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AFDF Chapter 90

A Happy Life

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 90: 幸福的生活

[A happy life]

In the end, Wang Jicheng and Zhao Lan still managed to get together. Initially, Zhao Lan had always been hesitant and dared not to take a step forward. Luckily, behind his back, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an were there to give Wang Jicheng some advice. Wang Jicheng was a simple-minded man therefore to let him take the initiative, it was either he couldn’t or he wouldn’t dare to. Only after Zhao Zheng’an asked him if he wanted a wife or not that Wang Jicheng had to compromise although he was not very good at it. This caused him to be very stiff at the time when he interacted with Zhao Lan ; he was stammering in his speech and disorderly haste and flustered in his actions.


But surprisingly, he won Zhao Lan’s heart.

Looking at Wang Jicheng’s foolish appearance, Zhao Lan’s mood brightened up and made him want to smile. He knew that Wang Jicheng was mature and sincere so it was difficult for him to do things that he was not good at, such as trying to win favor by fawning on someone. From this point, he could see more of his honest side. If he tried to find someone like that, he certainly wouldn’t bully him and he would follow his way. Nowadays it was not easy to find such a man.


So Zhao Lan thought over and over again before agreeing to be with Wang Jicheng. Moreover, he had already been hurt once.

If he could continue on being happy with him then that was what he earned. If in the end they still ended up being estranged, then he could only say that this was their fate. He also got nothing to be hurt about.


Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi as Wang Jicheng’s master and the only people close to him, it was only natural for them to be unwilling to pass on the responsibilities to organize their marriage to others. Zhao Lan and Wang Jicheng were ashamed and also grateful since they actually let two people who were much younger than them to take care of their wedding.


The good thing was that their wedding did not need to be that ceremonious because here in the country of Da Ze, regardless of whether you were influential officials or poor people, the second marriage was not as grand and lively as the new one. In fact, there was no law from the Emperor of Da Ze that restricted this matter, so it was the common practice that everyone agreed on.


There were also those who were not afraid of slanderous gossip from the outside world, the second marriage was even more lively than the first. The people around them just Idle gossiping about it for a while after dinner.


Because he was going to get married, Wang Jicheng with so much difficulty, finally opened his mouth and said to Zhao Zheng’an that he wanted to borrow some silver to build a new house next to Zhong Ziqi’s house. Wait until the house was finished, their wedding was also due to take place.


The banquet was held in their new house. Their courtyard was big enough for ten or eight tables, so they invited the villagers to come and have a meal. Zhao Lan’s family also came, they just looked a bit embarrassed. The child they once despised and were ashamed of, now was extremely well-off and earned a lot of money. Moreover, he had someone to back him up too, indeed too outstanding.


At that time, Zhao Lan’s family simply had done something too cruel so now Zhao Lan has become disheartened with them. They wanted to ease the relationship, but couldn’t. Previously there was a time when they had secretly approached Wang Jicheng to try to make things work, but it ended in failure. Wang Jicheng might look simple and honest, but in his heart, he knew exactly about everything meticulously.


The wedding of Wang Jicheng and Zhao Lan took place smoothly with the help of Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an. After the wedding, the two of them lived a harmonious and beautiful life and their relationship was good as if they were stuck together by glue. Everything seemed to be going well.


In the summer of the same year, Shen Yu Bei and Gao Hanjin returned from the south, from the time the little Shu Yan was born, they left, and now it was the first time they came back again. Shen Yu Bei especially apologized that something had happened in the south and they ended up being too busy, so they came back late.


Everyone nodded with understanding, no one knew how things would change in the business world.


This time Shen Yu Bei and his wife came back from the south with a lot of goodies, including fine jade, bracelets, longevity locks, and clothes, as well as a lot of delicious foods and interesting toys, all of these were for the little Shu Yan.


Little Shu Yan would immediately have his first birthday. He could crawl now. He was not well behaved at all, randomly crawling around and could not be left alone even for a moment, fearing that he would fall and bump into something.


Thanks to the good food and drink they gave to the little Shu Yan, Now he had grown to be fleshy. His little arms and legs were like the lotus roots. His little fat hands looked super adorable, plus he was so white and tender that anyone who looked at him couldn’t walk away. They couldn’t wait to hold him in their arms and to cherish him.


Gao Hanjin and Shen Yubei were the same, their eyes glowing at the sight of little Shu Yan. Little Shu Yan was being held in the arms of a stranger, pouting his mouth and wanting to cry. However, Gao Hanjin was quick to stuff a drum-shaped rattle into his hand. Little Shu Yan’s attention was immediately drawn away so he didn’t care anymore about the two strangers that surrounded him.


Zhong Ziqi shook his head in amusement, but at the same time, he was secretly on guard. He had to teach his child the knowledge to prevent him from being deceived in the future, so that he would not just foolishly believe in everyone.


That afternoon, Shen Mu and Father Shen went to take a nap with little Shu Yan in their arms, Zhao Zheng’an and Shen Yu Bei went out, leaving only Zhong Ziqi and Gao Hanjin at home.


“Ziqi, I … want to go see the divine doctor.” After hesitating for a long time, Gao Han jin said it as he lay on the bed.


“See the divine doctor? What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?” Zhong Ziqi asked in surprise, thinking that he was unwell somewhere.


“I’m not unwell.” Gao Hanjin shook his head.


“Then why are you going to see the divine doctor when you are perfectly all right?” Zhong Ziqi was even more puzzled.


What was the point of going to see a divine doctor if you weren’t sick? It was so far away and inconvenient to go back and forth.


“It’s because… I have been married to your little uncle for so long, yet there is no sign of me being pregnant. You should be able to see that your little uncle likes children very much. It’s been a year now and still nothing at all so I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my health.”


Gao Hanjin said dejectedly. Previously before he came here, he had to run to the doctor’s place every ten days or half a month. However, the result still failed to live up to his expectations. Even though Shen Yu Bei kept reassuring him that it was fine, he just couldn’t erase the burden in his heart.


“That’s all? Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Maybe it’s just not the right time yet. There are many people in the village who have been married for two or three years before they get pregnant.” Zhong Ziqi said soothingly. In his opinion, not getting pregnant in a year was not a big deal. People were different, some could get pregnant in one shot, some got pregnant after ten years, it was so unpredictable.


After Gao Hanjin heard Zhong Ziqi’s words, his heart was slightly relieved. He didn’t dare to say these words to Shen Yu Bei, for fear that Shen Yu Bei would say that he was ‘thinking nonsense’. Now, after talking to Zhong Ziqi, his heart felt a lot better.


“However I also will not prevent you from going to the divine doctor. If you really feel uneasy, then going to see the doctor is also okay, ask the divine doctor to prescribe some traditional medicine to replenish your body.”


“Hn…okay.” Gao Hanjin nodded, still agreeing with what he said, and decided to wait a little longer. Maybe it was really not the right time yet!


After staying in the Zhao Jia village for some time like this, Gao Hanjin habitually went to the medical house again to have his pulse taken, only this time he did not return disappointed again, the doctor confirmed that it was a happy pulse.


Gao Hanjin was stunned and simply couldn’t believe his ears. He stared in disbelief. At the time, the doctor confirmed it for him by repeating it over again, Gao Hanjin was so happy that he jumped up into Shen Yu Bei’s embrace, scaring him so much that Shen Yu Bei hurriedly wrapped his arms around him to keep him from moving around. But the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but curl up, he was going to have a child too! So excited!!!


Two years later ……


“Xiao Yan, play with your little brother here! You must not bully him, do you understand?” Zhong Ziqi warned him repeatedly. It was getting late and he had to go to the kitchen to cook lunch.


“I got it, Amu…I… won’t … bully him.” Little Shu Yan, whose body was still chubby, sat on the Kang bed and nodded obediently.


Then he stretched out his hand to tease his little brother who was lying on Gao Hanjin’s body.


This was Gao Hanjin and Shen Yu Bei’s child who had celebrated his first birthday. He appeared to be a very lively ger.


Crawling was no longer a problem, if they didn’t pay attention, he could crawl off to the floor.


Now, these two little gers were the treasures of the family and everyone spoiled them rotten. However, they didn’t lose their senses. It was necessary to instil some knowledge from an early age.


Zhong Ziqi went into the kitchen as he looked pleased with himself, humming a song. Zhao Zheng’an had gone out to collect the rent money. He didn’t know when he would be back. However, last night Zhao Zheng’an said he wanted to eat the red braised pork and coincidentally he had time to make it today.


Zhong Ziqi washed his hands clean before he started to cut the meat, chop the onion, and heat the oil in the pot. However, before the meat could be added to the pot, Zhong Ziqi ran out while feeling unwell and vomited.


“Ziqi? What’s wrong, Ziqi?”


Shen Mu was doing some sewing in the house, he heard the commotion and immediately rushed out of the room. Zhong Ziqi patted his chest after vomiting and shook his head, “It’s nothing, Grandma. I’m just feeling somewhat uncomfortable. I probably can’t continue to cook.”


“I’ll cook the dishes. You better rest then! Wait until Zheng’an comes back, I’ll have him bring the doctor here so he can take a look at what is wrong with you.” Shen Mu nagged as he felt not at ease.


“Hn… Got it.”


At noon, Zhao Zheng’an came back for lunch. He heard from Shen Mu that Zhong Ziqi was not feeling well. He took one look at his wife whose complexion was not too good. He put down his bowl and chopsticks then he ran out to find a doctor.


Shen Mu called him but couldn’t stop him.


Zhong Ziqi smiled helplessly, his stomach was still churning a bit. He didn’t want to eat at all, so he simply stayed away from the dining table.


Soon, the village old doctor came back together with Zhao Zheng’an. After going through the pulse-taking, the old doctor smiled as he cupped both of his hands to congratulate him : “Congratulations, you’re going to be a father again.”


“What? Do you mean that…? Ziqi is pregnant again?” Shen Mu asked in a loud voice.


“Yes, it’s undoubtedly a happy pulse.”


“Great, our family is getting more and more lively.” Shen Mu and the others were very happy, the number of people in their family was only a few and now they had more children to make it more lively.


Although Zhong Ziqi was prepared in his heart, he was still a little depressed, the pain of his last birth was still fresh in his mind, he was really scared!!!


Zhao Zheng’an was also a little worried, but at the same time he was also happy so he couldn’t help but grin.


Zhong Ziqi rolled his eyes, Zhao Zheng’an was begin to play dumb again!


At night, Zhao Zheng’an embraced Zhong Ziqi as he lay in bed and asked him something : ” Wife, do you like the coming of this child? If you don’t like it then don’t, your health is more important.” He remembered the previous process of giving birth; his lingering fear still remained after that. They can do without the child since his health was the most important thing.


“What do you mean by that? This is our child, of course I like him. Don’t worry, I love our baby more than you do.” His children were the continuation of his life in this strange world.


“It’s good that you like it…I’m looking forward to the time when our child is surrounding us as they run around all over the place. What a happy scene.” Zhao Zheng’an said with a sigh.


“That’s right!” Zhong Ziqi nodded his head. He could imagine that kind of scene. The time when he was not a father and not a mother, he did not feel anything but after being one himself, only then he was able to genuinely understand the feeling of having a family. Even if his own children were that bad (lacking), that was still his, he would love them dearly to the deepest level.


In the blink of an eye, he had been here for more than four years, from the initial not knowing what to do and the days without relatives and someone to depend on, until now when he had a family, friends, a lover and children. This kind of happy life, he could not even dare to think about it before.


He only wished that this kind of life would not change and let them always keep on being happy for the rest of their life.


At night, the dazzling starlight scattered along the earth with a beautiful glow, illuminating from house to house. The world under the moonlight had disputes and happiness but as long as they were happy, nothing else mattered.



~The End~


The author has something to say :

It’s completed. I’m not really satisfied with the ending, I just realized that I’m an incompetent in writing the ending. I always can’t write a good ending. But as long as it’s happy (ending) then it’s fine and the world is full of love →_→

Translator is touched :

Thank you guys.

It’s finally finished.

Don’t forget to support the author if you could!!!

I’ll try to make schedule for the novels that I worked on. Maybe I will put on my personal blog or on my ko fi page about the schedule (weekly and everyday’s update?) and also the new novels that I plan to pick up.


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