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AFDF Chapter 64

Purchase a house

Accompany by a Fool to Do farming

Chapter 64: 买房

(Buy a house) 

In the end, Zhong Ziqi didn’t listen to Zhao Zheng’an’s advice to open a restaurant.But it was not as if he did not have any ideas, especially in these past few days when he had thought about it, observed and studied it carefully.


Because his fried dough twist and deep fried breadsticks were relatively new and original in this world, it had won the hearts of many people.The deep fried breadsticks were particularly popular with young people and the older people were less likely to enjoy it because it was too greasy.The fried dough twist,on the other hand, had definitely captured the hearts of all young and old people.


And those who saw the market couldn’t sit still anymore,so the representative of the restaurants from other surrounding towns often came over to discuss with him the possibility of supplying them with a certain amount of it.


Zhong Ziqi thought that he might as well hire a few people to fry the fried dough twist and deep fried breadsticks for these restaurants every day, thinking that it would also be a lot of income.


This way, he could be the relaxed boss easily, at the same time make money without offending anyone.


Zhong Ziqi told Zhao Zheng’an about this idea of his, Zhao Zheng’an naturally did not have any objection. Whatever his wife said, of course he would naturally go along with him, as long as his wife was happy.He also thought that it was such a good idea to be like this, no need for both of them to be so busy everyday running here and there which took a lot of trouble and effort. Zhong Zi Qi was particularly busy everyday like a gyroscope,so Zhao Zheng’an was endlessly distressed by it. He already wanted to let him rest since an earlier time.


Since he wanted to do it,he had to do it as soon as possible.It was a rare occasion when Zhong Ziqi didn’t procrastinate and take the initiative this time. It was really too cold in the winter so he wanted to go home and hide himself there in the winter.


Since he decided to be a supplier, he needed to have a worksite. It couldn’t be too far away, otherwise it would be inconvenient to come and go.


Zhao Zheng’an simply wandered around the town and asked around, but he did find a family who wanted to sell their house.The family, with only the old couple living in the town and their son doing business in another town.The son seemed to have made some money and wanted to bring his parents over. They were naturally happy to be with their son again.But the house was empty and they weren’t coming back anymore, so they wanted to sell the house.


The price was quite high. However, because it was too expensive and the house was a bit old, no one bought it.The old couple were anxious, the son was pushing for it,so in the end, the price was reduced.


It happened that Zhao Zheng’an inquired about it, at the same time, he took advantage of the opportunity and pressed more for the lower price. Finally, he bought the house.


Zhong Ziqi surveyed the small courtyard, although it was a bit remote and located in an alleyway but the good thing was that the street was just a few steps away. It was still, however, acceptable.


The house was big enough and the yard was not too small, Zhong Ziqi was quite satisfied looking at it, turning around and talking to Zhao Zheng’an about putting the house through.


“Tell me, how do you plan to do it?”

Zhao Zheng’an asked Zhong Ziqi.


Zhong Ziqi stood in the house, looked at it and gestured to him, “It’s just that this house is relatively longer, so let’s open the access to it. This way, we can leave the door open for business (to handle affairs) and conversation. After the opening, we can clear everything out of the house, build a few stove benches, set up a few tables, and put two cupboards on the side for rice and noodles. ……”


Zhong Ziqi talked for a long time, and finally eliminated some unrealistic ideas.


In fact, in a very simple way to summarize it into one sentence was to renovate it a little.


Zhao Zheng’an said that he understood so he could just leave this matter to him. He was sure to get it done.


Zhao Amu and the others, when they heard that both of them had bought a house and were going to expand the business, they were quite envious, thinking that these two kids had made it through little by little, thinking back how hard it was at the beginning!


“Ziqi, if you go over there, what about here?” Zhao Amu asked.


Their jellied tofu and congee could still be sold even without the deep fried breadsticks, it was just, for sure, the business would have to drop a lot.


“I’m going to hire someone to sell it here.I don’t know if there are any good people in our village. Zhao Amu, you tell me about them.”


Zhong Ziqi asked Zhao Amu, taking the advantages from now he would start paying attention to them, waiting for the renovation to be done,therefore he would go train the people and open the business.


Zhao Amu thought for a moment:

“There are a few good people, indeed.The two daughters-in-law of Li Zheng family are both very pleasant.They never take advantage of anyone. They also have a good reputation in the village.”


“Also … Do you remember Zhao Lan Ge’er from our village?” Zhao Amu asked Zhong Ziqi.


Zhong Ziqi thought for a long time before he remembered who Zhao Lan was. He was the Ger who had been treated badly by his husband’s family, the Ger that was divorced for rebelling from the mistreatment. His own family did not allow him to enter the house because they were ashamed of him and kicked him out.


Now this ger lives at the end of the village. Ordinarily, he lives on embroidery, without land, without a man and without having an outstanding handicraft. It was obvious how hard his life would be.


“Lan Ge’er is a poor Ger too. Before he got married, he was the most capable ger in the village.Many families were interested (相中) in him. However he got the wrong man and ruined his entire life.” Zhao Amu sighed while saying: “Since he was a strong person so except when it’s really difficult, otherwise, he will not accept any help from anyone.”


[相中/xiāng zhòng : to find to one’s taste / to pick (after looking at) ]


Zhong Ziqi nodded his head as ‘all things should be considered’, he said he would think about it. Since he hadn’t really come into contact with the person so he didn’t know what kind of person Zhao Lan was. There was no rush in this matter, he was a person who disliked trouble, so he had to make sure there would be no accidents that were impossible to unravel.


In the evening, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an talked about this matter; he asked Zhao Zheng’an what he thought about this and if there was a suitable candidate for him to choose.


Zhao Zheng’an was also in the dark: “This matter is up to you! Lan Ge is not a bad person. According to the way he handles himself, I’m sure he won’t go soft even if the opposite family causes trouble for him in the future. After all, the attitude of his mother’s family over the past few years has been too bitterly disappointing. Too many expectations and affections were already dying out at this point. To be soft-hearted on this point of affection, probably it would be merely filial piety.If the Zhao family gets what they want, in the same manner they could kick him aside, refuse to acknowledge him and disregard him again.I think Lan Ge should understand this reason.”


“Hn,therefore let’s find him ba! It’s not easy for him to be alone either.”


Zhong Ziqi finally came to a decision. However, he didn’t rush to find him,instead he waited for the renovation of the house.


This renovation work, of course, could not be done by Zhao Zheng’an alone. Zhao Zheng’an didn’t look for someone from his village to save himself from the trouble, instead, he found a few men who were working in the town.They were all Zhong Ziqi’s loyal customers. They had been with him since the time when he sold the ‘bone broth noodles’. Now that he had opened the “Quite Delicious” restaurant, they even went there every day.


Zhao Zheng’an just asked who was available, four or five of them came forward. Zhao Zheng’an waved his hand and led the men to the mansion.


Now, in the winter, it was hard for the workers to work.


Zhong Ziqi paid them for their work, but also provided them with a lunch, which was not stingy. Of course, the meal was not going to be the ‘deep fried breadsticks’. There was a kitchen in the house so Zhong Ziqi could make a pot of hot vegetable soup and warm up some dry food for them to eat.


Hot water was also available and prepared so whoever was cold could have a bowl of it to warm up.


In this way, they were ‘in such a hurry’ that it took six or seven days to complete the work.


Only then did Zhong Ziqi start looking around for someone.The first people he went to were the two wifes from Li Zheng’s family. This was also the first time Zhong Ziqi paid a visit to the house.He went to the eldest son’s house first.The eldest son’s wife was at home right now.


“Qi Ge’er, you come! What a rare guest! Come on in!”


The eldest daughter-in-law of Li Zheng is called Zhao Xue Mei, a native of the Zhao Jia village. His father is a senior member of the village clan!


“Qi Ge Ge!” Little Tiger (Xiao Hu zi) was at home too. When he saw Zhong Ziqi coming, he called out obediently.


Zhong Ziqi smiled and stroked Hu Zi’s head.


Zhao Xuemei hurriedly went to pour water for Zhong Ziqi.


“Mei Ge, don’t bother! I came here today because I have something to tell you!” Zhong Ziqi didn’t hide it or pending it but said it directly: “I’m short of staff for my business in the town so I was wondering if you’d like to come and help out? The pay is negotiable!”


Zhao Xuemei was stunned at his words, not expecting that Zhong Ziqi, who had never visited him for years, would seek him out for this reason.Nowadays, Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Zheng’an’s business is so prosperous that there is no one who doesn’t know about it.Some people even say they’ve got a powerful man behind them, and the town’s biggest restaurant is backing them up!


Even their father-in-law has constantly warned them again and again to be on good terms with their family, not to mess with them.Nowadays indeed it was extraordinary!


“What’s wrong? Mei Ge, don’t tell me that you are unwilling?” Zhong Ziqi asked, puzzled when he saw that Zhao Xue Mei did not respond for half a day. If he didn’t want to, Zhong Xiqi also couldn’t force him.


Zhao Xue Mei came back to his senses and hurriedly nodded: “Yes I’m willing, I’m willing… I am also idle at home, so if I have work to do,naturally I will be willing!”


“That’s good then, do you have time to go to town with me tomorrow?”


Zhao Xue Mei hurriedly replied, “Yes…”


Having agreed on a time with Zhao Xuemei, Zhong Ziqi didn’t stay much longer, he still had to go and ask some other families.


After sending Zhong Ziqi away, Zhao Hai came back from Li Zheng’s house not long after. Zhao Xue Mei told him about Zhong Ziqi’s visit: “I agreed to do it without discussing it with you. Since it’s a good idea, it’s a pity to give it to someone else. I’m also idle at home. What do you think?”


Zhao Hai thought about it: “Fine. Since you agreed to it, then go ahead! It’s good that you and your sister-in-law (his little brother’s wife) will be companions.”


Although it was taboo in the village for a ger to go out in the open, But, if it was a serious business, no one could say anything.Besides, there was no one who could stop the gossipers in the village. They couldn’t just give away a good opportunity because of that!


Zhong Ziqi left Zhao Hai’s house and went to Zhao Hai’s little brother’s house.

After explaining his intentions, all of them naturally agreed without objection.


For the last family, Zhong Ziqi went to Second Uncle Zhao’s daughter-in-law’s house, Lingzi. He was quite an introverted and honest person. The Second Uncle Zhao’s son was also an honest man so when he heard Zhong Ziqi’s intention, he didn’t take a position, but looked at his father and his Amu.


The Zhao Second Uncle’s wife nodded happily with a grin on his face: “Okay ah! Let Lingzi go! Otherwise, he’d be bored out of his mind at home all day!”


Lingzi smiled shyly at Zhong Ziqi’s words.


In the end, all three were finalized. Zhong Ziqi went home.He planned to go to Zhao Lan’s place tomorrow. He would also teach the three of them how to fry fried dough twist and deep fried breadsticks tomorrow because the day after tomorrow, he would officially sell it to the public.


He had already asked Zhao Zheng’an to say hello to the other restaurants, so anyone who wanted it could come and place an order.


He was back early today, so the sky was not fully dark yet.


“How’s it going? All settled?” Zhao Zheng’an asked, pouring a bowl of hot water for Zhong Ziqi to drink.


Zhong Ziqi drank it into his stomach until he felt warmer: “It’s done. Tomorrow, come to the town together with me. I’ll also go to Lan Ge place tomorrow!”


“En… It’s up to you to decide!” Zhao Zheng’an nodded his head.


“I’ll go cook something!”


“I’ve already heated up the meal!”


“You have the potential!”


Zhong Ziqi sniffled and patted Zhao Zheng’an’s shoulder!


Zhao Zheng’an squeezed his hand and pulled it closer to the fire pit: “Hurry up and warm it up, your hands are red from the freezing!”


Zhong Ziqi smiled ‘he he’! Obediently, he warmed up his hands.



    Translator’s Note:

Recently suffer from the ‘difficult to focus’ disease, anyone who have a nice ideas to deal with it? Please give me some suggestions! 😭

Lol 🤣😹



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