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BTSAMW Chapter 6.1

AYO Friends!! I split this chapter because it’s too long. It exceeded 4k. Anyway, I wasn’t able to update these past few days because I got sick. T.T It was pretty bad but I’m still alive hahaha. Y’all take care loves!


Gao Xiulan looked at the extra meat, flour, and sorghum noodles in the big urn, dumbfounded.

Holding back her tears.

“Oh, Dagen, you know my sufferings. It’s not easy to raise your three sons and one daughter. Our sons forget their mother when they marry their wives. I have suffered. Only our daughter is filial, but they still treat their sister badly. She’s miserable.”

In the next room, Su Qinghe couldn’t sleep anymore, so she just sat up and rubbed her eyes.

She’s a mother who can talk nonsense with her eyes open, very good, very powerful.

This is why she left the pot to her mother.

She wanted to take it out by herself but after thinking about it a few times, she didn’t think it would work. She doesn’t have the ability to tell lies with her eyes open. It will not be convincing. Gao Xiulan is different. It’s better to have her solve this problem. Anyway, she1Qinghe would not have direct contact with the food that was taken out. She just dreamed, who knew it will come true.

Of course, things can’t be taken out for nothing.

Su Qinghe walked out the door wearing a thin coat, and shouted at Gao Xiulan’s room, “Mom, what’s the noise? I’m still sleeping.”

Gao Xiulan’s speech stopped immediately, and within a few seconds, the door opened. She looked at her precious girl with tears and snot on her face then pulled Su Qinghe into the room.

“Qing’er, quickly, quickly come.”

Su Qinghe was pulled into the room directly, the door closed, and the light was dim. Gao Xiulan brought her to the side of the big urn and asked her to look inside.

“Qing’er, Qing’er what your dad said is true, he really helped us.”

Su Qinghe was shocked and trembled, “Mom, you, you said my dad gave this?”

“Yeah, I was also forced by those bastards so I have no other choice2Remember that they have to hand over 20 catties of food.. Thinking of what you said, today I just casually look and these are what I found.”

Gao Xiulan said excitedly.

Su Qinghe said, “No, I was thinking about it yesterday, and I thought I might just be dreaming. Why would there be such a thing? Isn’t the ancient feudal superstition are already against the law? Mom, could it be someone else put it here? Is it one of my brothers?”

Hearing that Su Qinghe didn’t believe it, Gao Xiulan got anxious, “They just don’t have this ability. Qing’er, your dream is real. It’s really your dad! I sleep against the door at night, I know who comes in. I didn’t even notice who came in so it must have been your father!”

Su Qinghe looked scared, “Mom, I’m getting chills, should we report it to others?”

“You silly girl, what are you talking about? This is from your dad! It’s ours, you don’t need to reveal it to the public.”

Su Qinghe said, “But, how can we take these things out? I can’t tell them that my dad gave it.”

Gao Xiulan deeply agreed, “A man forgets his mother when he marries his wife. If your brothers know about this they will tell your sisters-in-law. Your sisters-in-law are outsiders, so they won’t care about us.  In the future, if Old Lin’s family and Old Ding’s family will know, they will tattle it outside! Hey, it’s a pity that I don’t know how much your dad can deliver and when can he send it. If he can keep sending, we can be separated from them! Let’s live alone! Anyway, your father is supporting us. The men who already married can’t let your father raise them.”

Su Qinghe looked at the roof. I finally saw the reality of burning the bridge after crossing the river.

The thing is, she was actually somewhat moved by the talk. It seems that living separately can really solve the problem.

Su Qinghe was still thinking about it, and Gao Xiulan said again, “Forget it, your dad can not be relied on. We’ve been in poverty for years, and I don’t know what to do in the future. It’s better to rely on your brothers. Some people do the jobs at home and outside, and someone can take care of you. If we split up, I won’t be able to control them anymore, so who will serve you in the future?”

“…Mom, what are we going to do now? We can’t eat it secretly. The others will find out.”

Gao Xiulan looked grim as she thought about it.

Su Qinghe also thought about it. Suddenly, she had an idea, “Mom, or let’s say it was given by someone else.”

“Who gave this thing so kindly these years?” Gao Xiulan shook her head.

Su Qinghe said, “Aiya3It’s an interjection like “Oh!” mother, of course, it’s not for nothing. Just say that we’ve done a good deed to others… For example, you or me, who saved someone’s life. They are a big cadre4Big Cadre = a Major Official, their family has food so, to repay the kindness, they subsidize us. In the future, if dad sends things here, we will go around the county town then come back, and say that they gave it. If they ask which cadre, just say that they do not want to publicize it so that brothers and sisters-in-law will not disclose it to others. If they do, they will not subsidize our family. The most important thing is to convince our own family. When brothers and sisters-in-law eat our food, can’t they be good to us? I know, I didn’t work, sisters-in-law and the others must be uncomfortable in their heart.”

Gao Xiulan frowned, “They dare!” Her face sagged. However, she frowned and said solemnly, “You are right. Now that I am still here, they still treat you well. But when I’m gone, who will still be good to you? ” She started to feel sorry for her daughter again. It looked as if her daughter was the most pitiful child in the world.

Su Qinghe’s mouth twitched, “So mom, then we?”

“Let’s go to the county later, and when we come back I will tell them that you have helped others find their missing child on the road. They thanked you, so they gave you meat and noodles. And also recognize them as your godparents. Next time if your father still sends something, let’s say that they subsidize you. I’ll see how they’ll say you don’t work when they eat the food you give!”

“Mom, you are really good to me.” Su Qinghe hugged her. This mother is not the best but to her, she is really good.

After the mother and daughter made up their minds, Gao Xiulan carried the bamboo basket, put the things5the foods. inside it then covered it with broken cotton wool. She took Su Qinghe out with her. Before leaving the house, she went to talk to Da Ya, who was washing clothes outside and told her to keep an eye on her younger siblings at home. If the others came back and asked about them, just say that Su Qinghe was dizzy again and had to go to the county hospital.

Daya was happily responding. She would rather work more, as long as her grandmother and aunt are not at home to keep an eye on her.

Gao Xiulan was really ready to take Su Qinghe to the county hospital for a check-up. Some things need to be done so that people won’t find faults. They have to do their best to not get caught.

Gao Xiulan felt sorry for her daughter on the way, “We have to walk so far, are you tired? I blame your brothers. If it were not for the fear that they have wives and forget their mother, I would have taken them with us. They are all heartless. Only you and I are considerate. Your father must also know that you are the most filial, that’s why he visited your dream.”

“……Mom, isn’t it because my eight characters are weak?”6So, it’s like ghosts can visit you or haunt you if you have a weak spirit.

“Kind-hearted people are weak. You are kind-hearted!” In Gao Xiulan’s eyes, her daughter is always the best. The others are all black-hearted.

The two arrived at the county hospital. The nurse still remembered them and looked at the coming like an enemy.

Gao Xiulan didn’t have time to quarrel with them today. She just asked for her daughter to be examined. When she heard that there was no problem, she asked for the soybeans.

The nurse gritted her teeth and said, “Auntie, it’s already spent. Many malnourished patients don’t have enough food to eat.”

Gao Xiulan waved her hand unhappily, “Okay, okay, I just asked in passing, and you made such remarks. This is not bullying our old peasants. If my man was still alive, he would probably be a big cadre now. My man is a martyr, he died in the war of liberation!”

Su Qinghe pulled Gao Xiulan hurriedly to go home and cook the meat.

Gao Xiulan snorted and took her daughter out of the hospital. Seeing them go, the others all breathed a sigh of relief.

After leaving the hospital, the two walked around the county seat before rushing home.

When the two returned home, it was already noon. Some people’s homes lit up cooking smoke, and some people’s homes could not eat at noon and were deserted.

Lao Su’s house was also deserted. Because Gao Xiulan is not at home and the kitchen is locked, no one in the family can cook.

Watching Gao Xiulan and Su Qinghe came back. The whole family came out to greet them.

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua both looked worried, Su Aiguo said, “Mom, what’s wrong with sister? Why did she felt uncomfortable?”

Su Aihua said, “Did you not eat well?”

Gao Xiulan snorted, “Isn’t she exhausted? She has been cooking at home for the past two days. Can you not be tired? The doctor in the hospital said, let her rest more!”

Su Qinghe: “…”

The eldest daughter-in-law of the Su family and the second daughter-in-law: “…”

Su Qinghe hurriedly said, “Big brother and second brother let’s go inside, we can eat meat today!”

As soon as the word meat came out, all the people of the Su family looked at her. They thought their sister is dreaming. Where can they eat meat these days? There is not even a single pig hair.

Gao Xiulan ignored them, and pulled her daughter directly into the kitchen door, and entered the kitchen. The others quickly followed in.

When the adults entered the house, Gao Xiulan drove the children out, then closed the door and took out the contents of the basket.

Seeing the meat and white noodles Gao Xiulan brought out, the whole family was stunned. Their throat moved and couldn’t help swallowing.

Su Aiguo said in a difficult voice, “Mom, where did this come from?” Their family can still eat meat?

Gao Xiulan said, “It’s because of your sister!”

The others looked at Su Qinghe.

Su Qinghe said happily, “Brother, you don’t know. Mother and I went to the county hospital today. When we were about to leave the county town, we ran into a child crying. She looked pitiful, so I helped her find her parents. The parents turned out to be cadres from the province, who came here to visit their relatives. The child was almost lost. To thank us, they gave me meat and flour. They also recognized me as their goddaughter and said that if I encounter difficulties in the future I’ll go find them.”

Hearing Su Qinghe’s legendary experience, the family was overwhelmed with emotions as the sister got such a good thing for being kind and could help in the future.

Su Aiguo said excitedly, “Sister, brother knows that you are a kind and blessed person.”

Su Aihua said, “That’s right, although our elder sister didn’t experience love from father but us, brothers love her. And now she met a noble person, who dares to say that our sister is not lucky?” Because the sister is a posthumous child, the villagers said she was born with a bitter fate. When they were young, they often fought with others because of this.

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua looked at each other with mixed feelings. They can still be exposed to the light of the sister-in-law, and they don’t know if the meat will be eaten by them. Even if they don’t eat it, it’s okay to give it to the children.

Su Qinghe exhorted, “Brother, don’t talk about this. The big cadres are secretly subsidizing us. It’s not good to say it. Now there is famine everywhere. If people know that our family has noble people helping us, they will definitely be jealous of our family.”

Gao Xiulan snorted coldly, “Anyway, whoever leaks it outside and let the big cadres not help us in the future, will be the sinners of our family!”

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua hurriedly said, “Mom, we are a family, we definitely won’t talk about it.”

Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua also nodded quickly.

“Well, today Qing’er said she wants to learn to cook meat dishes. Eldest daughter-in-law and the second daughter-in-law stay here to help.”

The two responded in a hurry.

Ding Guihua whispered, “Mom, do we eat meat today?”

“Eat, eat, all you know is how to eat. If it’s not for Qing’er, you guys wouldn’t eat a thing!” Gao Xiulan cursed. If it wasn’t for Qing’er’s desire to try making meat dishes, she wouldn’t have taken out a single bite, and would have dried it all for New Year’s Eve!


“We read to know that we are not alone.”

~ C.S Lewis


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  • 1
  • 2
    Remember that they have to hand over 20 catties of food.
  • 3
    It’s an interjection like “Oh!”
  • 4
    Big Cadre = a Major Official
  • 5
    the foods.
  • 6
    So, it’s like ghosts can visit you or haunt you if you have a weak spirit.
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