really like He Zhen that much?” ”


The hand that Qi Yue gave him a cup of tea paused for a moment, then he calmly filled his cup until full and put down the teapot, “Why did Big brother Lin say this again? I think I have said that I am not interested in this He Xiao Ge er.”


“Don’t like him?” “Lin Sheng’ face was full of disbelief, “If you don’t like him, do you still take his purse?”

It’s the object that girls and gers express their feelings to men!


Qi Yue sipped his tea lightly. “How did big brother Lin know that?”


As he answer like that, Lin Sheng was certain that this matter was true, and now he looked like he hated the iron but not the steel*. (to feel resentful toward somebody for failing to meet the expectations)


“With He Zhen’s character, of course, this matter is widely made known that the whole village knows about it!”


Compared with his excitement, Qi Yue is more calm and indifferent,very at ease. “Give someone a purse, but do you have to embroider it by yourself?”


“Of course, otherwise, what’s the point!” Lin Sheng’s heart is even more angry at the way he looks like an old God*(老神在在: calm / unperturbed)

Isn’t this his brother a senseless man*? (缺心眼兒: stupid / senseless / dim-witted) He already told him many times that he Zhen is unreliable, and his family is even more unreliable. Why doesn’t he listen? Why doesn’t he like others?


At a glance, he could see what he was thinking. Qi Yue smiled, and reached out to touch the purse hanging around his waist, “Then this, he sent me this thing on behalf of another person!”


“Other person? Who?” Lin Sheng listened but couldn’t understand what he was talking about. How can He Zhen send something for others based on what He Zhen feels about him(Qi Yue)?


“Big Brother Lin!” Qi Yue raised his head and looked at him with some serious eyes.

“At the beginning, you said that if I had someone I liked, you would ask Aunt Lin to act as matchmaker for me. Does that still count?”


“Of course it counts! But…” Lin Sheng thought ‘this time…oh no! he even wanted to ask for marriage with He Zhen!’


“Then I’d like to trouble Aunt Lin to pick a day and go to the He Family’s house!”

Qi Yue had some bad baseless suspicions and paused bitterly as he watching Lin Sheng’s expression getting more and more tangled* (纠结: to be at loss/confused), then he said with a smile: “Go and ‘ask for marriage’ for me with He Ling!”


“Huh?! He Ling? You just said He Ling?!” Lin Sheng’s eyes were so wide as if the eyeballs were going to fall out.Is there something wrong with his ears or what?!? !


“Yes, He Ling, I am happy with him*(心悦与他).” Qi Yue lowered his eyes, his expression softer.


[心悦与他* means his heart pleased or happy to be together with him]


“ him…oh~ I said, when He Zhen came to see you for a medical consultation, how could you promise so readily and you didn’t even charge any money after prescribing the medicine!! The handkerchief was also given to others to wipe his face. By the way, when he held your hand, you also didn’t break it!! It turns out that you, you have already thought about it!” Lin Sheng was really surprised and happy. He also did not expect this kid to like the other person, He Ling.

“Then ‘the other person’ you just mentioned is He Ling?”


“Hn.” Qi Yue nodded, “at the time of diagnosis, I saw a half-embroidered purse in his room.”


So he accepted it because He Ling embroidered it. Lin Sheng understood. Then Isn’t He Zhen lying? That is not something he embroidered at all!


“I’m relieved that you like he Ling, but… the people in his family are a little bit difficult*(難纏) !”


[ 難纏*: usu. of people) difficult / demanding / troublesome / unreasonable / hard to deal with]


Qi Yue curled up his lips and smiled, “Didn’t Qian say that as long as someone takes out thirty taels of silver, he can marry He Ling. I can naturally get it!”


“That’s it!” Lin Sheng nodded. She said something like this, He Ling is not too young now (tl: it means the age for marriage at that time) , she can’t go back on her words and throw her face on the ground!


Qi Yue took a sip from his teacup, and a trace of darkness flashed in his drooping eyes. If the other party’s words couldn’t be trust*(言而无信) , he wouldn’t mind using some methods.


[言而无信 : to go back on one’s word / to break one’s promise / to be untrustworthy]



Translator’s Random thought: This chapter as the chapter titled mention, to say frankly, I was expected some confession such as I like you or something like that, who know… 😚


Qi Yue finally showed some signs of “black bellied Gong” in this chapter. Lin Sheng’s misunderstanding is also kind of funny.


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