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AFDF Chapter 37

Shen Yu Bei

Accompany by A Fool to do Farming

Chapter 37: 沈昱北 (Shen Yu Bei) 

Translator: LittleYen


“Zhao Amu, weigh an old hen for me.” Zhong Ziqi padded around Zhao Ning’s yard searching for which chicken was the fattest.


        “Okay, I’ll ask Sheng Zi to pick the fattest one for you. Qi Ge’er, how is Zheng’an doing?” Zhao Amu asked, standing beside him. 


        “Much better, I’m thinking of reopening the stall in the next few days.”


        “Qi Ge’er, we haven’t told anyone about the recovery of Zheng’an. But soon, I think someone will see the first signs of it. I think Wang Cui Hua’s family will not give up and will definitely come back to haunt you, so you must think of a plan.” As they lived in the same village, Zhao Amu knew Wang Cui Hua’s character the best. He was the most shameless.


        Zhong Ziqi nodded: “I know, Zhao Amu.”


        With the little hen he had bought from Zhao Amu’s house, Zhong Ziqi returned home and put the chicken in the kitchen, he plucked and scraped it into a chicken soup.


Zhao Zheng’an’s face was bitter when he looked at the chicken soup, since the day he woke up, it was always soup, three meals a day, all three meals were soup, although Zhong Ziqi’s cooking was good, but he could not stand the light flavor of soup anymore. Besides that, he always runs to the toilet when he drinks too much soup, which is really a headache.


        How could Zhong Ziqi not see what he was thinking about so he gave him a sidelong glance: “I won’t give you the chicken soup anymore after you finish this. I won’t even make it for you later if you want to eat it.”


        Zhao Zheng’an gave him a ‘curry favor’ smile, knowing that the other party had a sharp tongue but a soft heart.All he had to do was to beg him, pretending to be pitiful then his heart would immediately be softened. 


[刀子嘴,豆腐心/ dāo zi zuǐ , dòu fu xīn

lit. knife mouth but heart of bean curd; sharp tongue concealing a caring heart/

to have a sharp tongue but a soft heart (idiom)]


        “I want to reopen the stall in a couple of days.” Zhong Ziqi said to Zhao Zheng’an in a consultative tone.


        Zhao Zheng’an frowned, “I’ll go with you.”


        “You can’t go. You’re not well enough yet!” Zhong Ziqi said.


        “But what if I’m not at ease?” Zhao Zheng’an said.


        “Isn’t there still Zhao Ning and Zhao Sheng? It’s okay! I’ve already got the owner of the Jin Hua Restaurant to smooth things over.” Zhong Ziqi remembered that Zhao Zheng’an didn’t know yet, so he re-told the story.


        Zhao Zheng’an nodded, “You’re still very thoughtful, but you shouldn’t take it lightly! Buy a dagger for self-defence.”


        “Don’t worry, I have that in mind. Just wait at home, I’ll be back early.”


And so – things settled down happily.




        Jiang Nan – the land that piles up with gold and jade, the township full of gentleness, riches and honor, these are the evaluations given by those who have been there. Unlike the north, the people there live in peace and work happily. There are very few beggars passing through the streets. Everyone has a smile on their face, living up to its title as the land of fish and rice.


[堆金積玉 ;duī jīn jī yù

lit. pile up gold and jade / very rich]


[魚米之鄉 /yú mǐ zhī xiāng: (lit.) land of fish and rice / (fig.) fertile region / land of milk and honey]


        On this day, a large ship docked and a crowd of people gathered around it, “Young master, you have returned.”


        “Young master, you’ve worked hard, Madam and the others are waiting for you.”


        Gao Han Jin waved his hand as if chasing away flies. The noise was so loud that he had a headache: “Understood.I’ll go back now.”


        “Ah Zhuo, you go and arrange the rest! I’ll go back first.” Gao Han Jin said to the tall man behind him. All he wanted to do now was to go back and take a nice hot bath. He hadn’t bathed for over ten days. His entire body was stinking, it brought disgrace to his image. 


        “Yes, young master.”


        When Gao Han Jin returned to the Gao family courtyard, the first person to come out to greet him was his eight-year-old little brother.


        “Ge ge (Big Brother), you’re back.” Gao Han Bo, who was a little chubby, jumped into Gao Han Jin’s arms and threw a tantrum. 


        Gao Han Jin’s face softened as he picked up his brother: “Is Bo Er a good boy at home? Do you miss Ge ge?”


        “Bo Er is very good. I think of Ge ge every day.” Gao Han Bo wrapped his arms around Gao Han Jin’s neck, puffed out his cheeks and said obediently with wide eyes.


        “Ge ge also misses Bo Er. You go wait for ge ge inside. Ge ge will first go and take a bath, okay?” Gao Han Jin kissed his little brother’s soft little face and put him down.


        “Okay.” Gao Han Bo nodded obediently and ran back into the house.


Gao Han Jin walked through the corridor to his room, where the hot water was already ready.


        Gao Han Jin closed the door, took off his clothes and sat down in the bath.


        After a comfortable soak, Gao Han Jin washed his hair ,hesitantly lifted the water and wiped his forehead.As he kept wiping, a crimson vermilion mole immediately emerged. It was a vermilion mole that only a ger could have.


        After carefully cleaning his face, Gao Han Jin dried himself off, put on his clothes, sat down on the dressing table, picked up a bit of sticky stuff and rubbed it on the vermilion mole. Soon there was no trace of it again then he became a man again.


        Gao Han Jin picked himself up,went to his father’s room. It so happened that his Amu was there. “Father, Amu, I am back.”


        “Good to be back. You’ve suffered a lot on this trip, haven’t you?” Gao Amu had a distressed look on his face as he pulled his son over to sit at the head of the bed and looked at him carefully, “You’ve lost weight.” He knew his own son. He had been spoiled since he was a child. This was his first time to go far away from home. 


Gao Han Jin smiled, “How can it be that exaggerated? Amu, is daddy better?” Gao Han Jin’s gaze went to the man lying asleep on the bed. His face was still a little pale, but his condition was better than when he left.


        Gao Amu held Gao Han Jin’s hand, “Much better. The doctor said that he would recover almost as well after recuperating.”


        “That’s good.” Gao Han Jin was relieved. His father had suddenly fallen ill. The doctor said that he had been overworked and needed to recuperate from the internal invasion by pathogenic factors, but the family business depended on him so his family needed someone to keep things going when he fell. There were only two young masters in the entire Gao family, one was him and the other was the eight year old Gao Han Bo. In the end, only Gao Han Jin was fit to take over the burden.He didn’t argue with that, anyway, he was the one who was …


        After talking with Amu for a while, Gao Han Jin came out as he sent Xiao Si out the door.


        Two blocks away from the Gao family stood another large mansion, which was none other than the Shen family, a long-time friend of the Gao family.


        Gao Han Jin often came here, so the doorman let him in without notice. Gao Han Jin found the man’s study room with ease and knocked on the door. 


        “Come in.” A low magnetic voice rang out.


        Gao Han Jin smiled smugly. He knew he would be here. Pushing the door open and smiling, “Yu Bei, I’m back.”


        The out of ordinary handsome man sitting behind the desk raised his eyes and swept him a glance: “Close the door behind you.”


        Gao Han Jin’s look defeated: “Oh!” He raised his hand and closed the door. Then he came up to someone who was reading his books: “You’re so cold. It’s lucky that I just came back yet I come to look for you, humph.”


        Shen Yu Bei did not move a muscle as he looked at the account book.


Gao Han Jin has gotten used to Shen Yu Bei’s coldness. He has liked Shen Yu Bei since he was a child. 


Shen Yu Bei is also the only one among the outsiders who knows he is a ger. He clings to him and pesters him, although Shen Yu Bei is a bit cold but he has never refused him. He thought he should also have liked him a little,right?


The only thing is that he is nineteen this year,on the other hand Shen Yu Bei is already 24 years old. The Shen family is pushing him hard, a man who is not yet married and does not have a concubine at the age of twenty-four is really worrying.


Although Gao Han Jin was happy that he had a chance, he was always at a loss (indecisive) because he could not grasp (touch) his heart. Because Shen Yu Bei hadn’t made any promises to him either. He treated him no differently from anyone else.


He is not young anymore (regarding age to get married in ancient time) as a ger, nineteen year old is considered old already, waiting for him to be twenty year is even more difficult for him to find his other half. Moreover, with his special condition, it seems only Shen Yu Bei is the only one around him that meets with the conditions. But what exactly does Shen Yu Bei think?


        He could never catch his heart!


        Gao Han Jin sighing while he leaned over on the table.


        Shen Yu Bei glanced at him and asked in a light voice: “What are you sighing for? Did you have a bad time out there?”


        Gao Han Jin pouted unsatisfactorily. He knew exactly what he was sighing for yet he still played dumb: “What’s so fun about it? You can’t even take a shower on the way. It’s filthy.”


        Shen Yu Bei could understand, as a ger, he (GHJ) couldn’t stand to be dirty and messy.


        Gao Han Jin muttered on and on to Shen Yu Bei. 


He told him the events that happened in the north. Shen Yu Bei also did not interrupt him, let him speak with great enthusiasm, occasionally,he would respond to him in one sentence.


“By the way, I was in a small town, eating a kind of noodle called …cold noodles, it’s not that delicious but very unique …” 

Gao Han Jin described carefully, this is the only food that he could recognize and recall from his trip to the north. Later, on the return trip, he did not see that stall anymore. The only way to get the cold noodles was to buy it from a restaurant so he guessed the owner sold the recipes. 


        “The stall owner was a ger. He looked around fifteen or sixteen year old. He could read and write. He was also very bright and intelligent but it was a pity that he married an idiot husband.” Gao Han Jin shook his head regretfully.


        “En.” Shen Yu Bei replied and continued to read the account book.


        Gao Han Jin looked at him twice with discontent. Suddenly, he slapped his thighs like he had found a new world: “No wonder! No wonder that person looks familiar to me, so he looks like you!”


        Gao Han Jin came close to Shen Yu Bei. He was almost next to him: “The eyebrows, lips and ears all look really alike.”


        Shen Yu Bei tilted his head back and asked him with a frown, “Who are you talking about?”


        “It’s the ger I was talking about. He looks just like you, only he’s a bit softer. I didn’t recognize it at that moment.”


        “Really? Maybe it’s a coincidence, what’s his name?”


        “How should I know? I just ate two bowls of noodles there. Why do you ask in such detail?” Gao Han Jin rubbed his chin feeling strange, Shen Yu Bei rarely cared so much about unimportant people in usual times.


        “It’s nothing. Well, I’m going out, are you staying here, or going back?” Shen Yu Bei asked as he looked at him.


        Gao Han Jin waved his hand indifferently, “I’m leaving. I’ll come back for you tomorrow.”


        After sending Gao Han Jin away, Shen Yu Bei frowned and stood in his study room, not knowing what he was thinking. He took out a painting from a box and opened the scroll to reveal a ger who looked like him, except that this ger was less heroic,more gentle and sweet- tempered. Shen Yu Bei murmured; “Brother (Ge ge).”


        After a long time, he put the painting away. Shen Yu Bei called out a name, a man in ‘form-fitting clothing'(劲装)appeared, Shen Yu Bei pondered for a long time before he ordered a few words. The man clasped his fist and left.


[劲装 : A type of clothing that wuxia people wear, is nor baggy, reduces drag. Dressed for ease of movement.]

Translator has something to say:
Wow, I didn’t expect Gao Han Jin to be a Ger… ? He he ha(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))so now who is this Shen Yu Bei? Another transmigrator? But he called Zhong Zi Qi as Ge ge aka older brother but as I remember he only had an older brother in the modern era? Or he was blood related to the ancient Zhong Ziqi? 
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  1. Avatar Amon says:

    Maybe he is a younger brother of Ziqi’s mother.
    Because Ziqi’s Amu is also called Shen.

    1. Avatar Soridida says:

      Agree. I also think that he is Ziqi’s uncle from mother’s side.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Definitely blood relations! Though it also took until GHJ mentioned the cold noodles that I remembered who he was! I like him though. I wish him luck in his pursuit!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. littleyen littleyen says:

      Yup, Gao Han Jin and the cold Shen Yu Bei are kinda cute together.. 。・:*:・(✿◕3◕)❤
      (✿ ♥‿♥)

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