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AFDF Chapter 22

Little Dogs?

Accompany by a Fool to do Farming

Chapter 22: 小狗 (Little ?Dog) 

Translator : LittleYen

Wang Cuihua’s face turned blue with embarrassment, not expecting that the foolish man he used to bully and take advantage of would now dare to disobey him and not listen to his words again. Thinking about today’s incident, Wang Cuihua knew that he could not count on this foolish man, so he glared at him with hatred and said to Zhong Ziqi with immediate change of a smile on his face,

 “Qi Ge’er, look, we are all family, we can’t let others take advantage of us, can we?”


        “Oh, how do you say that?” Zhong Ziqi looked at him with amusement, how could he not be aware of his little narrow minded intention?


        “Don’t you need vegetables now? We have so many in our vegetable garden, pick as many as you want!” Wang Cuihua sulked and got straight to the point.


        “Oh,I see! ” Zhong Ziqi looked thoughtful, “So – it’s okay even if I don’t pay?”


        Wang Cuihua’s smile froze as he said unnaturally, “Look, it’s not easy for our family, your brother is twelve this year,and he’s going to get married in two years, so it’s – our family isn’t rich either.”


        “Stop it! –We’ve already split up the family, we’ve split up, do you understand? It was agreed at the time that we would not interfere with each other’s finances, do you want me to find the note and read it to you again?” Zhong Ziqi said with a smirk.


“You ….” Wang Cuihua also stopped pretending and returned to his original nature: “Good for you Zhong Ziqi, your wings are hardened, right? If you don’t bring me some money out today, I won’t leave!”


        Zhong Ziqi laughed at that,  turned his head,and quickly changed his face, with tears in his eyes,he come to Zhao Zheng’an’s body with suffering expression: “Zheng’an, Amu is bullying me, please help me kick him out, okay?”


Zhao Zheng’an immediately to be flustered, appease the suffering wife, now in his world, wife is the most important,if his wife said one, he would not say two, even if the one in front of him is his Amu, but bullying his wife is not allowed, he walked over with a tiger face.


“You … What are you doing? You fool! I told you, I am your Amu, how can you help an outsider? Don’t come over!!!” Wang Cuihua backed up nervously, screaming.


“Wife is not an outsider!!!” Zhao Zheng’an became even angrier then he pulled Wang Cuihua by the arm, pulling him out of the door before turning back and quickly closing the door.


        Zhong Ziqi, who was watching, secretly applauded. 


“Okay, both of you… you’re all working together to bully me… I’ll let everyone know and give me justice.” Wang Cuihua was outside the door, knocking, but the door was not opened so he had to stop and walk away in anger.


        Zhong Ziqi listened to the sound of voices getting farther and farther away, he looked very happy.


“Wife, don’t be angry!” Zhao Zheng’an carefully soothed, his hand tightly gripping Zhong Ziqi’s slippery little hand.


        “Eh? I’m not angry, I’m not angry if I don’t see him.” Zhong Ziqi said in a serious manner, not feeling the need to explain anything for having tricked someone.


A silly Zhao Zheng’an remembered his wife’s words, he didn’t like Amu, so… then he wouldn’t like him either!


Zhong Ziqi didn’t know what Zhao Zheng’an was thinking, but as he walked back into the house, thinking that with Wang Cuihua’s personality, he would not let him go, therefore he would go out and slander the two of them, but his reputation was already bad enough, could it be any worse than now?


Just as Zhong Ziqi had thought, when Wang Cuihua returned from Zhong Ziqi’s house, he went to a crowded place.Under the big trees in the middle of the village. The summer weather was hot and there were many people sitting under the trees. Wang Cuihua ran to the trees with an aggrieved look and started to criticize Zhong Ziqi, including Zhao Zheng’an, but Zhong Ziqi did not do anything too much after all, so all he could said was “not having educated well by his family”, “merciless”, “unfilial”, etc. ……


This was nothing compared to the nasty rumours of the past, not to mention the fact that many people are now bending over backwards to please Zhong Ziqi. How could they want to offend him? Only those who were usually close to Wang Cuihua made a few remarks in the same vein.


In the evening, there was another knock on the door of Zhong Ziqi’s house.


        “Zheng’an, go and see who’s here. If it’s someone you don’t know, don’t let them in!” Zhong Ziqi was cooking and couldn’t get away.


Zhao Zheng’an answered, put the last of the wood into the stove,thus he got up to open the door. When he opened the door, there was Zhao Amu standing outside, carrying a large basket on his back.


        “Zhao Amu.” Zhao Zheng’an called out obediently, letting Zhao Amu in.


        “Ay, is Qi Ge’er home?” Zhao Amu asked as he entered the courtyard.


        “In the kitchen.” Zhao Zheng’an pointed honestly to the kitchen, then he closed the door behind him.


        “Qi Ge’er?” Zhao Amu searched the kitchen.


        “Zhao amu, what brings you here?” Surprised, Zhong Ziqi got up, covered the pot then went to the basin to wash his hands.


Zhao Amu smiled mysteriously while he took down the heavy basket behind him carefully: “Look what’s in here?” He lifted the cloth that had been covering the basket.


        Two shiny black puppies were lying inside, both whimpering when they saw the light.


        “Dogs!!!” Zhao Zheng’an looked at the two little ones with joy, his eyes shining brightly, he wanted to reach out and pet them but didn’t dare.


        Zhao Amu released the puppies inside, the smallest one was as long as two adult hands, while the larger one was half a head longer than him.The hair on the body, under a closer look is not pure black, some places also have a yellow, because of the change of unfamiliar places,the dogs were dare not to run around, nose sniffing around, survey the surroundings, from time to time: “woof” “woof”, barking twice.


        “Today, I went back to my mother’s house.This dog is too small to look after the house for a while, the big one was not familiar to raise, this big is just right, it will eventually grow so big!” Zhao Amu stretched out his arm and gestured.


“Then thank you so much, Zhao Amu, for making you come all the way.” Zhong Ziqi also had fondness in his eyes; he had loved stuffed things since he was a child. He had gotten up to the idea of getting one before,only his family did not approve, which was why he regrettably gave up.


        “Hey! What are you thanking me for? They have a lot of dogs,therefore they were looking for someone to give them away. They are so glad to hear that someone is willing to keep one.”


        Zhao Zheng’an squatted down, smiling foolishly, looked at the two dogs who were also looking at him:” Wife, what do they eat?”


        “You go and get them a bone to see if they will eat it.”


        Immediately, Zhao Zheng’an lurched around, found a bone with meat on it and put it in front of the dogs.


        When the two puppies saw something they liked, they just sniffed it but didn’t eat it.


        “Wife,they won’t eat it!” Zhao Zheng ‘an said disappointedly.


        “They’re not familiar with us yet, they’ll get better slowly, you stay here and watch them don’t wander off! I’ll go talk to Zhao Amu.”


        “Hm hm!” Zhao Zheng’an nodded haphazardly.


        Zhong Ziqi and Zhao Amu went into the main room, reached a bowl of water to hand it over to Zhao Amu, thus he sat down.


        “Zhao Amu, how are the vegetables being acquired now?” Zhong Ziqi asked.


Zhao Amu took a sip of water before saying, “It’s okay, it’s just that in the village, there may not be many more.” He meant, if only take the vegetables from those few families. 


        Zhong Ziqi pondered for a moment and said, “Zhao Amu, how about this, around the village, those people who have been hanging out for so long, let’s just buy from them! We live in the village, it’s not good to offend people too much by doing too hard, this way we can also get a favor from them.”


        “Okay, listen to you, I was just about to talk to you about this, I didn’t expect you to bring it up.” Zhao Amu had to praise him for his young age yet he was so old-fashioned in his approach to the world. Life really does train people!


        “But there are a few people Zhao Amu should not accept ……,” Zhong Ziqi laugh evilly




        In fact, what makes Zhong Ziqi puzzled is how the Zhong family is so calm, no action at all, keep composure, and let him have a whole new level of respect for them.  Just this Wang Cuihua are already angry enough to explode out, they are deeply hidden, this …… is too abnormal!


        The Zhong family really didn’t want to get involved? Of course they want to ! It’s just that although their family has a lot of vegetables, they don’t have a lot of cucumbers and persimmons, so since they can’t get too many, they just forget about it. In the village, this is not a small number of people, many of them only grow enough to feed their own families, when they see Zhong Ziqi collecting vegetables, it’s not that they didn’t want to sell, but they can’t help it if they don’t have it. 


Now the rumour in the village is that Zhong Ziqi has made a lot of money from his business, also he has been kind enough to buy the vegetables from the villagers. How could it not make the Zhong family jealous, greedy and full of regret? But after all, this is a bloodline that cannot be broken by breaking bones, that’s how the Zhong family thought.


Translator Note:

This chapter is really short, just realized it. Basically they adopted new members to their family.

I like cat better than dog,  but I admit it dog is more loyal and useful than a cat though.


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  1. Avatar Jacinda Guajardo says:

    Agreed. I like cats more than dogs also. So I have 2 cats and 1 dog. Dogs can keep away the human pests and are very loyal if treated right, but they need more maintenance and care. Cats can keep away all kinds of animal pests if they are good hunters, but they are also more independent and easier to care for overall.

  2. Avatar Sadie Woods says:

    I have three cats myself, no dogs, but I agree dogs are more useful overall. You can train them to do all sorts of things from guarding to hunting to being helpers for the blind, diabetic or epileptics to so much more! Cats are great at hunting mice and mostly function otherwise as lap warmers. They don’t have the same drive to please as we humans have bred into dogs. Dogs require a ton more work though and need more intensive care whereas you can leave cats home for a weekend with a big bowl of food and water and not have to worry about them. Pluses and minuses of every pet and not all pets are right for all people. I’m never planning on getting a dog, but I definitely see the benefit of them!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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