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AFDF Chapter 34


Accompany by A Fool to Do Farming

Chapter 34: 相处 (Interaction) 

Translator: LittleYen

“You’re awake. How are you feeling?” The old doctor asked with a kind face as he stroked his beard.


Zhao Zheng’an looked at him with a pale face and said in a weak voice, “My head hurts, like it’s going to tear.” It was as if a small hammer was hitting his head over and over again so he did not want to move or speak.


The old man frowned and surveyed him, indeed he was not the same as before, “Do you really remember the past?”


“En, I think I’m the same as I used to be, except now I feel weak.” Zhao Zheng’an said expressionlessly, not that he wanted to pretend to be cool, but he was too lazy to make expressions because that also needed some strength.


“Give me your hand! I’ll take your pulse.”


Quite a while ….


“Your body is recovering very well now . But since it really hurts internally, usually you should pay attention to rest, not to do heavy work! You need to recuperate well now …As for your head … I can only say that it might be the after-effects that were left behind . Because the case of recovery from such symptoms is very rare, so it left the after-effects, but now it is not easy to confirm. I will first give you some medicine to temporarily relieve your pain. If the root of the problem is not completely removed after that, there is nothing I can do. “,said the old doctor, who was only a small doctor in the small city and did not have the skill to bring back the dead. There were a lot of things he could not help him with.


Zhao Zheng’an didn’t say anything, so if you ask him what he thought about the after-effects, he had no opinion. He also felt that it was good enough that he had recovered,since the doctor had said that there were very few recovery cases, so it was normal to be left with an after-effect. For so many years he had believed in the truth that there was no free lunch in the world. He was content with this and he was happy with his life now.


“Where is he?” Zhao Zheng’an asked.


“Who? Oh, you mean your Fu Lang? Huh? He was here a moment ago. He’s probably gone out. Do you need me to call him?” The old doctor asked.


Zhao Zheng’an lowered his long eyelashes, while he also collected the emotions in his eyes, “No need.” He knew that he also needed time to adapt and think things through so he gave him time for it.


The old man nodded his head . Then he studied him around for a long time with occasional sighs, before walking out with an amazing look on his face.


Zhong Ziqi had already returned from outside. When he saw him come out from inside, immediately he went up to him and asked, “Doctor, How is it? ”


The doctor spoke to Zhong Ziqi as he grabbed the medicine, “His body is still weak but turning in a good direction. The fact that he woke up means he’s doing well, it’s just ……”


“Just what?” Zhong Ziqi asked anxiously. Why can’t the ancient people speak more directly? At this time,he is still keeping people in suspense, it’s really getting on my nerves!!!


“It’s just that although your husband has regained his sanity. It may have left after-effects . He told me he had a headache. I’m not sure which is the cause, it could also be the pain caused by the trauma to his head, so he needs to be observed for a few days. If he can’t recover, there’s nothing I can do.”


Zhong Ziqi was dumbfounded, not realising there was such a nagging aftermath? Sequela? In modern day drama television, there are indeed many similar cases, such as blindness, deafness, mental illness,etc but he only saw it as a joke, but now that it had really happened. He …had a feeling that it was definitely an after-effect precipice. Don’t ask why, he just wants to say it was probably his intuition as a ger!!!


He remembered that when he was well, he had headaches every now and then. Now he had a second trauma therefore anything could happen. For a moment, he had all sorts of things on his mind, in short, it was difficult to bear.


“What did you do just now?”




The doctor finished preparing the medicine and asked the apprentice to cook it: “He asked me about you just now, so go in and have a look.”


“Oh,” Hearing that, Zhong Ziqi was a little happy and a little nervous at the words, standing in front of the door, hesitating as he paced back and forth, not daring to enter until he heard a very soft cough come from inside the room so he went in worried.


“How are you?” Zhong Ziqi pushed open the door, walked worriedly to the bedside, completely forgetting that he had been timid earlier.


At the moment he looked at the man’s tightly locked brow and pale face, he felt a pain in his heart. He had noticed him frowning all the time when he left earlier, he thought he was upset, he didn’t think it was a headache.


“It’s okay.” Zhao Zheng’an said softly. His fixed eyes looked straight at him.


Zhong Ziqi was a little embarrassed, being stared directly like this. Zhao Zheng’an had looked at him the same way when he was a fool. Although at that time he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. At this time he only felt embarrassed,as if his face and ears were on fire.


“I …… I’ll massage your head! This can relieve a little, right?” Zhong Ziqi stuttered, his eyes wandering not daring to look at him.


“Okay.” Zhao Zheng’an’s lips curled while he propped himself up, “You sit at the bedside!”


Zhong Ziqi did not know what to do so he listened to his command to sit at the bedside. He saw Zhao Zheng’an move inside, then he directly pillowed on his lap, which startled Zhong Ziqi.


Looking at the man who suddenly put his head on his lap was half-smiled and his expression relaxed, Zhong Ziqi was like a balloon that had been stabbed with a needle, all his nervousness and fears had been exposed.


Slowly lifting his hands, he hesitantly placed them on the shiny dark and fine black hair of his head and gently pressed his hands around his temples. After all, it was his head that was injured, so if he foolishly pressed on it, it would only ‘add hail to snow’.


[雪上加霜 /xuě shàng jiā shuāng : to add hail to snow (idiom); one disaster on top of another / to make things worse in a bad situation]


Within these moments, Zhong Ziqi noticed every detail on his face, Zhao Zheng’an had a comfortable expression, like a cat that has been satisfied. Seeing that it worked, he couldn’t help but rub harder.


There was silence in the room, neither of them speaking. Only the sound of each other’s breaths intersecting one another in an exhale, looks like a tacit understanding. They were enjoying the rare silence of each other.


“Gu lu.” A strange sound rang out.


[“咕嚕”= Gu lu (onom.) rumble (of a stomach)]


It came from Zhao Zheng’an’s stomach, the man’s eyes that had been tightly closed opened. Zhong Ziqi’s hand paused for a moment before he looked at him with a smile on his face, “Are you hungry? Let me go and get you something to eat.”


Zhao Zheng’an nodded without changing his face: “Okay.”


Zhong Ziqi looked at his slightly reddened ears but smiled without saying anything. He calmly helped him to lie down on the pillow before he calmly walked out of the door. He calmly greeted the old doctor and the others, then he let it out.




That was so funny!!! He (ZZA) was obviously embarrassed yet still pretended that nothing had happened. Zhong Ziqi was overjoyed, feeling so close to him that the layer of awkwardness between them seemed to have disappeared.


Zhong Ziqi laughed for a while before he calmed down.There were many food vendors in the street, Zhong Ziqi chose one that sold congee. Zhong Ziqi ordered a large bowl of rice congee and a stack of small pickles before hurrying back.


Zhao Zheng’an wanted to eat by himself, not wanting to appear so useless. But when he was holding the bowl, his hand trembling as if he was about to spill it, Zhong Ziqi couldn’t bear to watch anymore: “It’s better for me to feed you! You’re not well yet, you shouldn’t exhaust yourself.”


Zhao Zheng’an: ” …… ”


He didn’t do any heavy work, did he? He was just carrying a bowl… Although he also enjoyed his Fu lang feeding him, being weak then being weak, just let it be! Anyway,it was only temporary. Later, he could talk with facts. At this moment, how could he miss the rare moment of enhancing the emotional bonding with his wife?!


After eating, Zhong Ziqi cleaned up the dishes. Then he frowned at the man lying on the bed, pale as paper: “Does your head hurt?”


Zhao Zheng’an smiled, “No.”


“Liar.” Zhong Ziqi retorted, raising his voice slightly.


The man was sweating profusely. He didn’t think it was caused by the bowl of porridge just now because it was only warm.


Zhao Zheng’an and Zhong Ziqi stared at each other for a moment, then he lost the battle: “It hurts a little, but it will be fine for a while.”


“Do you take me for a three-year-old child? So easy to fool! The doctor has already told me so why are you still hiding it?” Zhong Ziqi said with some displeasure, his lips slightly pursed and a little puffed up with anger.


Zhao Zheng’an’s voice was weak, but with a hint of teasing, he said,”I’m just afraid that you won’t want me anymore?”


Zhong Ziqi was caught off guard, a little dazed. This was one of silly Zheng’an’s favourite phrases, so when he said it he thought that fool Zheng’an was back. Only he knew it couldn’t be since the fool Zheng’an wouldn’t talk to him in such a teasing tone.


Zhong Ziqi’s eyes darkened, unable to see his emotion. He said, “If …… later, you want a divorce, you can tell me! I respect your opinion and won’t pester you.”


Again… Cliffhanger in the end




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  1. Avatar moo says:

    Zhengan: Divorce??! No divorce in this lifetime!

    1. littleyen littleyen says:

      ??? Exactly!!!

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    Now its Ziqi’s turn to be aggravatingly dense! Your hubby was acting all cute and dependent and you still bring up divorce! Dummy! Haha!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    1. littleyen littleyen says:

      (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) well, he is not. Again, Another misunderstanding! ???

      1. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

        I am well aware. Haha! Just like last chapter, I’m making fun of them for them being ridiculous. ?

  3. Avatar HUALIAN BAE says:

    “I’m just afraid that you won’t want me anymore?” AHHHH I LOVE THIS PHRASE!! its like their inside joke…SO CUTE!!

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