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Translator: Nacchi

Editor: Ajie

That first love

  It is exactly ten o’clock in the morning on Sunday.

There’s a few customers in the cafe, and light music flows slowly. A large area of ​​sunlight comes indirectly through the floor-to-ceiling windows, still carrying the golden yellow of the morning.

Wen Xia silently looked at the agreement on the desktop.

The white paper is a bit reflective, and the big “marriage agreement” on the cover of the agreement was almost swallowed by the sun.

“You can take a closer look, and if there is nothing wrong, just sign it.” The man on the other side looked at his watch, he was in a suit and leather shoes with a cold face.

As soon as Wen Xia saw him, he pushed the agreement forward, he leaned back, : “Why, in a hurry?”

Lin Feng Qi had no expression on his face: “I have a meeting at 11 o’clock. ”

Wen Xia: “Oh, isn’t it still an hour? What is the hurry?”
Lin Feng Qi: “…”

The person on the other side was so serious, Wen Xia was feeling a little bit awkward,so he picked up the agreement on the table and slowly looked through it-actually he wasn’t looking at it at all.

He is a little flustered now.

Is he really going to get married? With Lin Feng Qi?

Is it too late to run now?

Shall we finish the coffee before running?

If he runs away, the duck that is close to your mouth will fly… But this fucking person is Lin Feng Qi! Lin Feng Qi!

Wen Xia wanted to root Huazi at this moment.
[tl: “Let’s root Huazi , an internet buzzword , Huazi” comes from a series of videos on the street (gāi) Liuzi by President Li of Douyin. Huazi refers to Chinese cigarettes.]

He doesn’t have to go back too much in flashbacks, just go back to what happened yesterday.

A month ago, the high school class group that had been silent for a long time suddenly shook, and the monitor yelled: Classmates, I watch the stars at night, pinch your fingers, let’s get together!

This is familiar in summer. The last class reunion was two years ago, and the one before that was four years ago.

Since graduation, class reunions have been held five times, except for the first and second one year apart, and two years later. Wen Xia did not attend.

Yesterday, Saturday, it happened for the fifth time.

Wen Xia always thinks that “5” is a good number, just like his student number was 05 in high school. What kind of abundance of grains, learning wealth and five vehicles, five blessings… How favorable and joyous.

But yesterday’s “5” was not very wonderful.

Classmates gathering activities are fully planned by the class leader. The arrangements for the whole day are as follows: gather in the morning, go to the farmhouse, play cards in the afternoon, have an outdoor barbecue in the evening, drink a little wine, chat a little day, play a little game, and then end the meeting.

As the deputy monitor, Wen Xia is responsible for recording and counting the number of people.

He has a headache every time. The first two times when he didn’t participate, the work was also for the squad leader. Later, when he participated, it fell on him.

Not everyone looks at the class group chat. The first two years were fine. From time to time, someone would pop out to talk a few words, and then it gradually fell silent. Only when the class leader greeted everyone to discuss the classmates reunion did it get warmer again. If you don’t look at the class group chat, it doesn’t mean you won’t come to the class reunion. So when necessary, Wen Xia had to message them one by one, asking them if they wanted to come to the party.

Among them was Lin Feng Qi who Wen Xia hesitated to ask.

Lin Feng Qi is his ill-fated love.

Wen Xia had money in his family, and he had lived the days of enjoyment since he was a child, and then he met Lin Feng Qi.
He and Lin Feng Qi were not in the same class at the beginning. Lin Feng Qi was in the top class when he entered school. He was different. He almost went to the end of the crane class. Lin Feng Qi, like his name, is a man of honor in school, taking the first place in grade for three years. Good growth, good study, strong athletic ability, eye-catching wherever he goes, and a kaolin flower.

Wen Xia liked Lin Feng Qi for three years, and chased him repeatedly for three years. Under the breakdown, Lin Feng Qi’s attitude towards him was basically divided into the following categories:

“Do not touch me,”

“Do not look at me.”

“Stay away.”

In short, it is: I don’t like you.

Wen Xia certainly asked him if he didn’t like boys at all, and if that’s the case, he would never bother him. There is a saying, don’t get close to straight men or you will become unfortunate.

But Lin Feng Qi has not answered this question for three years. So Wen Xia thought, could it be that this is what he wants to do? But he waited and waited, chasing and chasing, but he did not capture him. He was exhausted physically and mentally.

Archimedes said, give me a lever, and I can shake the earth. Wen Xia wants to say that I can’t even pry the person I like.

He has heard that the young master has been calling the wind and rain for more than ten years, how could he have been so disgraced? He was discouraged, and shook his hand. Who would love to serve? If he can, can he not like him?

It coincided with the graduation of the third year of high school. Wen Xia said that he was indifferent, so he parted ways with Lin Feng Qi.

As the saying goes, love and hatred are all in one thought. A person like Wen Xia who has been accustomed to being proud since childhood can’t help gritting his teeth every time he thinks about this first love experience. Anyway, it’s right to have grievances in your heart.

This is also the reason why he chose not to attend the first two class gatherings. He didn’t want to meet Lin Feng Qi. Later, he asked the monitor who was going and who was not going.

After learning that Lin Feng Qi had something to do, he happily signed up.

Every time he counted the number of people, he bit his hand and went to talk about Lin Feng Qi privately, and all he got was a cold sentence:I won’t go.

Wen Xia breathed a sigh of relief and felt panicked.

Anyway, it’s an old classmate, can’t the attitude be a little bit more enthusiastic? Who cares about you going?

However, the person who said he could not attend this class reunion, suddenly appeared at the farmhouse yesterday afternoon. It just happened that they were going to barbecue outdoors, and they were a little stunned when they saw him.

the squad leader came out and actively claimed: “Blame me, blame me, I forgot to tell you. Lin Feng Qi came here today after finishing the business, right?”

Lin Feng Qi said quietly: “Yeah.”

Then his eyes shifted to Wen Xia opposite to him.

Wen Xia reacted quickly and began to comfort himself. It was okay, with so many people, it would be fine if he didn’t talk to Lin Feng Qi. For old classmates who haven’t been in touch for many years, it’s normal to be alienated.

He ignored Lin Feng Qi, until after the barbecue, everyone sat around drinking and chatting, probably because they drank too much. When some people drifted, they didn’t open the door. One of them suddenly called Wen Xia and said: “Wen Xia, I will tell you quietly that my uncle is working on a big project recently. Go back and talk to your dad. If you like, I will let my uncle take your dad… ”

he could not finish, because the next person poked him. The person who poked him smiled awkwardly at Wen Xia, saying that he was drunk, and he loved to brag when he was drunk, you know.

Wen Xia hasn’t said anything, and the person who was stabbed is unhappy: “What are you doing? What’s so hard to say? Wen Xia is not as careful as you are. People who start a company are also very good at starting a company… …Am I wrong Wen Xia?”

He was drunk, what he said was not malicious, but his words seemed so sarcastic.

In high school, who didn’t know that Wen Xia’s family was so famous and Jingui was extremely expensive. The eldest master waved his hand and called out his companions. But in his senior year, the family business had an accident. His father was pitied by his partners, and most of his family’s net worth fell, which led to a series of repairs, compensation, and lawsuits.

After tossing it down, the word “family path” was used to describe Wen Xia, which couldn’t be more appropriate.

At the time when Wen Xia graduated from University, he had just established his own small studio. After this incident, the studio disappeared. Until now, his family still owes several debts that have not been paid off.

It’s not that there are no classmates in the class who have a good foundation at home. The news spread very quickly in this circle. It didn’t take long for it to spread among old classmates.

Everyone knows that the golden and precious young master is now down.

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy, Wen Xia ignored it, and asked the squad leader for a drink.

As soon as I opened the tab, he heard Lin Feng Qi, who was sitting next door, ask, “Is your uncle called Qian Wen Li?”

The man said: “Yes, I remember now, Mr. Lin. Did you know my uncle? I heard my uncle talk about you. You are the best in our class now.” He said drunkenly, raising a thumb in exaggeration.

If we say that Wen Xia and Lin Feng Qi are the difference between cloud and mud in terms of family circumstances, then Wen Xia is the cloud, and Lin Feng Qi is the spread of mud. The only drawback of the Kaolin Flower that grows well and learns well is that the family is poor. In spite of his own excellence, the poverty of his family still brought him a lot of gossip.

But now, the difference between cloud and mud is still the difference between cloud and mud, but now it is reversed. When Lin Feng Qi was still in college, he followed a senior who had already entered the society to do projects, from temporary work outside the staff to starting his own business after graduation. In just a few years, the company has gained a reputation in the industry, and now old classmates have to ridicule “Mr. Lin” when they talk about it.

It’s embarrassing.

Wen Xia sighed in his heart while drinking while holding the beer. However, he is not surprised that Lin Feng Qi can achieve what he has now. In other words, he has always known that he is so good, as long as he wants to do it, he will be successful.

As for other people’s business, he doesn’t care.

Whether life is good or bad is one’s own, regardless of what others think.

He pretended to casually glance at Lin Feng Qi, who still has a cold and indifferent face of the dull world, he said: “He did not get that project, I did.”

As soon as the words came out, the scene was quiet again.

The man’s face turned from blue to white, and then from white to red, and was choked into speechlessness for a while. Wen Xia thought that his classmates’ happiness was really false.

In the end, the squad leader came forward to relax the topic. He suggested playing games, and Wen Xia took the opportunity to win a few more.

Later, the group drinking broke up, and everyone went back to the city in twos and threes according to the plan discussed in the afternoon.

Lin Feng Qi came here at this time. He called Wen Xia to a quiet distance, and then said: “Wen Xia, marry me.” His tone was as flat as to say: The moon is quite round today.

Wen Xia almost slipped and fell into the river.

Lin Feng Qi reached out and helped him.

He stood hurriedly, his brain blank. After a long time of shock, he said with difficulty, “What?”

Lin Feng Qi said, “I’m proposing.”

“To whom?”


Wen Xia couldn’t believe it: “Are you crazy or am I crazy? Are you drunk, big brother?”

Lin Feng Qi: “I’m not.”

Wen Xia wanted to say something, but saw the other person. Seeing the cold and calm expression, he suddenly calmed down. The Lin Feng Qi he knew was not such a casual and a strange person, there must be some reason.

It has been only three years since same-sex marriage was opened. Compared with the past, there are now more same-sex couples holding hands and walking together on the street. In fact, there are not so many people who really go to get certificates and hold weddings-these are not the point.

Wen Xia: “Tell me your reason.”

Lin Feng Qi paused, and said, “Show it to my mother.”

Mother Lin is not in good health, Wen Xia knows. Lin Feng Qi’s family was poor because his mother was often hospitalized, and the elderly in the family were also very old at that time, with serious and minor illnesses, and the whole family was struggling to support her with Father Lin’s salary alone. He had to treat his wife’s parents to see a doctor, and he had to provide for his son to study, and the usual family background was quickly emptied.

Lin Feng Qi said that his father passed away due to overwork when he was in college, and now he and his mother are left in the family. And his mother’s body, which had been improved, collapsed again because of Father Lin. She had been in bed for several years.

Wen Xia understood: “So your mother’s only wish now is to see you get married?”

Lin Feng nodded.

“You… came out with your mother?” Wen Xia looked complicated.


Mother Lin’s current state can be said to have seen through life and death, and she has counted the time to live her life. So much so that after knowing that her son likes men, she was only briefly shocked, and quickly digested it by herself, and sighed in sorrow: “It’s fine for you to have a good time. As for other things…”

As for other things, she just wanted to die on her own. She wants to see her son set up a family before.

Now that the business is established, the home has not yet been completed.
[tl: successful at work but still not married]

Wen Xia could understand the reason, but he still didn’t understand: “Why me?”

Lin Feng Qi stood up and remained silent for a long time.

Wen Xia remembered what he said at the wine bureau and his(LFQ) cold attitude in high school. He couldn’t help but smirk: “Lin Feng Qi, are you humiliating me?”

Lin Feng Qi frowned, and said indifferently, “This is an employment.” , I will pay.”

Maybe it was alcohol. Wen Xia looked at his face that had faded from high school, and nodded in agreement.

——So there was a meeting at the cafe the next day.

Now that he is sober, Wen Xia regrets a bit, did he promise too simply? What’s the difference between this and begging for glory! He heard that no matter how desperate he was, no matter how much debt he owed, he couldn’t do such a spineless thing!

He thought, looking down angrily, his eyes widened , and then raised his head to look at Lin Feng Qi in surprise.

Lin Feng Qi’s back was loose, sitting upright, and said, “That’s your monthly salary.”

Wen Xia firmed up and asked him, “Do you have a pen?”

Lin Feng Qi handed him a pen.

He took it, signed his name twice, and smiled at Lin Feng: “Happy cooperation, President Lin.”

He didn’t want to.

But Lin Feng Qi gave too much.

Getting married he can earn 200,000 yuan a month, it is really enticing.

TL: Our editor is fairly new so we might miss a few things there and then so please don’t forget to tell me if something is wrong or needs to be fixed.

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