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AYAGF Chapter 1

A Yandere As A Girlfriend (1)

I like to take baths.

The time spent in the bath was very soothing, and I loved the feeling of my fatigue dissolving into the water.

My bath at home is only barely big enough for me to stretch my legs, but it’s not a problem.

In fact, I even prefer small baths to large ones like public baths.


I was still soaking in the bathtub to relieve my fatigue, but it was time to leave.

It had been about thirty minutes now.

I could have stayed in there longer, but I had to get out soon or she would have been worried.

After getting out of the bath, I wiped off my body, put on my pants, and picked up my phone from the bathroom.

Instantly, the phone beeped.

It must have been a message from the messaging app.

I didn’t need to see it, as I always do, but I checked the number of messages on the top right corner of the app.


Yeah, this was less than usual.

This was the number of messages I received from one pretty girl during the thirty minutes I was in the bath.

On that note, the number of calls were 25.

It seemed like there were more phone calls today.

I opened the messaging app and read the contents of her messages.

It’s night Yuu-kun. The moon is beautiful.


Yuu-kun, why haven’t you answered?

What’s wrong, Yuu-kun?

Are you in the bath, Yuu-kun?

In that case, it’s inevitable because you like to soak in slowly.

You’ve been in the bath for twenty-seven minutes and sixteen seconds, counting from the point where you stopped responding, right, Yuu-kun?

Don’t worry, I can wait that long.

I want a reward for waiting so long.

The reward will be our child… Hehe, I’m looking forward to it.

Oh, there was a break here.

She had been holding back a bit because she wanted a reward.

About ten minutes later, I got another message.

Yuu-kun? You’re not cheating on me, are you?

I know that you always take a bath at this time, so you’re not cheating on me because you think that’s the only time I’m not suspicious, right?

Hey, Yuu-kun?

You’re just taking a bath, right?

Are you taking a bath with anyone else, by any chance?

I haven’t even taken a bath with you yet, and you’re taking one with another woman?


There had been one call by now.

Why aren’t you answering?

Well, you’re taking a bath with another woman.

You don’t care about me anymore, do you?

That’s right, you don’t like this irritating and oppressive me anymore, right?


I like you, Yuu-kun.

Do you hate me now?



After this, it was mostly messages calling my name and repeated phone calls.

Yeah, she was as cute as usual.

Oops, I just got a call from her.

“Hello I—”

“Hello, Yuu-kun? It’s been a minute and twenty-three seconds since you read my message, but you didn’t answer, so I called you. Why didn’t you answer me?

You always tell me to call you as soon as I get out of the bath, right? But you didn’t, so I was able to call you, which was nice. I’m glad I was able to call you because you didn’t call me.

I’m not sure if you were really in the bath or not, although you usually take a bath at this time for an average of 32 minutes and 45 seconds.”

Great, there was no time in particular where I could interrupt.

“I thought you were making out with another woman, not in the bath. No, maybe you were making out in the bath. That’s not fair. Do you hate me now? If that’s the case, then I’m sad, but I’m not going to let you—”

“Of course I love you!”


She let out a cute, weird voice at the words I shouted.

“How could I possibly hate you, Reina! I love you!”

“Yeah, oh, uh… oh, thank you, Yuu-kun…!”

“Do you really understand how much I love you? Do you understand how much I love you, Reina!?”

“Well, yes…!”

“Really? Then how much is it?!”

“Eh? How much… it’s the most in the world, or…?”


“I knew it. You don’t like me—”

“The best in the universe!!”


“No, the universe is not enough! The Big Bang was not explosive enough!”


“Your voice is lovely too! I want to hear more!”

“Um… don’t say that again…!”

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t answer so you could call me! Sorry!”

“Well, that’s great, but…”

As I was shouting my love to her Reina, my sister Akane came into the bathroom.

“Stupid brother, shut up. I can hear you in the living room.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

“…Well, it happens all the time, so I’m used to it.”

“Hey, Yuu-kun, I heard a woman’s voice, who is it? Are you with another woman by any chance?”

Reina seemed to have heard Akane’s voice and said so again in a slightly cold voice.

“Together at this hour? Without me?”

“This is my sister, Akane, Reina. You’ve met her a few times, right?”

“…Akane? Really? Do you swear to God?”

“The Goddess for me is Reina, so I swear to Reina it’s true.”


“…You stupid brother, get out of the bathroom.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Even after Akane told me to get out of the bathroom, the phone call was still going on.

“But if you were just with Akane, did you take a bath together? I’m still your girlfriend, and I’ve never even been in a bath with Yuu-kun…!”

“No, we didn’t go in together! We didn’t go in together since I was in the sixth grade and Akane was in the fifth grade!”

“Stupid brother! Don’t say unnecessary things!”

Apparently she heard me, because I could hear Akane’s shouting from the bathroom.

“Are you sure? Are you sure she’s not in there?”

“Oh, I promise I’m not going to go in there with my sister and lust after her like in those erotic cartoons!”

“I said don’t say unnecessary things!”

I heard Akane’s shouting again.

“Yes, yes, I understand. But you were twelve years old…! I’m going to get a nosebleed just imagining taking a bath with such a small Yuu-kun…!

“Let’s look at some pictures of me from that time together.”

“Yeah, sure! I’m so excited…!”

Reina’s voice became upbeat and very cute.

“I’ll be back tomorrow for school.”

“I’m going to die of loneliness when I think that I won’t be able to hear Yuu-kun’s voice again for the next ten hours and thirty-two minutes.”

“Be patient, Reina. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”

“Okay… See you, Yuu-kun. I’ll see you in about ten hours.”


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  1. Avatar Reign says:

    I’m laughing as I’m reading not knowing if this guy is serious or not. My name is the same as the girl and I’m getting second hand embarrassment. 😣 Thank you for the translation.

    1. Avatar Verii-Chan says:

      That’s hilarious XD

      Thank you for reading as well~

  2. Avatar Dead says:

    Seems interesting thanks for the chapter

    1. Avatar Verii-Chan says:

      You’re welcome and thank you!

  3. Avatar Kay says:

    Cute. HAHAHA I’ve been searching for a story with a plot like this. Thanks.

    1. Avatar Verii-Chan says:

      Found multiple stories like this, and I will be translating them later on as well~! Thank you for reading.

  4. Avatar fudgedarnit says:

    now this is a yandere story i could get behind <3

  5. Avatar S.S. Shipwrecker says:

    Thanks for the chapter, I hope it stays with this kind of yandere because I just got done reading another yandere series that had a body count and I just want some tame yandere to wash the taste out.

    Also, small question but do you have this site set up so using the arrow keys changes the chapters? Because it keeps changing chapters when I tap the arrow keys while writing the comment, slightly annoying, but if it isn’t something you can fix, that is completely understandable.

    1. Avatar Verii-Chan says:

      I don’t know how to code, but I’ll pass it down to someone who can. Thank you!

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