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AFDF Chapter 46

Help Each other

Accompany by a Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 46: 互帮互助

(Help Each Other)


At night, both of them were lying in bed, Zhong Ziqi naturally leaned into Zhao Zheng’an’s arms and listened to Zhao Zheng’an talk.


        “Today, Boss Jin said that Jin Hua Restaurant is also going to host this event and ask you to give your opinion.” Zhao Zheng’an passed on the words of Boss Jin to Zhong Ziqi.


        “Let me give advice?” Zhong Ziqi was surprised that Jin Sheng thought highly of him.


        “Yes, who asked you to be so competent? Didn’t you see how many men looked at you today with ‘green light eyes’.” Zhao Zheng’an said, he felt suffocated in his heart, still hating it, right now, wanting to gouge their eyes out! As time went on, his possessiveness grew stronger. He just wanted the other party’s eyes to follow him all the time, although it was unlikely.


[‘Green light eyes’ here mean look at somebody with a lustful eyes]


        What the frustrated Zhao Zheng’an didn’t know was that his hopes were actually half fulfilled. It was because Zhong Ziqi now used to look at Zhao Zheng’an no matter what he did. For example, today, when he was busy, his eyes would subconsciously chase after Zhao Zheng’an’s figure. Watching his every move, he would also unconsciously smile.


        Zhong Ziqi did not notice his unconscious actions because he was in the middle of it. But someone with a heart would have sensed the bubble between the two of them.


“Where? You’re being oversensitive, aren’t you?” Zhong Ziqi said dumbfounded. How come he didn’t feel anything at all?


        “You’re not jealous, are you?” Zhong Ziqi had a moment of realization and raised his head to look at him harboring malicious intentions.


        The two of them were so close together that their breath could spray into each other’s faces.


        “Jealous?” Zhao Zheng’an thought for a few seconds: “That’s right! I’m just jealous. So, how are you going to appease me? Or else don’t go tomorrow.”


Zhong Ziqi cut out, “Stop daydreaming! You still need to be appeased? You’re a ger, huh?”


        “Although I’m not a ger, I do have a fragile heart.” Zhao Zheng’an said sternly, with a ‘you must believe me’, wounded expression.


        Zhong Ziqi was amused and asked jokingly, “Then how do you want me to appease you?”


        Zhao Zheng’an smiled wickedly and said something to his ear.


        Zhong Ziqi immediately blushed and stammered: “No …that … Wait a little longer! Give me some preparation.”


        Zhao Zheng’an looked at him steadily and suddenly smiled: “Then okay ba! You kiss me. Give me a kiss and I’ll be fine.”


Zhong Ziqi bit his lip, a little embarrassed, but since they had already opened their inner hearts to each other, there was no need for him to be pretentious.


        He looked him ‘up and down’ once, and then fiercely put his mouth on him, but as he didn’t get the pressure right, both of them hissed in pain. Zhong Ziqi was embarrassed and tried to back away, but Zhao Zheng’an didn’t give him the chance, wrapping his arms around his head and deepening the kiss, only releasing it when they were both gasping for breath. 


        “So sweet!” Zhao Zheng’an wish to continue as he licked his mouth, his eyes burning with desire.


        Zhong Ziqi glared at him, ‘Sweet, you sister! You shameless bastard!!!’


        Zhong Ziqi’s body moved and suddenly he felt something ‘hot and hard up against’ underneath him, of course as a man, he knew what it was. He struggled lightly, yet Zhao Zheng’an’s hand wrapped tighter around him.


        “Let go!” Zhong Ziqi said in a loud voice.


        “Wife, do you remember the time when I hugged and rubbed against you like this too? At that time, you pushed me awake.” Zhao Zheng’an remembered that memory when he was still a fool, hugging his wife like this and rubbing against him which was ‘damp down’ by a cold look from him. Now he didn’t want to repeat the disastrous policy. 


        “What’s the point of talking about this?” Zhong Ziqi looked at him warily, fearing that he had some bad idea.


        “How do you usually solve it? You solve it for me too.” Zhao Zheng’an licked his face and approached him with an exciting look.


        “Go away!” Zhong Ziqi was frightened, exerting all of his strength to push him hard, of course he knew what he meant. But he, himself, was a man of lesser desire, and he rarely gave himself ‘that and that’, let alone to others.


        Zhao Zheng’an pouting his mouth in grievance expression and looked at him pitifully, “Wife…help me please…it’s unbearable!!”


        Zhong Ziqi ignored him. Yet Zhao Zheng’an clung to him and started rubbing again.


        Finally Zhong Ziqi couldn’t stand it anymore – he helped him anyway …


When he touched something that was clearly not the same size as his own, Zhong Ziqi was really shocked and didn’t know what to do.


        Zhao Zheng’an stroked his head, kissed the corner of his mouth and ran his hand down his body, grabbing his vital part before Zhong Ziqi could react. Zhong Ziqi couldn’t help but grunt softly but didn’t dare to resist, his ‘lifeblood’ was still in someone’s hands!


[命根/命根子 : lifeblood / the thing that one cherishes most in life / (coll.) family jewels (male genitals)]


        “Move with me!” Zhao Zheng’an laughed in a low voice as his hand began to move slowly. Zhong Ziqi grunted in comfort and subconsciously moved his hand along with his rhythm.


        In this way the two of them completed a pleasurable orgasm as ‘you helped me and I helped you’.


        After the pleasure, Zhong Ziqi got up with a red face, found a cloth to wipe the two of them clean, then he changed the obscene trousers, before really lying down to sleep.




On the next day, the customer’s traffic at “Quite Tasty” was a little less than yesterday. They heard from others that Chang Sheng Restaurant had also launched a lottery event, which attracted a lot of people to go there. Everyone wanted to see what the other side had to offer.


        “This Chang Sheng, it’s really shameless ……” Zhao Ning pouted, unhappy.


        “Forget it! We’ve all seen it coming besides, we have no right to stop it. It’s good that people like them don’t come and bully us commoners. What do we care about ?” Zhao Sheng patted his little brother’s shoulder and told him to take it easy.


        Near noon, Boss Jin came to the door again, still greeted by Zhao Zheng’an.


        “I knew you two wouldn’t have the time, so I had to come again.” Jin Sheng said with a smiling face, without any displeasure.


        “I’m really sorry, Boss Jin, we just couldn’t get away here and wanted to come over to you later, but I didn’t expect you to make another trip here yourself.” Zhao Zheng’an’s tone was not humble, not overbearing but respectful yet not flattering.


        “What does Qi Ge’er say about this matter?” Jin Sheng waved his hand unconcernedly and asked about the matter that was entrusted to him.


        “Ziqi has come up with an idea. Let’s go to the back and talk.” The back that Zhao Zheng’an referred to was where Zhong Ziqi was selling chinese breadsticks, behind him there was a distance of more than two metres wide, just right for them to talk.


        Zhao Zheng’an walked over and took over from Zhong Ziqi: “You talk to Boss Jin about the lottery.”


        “Good.” Zhong Ziqi handed him the matter in hand then picked up a rag to wipe his hands.


        Zhong Ziqi walked to a less noisy corner with Master Jin: “Zheng’an, after we went home yesterday, he talked to me. In fact,I don’t have any good advice but I’ll give you a general idea, you listen.”


        Boss Jin nodded: “Go ahead.”


Zhong Ziqi didn’t even waste his mind, directly and plainspokenly talking to him about all modern’s membership, VIP, and holiday promotions and offers to Boss Jin. 


        “I can only think of so much. The specific implementation of how to, also depends on the Boss Jin, how you would develop it.”


        “Well …… I think this ‘membership’ idea of yours is good.” Boss Jin thought for a long time and said in his heart, this kind of membership thing in this small place can not show any special effect, but only on the officials, wealthy families, and landlords could use it. 


        He thought it was a good idea because it could be used by his family’s clan where in his family’s headquarters, many more rich young masters and noblemans compare to this horn and out of way place. 


        Zhong Ziqi and Boss Jin had a heated discussion about gold membership, silver membership and ordinary membership. Finally Boss Jin was satisfied with his idea and went home, admiring Zhong Ziqi more and more.


        Soon after, it didn’t take long for Mr. Jin’s VIP membership plan to be implemented. Anyone who spends xx taels of silver twice at the restaurant will become an ordinary member of Jin Hua Restaurant and will be given a membership card.For the next three purchases at the restaurant, xx money will be deducted. For each purchase, a record will be made until three purchases have been made, and the card will be retrieved.


The Platinum membership was similar to the one above, except that it costs more, while the Gold membership was harder to come by. It could only be purchased with silver and costs a lot of silver. It lasts for three years and within three years, you will be charged with half of the price or less for your purchases in the shop.


        These cards can be obtained by spending a lot of money or you can buy them with silver.Not only that, but the restaurant also offers special offers, such as which dishes are suddenly discounted on which days, which steamed buns can be bought for five with one free, and so on


        In short, it made the customers happy and the restaurant also made profit. 


        Besides, it didn’t take long for many shops to start popularising the lucky draws. If you did not do the lucky draw,it also unlikely to do so, for example, the same shop selling handicrafts, if you did not keep up with the market, on the other side, your rivals were also running special offers, then all the customers are bound to be taken away by the other side, so what can you do?


            You can only follow along with the concessions.


So for a while, the raffle was a craze in Qing Shui Town. Everywhere on the street, people were seen coming out of one shop and going into the next one. This offer was a lot cheaper than usual,as they did not know if it would happen again.Now, they had to buy more and bring their families, relatives and friends along with them.


Even the merchants in the neighbouring Feng Yang City are all looking at each other, what is this Qing Shui Town doing? What was this? It had sucked away a lot of their customers.They had no choice but to make countermeasures to attract customers back and so on. As the cycle continued, word of Zhong Ziqi’s lottery offer spread further and further.


        Of course, that was all an afterthought.


        After three or four days of opening, the customer flow of “Quite Delicious” tends to stabilize with the usual old customers.


        “Zhao Amo, don’t you have a lot of eggs?” Zhong Ziqi asked Zhao Amo. 


[Xiang ba lao eggs=hillbilly marinated eggs.See pic below:]



Zhong Ziqi said, telling Zhao Amo how to make the ‘Xiang ba lao eggs’. It’s very simple: boil the eggs for eight minutes, add water, soy sauce, sugar, star anise and other seasonings to the pot and boil it until there’s not much soup left in the pot. This is also a good way to get as much flavour into the eggs as possible.


        Zhao Amo followed Zhong Ziqi’s instructions and went back and made it again. The next day, they were sold in the “Quite Tasty” shop. The results were good.


        That day, on the way home in the evening, Zhao Amo gave Zhong Ziqi a purse. Inside, there were a lot of coins.


        “Zhao Amo, what are you doing?” Zhong Ziqi hurriedly pushed it back.


“You take it, Qi Ge’er! Now our family makes a lot of money every day, but every single one of these are told by you. Although we know that you don’t care, we can’t live with our conscience like this. The kids, his father and I have agreed that we will buy your recipe and give you a monthly payment. You have to take this money no matter what.” Zhao Amo said without refusal.


        Zhao Ning and Zhao Sheng were also on the side, helping to convince him, needless to say, Zhao Amo must have given them both a pass.


        Zhong Ziqi looked at Zhao Zheng’an, who was calm and collected, and thought for a moment, “Okay, then I’ll take the money.”


        Zhao Amo sighed with relief and went back to his own home.


When they got home, Zhong Ziqi asked Zhao Zheng’an, “Why didn’t you say anything just now?”


        “What is there to say? Zhao Amo gave it to you, so just took it. They’re just embarrassed to take advantage of you, so don’t think too much about it.” Zhao Zheng’an said comfortingly. In fact, he was more optimistic this way, ‘even among brothers, accounts should be clearly settled’ but since his wife was generous, he couldn’t say anything.


        “I also didn’t intend to not accept it. It’s just that I didn’t know how I should respond to it? It’s good to take it so that Zhao Amo doesn’t feel he owes us. Besides, it’s also an income, right?” Zhong Ziqi said with a nod.

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