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AFDF Chapter 39

To visit once again

Accompany by A Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 39: 再次上门 

(To Visit Once More Time) 


Both of them, Zhang Feng Cai and his friend who were left petrified by Zhao Zhengan, were really shocked by Zhao Zhengan’s sharp gaze so it took quite a long time before they came back to their senses.


That Amu looked at the distant back and murmured, “Why is he like a different person?”


Zhang Feng Cai also looked at him, “No…he’s just really different.”


Zhang Feng Cai who ever came into contact with Zhao Zheng’an before and after he had become a fool. Therefore, he immediately thought of a possibility that something was wrong with Zhao Zheng’an.


“You should go back first! I have to leave first.” Zhang Feng Cai said then he left in a hurry.


At the Zhao family home, Wang Cui Hua hummed a little tune as he fed the chickens and ducks. Just as he finished feeding them, the door was being knocked on with a loud bang.


“Who is it? The door is going to be broken!” Wang Cui Hua opened the door: “Feng Cai, why are you here?”


Zhang Feng Cai smiled and walked in, “I’m here to visit.”


“Oh, that’s rare! It’s been a long time since you’ve been here.” Wang Cui Hua covered his mouth and smiled. He was one of the few people who could mingle with Zhang Feng Cai.


Zhang Feng Cai looked east and west: “Your husband is not home?”


“No, he’s gone out with the kids. Why? What are you looking for him for?”


“What could I possibly want with him?” Zhang Feng Cai mysteriously came up to Wang Cui Hua: “Guess who I met today?”




“I met your family’s Zhao Zheng’an.”


Wang Cui Hua didn’t take it seriously: “If you met him, you met him! What else do I think?”


Zhang Feng Cai shook his head, “Do you know where I saw him?”




“In the village. He was carrying two boxes of pastries. I don’t know for whom he is sending the pastries.”


Wang Cui Hua was surprised because it was known that Zhong Zi Qi never let Zhao Zheng’an go out alone. So it was more difficult to see him than the sky on a regular basis.How did this change all of a sudden?


Zhang Feng Cai saw that he had listened and continued, “I suspect that Zhao Zheng’an has gotten better and is not idiot anymore.”


Wang Cui Hua was shocked: “How is that possible? I asked the doctor and he also said that the chances of recovery were very slim.”


“Don’t believe me yet.” Zhang Feng Cai told him in detail what had just happened on the road: “Do you think it’s strange, that fool couldn’t have spoken like that, nor could he have such a frightening look in his eyes? You are his Amu so you know him the best.”


Wang Cui Hua pursed his lips. He did, indeed, know Zhao Zheng’an better. Because of that, if what Zhang Feng Cai said was true, then he might have really recovered. What scared him the most was how Zhao Zheng’an would feel about them splitting up the family on the second day of his marriage.


But soon Wang Cui Hua calmed down, Zhao Zheng’an used to listen to himself the most. He would not dare to say two if he said one. If he had recovered then that’s good! If he went to him and admitted his mistake, he didn’t believe Zhao Zheng’an wouldn’t be soft-hearted. When the time comes, would he be afraid that he won’t be able to deal with Zhong Ziqi, this peace of tough issue?


He’s just a ger. There is a saying that

if you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog. If he dared to disobey Zhao Zheng’an, he would let Zhao Zheng’an divorced him, see if he (ZZQ) is afraid or not.


[嫁雞隨雞,嫁狗隨狗 /jià jī suí jī , jià gǒu suí gǒu ; If you marry a chicken follow the chicken, if you marry a dog follow the dog (idiom) ; you should follow whatever your husband orders.]


Wang Cui Hua thought beautifully, since their family’s business was so prosperous that everyone in the village said that they were rich.Even he thought so. He was always refused at the entrance when he went to see Zhong Ziqi. Now that Zhao Zheng’an had recovered, his chance had come.


吃閉門羹 /chī bì mén gēng: to be refused entrance (idiom) / to find the door closed


He thought that, in the future, he would have a lot of money to spend. He could dress like a landlady in silk, carry gold and silver jewellery, eat fish and meat every day. Knock down his house to build a big black brick house. He could also give his son marry a ger from a good family then he would like to get a few maids to serve them. It would be such a beautiful life.


Wang Cui Hua was so engrossed in his fantasies that he forgot what would happen if Zhao Zheng’an did not forgive him.


He had also forgotten that Zhao Zheng’an did not send any news to their family when he recovered. Even when he went out with the pastries, it was not for them.


At noon, when Zhao Cheng and his son Zhao Zheng Hong returned from their trip, Wang Cui Hua sent his little boy away and couldn’t wait to tell Zhao Cheng what had happened.


As expected, Zhao Cheng also revealed a smile. What he was thinking was the same as Wang Cui Hua. All he was thinking about was the string of money Zhong Ziqi had earned.


“Let’s go and have a look after dinner.” Zhao Cheng said.


Wang Cui Hua grinned happily, but there was a hint of worry in his unrefined mind, “Zheng’an won’t blame us, will he?”


Zhao Cheng grunted, “He has nothing to blame, I’m his father and he couldn’t beat me up? Besides, we found Zhong Ziqi for him, otherwise where else would he find such a capable ger!”


Wang Cui Hua felt that Zhao Cheng had a point so he quickly put that worry behind him.


Zhao Zheng’an was completely unaware that he had just gone out for a walk then trouble would come to him.


When he got away from Li Zheng’s house, Zhao Zheng’an went to Er Zhu Zi’s house without any haste. Er Zhu Zi’s father was called Zhao Wang Cai. Everyone called him Uncle Wang Cai.


When he saw Zhao Zheng’an coming to buy tofu and beancurd jelly, the honest Zhao Wang Cai didn’t say anything. He was only astonished to learn that Zhao Zheng’an had recovered, smiling foolishly.


“Where is Er Zhu Zi? I haven’t seen him for a long time.” Zhao Zheng’an said with a smile. He was still quite fond of his three cute little friends, like his own brothers.


“Zhu Zi Pi, I don’t know where he’s gone to play.” Zhao Wang Cai was all smiles at the mention of his son.


Zhao Zheng’an didn’t stay at Zhao Wang Cai’s house much longer either. After he bought two cubes of tofu and beancurd jelly, he walked home slowly.


At noon, shortly after that, Zhong Ziqi came back hurriedly. He usually came back at different times after he finished selling them all.


“Have you eaten?” Zhong Ziqi asked Zhao Zheng’an.


Zhao Zheng’an nodded, “I’ve eaten. How about you?”


“I’ve eaten too.” Zhong Ziqi went inside and drank a big bowl of cold water to cool down: “Did you buy beancurd jelly?”


Zhao Zheng’an was helpless: “I bought it. What are you hurrying for? Take a rest first.”


Zhong Ziqi scratched his head thus he sat down to rest.


“Deng! Deng!” There was a knocking sound on the front door of their house.


“I’ll go and open it.” Zhao Zheng’an got up to open it.


The moment he opened the door, both sides were stunned for a moment.


“Zheng’an.” Wang Cui Hua show a smile.


“What brings you here?” Zhao Zheng’an asked with a frown.


Wang Cui Hua and Zhao Cheng looked at each other, they immediately knew that Zhao Zheng’an really had recovered.


“Zheng’an, have you really recovered?” Wang Cui Hua was so happy: “You kid! You didn’t even tell me that you have recovered.”


“It doesn’t seem to make any difference if I tell you or not, does it?” Zhao Zheng’an smiled coldly. As he guessed,he knew that someone must have gone to Wang Cui Hua to inform him, otherwise how could Wang Cui Hua know that he had recovered?


“How can you talk like that? I am your father!” Zhao Cheng scolded, “What’s the matter? We can’t even enter the house?”


Zhao Zheng’an wanted to stand in the doorway and make a scene but it really didn’t look good, so he sidled up then let them in.


“What? Here to ask for money again?” Zhong Ziqi sat on the chair, did not get up, his attitude was bad. He was not afraid that Zhao Zheng’an would not be happy. If Zhao Zheng’an was brainwashed by Wang Cui Hua’s in a few words, then he absolutely had to divorce and leave this family but so be it. However, he believed that Zhao Zheng’an was not that kind of unquestioning filial piety.


“Zheng’an, you look at how your wife speaks! We are elders after all. How bad if it is to be heard.” Zhao Cheng said with a dark face.


“Qi Ge’er, I was wrong some time ago. Amu had a hard time too,you know? Amu apologizes to you,as we can’t write two surnames as a family. It’s only right that we get along with each other. Don’t you think so, Zheng’an?” Wang Cui Hua smiled benevolently, as if he was really a good Amu.


Zhong Ziqi did not say anything and looked at Zhao Zheng’an with a smile yet not a smile — See? This one red face and that one white face sang very well.


[Tl notes: One red face sings and the other white face sings very well, metaphorically, in the process of resolving conflicts and conflicts, one acts as a severe or annoying role, and the other acts as a friendly or likable role. ]


Although he was thick-skinned,Zhao Zheng’an was embarrassed by Zhong Ziqi’s look. He was completely disappointed with his own family.


“Amu, now we have divided the family. It doesn’t matter if we’re on good terms or not. I won’t eat, drink or take anything from your family either.” Zhong Ziqi said. No matter how ruthless Zhao Zheng’an was, he couldn’t speak out his dislike toward them. After all, these were the parents who had raised him, but it didn’t matter to him (ZZq) who didn’t have any relationship with them.


Wang Cui Hua and Zhao Cheng were blue and red in the face. Zhong Ziqi meant that ‘I would not take anything from you so you also could not take mine’.


How is this possible?


Their ultimate goal was to take, take,and take!!!


“Of course, if you want to be close to your son again because you have a clear conscience, you can. I won’t stand in the way.” Zhong Ziqi finished his speech and looked at the helpless Zhao Zheng’an, saying maliciously “By the way, I’ll give you a sentence, I’m in charge of this family!”


Wang Cui Hua and Zhao Cheng now hate Zhong Ziqi the most in their hearts. They can’t control him, but for the future’s sake, they can’t tear their fake faces off now, they have to show Zhao Zheng’an that they truly love him and also show him how hard his wife’s heart is.


Translator OS:

I like Zhong Ziqi’s bad attitude and saying something maliciously. He is so naughty?




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    Ugh, cockroaches ?

    1. I can add leaches & parasites!

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I’m pretty sure those two goals, please Zheng’an and turn him against Ziqi, are mutually exclusive. How could you ever make this neglected son love you by badmouthing his true love? This goal has no way of succeeding. All you two are doing is making it worse for yourselves!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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